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Holiday in Barcelona

Sunny Barcelona is architectural heaven, with Antoni Gaudi’s influence everywhere from lampposts to the Sagrada Familia. It’s foodie paradise too, with tapas restaurants brimming with character.

You can enjoy great deals for  <a href=””>holiday in Barcelona</a>but you should plan your weekend in Barcelona before you book . Barcelona is the second biggest city of Spain in terms of populace and size. It is also the Catalonia capital. Barcelona has a varied geography along with glorious history, culture and traditions. The city of Barcelona beckons tourists from all around the world to come and enjoy beautiful Barcelona weekend breaks. Barcelona has developed greatly and is a modern hub of industrialization. It also has flourishing arts and culture. Barcelona is an interesting mix of traditions and modernity and the tourists are enthralled to see the well preserved historical sites in the modern milieu. Gothic Centre is one such site.

Barcelona should be considered purely for the fabulous architecture within the city. The city owes much to architectural genius Antoni Gaudi and his touches are ever present as you tour Barcelona. As well architectural delights a fabulous cuisine and relaxed atmosphere to late night revelry make Barcelona a worthy contender for short breaks.

This is a city where there’s simply so much to see and do. With fantastic beaches and an amazing array of Gaudi buildings, Barcelona has to be seen to be believed.

Barcelona has several restaurants and bars to choose from and one of the great things about them is that they are quite cheap compared to the prices in other major European cities. The Basque tapas bars are very popular with tourists, however there are several places in Barcelona where you can enjoy some traditional cuisine and get a taste of true Spanish culture.

Barcelona is one of Spain’s most culturally rich metropolises with masses of museums and galleries. These galleries range from the Caixa Forum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, to the Barcelona Football Club Museum.

Holiday Attraction Destinations

If you are planning a trip to a world destination, you will have many places from which to choose. The trip you take will depend on what you are looking for and the money you have to spend. Consider the following destinations.

Paris is an amazing city and a very popular tourist destination. You can go to the top of the Eiffel tower and see amazing views from high above the land. You can dine on some of the best food in the world. You can visit museums like the Louvre, which houses the amazing Mona Lisa. There are many hotels and restaurants in this fascinating city.

A lot of people like to travel to where they can still speak to the people. You can consider London, England, for your vacation trip. You can visit beautiful gardens and see sights such as Big Ben. There are a variety of museums there, as well, and you can learn about the city so much like – and different – than America.

Venice is an amazing tourist destination. This beautiful city built on a variety of canals is charming. You can buy glass pieces from master artisans. You can ride on a Gondola in this romantic city. You can learn about the art of glass making and dine at some authentic Italian restaurants.

In addition to Venice, there are many other great Italian destinations. You can see the leaning tower in Pisa. If you like fashion, then Milan might be your destination. You can see the amazing historical features of Rome like the Coliseum. There are many museums and beautiful cathedrals to visit as well.

Barcelona is a beautiful place to visit. You can dine on paella in a little street restaurant. You can enjoy the beautiful water and shopping. There are many other wonderful cities in Spain to explore such as Madrid.

If you want an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience, then you could consider a trip to Africa for a safari. You can see animals that you have only read about in textbooks. You could see life in its natural environment. There are many different tours you can take.

There are many great destinations for the world traveler. You can take a tour somewhere or just do it on your own. Another great option is to go on a cruise that allows you to visit a variety of ports and go on different excursions . Consider the above destinations when planning your trip.

worlds famous beaches

It’s a well known dilemma: do you go for the exciting buzz of a city break or the more relaxing option of topping up the tan on the beach? Well, why not do both?

Maximise your holiday time by combining city break with sandy break and visiting an urban beach this summer. The following are 10 cities where beaches, deckchairs and cocktails can be found well within city limits.

Sydney (Australia)
Surely one of the most famous city beaches, Sydney’s Bondi is a well known surf spot and modern coastal resort. Dozens of cafes, bars and restaurants look out over the beach, which is backed by attractive parkland and is popular with rollerbladers, skaters and cyclists. Quickly reached from downtown Sydney using local buses, Bondi is Australia’s most iconic beach. And with the city’s ever increasing popularity cheap flights to Sydney from all over the world are more popular than ever, making this an ideal urban beach destination.

Barcelona (Spain)
This Spanish city is a great place to blend a beach break with city slicking. One of the biggest beaches around is Barceloneta which is 1,100m long and attracts hundreds of Barcelonans when the sun comes out – which is fairly often of course! If you prefer something more chilled, try Nova Icària, one of the quietest beaches in the city so ideal for families and well equipped with games areas and volleyball courts.

New York (USA)
Despite being one of the biggest most densely populated cities on earth, New York has several beaches where New Yorkers can escape from city life and get their sand fix. With flights to New York being highly popular the route is well served all year round but especially during the summer months when the beaches are at their best. Coney Island in Brooklyn is a favourite getaway, with Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach popular places to soak up some rays.

Copenhagen (Denmark)
The Danish capital may not strike you as a sand hot spot, but Copenhagen has two beaches close to the city centre, easily accessible by the local S-train. Here you’ll find clean water, white sand and water temperatures around 20 C during summer best for vacation. Amager Beach Park is the closest to the centre and offers 5km of bathing and a shallow lagoon – a perfect swimming zone. If you just want to swim but are not fussed about sand, dive into Havnebad, Copenhagen’s harbour. The water is clean and clear and it’s a popular spot for cooling off with the local city dwellers, and it’s just a few minutes walk from the centre.

Berlin (Germany)
Despite being a landlocked city miles from the coast, Berlin boasts several urban beaches, easily accessible to folks from all over the world with the abundance of flights to Berlin on offer. Strandbar Mitte, one of the less touristy, is located right on the river Spree and is where Berliners come to relax on stripy deckchairs, enjoy mojitos on sand shipped in to create an artificial beach right on the river bank and watch the boats float by.

Brighton (UK)
You don’t need to go abroad to find a great city beach. Voted as one of the top 10 beaches in the world, Brighton beachfront is famous for its pier which hosts a fun fair, arcades, luxury, side stalls, bars and an atmosphere of traditional seaside fun. Brighton is also known for its lively nightlife and funky beach club culture.

Vancouver (Canada)
The fact that Vancouver has 11 miles worth of beaches within its city limits is doubtless one of the reasons why it’s consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world. Trendy Kitsilano Beach (or ‘Kits’ as the locals call it) has a great outlook spanning from open bay, to the North Shore mountains in Stanley Park. It also has Vancouver’s largest salt water pool (which is heated), tennis courses and a playground for kids.

Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Warm azure seas line the Dubrovnik Riviera and most of the seafront hotels in the city have access to beaches. Most are pebble rather than sand but all offer the usual fun in the sun amenities such as cafés, beach bars, tours, kayak hire and swimming pools. Banje is probably the most famous beach in Dubrovnik and offers a divine view of the city’s red roofed architecture.

Tel Aviv (Israel)
The Israeli capital boasts several beaches within its limits; Gordon-Frishman beach is about as central as you can get in Tel Aviv city and the Gordon salt water pool attracts many people who travel for an early morning workout. The beach is wide and sandy and is one of the hippest places to be in Tel Aviv, with beach bars, DJs, volleyball courts and Tel Aviv’s trendy crowd coming to enjoy the Mediterranean shore. A great place to catch a tan and people watch.

The beaches of Los Angles are famed around the world thanks to the Baywatch adventures of bikini clad Pamela Anderson and life-guarding pal – The Hoff. There are 20 plus beaches to choose from; Manhattan beach (not to be confused with the beach in New York by the same name) has great views of Santa Monica bay and is a favourite with walkers; pocket size El Matador beach is a quieter, romantic spot ideal for couples, and Redondo is the perfect family beach with a long paved path for the kids to bike, skate and run free.

Beach Bars for Late Night Sipping: Princesa 23

Beach Bars for Late Night Sipping: Princesa 23

Beach Bars Day and Night in Barcelona

Officially, it is still springtime until the 23rd of June in Barcelona, a date that is celebrated like no other with the Festivals of San Juan. However, looking around Barcelona these days, it sure does look like the summertime. Women are in bikinis on the beaches, tourists are sunburned, sun-umbrellas wave in the sea breeze, and the beach bars are open for business.

Only a few beach bars are open so far, and soon more will line the Barcelona shoreline, providing sunbathers set up nearby with tunes (this can be a good or a bad thing depending on your musical taste) and cold drinks. These beach bars are open all day for the beach crowd but also stay open at night, just like a regular bar would. These sandy bars are fantastic for meeting up with friends for margaritas or just a simple beer on a Friday night.

Beach Bars for Late Night Sipping: Princesa 23

Barceloneta Beach

Princesa 23 has one of the most conspicuous beach bars in Barcelona. Right in the middle of Barcelontea beach, this is one of the most frequented beach bars around. They do food along with drinks, and their menu is basically a toned down version of the bar food they offer at their permanent restaurant in El Born. I have two issues with Princesa 23: it is a bit overpriced, and you must keep an eye out for pickpockets here.

Still, if you feel it is worth it to pay a bit more to have the sand between your toes and a glass of cava sangria between your lips, then this beach bar is for you. Tie your purse to your body tightly, and have a good time! How to find this bar? Simply walk down Joan de Borbo Street from the Barceloneta Metro stop until you get to the seashore. Hang a left (don’t go right unless you want to get to the nude beach) walking away from the looming W Hotel. After about three minutes walking you will see Princesa 23 on you right in all its glory in the sand.


Price range : about 15 Euros per person or more. A drink will start at about 3 Euros.

The permanent Princesa 23 is located at:

Princesa, 23, Barcelona, 08003

Photo Credit: The Spain Scoop

By UpTake

Concerts and Beers at Bar Electric in Gracia, Barcelona, Spain


Concerts and Beers at Bar Electric in Gracia, Barcelona, Spain


Bar Electric is an old Barcelona standby. There is music on at this Gracia-based bar every night of the week, and while the concerts are not always promised to be good, I like that they can nevertheless be counted on. I’ve been to some inspired shows at Electric, and to others that bored me to the point that I left and went and sat at the bar. I think on that particular night the concert had turned into something of a sing-along, which could be fun, but I wasn’t into it because I don’t speak Portuguese and didn’t know all the words.

If the show is lame at Electric, it’s no big deal, because the cover is never more that 5.00 Euros. I may have paid 3.00 for the sing-along. Depending on what kind of crowd they expect, there could be tables in the concert area, or not. If you want to try to get a chair you need to get in there early, because there is not much space.

Sometimes I have met friends at Electric and we have not made it into the concert, the bar lively enough as it is. Beers are not too expensive, and they also mix up a mean Mojito. This is a place with a Bohemian vibe…you know the kind: mismatched furniture, art on the walls for sale, smoke in the air, Manu Chao on the speakers and dreadlocks at the bar.

Concerts and Beers at Bar Electric in Gracia, Barcelona, Spain

Music in Barcelona


See the line up and how to get there online here:

Price: Concerts from 3 to 6 Euros, beers about 2.50 Euros.

Photo Credit: Oh-Barcelona and Pedro RJ

By UpTake

The Grec Festival Comes to Barcelona: Theater, Music, Dance!

The Grec Festival Comes to Barcelona: Theater, Music, Dance!

Many musicians take the stage this summer at Festival Grec

Barcelona offers up quite a spread of music, theater and entertainment from May to September. The city is always bustling with artistic happenings, but the summertime is especially good. This summer some of the best dates and festivals to look forward to are: San Juan (23 June), Festival Grec (June to August) and the Feste Major de Gracia (August).


The Grec Festival Comes to Barcelona: Theater, Music, Dance!

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Amsterdam Top Of European Destinations For Stag And Hen Dos

Europe attracts visitors from all over the world for various purposes. Many European cities are thronged by “women only” groups to celebrate hen nights as well as lads out on stag weekends. New research conducted by British Airways has found that Amsterdam has continued to be the most popular choice for stag and hen weekends in Europe.


Because of its increase popularity Amsterdam has experience overwhelming amounts of people, this is sometime to its detriment as stag and hen parties have got out of control causing damage to hotels and on the street; this has caused some establishments to decline parties. These problems has meant that other cities such as Paris and Barcelona have seen increased bookings. This affect has still not discouraged most people and Amsterdam continues to hold the crown for number 1 stag and hen destination.

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Dance at Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona

Dance at Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona

Mercat de les Flors is near Montjuic and MNAC

Once the Barcelona Flower Market, Mercat de les Flors is now the setting for contemporary dance performances in the city. Each month there is something new and innovative on at Mercat de les Flors, and come summer the Grec Festival holds many of its dance performances there as well.

Most performances start around 9pm or 7pm of Sundays and prices range from inexpensive (8Euros) to mid-range (20Euros). Coming up this May and June, look for performances by Les Colporteurs, Shlomi Bitton and Co., and Daniel Abreu.

The theater, as I mentioned before, is set in the old Flower Market, and those who admire architecture will be interested in checking out this beautiful building which has been creatively maintained. The Mercat de les Flors is over by Montjuic, just off Plaza Espana. To get there, grab a cab, or take the Metro and get off at the green line Plaza Espana stop. From there it is about a 10 minute walk.

This area is wonderful because it is where the MNAC, Miro Museum and Caixa Forum Museums are located, plus the convention center is here. Despite all these important sites being clustered together, there is really very little in the way of bars and restaurants in the area. You will find some neighborhood spots, but don’t expect anything to fabulous. It may be best to eat before hand, or head to the center of the city after the show for dinner.

More on tickets at Mercat de les Flors:

Photo Credit: The Spain Scoop

By UpTake

LAuditori for Concerts in Barcelona

LAuditori for Concerts in Barcelona













l’Auditori – Barcelona’s concert hall for classical and more

There is a concert on every evening in Barcelona, so it is just a matter of picking a flavor. Will it be jazz? Classical? Blues? Indy? Electronic? Barcelona offers a little something for every taste and budget when it comes to live shows. One of the more glamorous places in town to go see a show is L’Auditori, which usually puts on classical concerts.

I was recently at L’Auditori for a show that made up part of a wonderful festival on now in Barcelona, La Festival de Guitarra. This festival features guitarists from all over Spain, and the shows range from classic Spanish guitar to rock n’ roll to Indy. The festival is held in many venues around the city and L’Auditori has quite a few concerts on for La Festival de Guitarra.

Most shows at L’Auditori begin around 8:30 or 9pm. Get there early and have a drink in the bar and cafe. A glass of cava and a mini sandwich makes for a nice pre-show snack. The bar is not fabulous, and honestly, I think they should do a bit more with it, make it a bit more flashy for such a nice place as L’Auditori is (El Palau, for example, has a gorgeous cava and tapas bar for concert-goers, plus a restaurant). There are very few restaurants and cafes in the area surrounding L’Auditori that I would recommend instead of the venue’s bar. The neighborhood L’Auditori is in, is sort of a no-man’s-land, though it is not hard to get to L’Auditori by Tram, bus or Metro.

After a concert at L’Auditori (the acoustics in this concert hall are great, too), head back into the center of the city and have dinner or tapas, or go out for a night-cap at Vinda.

For concerts on now at L’Auditori, check out their website.

Photo Credit: Flickr Nixious

By UpTake

Jazz in a Barcelona Landmark Hotel: Cafe Vienes


Jazz in a Barcelona Landmark Hotel: Cafe Vienes












Casa Fuster and Cafe Vienes for Jazz in BCN

Casa Fuster Hotel was built in 1908, and may be Barcelona’s most elegant hotel. With five shining stars, Casa Fuster deserves every last one of them. If you are not splurging for a room at Fuster (although the hotel has some pretty excellent offers on currently), then at least treat yourself to a night of jazz and luxury at the Hotel’s Cafe Vienes.

Set in an enormous room, Cafe Vienes serves as both bar and cafe. The space, decorated in golds, royal purples and magenta is both spacious and intimate at the same time. It is vibrant, stylish and sophisticated and the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion, or to take someone you really want to impress.

You can pop in on a Thursday and see a show at Cafe Vienes (there is a cover), or have dinner while enjoying the show (the dinner jazz special is called the Duke Ellington), or go for the extra special deal for 426 Euros, which includes a night in one of the hotel’s rooms for two people, plus the Duke Ellington dinner, and the jazz concert. If you opt for this last deal then you won’t have to find your way home after a couple glasses of cava, and considering The Duke Ellington dinner is 120 euros each person, this dinner + room offer is a good one.

This spring and summer some shows to look for at Cafe Vienes are the Jazz Calssic Quintet on the 27th of May, the Ignasi Terraza Trio on the 10th of June and  the BCN Gypsy Reunion on the 17th of June.

Even if you don’t end up seeing jazz at Cafe Vienes, it is still a wonderful place to have a cocktail, any day of the week, any time of the day.

More on Cafe Vienes

Photo Credit: The Spain Scoop

By UpTake

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