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Visit India

What is India? Why is it one of the most chosen destinations of the globe? Well, here is the answer of this query; India is a land of rich culture and traditions where tourists get the chance to enjoy their each and every moment by exploring its attractive and picturesque beauty and attractions.

India is blessed with so many for every tourist as a number of tourism attractions that never fail to catch the attention of tourists from all over the world are situated in the map of India where tourists can explore a plenty of fantastic attractions with the oldest civilizations of the country. In this cultural land of India tourists find many attractive sights that witness the ups and downs of olden era. So,  India Holidays visit India and enjoy your vacations in superb manner.

Since, the land of India is blessed with Mother Nature’s immeasurable love with exotic beaches, delightful mountains covered with glinting snow, striking forests and golden deserts; here visitors can see an assortment of gorgeousness. Hence, tourists planning their vacations are advised to Visit India as it ensures them that India tour is filled with wonderful surprises and superb experiences. The variation of the splendor of India is tempting and incredible India  in itself in the course of its tradition, culture, geography, wildlife Holidays, natural flora and fauna and natural sophistication. Therefore, visitors who want to explore the superb beauty of a country opt for India as their holiday destination and they come to India for enjoying their leisure time in most amazing and memorable way.

A number of trustworthy tour operators are associated with reputed travel agencies that are linked with make India trip for planning tourists’ vacation as per their interest and desire and also keeping in mind the important locations which are the highlights of India tourism. Some of the most noteworthy places visit in India are –, Delhi, Agra Rajasthan, Goa holidays, Kerala, Shimla, Kashmir and many other fascinating attractions that can visit India fabulous. So, choose India as your holiday destination and enjoy the visit to the fullest in amazing manner.

Travel Paradise Kerala

Being listed as one of the top ten paradises of the world, tourism in Kerala hailed for green and blue. Tourists come to God’s country to discover its simplicity, green, majestic mountain resorts, tour beautiful bathrooms and traditional Ayurveda, wildlife, rare and last but not least, the beaches of Kerala.

Kerala – God’s own country is in the southwestern peninsula of India.

Being listed as one of the top ten paradises of the world, tourism in Kerala hailed for green and blue. Tourists come to God’s country to discover its simplicity, green, majestic mountain resorts, tour beautiful bathrooms and traditional Ayurveda, wildlife, rare and last but not least, the beaches of Kerala.

Kerala incredible wonders of India is the most popular tourist destinations. It is said that every nook and corner of Kerala – Paradise and the great world with its own unique characteristics. It is said that the concerts in Kerala is a gateway to experience a masterful blend of different traditions, cultures and practices, and presents a unique concept of India International & cultures.

Kerala is the name of “Paradise” for the following reasons:

Reason One – Back Water Tower

God’s country is known worldwide for its unique backwater tour (cruise ships). A boat trip takes nature lovers through a set of beautiful vistas and lush valleys and coconut, and revitalization of the Village Park takes place through narrow canals, lakes and ponds. Thus proving Kerala Tour is an experience of God’s own country, which is unparalleled, and you can not study anywhere else in the world.

Other reason – Beaches in Kerala

The beaches of Kerala are known for its majestic three SSS (sun, sea and sand.) It is a holiday that takes place attractive beaches of Kerala surprising given the view of the unprecedented scene when the sun is dissolved in the endless ocean, sunbathing and revitalization of the tide which serves as a source of inspiration life. It is an excellent choice of water sports such as paragliding, rafting, windsurfing, etc.

The third reason – Ayurveda

Heritage Kerala is also known to attract one million because of the quiet and relaxing Ayurvedic treatments and spa services. Kerala Ayurvedic science in the milk to the final value of the pleasant climate of Kerala and rich natural resources. Visit the majestic Kerala remains to be done without an Ayurvedic rejuvenation.

Reason Four – Rare Species

The Indian state of Kerala is a greener home to a wide range of wildlife in its thick green forests. Majestic wildlife series in Kerala attracts nature lovers and nature lovers for most people. Some of the most famous animals in Kerala is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Eravikulam National Park, etc.

But there are an infinite number of reasons that make Kerala – God’s own country is the best holiday destinations in the world. Kerala Paradise on Earth are not explored because the words are limited when the number “n” for its majestic beauty and tourism aspects are taken into account.

Tourists who want to spend some quality time in paradise in the world and explore long-term outstanding blessings of Mother Nature, then visit Kerala may be the best option during India Trip.

Top Ten Holidays Destinations

Honeymoon is one of the most crucial periods of a married life. It’s the time when two souls mingle with each other, creating a bond to be cherished forever. For newly weds, it’s the best time to know and discover the new side of their partners. Hence, for this phase of relationship building, the couples need to make careful planning. Main task is finding a perfect location for romantic getaways. There are so many beautiful places around the globe. But, choosing from the best honeymoon destinations is tad difficult.

If you are facing similar problems, take a look at the list of top honeymoon destinations below. Small descriptions have been attached highlighting their attractive features. It will certainly remove your dilemma.

Top 10 Honeymoon Destination

Maldives tours
An archipelago of more than 1000 private islands, Maldives offers you a world of privacy and peace. Amid the stunning surroundings of this island country, you and your partner can try hand at adventure also. Sailing, swimming and diving in the blue sea water will be absolutely fun. During leisure time, you both can go for soothing spa therapies.

Dubai in UAE is the most sought after luxury honeymoon destination. The city is blessed with golden sandy beaches and sea-water inlet. There is a stunning heritage and diving village. On your honeymoon in Dubai, you can stay at the lavish Burj Al Arab hotel. This sail-shaped structure is acclaimed all over the world.

California in USA can be divided into two parts such as north California and south California. In northern California, you will come across enchanting mountainous regions and forests. Southern California, on the other hand, is rich in stunning beaches. If you want to see the best of this part in America, visiting San Diego, Disneyland, Malibu and Santa Barbara will be a fulfilling experience.

Caribbean islands are world popular among honeymooners. Honeymoon in Caribbean is filled with marvelous private islands and beach resorts. If you are planning for a honeymoon vacation in this exotic destination, make a choice between places like Anguilla, Aruba and Antigua. These island towns are very beautiful and well equipped to serve guests’ needs.

India is culturally rich and dotted with diverse types of attractions in all the major parts. Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India that are worth considering include Goa holidays for Goa beaches and heritage sites, Kerala backwaters, Darjeeling for exotic hill views and Rajasthan for luxury holiday experience.

Greece is one of the most romantic destinations in world. Surrounded by rugged coasts, golden beaches, cascading waterfalls, caves, sand dunes and rivers, Greece is arguably a heavenly abode. During your honeymoon, you both can explore the architectural treasure of this country along with its natural splendor. Some of the must visit cities in Greece are Athens, Rhodes and Ossios Lucas among others.

New York
New York is again a honeymooner’s paradise. Couples visit the city’s Empire State Building to bask in the filmy moments of love and romance. They head over to its Central Park for a skating stint. Many find Brooklyn Bridge in New York a perfect spot to enkindle romantic mood.

The main highlight of the France honeymoon trip is intricate art work, splendid architecture and delicious gourmet. You can take a tour of its countryside for a relaxed and romantic getaway. However, when you go to this country, make sure to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Hawaii islands are filled with serene green beaches and crystal clear waters. On your Honeymoon to Hawaii You can take a walk on the island beaches with your partner for a romantic experience. Or else, call in your adventurous soul for adrenalin pumping activities like hiking, surfing and diving. One of the best places to visit in Hawaii is Maui Island. Here, you will get to see mesmerizing underwater reefs.

Among the favorite honeymoon destinations of the world, Italy is one. There are many attractive cities in Italy which you can visit, but Venice must not be given a miss. With bustling streets, heritage churches and buildings, Venice makes for a different kind of honeymooning experience and remains one of the top Honeymoon Destinations.

Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon is considered as the golden time that arrives only once in the life of every one with rousing and warm hues of glamor.Honey moon is used as a pleasure booster that is celebrated just after the very first month after marriage, when there is nothing except pleasure, mutual affection and beauty. In short terms the holidays spent together by a newly-married couple to enhance love and affection, before settling down at home is known as sweet honeymoon.

Travel Corporation of India avails best Honeymoon Tour Packages to make your marriage life a moment of beauty.Here are some popular and exotic honeymoon destinations of India :-

1.Jammu and Kashmir:- Jammu and Kashmir Tour Packages is known as the crown of India. It is abundant in natural beauty that emperor Shahjahan quoted it as heaven on earth. Cool and decent climate,ice covered land,floating houseboats in Dal lake, natural landscapes, exotic flora and fauna makes Jammu and Kashmir aparadise for lovers and honeymoon couples. Honeymoon experience in Kashmir will be dubbed as lifetime memory for everyone. Simple and Uncompetitive lifestyle, intoxicating environment, vision of green hue and fresh air are the components that make Kashmir an ideal honeymoon destination.

2.Shimla  Kullu Manali:-Shimla Tours is also quoted as ‘Queen of the Hills’ in terms of tourism. Shimla is the most popular honeymoon destination in India. Decades back Shimla was the summer capital of British India and now the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla and Kullu Manali are popular tourist destinations located in the lap of charming land of Himachal Pradesh. They attract tourists & vacationers from all over the world. These are beautiful towns of Himachal Pradesh and most beautiful and amazing hill stations in north India. These destinations attract tourists with its heart touching landscapes and many attractive places of tourist interest.Bijli Mahadev Temple Raghunathji Temple, Vaishno Devi Temple are some popular tourist attractions and honeymoon destinations to make life gracious in Himanchal Pardesh.

3. Goa Holidays:-Goa is famous across the globe for tourism,Goa beaches and as one of most popular and drasting honeymoon Destinations. One thing that you will find strange here is that people across the globe come to enjoy their india holidays, vacations and honeymoon every year in handsome amount and this occasion seems like a great get together of people. In true words and senses Goa is a paradise for honeymoon couples.

4. Coorg Trip :-Also known as Kodagu, Coorg is a place famous for its timeless beauty and you can enjoy all luxuries and comforts that are beyond restrictions. It is also quoted as “the Scotland of India” . Hills of Brahmagiri and Iruppa Falls are best honeymoon destinations of Coorg that gives eternal and nonperishable peace and enjoyment to honeymooners.The best time for visiting Coorg is mid of September.

5.Andaman and Nicobar islands: – Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is situated in the Bay of Bengal. This is one of the union territories of India and comprises of 527 islands. The coastline of the Island extends to about 100 Kms. There are dense forests all around the island. The area of the whole Island is around 8,293 sq kilometers. The Island is divided in two parts Andaman and Nicobar. These 2 groups are a distance of 300 Km from each other. Port Blair is the capital city of the Island the land is covered with dense rain forest. Only 38 islands out of 527 islands are inhabited by the people.

6.Kerala :-“Gods Own Country” is one of the prime honeymoon destinations of India. It is a perfect destination for holidays, Honeymoon, culture, health care, yoga and Ayurveda. Enjoying the honeymoon in houseboats will be an exciting experience.

7. Kodaikanal:- Kodaikanal is one of the most peaceful and beautiful hill stations of Tamilnadu which is also famous as a Honeymoon destination. Kodaikanal is also referred to as “Princess of Hill Stations”. There are many high waterfalls and ubiquitous gardens and flower beds in bloom.

8.Ooty:- Ooty is the short form of Ootacamund,is a popular hill station in Tamil Nadu in Southern India also quoted as “Queen of Hills”. It is located at a height of about 8000 feet above sea level and is a part of the famous Nilgiri mountain ranges. Ooty was founded by the Britishers in the beginning of the 19th century.Ooty Rose gardens, Wax Museum, Sims Park , Tea Factory, Boating at Pykara, Falls at Pykara, Historical Dam with Power station at Pykara, Hidden Valley, Echo Rock. Botanical Gardens, Ooty Lake, Dodabetta Peak, Lamb’s Rock, Kodanadu’s View Point, Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Kotagiri, Kalhatty Waterfalls, Sim’s park, Dolphin’s Nose and Avalanche are the main tourist attractions for love birds and honeymoon couples.

9.Lakshadweep:- Lakshadweep is India’s smallest union territory far away from hustle and bustle of urban life, comprising of 36 small islandsout of which 10 islands are inhabited and rest are deserted.Lakshadweep is one of the most fabulous tropical islands and coral beach in the world having sparkling beaches,hollow blue lagoons,spectular cocnut and palm trees and buzzing air and striking waves. Some important tourist attractions in Lakshadweep are:-
Kavaratti is a beautiful lagoon and facilities for water sports.
Minicoy is Crescent in shape and having some beautiful lagoons.
Kalpeni is a solitary and deserted place having deep but beautiful lagoon.
Agatti is famous for its greenary and palm trees beauty.
Kadmat is an ideal spot for sunbath and water sports.
Bangaram is a teardrop-shaped solitary island has superb beaches and beautiful lagoons. 

Famous Tourist spots in Goa

Affectionately dubbed as the Queen of Gao Beaches, Goa boasts of captivating beaches offering facilities for adventure sports such as water skiing, water scooting, diving, parasailing and wind surfing. From party beaches to adventure beaches, crowded beaches and isolated beaches, this destination offers a lot to beach lovers. On the beaches you will find food stalls selling traditional Goa food, including the sea food.Shopping is another fun-filled activity in this beautiful state of India. Browse its colorful bazaars for a variety of beauty handicrafts. The famous shopping items are hats, items made from coconut shell, homemade pickles, terracotta wall hangings, jewelry, cashew nuts, and lampshades in brass.

Some of the famous tourist places in Goa are:


It is a fishing village known for its beach and a hot water spring.It is an isolated stretch of beach known for its rocky and sandy terrain.

Baga Beach

This is a fishing beach. It is very small with a grove of shady palms close to the waters edge. Few transport come all the way to the beaches edge but none after dark. If you plan to stay there after sundown then make sure you have your own transport.


This beach is an undiscovered beach and it is small and clean. It is in a shaded spot before the mouth of the river Zuari.

Candolim Beach
Here on the beach of this destination you can get glimpses of dolphins.In this beach there is no shelter even to the close to the beach but you may hire a beach umbrella. This beach is very popular with package tourists, but is still not too crowded.

Margao Beach:

It is famous for ancient Portuguese churches, farming villages and beaches.Panaji: It is the capital city of Goa which is known for scenic beauty, beaches, museum, churches and carnival. It is ideally located on the banks of river Mandovi.


This beach is close to the historic Fort Aguada, the early Portuguese fort which was built by the Portuguese to control the entry into River Mandovi and also to protect old Goa from enemy attack. This beach has clean, white sand.

Goa Carnivals

The scene of Goa Carnival resembles some fairy tale descriptions where people hop around in jovial mood with masks on, fireworks, fortune tellers, group of dancers and and above all happy people all around.

Music swings into Goa Carnival quite naturally. The myriad facets of the Goan music compels any onlooker to jig with it. The stylish Spanish guitar, the casual drum beats and the soulful voice are enough to make you move your feet.

10 Travel Destinations of India

10 do not miss attractions in India

India is a dream destination for a traveler. Each state of India has a rich cultural heritage. Every state is unique with their attractive tourist destinations. Still there are some attractions in India; a traveler to India Tourism should not miss. Let us check them out.

1. Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir)

Jmauu and Kasmir is a beautiful state of India known as the ‘Paradise on Earth’. Srinagar is the most attractive destination of the beautiful Kashmir tour package valley. It is called ‘the city of lakes’. River Jhalem flows on the sides of this capital city, known for its natural lakes and gardens. Dal Lake and Nagin Lake are the attractions of Srinagar. The lively houseboats ply through the lake. Dal Lake with a background of the beautiful Himalayas will be an unforgettable panorama in your life. Another attraction of the city is the Mughal Gardens which symbols the glory of Mughal architecture. The wooden mosques and shrines bring to mind the memories of the bygone era.

2. Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is known for the natural beauty of its valleys and hill stations. Shimla tours, the capital town of Himachal is a famous hill station right from the British era. Another attraction is the hill town Dharmasala. Kangra Valley, Kulu Valley and Chamba valley are other beautiful destinations of Himachal. Manali is popular among tourists for its scope of adventure sports like paragliding, trekking and river rafting.

3. Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest wildlife reserve of India. It is a world famous park for the tiger conservation. It spreads in an area of more than 500 sq km lying in the Nainital, Pauri Garwhal and Bijnore Districts of Uttaranchal. The park is best known for the endangered species of Bengal tigers. The park also homes to a vide variety of birds, elephants, leopards and many other species of wild life. The park attracts many nature lovers due to the presence of a vide range of flora and fauna in it.

4. Khajuraho

Khajuraho is a famous tourist attraction of Madhya Pradesh, known for its sculptured temples dedicated to Hindu and Jain Gods. This has been chosen as one among UNESCO world heritage sites. The complex has 85 temples and the sculptural art forms based on ‘Kama Sutra’ is considered to be the superior creations in river sand stone.

5. Taj Mahal (Agra)

Taj Mahal is India’s pride. It’s a poetry written in pure white marbles. The sight of this incredible epitome of love will evoke in you feelings which are beyond words. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan created Taj Mahal in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. This beautifully adorned creation with white marbles and precious gemstones used in it is located on the banks of the river Yamuna.

6. Palace on Wheels (Rajasthan)

Rajasthan is a dream destination of India, the foremost attraction being the Palace on wheels. Among the top deluxe train journeys in the world, Palace on wheels has got an exceptional place. The exclusive luxury offered in the Palace on Wheels includes air conditioned royal cabins with twin bed, wall to wall carpeting, a well stocked bar and two modern yet traditional restaurants; Maharaja and Maharani. The trip is for eight days starting on a Wednesday morning at 7.30 from Delhi to explore the beauty of Rajasthan. The train covers attractive destinations of Rajasthan including Udaipur, Jaipur, Chittaurgarh and Jaisalmer. Any traveler will love the journey on this royal train which symbols the royal heritage of India

7. Goa

Goa is well-known all over the world for its golden beaches. Goa‘s 103 km coastline forms the most beautiful beaches on the shore of the Arabian sea. With coconut trees and palm trees swaying on the shore, Goan beaches own a picturesque location. They are safe for swimming also. Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Morjim, Varca, Colva and Aguada are some of the popular beaches of Goa. Other attractions of Goa are glorious temples, mosques, serene lakes, vibrant water falls and lush green spice plantations.

8. Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is a glorious creation which icons the rich architectural heritage of India. The royal interior of the palace is worth seeing. I t is rich with its architectural beauty, spacious halls and beautiful wall paintings which include three dimensional paintings. The Diwan-e-Khas is an amazing room with a huge doorway of carved rosewood embroidered with ivory, stained glass ceiling, decorated chandeliers, mosaic floor and gold painted walls adorned with marble and semi-precious stones. On Sundays and holidays the palace is illuminated with thousands of bulbs. The sight of the illuminated palace will be a memory of the life time.

9. Tamil Nadu Temples

Tamil Nadu is called ‘The Land of Enduring Heritage’. The heritage of ancient Dravidian art and culture is still brilliantly preserved in Tamil Nadu. There are more than 30,000 temples in Tamil Nadu each of them symbolizing its rich heritage. The most famous among them are. Mahabalipuram which is a world heritage destination, Kanchipuram which has a complex of seven temples, the most important being the Kailasanatha temple, Madurai which is famous for the magnificent Meenakshi temple and Tanjore which is a very popular attraction of Tamil Nadu.

10. Munnar Hills

One of the most popular hill stations in India is the Munnar Hills of Kerala, known as the ‘Gods own country’. Munnar is located at a height of 1600m from sea level. The greenery of miles long tea plantations will welcome you while entering to the picturesque location of Munnar. The famous Echo Point will attract any traveler. Enjoy boating while spotting elephants on the shore of the Elephant Lake You can see the highest peak in South India – Anamudi which is an ideal spot for trekking.

Molokai – The True Hawaiian Island

If you’re seeking a real Hawaiian island experience, then you must visit Molokai. Here’s why.

Molokai is referred to as the most Hawaiian island. It is also often called “The Friendly Island” because of the warmth and aloha spirit of its residents. This island also has a great deal of history so if you’re looking for the old Hawaii, this is it.

Of the 8,000 or so residents of Molokai, nearly 40% are of Hawaiian descent which is why the island got its reputation and reference as the most Hawaiian island.

Molokai has incredible beauty in its rainforests and desolate beaches. Therefore if you are coming to look for a glitzy nightlife and plenty of hustle and bustle, you’re going to be very disappointed.

A visit to Molokai is like a visit to the past. Here is an island where the tallest building is no taller than its neighboring palm trees. And when you visit the pristine beaches, you may be the only person strolling the shoreline.

And the great thing about Molokai beaches is their variety. If the surf is especially harsh on one beach, you can find another one in a different part of the island that is usually much calmer.

But spending your time on the beaches can be very enjoyable. You can comb the beaches looking for interesting seashells. Or take advantage of the beautiful diving experiences.

Here is a place where you won’t find a shopping mall. And where traffic is so minimal that there isn’t even a traffic light.

And the shopping is done in places like Kaunakakai which is the largest town as well as small villages like Kualapu’u and Maunaloa.

The pace of life here is very slow and relaxing. It is a rural area where you can just hang out and enjoy life as it comes.

If you visit this island, you’ll find that many of the regular items needed like foods, health and beauty, etc. are more expensive here because they must be transported from other islands. On the other hand, you’ll find the hotels here to be less expensive than other islands.

So a stay here can be quite cost effective. And the weather is Molokai is fairly steady and comfortable. Mostly the daytime temperatures hover around 75 degrees and rarely drop to anything lower than the 60’s at night.

For the most part these temperatures don’t vary more than 6 or 7 degrees year round so anytime is a great time visit Molokai and experience the real Hawaiian Island.

Jeff Schuman hopes you enjoyed this article on Molokai. He invites you visit his Hawaii tips website today to see the top things to in Hawaii to make your next vacation or trip to paradise a memorable one.

winter vacation packages

More and more people are choosing to celebrate their Xmas holidays at tourist spot.So if you are planing to be able to relax this Christmas then it is suggested to go for a winter vacation with your family. These days there are good number of places where one can enjoy the Christmas holidays at ease.

India has always been the on of the top vacation destination for tourists from all over the world.India has mind-bending diversity in the form of various attractions makes it a big hit with travelers. And winter is the right time to experience and explore the diversity of this incredible land. It is during this time when the real natural beauty of this land increases manifold, ready to capture the hearts of travellers. From enchanting valleys to dense forests snow capped mountains, natural wildlife and long desert,lovely cool beaches, the country has a lot to make your holidays memorable and pleasurable.

Some of the famous winter destinations of India are:

Goa is a land of palms, coconuts, splendid beaches and warm hospitable Goan people, that is bordered by the majestic blue seas. The Christmas and New Year eve is celebrated with much fun and frolic in Goa. Also known as the “The Rome of the East”, this small Indian state was ruled by a great number of Indian kingdoms and dynasties from the 4th century onwards. The name “Goa” is derived from Konkani, the Goan Language, which means a patch of tall grass.The Christmas and New Year eve is celebrated with much fun and frolic in Goa. Also known as the “The Rome of the East”, this small Indian state was ruled by a great number of Indian kingdoms and dynasties from the 4th century onwards. The name “Goa” is derived from Konkani, the Goan Language, which means a patch of tall grass.

For an unforgettable experience, be sure to visit Kollam, a vibrant market town, from which a boat trip can be taken along the south end of Kerala’s backwaters. Sailing along the canal on a beautifully sculpted boat made of hard wood, palm trees swaying lazily back and forth and the sun beaming down, travellers will be hard pushed to match such perfect tranquillity. For a chance to observe the local fishermen in action, it is advisable to stop off at one of the remoter beaches on the edge of the canal. Here, travellers may catch a glimpse of the authentic Keralan fishing ritual – a memorable spectacle involving reams of locals tugging at huge ropes while their families huddle close by.

Kashmir is a land where myriad holiday ideas are realised. In winter, when snow carpets the mountains, there is skiing, tobogganing, sledge-riding, etc. along the gentle slopes. In spring and summer, the honey-dewed orchards, rippling lakes and blue skies beckon every soul to sample the many delights the mountains and valleys have to offer. Golfing at 2,700 m above the sea, water-skiing in the lakes and angling for prized rainbow trout, or simply drifting down the willow fringed alleys of lakes in shikaras and living in gorgeous houseboats are some of the most favoured ones.

Rajasthan is the other name of royal luxury and it is needless to say that the most popular luxury train is the Palace on Wheels, which wheels the sands of Rajasthan. Luxurious cabins, wall to wall carpeting, a rich bar, two dining cars and a very personalized service all are characteristic to the Palace on Wheels. The overall ambience is so authentic that it transforms one to the bygone era of the majestic kings and their beautiful queens as the train traverses through the heritage cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Chittorgarh in Rajasthan.While rich history and royal luxury touch is common to all the destinations still they are all unique in their own way.On the one hand they have distinct historical importance and on the other they are all different and very interesting culture. But they are all conservative of the rich heritage of India.

Affectionately dubbed as the Queen of Hill Stations, Shimla is a beautiful destination in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Snowfall pampers this town during the months of December and January. Scenic beauty and wonderful trekking trails are its main attractions.

It is another wonderful hill station of Himachal Pradesh. The snow-capped mountains, beautiful valleys and winter sports of Manali make the holidays of tourists pleasurable.

Holidays in Malaysia Truly Asia

Interesting place to visit in Malaysia such Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Terengganu and the things they had to offer.

There is lot of reason why you should visit Malaysia for your next summer. The biggest reason of all is you will get the best from accommodation and dining to travel and transportation at the cheapest price. Thanks to the currency exchange which is USD1.00 to RM 3.40. That is for a RM 200 per room per night in five star hotel you only spend USD 59.00. Of course you can spend less if just check-in to Malaysia’s official tourism hotel that is Hotel Seri Malaysia which just charge you at about USD 35.00 per room per night.

Places to visit

Kuala Lumpur

Locals just refer Kuala Lumpur as KL. You will reach Malaysia through main gateway that is Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). KLIA is just 30 minutes or less by train to KL. What to do in KL? Shopping and entertainment is the major things to do in KL. Like I said earlier everything you can get at the cheapest price, still the quality of the international brand and local favorite brand. Lot of places to visit for shopping, you can choose to spent at five star shopping complex that is Suria KLCC or at local flea market “Petaling Street”. Bintang Walk is the place to be at night where lot of cafés, pubs, clubs and hotels offer night entertainment to the tourist. It is situated at Bukit Bintang, KL definitely the most happening place in Malaysia. If you are in KL you are definitely experiencing the true holidays in Malaysia. KL at night Penang

Why go to Penang? This is the place where every food in the world is served at the same place. Whether it is Chinese, Indian, Malay, Western or even Japanese just name it and you will get it on your table. Penang is where the culture of different races in Malaysia truly mix. You can see Chinese and Malay eating hot and spicy Indian curry in famous “nasi kandar” restaurant. Nasi kandar is rice served with various types of curry and dishes such as fish, mutton and chicken. Batu Ferringhi is the place where really suits tourist in Penang, beautiful beaches and five star hotels are located here. You can fly direct to Penang and arrived at Bayan Lepas International Airport which only 40 minutes from Batu Ferringghi.

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worlds famous beaches

It’s a well known dilemma: do you go for the exciting buzz of a city break or the more relaxing option of topping up the tan on the beach? Well, why not do both?

Maximise your holiday time by combining city break with sandy break and visiting an urban beach this summer. The following are 10 cities where beaches, deckchairs and cocktails can be found well within city limits.

Sydney (Australia)
Surely one of the most famous city beaches, Sydney’s Bondi is a well known surf spot and modern coastal resort. Dozens of cafes, bars and restaurants look out over the beach, which is backed by attractive parkland and is popular with rollerbladers, skaters and cyclists. Quickly reached from downtown Sydney using local buses, Bondi is Australia’s most iconic beach. And with the city’s ever increasing popularity cheap flights to Sydney from all over the world are more popular than ever, making this an ideal urban beach destination.

Barcelona (Spain)
This Spanish city is a great place to blend a beach break with city slicking. One of the biggest beaches around is Barceloneta which is 1,100m long and attracts hundreds of Barcelonans when the sun comes out – which is fairly often of course! If you prefer something more chilled, try Nova Icària, one of the quietest beaches in the city so ideal for families and well equipped with games areas and volleyball courts.

New York (USA)
Despite being one of the biggest most densely populated cities on earth, New York has several beaches where New Yorkers can escape from city life and get their sand fix. With flights to New York being highly popular the route is well served all year round but especially during the summer months when the beaches are at their best. Coney Island in Brooklyn is a favourite getaway, with Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach popular places to soak up some rays.

Copenhagen (Denmark)
The Danish capital may not strike you as a sand hot spot, but Copenhagen has two beaches close to the city centre, easily accessible by the local S-train. Here you’ll find clean water, white sand and water temperatures around 20 C during summer best for vacation. Amager Beach Park is the closest to the centre and offers 5km of bathing and a shallow lagoon – a perfect swimming zone. If you just want to swim but are not fussed about sand, dive into Havnebad, Copenhagen’s harbour. The water is clean and clear and it’s a popular spot for cooling off with the local city dwellers, and it’s just a few minutes walk from the centre.

Berlin (Germany)
Despite being a landlocked city miles from the coast, Berlin boasts several urban beaches, easily accessible to folks from all over the world with the abundance of flights to Berlin on offer. Strandbar Mitte, one of the less touristy, is located right on the river Spree and is where Berliners come to relax on stripy deckchairs, enjoy mojitos on sand shipped in to create an artificial beach right on the river bank and watch the boats float by.

Brighton (UK)
You don’t need to go abroad to find a great city beach. Voted as one of the top 10 beaches in the world, Brighton beachfront is famous for its pier which hosts a fun fair, arcades, luxury, side stalls, bars and an atmosphere of traditional seaside fun. Brighton is also known for its lively nightlife and funky beach club culture.

Vancouver (Canada)
The fact that Vancouver has 11 miles worth of beaches within its city limits is doubtless one of the reasons why it’s consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world. Trendy Kitsilano Beach (or ‘Kits’ as the locals call it) has a great outlook spanning from open bay, to the North Shore mountains in Stanley Park. It also has Vancouver’s largest salt water pool (which is heated), tennis courses and a playground for kids.

Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Warm azure seas line the Dubrovnik Riviera and most of the seafront hotels in the city have access to beaches. Most are pebble rather than sand but all offer the usual fun in the sun amenities such as cafés, beach bars, tours, kayak hire and swimming pools. Banje is probably the most famous beach in Dubrovnik and offers a divine view of the city’s red roofed architecture.

Tel Aviv (Israel)
The Israeli capital boasts several beaches within its limits; Gordon-Frishman beach is about as central as you can get in Tel Aviv city and the Gordon salt water pool attracts many people who travel for an early morning workout. The beach is wide and sandy and is one of the hippest places to be in Tel Aviv, with beach bars, DJs, volleyball courts and Tel Aviv’s trendy crowd coming to enjoy the Mediterranean shore. A great place to catch a tan and people watch.

The beaches of Los Angles are famed around the world thanks to the Baywatch adventures of bikini clad Pamela Anderson and life-guarding pal – The Hoff. There are 20 plus beaches to choose from; Manhattan beach (not to be confused with the beach in New York by the same name) has great views of Santa Monica bay and is a favourite with walkers; pocket size El Matador beach is a quieter, romantic spot ideal for couples, and Redondo is the perfect family beach with a long paved path for the kids to bike, skate and run free.

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