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British Airways again trims flights as May 24 walkout looms; union wins appeal of court injunction

British Airways again trims flights as May 24 walkout looms; union wins appeal of court injunction

Volcanic ash plumes and a threatened walkout by cabin crew members have wreaked havoc with British Airways flight schedules over the last two months – and today is no exception.

British Airways once again is reducing its flight schedule and preparing for a strike after the union representing its cabin staff Thursday won an appeal in court to move forward with a work action against the carrier. The airline had obtained a court order four days ago to block a planned 20-day staggered strike that was slated to start Tuesday.

The airline estimates that the action would halt 40% of its long-haul flights and half of its short flights at Heathrow Airport, according to a statement. For example, the revised flight schedule for May 26 shows that four of six flights from New York’s JFK to Heathrow  have been canceled. The airline plans to operate flights in and out of London City and Gatwick airports on a normal schedule

Unite, a 2-million-member union representing the airline’s cabin personnel, set May 24 as the beginning date of a five-day walkout, saying the next few days would be a “pause for peace.” The airline had already been notified of a wave of five-day strikes starting May 30 and June 5 respectively, should there be no settlement. The union has not indicated whether the strike would be extended beyond June 9, according to its website.

“British Airways management now has a chance over the next three days to address our outstanding concerns and seize the possibility for industrial peace,” read a statement on Unite’s website.

British Airways expressed its disappointment with the ruling in a note titled “Cabin Crew Strike Update” at the top of the website. The airline noted that flights in and out of Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports are currently operating normally, and that some flights previously canceled this week have been reinstated. The airline also posted a list of canceled flights by week through June 9 as well as information on how to rebook or file for a refund.

The New York Times reports that the union and airline management had reached an agreement on $87 million in cost savings, but the airline wouldn’t restore full travel benefits to about 4,000 workers who had walked out in March. The airline said it lost $64.5 million in the March work action, according to the report.

– Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger

Photo: A British Airways jet takes off at London’s Heathrow airport on a test flight last month to gauge the impact of volcanic ash on flight safety. Credit: Associated Press

By LA Times

Britain eases ash restrictions for flights; British Airways blocks planned cabin crew strike

Britain eases ash restrictions for flights; British Airways blocks planned cabin crew strike

The volcanic ash plume again briefly shut airports and snarled air traffic Monday in London and in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Amsterdam, but a bit of relief may be on the way. Britain’s top aviation authority on Monday eased restrictions on safe flying zones within the ash cloud.

British Airways, meanwhile, obtained a court order to block a 20-day cabin crew strike planned to start Tuesday.

Icelands Eyjafjallajokull volcano is still smoking, but Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority announced the creation of a new flying zone – the “Time Limited Zone” – that changes the level of volcanic ash concentrations considered safe and puts in play airspace that previously would have been off-limits to commercial airlines. Translation? More safe airspace means more flights and fewer delays.

The authority’s chief executive, Andrew Haines, credits the rule change to an international aviation conference May 13 with major airlines, a release said. Flybe, a British domestic carrier, apparently worked with plane engine and aircraft manufacturers to develop protocols that led to the revision of what’s considered a safe concentration of volcanic ash  for planes to fly through.

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British Airways expects to take more than 2.5 million customers during forthcoming FIFA 2010

British Airways expects to take more than 2.5 million customers during forthcoming FIFA 2010

During forthcoming FIFA 2010 British Airways are expecting to take more than 2.5 million passengers to South Africa. The airline scheduled seven flights per week to Cape Town and 19 flights to Johannesburg, in addition to outstanding connections to domestic and local places provided by its branded authorization carrier, Comair.

 Between the matches, tourists can take benefit of the aptitude to pre-book Avis car rental in Cape Town through British Airways to travel one of the most gorgeous places on the planet to watch African penguins at the Boulder Bay, visit Stellenbosch and sample some extraordinary South African wine or just merely experience the views the famed Garden Route provides. British Airways is helping football fans get into the spirit of the World Cup.

During June and July extraordinary on-board statements will be made on South Africa flights to request passengers to back the England 2018 Bid. Dedicated aircraft painted with black and white football nose cones will function on some of the flights. Football expert and former England striker Gary Lineker who helped British Airways launch its hold up for Backing the Bid mentioned that to host the World Cup in 2018 would be a benefit and a huge boost for English football. They have a 100 per cent record in home World Cups and it would be magnificent to continue that routine.

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British Airways Can Give You Very Bad Baggage Problems

British Airways Can Give You Very Bad Baggage Problems

According to a survey, passengers from UK who are flying with British Airways are most likely to experience baggage problems with this major airline. An approximate one out of 3.8 British Airline passengers have experiences either lost or damage luggage as they were traveling with BA. At the very least, the packages were delayed. The survey covered passengers who have travelled with BA in the past five years.

When presented with the figure, the British Airways dismissed the claim, saying how it was “complete rubbish” . The AUC of Airport Users Care scored BA low on baggage handling, although this survey was conducted in 2007. BA scored second worst, next to TAP Portugal. Contrary to the recent survey, however, the figure was much lower, amounting only to 2.6 passengers out of every 100.

This survey, however, did not specifically state if the baggage was lost, damaged, or delayed. Its also necessary for us to note that in 2007, strict security rules were being imposed. This included the limiting of cabin bags to one which significantly strained a number of baggage systems, not just the BAs . According to AUC, they can no longer get sure figures today because the British Airways is not obligated to give them one.

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