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City of Dreams Cannes in France

Cannes is the one of the well known cities of France. It is a busy tourist spot and is also known for hosting Cannes Film Festival annually. The city’s luxury products, restaurants and online hotels are well known all over the world. The city of Cannes enjoys Mediterranean types of climate. During summers you can see 12 hours of sunshine and a mild weather in winters.

Economy of Cannes:

The area around the Cannes is a highly developed cluster. The Cannes Film Festival is a major event for the industry. World’s famous celebrities participate in this festival every year. This festival was founded in 1939 and is held mainly in the month of May. Other festivals like Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, International Festival of Games, Festival de la Plaisance, and International Actors’ Performance Festival etc. are held every year which is a major part of the Cannes’s economy.

Besides these festival holidays Cannes also plays host to Cannes Mandelieu Space Center which is an industrial center dedicated to spacecraft manufacturing. This center manufactures satellites and their parts.

Transport in Cannes:

The city of Cannes is served by Nice Côte d’Azur Airport which handles around 10 million passengers annually. By TGV Rail services to Cannes, it takes around 6 hours from Brussels, 5 hours from Milan, 10 hours from Basel, 10 hours from Rome, and 10 hours from Venice. Travelling by train is not only economical but also convenient.

Bus Services arrive at the Gare Routière de Cannes, which is located in the centre of the city, near to the Town Hall. International companies providing bus services in Cannes include Euroline and Agence Phoceens. Local bus services are provided by Bus Azur.

Ferry services are also available in harbor of Nice from Bastia and Calvi in Corsica. From Bastia, the luxury journey is 4 hours and 55 minutes on simple ferries and 3 hours and 50 minutes on express ferries.

Debt fears and low European hotel prices

Debt fears and low European hotel prices

For the first time in this year, hotel prices in some European cities have fallen as sovereign debt fears across the Continent, and the specter of a double dip downturn, spark tourists into cutting travel expenditure.

The main metropolitan cities from Europe have faced with extensive falls, according to the innovative figures from hotel cost contrast site Trivago. 38 of the 50 cities planned in its hotel price index recorded stable or falling prices – after five months of back-to-back raises in overnight prices.

Debt fears and low European hotel prices

A lot of well-liked summer targets saw significant turns down in comparison to previous month: Barcelonas prices sank 24 percent to £117 pounds, based on a typical double; Turin fell 29 percent ,£84, down from £118 in May; and Sevilles prices fell 16 percent to £77.

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The opening of Panton Hotel in Brussels

The opening of Panton Hotel in Brussels

Pantone LLC, an X-Rite organization and the worldwide authority on color, on 24 May, declared the opening of the Pantone Hotel in Brussels. It is located near Avenue Louise, an enchanting shopping and business region named for a daughter of king and now a muse to nowadays designers, the Pantone

The opening of Panton Hotel in Brussels

Hotel joins and combines an attractive, colorful aesthetic design with comfy, well-appointed guest rooms.

This hotel is a perfect place for transnational adventures as well as small commercial meetings and business conferences; furthermore, it is an ideal place for unique and special events. Designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert, every hotels seventh floor is enlightened by various color palettes to balance emotions of visitors with characteristic hues-whether glowing or subdued.

The guest rooms are works of art-white walls and bedding offer a clean, crispy canvas for saturated pops of vivacious color. Rooms feature photographic settings up produced by famous Belgian photographer Victor Levy that contains a variety of energetic Pantone colors to generate an exceptional atmosphere in every room.  The 59 affordably priced rooms and suites allow guests to transform their vacation by choosing a room that harmonizes their mood through a particular color. Furthermore, the rooms are decorated after one of seven distinctive Pantone color palettes and comprise inviting bedding, LCD TV and central air conditioning, many, as well, offer unmatched sights of Brussels.

By Journey ETC

The Most Unique Restaurants Around the World

Some people go to a restaurant because the food tastes terrific, but if youve been watching any of those design makeover reality shows on TV, youll know that its more than just the cuisine. You have to set up the mood too if you want your customers to keep on coming back. These restaurants take it to the extreme.

Most of them are so interesting, theyre bordering on strange. If youre a big fan of both good architecture and good food, these restaurants are definitely a must-see.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Maldives

The Most Unique Restaurants Around the World

Welcome to the first underwater restaurant in the world. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Islands aquarium-style restaurant sits 16 feet under the Indian Oceans surface just between a coral reef and a lagoon.

There are only about a dozen seats in the restaurants, and if youre lucky enough to get a reservation, youll be dining with the fishes. You can bask in all that blue as the tables are surrounded by an arched, clear, acrylic ceiling which can give you 180º view of the sea.

Diners can reach the restaurant through a wooden walkway from an over-the-water Sunset Grill. This restaurant cost $5 million to build and served its diners a four-course Maldivian fusion menu. The food is definitely worth the visit as those live sea creatures envy everything thats put on your plate.

Among the ones you should try are the crab tower served with thin ciabatta and a swirl of truffle mayonnaise. The Maldivian chili and banana mascarpone which is plated with cream and crushed basil is also worth trying.

Here is a nice video of Ithaa

The Clinic in Singapore

The Most Unique Restaurants Around the World

Unless youre actually afraid of hospitals, lunch or dinner at the clinic in Singapore should prove to be a very interesting eating experience. Here, the food takes the shape of science experiments. A food critic called it a “molecular gastronomy” as chefs and waiters dressed up as hospital attendants serve you food made from the restaurants open-demo kitchen. To top it all off, this demo is illuminated by operating lights.

The menu is interesting, to say the least. Among the yummiest concoctions in its 13-course list include the Dashi soup which with has soba noodles made from olive oil. The noodles are “self forming” produced by squirting olive oil on a bowl of hot liquid.

The food will be served to you on a surgical table, and youll be sitting on a gold-plated wheelchair while you dine here. If the experience isnt too bizarre for your taste, youll probably come back and bring friends just for the fun of it. The place probably has full bookings during Halloween.

‘s Baggers in Germany

The Most Unique Restaurants Around the World

That was not a typo, and what were going to feature is an actual restaurant as well. Here, were introducing the first ever automated restaurant in the world. Were talking about ‘s Baggers owned by Michael Mack. This restaurant owner probably got tired of hiring waiters, or he listened to his past customers and designed one which is free from surly waiters and waitresses.

This restaurant is located in the outskirts of Nuremberg, Bavaria, and while the food is still cooked by humans, orders are taken my touch screen monitors on the table and served by gravity. Yes, gravity. All over the restaurants are spiral conveyer belts which deliver the food to hungry customers once theyre done. Talk about efficient.

You wont get bored, either, because these touch screen menus are connected to the internet. The restaurant lets customers check their emails and SMS through the machine while theyre waiting for their food. Mack has already claimed the patent for this automated system. It wont come as a surprise if more and more restaurants use the same serving system.

The best dish in the house is Frankische Kanneloni. These are pancakes which are stuffed with kraut and mincemeat. This restaurant is not so odd as it is impressive.

Take a peek inside the resto through this video.

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