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Weekend for Christmas Getaways

With just a week to go before the ‘big day’ the UK’s airports have geared up for what is the busiest few days in the Christmas getaway rush!

Millions of UK Passengers Passing Through UK Airports This Week
The next two weeks are one of the busiest fortnights in an airport’s year, this week especially Saturday 18th through until Christmas Day, with Heathrow expecting half a million passengers, whilst Gatwick Airport set to see a phenomenal 700,000 passengers pass through its terminals from this weekend.

20% More Winter Sun Getaways Booked
The popularity in Winter sun holidays over the last few weeks has seen a huge increase, as much as 20% reported by some tour operators, as UK residents escape the extreme weather conditions.

Be Prepared For Long Airport Queues
So if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of Britons heading to an airport over the next week or so then be prepared for long queues.

Long Haul and Short Haul Check-In Times
That means be sure to get to the airport on time – for short haul flights it is recommended that you check-in two hours before your flight time, and if long haul then three hours before you fly.

Stock Up On Refreshments For the Airport
Also be aware that with so many people in the airport the likely hood is that the queues, not only for check-in, but for refreshments will be long too. It’s worth while taking with you a few snacks, especially if you are travelling with small children. If you are concerned about passing through security with food products for children then don’t be. You’ll simply be asked to taste a small piece of the food. It’s definitely worth taking your child’s food, and not risk the queues! Another little tip is the newsagents in the airports, like WH Smiths for example, will also sell a selection of refreshments so it’s worth getting a drink and a packet of crisps from these types of shops instead of one from the Food Hall.

Airport Snow Cancellations & Delays
However, the weather that many of us are trying to escape may actually keep us in the country. Yet again the UK is being hit by major snow storms and Heathrow and Gatwick have already closed runways and cancelled flights this weekend.

Rail Closure Risks – Book Your Airport Parking
When the snow falls, even the smallest amounts, rail routes can grind to a halt. Therefore, if you are travelling to the airport via train, or other such public transport that could risk being delayed or diverted, it’s worth considering, if the roads aren’t too treacherous, driving yourself to the airport and booking airport parking. This way you can get yourself to the airport, leaving home in good time, and also you can get yourself back home again too.

Call The Airport Before Travel
With snow closures a real threat, and delays a given, do call before you travel – phone the airport on the day of travel to be advised of the very latest information on delays and cancellations, along with any revised check-in times.

According to the latest weather reports we haven’t seen the last of the snow – the whole country is expected to be hit by further snow storms over the next few days, so fingers crossed for those of us who are trying to get away do get away!

Merry Christmas!

Celebrity Spotting

Celebrity Spotting in Britain has become a national pastime. Each year thousands of visitors gather on the streets of London, clutching Timeout magazines; hoping to make some sense from the many pages of where to go and what to do in the City.


Say, you’re a celeb spotter! You’ve come to London for some serious celebrity action. Where would you go to spot the Stars?
Here are some Celebrity Hotspots: some are relatively easy to get in to; but you need to book at least 6 months in advance. Others are membership only, so to land a seat at the bar will require some serious networking on your part.

Celebrity Hotspots
Most people go to The Ivy for the name and the status. You will spend more than the food is worth, but that is to be expected! You’re not there for the sumptuous fare, but for the celebrity action… hopefully! Oak panels, soft lighting, and 1920s stained glass windows enhance the idea that it’s all terribly snobby. The service and attention to detail are exemplary, the menu is eclectic, mainly British/European with a few far-flung influences. But it caters mainly for people who know what they want. Simple ingredients prepared to perfection have earned The Ivy its coveted reputation of serving delightful ‘comfort food’. The cosy dining area almost certainly means if a celebrity is at the next table, you’ll be sitting a stones throw away from them.

Celebrities often seen enjoying the famously diverse menu at The Ivy are David Bowie & Iman, Tom Cruize, Elton John and George Michael


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London travel guide

The Beauty of London. Visiting London can complete a bus trip after a visit to any International hotels serving a “high tea”.

How London would look like if it never had been the place were the British Crown was established? How it look like without its traditional manifestations? No city in the world show off their traditions in a way so beautiful as London does at the Buckingham Palace. encouraging viewers say with conviction: “No it can not end the British monarchy”, while pursuing the ritual changing of the guard. Black bearskin caps glow like a deep red tunic top, Queen smiling graciously, and the background is dominated by neo-Gothic facade of the palace.

On the one hand, London was shaped by the fact that there are the houses, the residences of the kings of England during a thousand years but, on the other hand, all this city is the birthplace of the movement “unk”, “house band,” The Beatles “. City is now an impressive creative, but also give the attention to rituals, the queen herself that needs permission to enter the city.

Londoners are a bit proud, a fact explained by their history: settlement of Londinium, founded by the Romans was the capital of the province Britannia. After the decline of the Roman Empire, Germanic tribes of England and the Saxons invaded the former Romanian province, establishing and Thames Valley. End of the British Empire and the decline of the commercial port, mid-century, have impacted heavily on the city, but who managed to recover and is now a powerful global financial center. Today, the City employed about 550,000 people, but slightly more traditional gate gambete and umbrellas, meeting rather fashionable outfits.

Contemporary London attract young people all over the world, who made his Covent Garden center their surroundings, and also creating unique areas of the East End, Portobello Market and Clerkenwell Road. Americans consider themselves at London ‘cool city, with its avant-garde art, with long lines in front of trendy discotheques and theaters which ensures its high-class performances. Make my Trip

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