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Flights to Guangzhou

In case you are planning your next holidays, flights to Beijing are worth being booked. The capital of the People’s Republic of China has persistently been the cultural, political and educational pride of the entire country for a long period. In fact, each and every edifice here reflects some historical facts of the nation. The successful host of the 2008 Olympics Games has won the hearts of the world with it veritable charisma.

Those who book flights to Beijing are never disappointed with the plethora of jewels the city owns. Firstly, the Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the world and even declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is seen even from the space. Exquisitely built during the Ming Dynasty, this unique historical structure, primarily constituted with the aim of restricting the intrusion of foreign enemies, is a great masterwork of a series of stones.

It is a fact that people get their flights to Beijing booked well in advance with the inquisitiveness of witnessing the Forbidden City. A home to the Palace Museum, this embellished site has also been considered as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The other most popular sightseeing places in the city is the Temple of Heaven which is considered as a unique Taoist shrine, visited mostly by the Chinese emperors of the past praying for good harvest.

The best part of this destination is that, people get to enjoy the blend of the past and the present, the tradition as well as the modern. This is one of the major reasons why the Beijing flights have so much on demand throughout the year. On one side where the travellers get the chance to cherish the ancient ethnic places like the Temple of Heaven and the Imperial Gardens and Mausoleums, on the other hand, the guests enjoy the opportunity of unlimited fun by shopping at the Tiananmen Square and the Yansha Shopping Mall, dining at the Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant and the Afunti Restaurant and dancing at the Club Banana and the Kiss Superclub. No wonder why thousands of individuals from all round the globe get their tickets made well in advance to get cheap flights to Beijing.

Top Business hotel in Asia

Nice, quiet hotel might not be enough for a hotel to make on the top list of the business. There are many reasons for people to travel on business; for meetings, for conference, for visit, for working. As business traveller’s time is important, they need a good business hotel which caters most of their needs so that they can concentrate only on their work or job and relax after their work done.

To make travel more convenient for business traveller, book for the cheap hotel of the destination online, take phone card or calling card to make business calls and lastly do your overseas business task online by having a good web hosting company.

Top luxurious hotel does not make the hotel to be top business hotel. As time is important for business traveller, top business hotel has to have a proper reservation system to make sure guest can do check in and check out to be in a short time and efficient, good fast internet connection, comfortable working space,good housekeeping staff, good laundry etc

As Asia has been a popular destination for business travelling, below are the top popular business hotels in Asia that are top on the chart:

Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan

The elegance, the spectacular view of Tokyo city and Mount fuji, the convenience location close to the city’s major transportation (rail and subway) makes Park Hyatt hotel the choice for Business Traveller. Staying tat Park Hyatt Hotel, the guest will fell more like modern private residence than a hotel. On top of that, the hotel is quiet, and equip with private office with all the high technology equipment. The Business centre is open for 24 hours, equip with fax, computing, photocopying, translation etc. And for those who want to held meetings, Park Hyatt can accommodate small business meetings to huge business gathering.

To relax, travellers can simple go to the gymnasium, do aerobic or enjoy spa and a swim in indoor pool.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong (

One of the famous business hotel in Hong Kong is Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. Mandarin oriental Hotel has world class service and nice view. The staff service is excellent, combining with most of the staff remember your name and try to fulfil every guest request to the maximum. A truly good choice hotel for your business stay in Hong Kong!

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New listed World Heritage site

The 34 session of the World Heritage Committee meeting in Brasilia since 25 July has decided to include 5 new natural site into their newly revised World Heritage List. For those nature and wilderness lover, you might consider to see the world beautiful natural site.

For travelling under budget, it is better to look for hotel deals,cheap hotel,phone card or calling card deals that is available. Share your travel experience by having own travel blog that is hosted by reliable web hosting

The new natural sites are:

  • China Danxia (China)

When you mention China Danxia(red rays of the sun), it is refer to a series of distinctive petrographic gromorphology that is in China. Another unique characteristic is the colour; red colour ” Red Stone Park of China”.

China Danxia consist of 6 mountains: Mountain Langshan and Mountain Wanfoshan (Hunan Province), Mountain Danxiashan (Guandong Province),Taining and Guanzhoushan(Fujian Province), Mountain Longhushan and Guifeng (Jaingxi Province),Mountain Chishui (Guizhou Province),Fangyan and Mountain Jianglangshan(Zhejiang Province).

Danxia Mountain is well known is China for many years. In fact, it has been selected since 1988 as National Scenic Spot, National Natural Protection Zone for Geology and Geomorphology in China, AAAA level National Tourist spot,National Geological Park of China and in 2010, China Danxia is chosen by UNESCO to be included in the World Heritage List.

China Danxia is located in Renhua Country, Shaoguan City of Guangdong Province. Till these day, although there are a lot of places in the world which has the same landform as Danxia, Danxia Mountain has the most magnificent scenery,rare,wild,unique character and is one of the richest landform in the world.

The Danxia Mountain is covered by tranquil, green, lust forest for all the days in a year, surrounded with Jinjiang river which the water flow like wine flew out of the forest. In China Danxia, you can view the incredible wonder of different unique shape of mountains (castle,pagodas etc),unique caves, nature build bridges in different sizes, beautiful valleys, cliffs, masterpiece stones

  • Pitons, Cirques and Remparts of Reunion Island (France)

Reunion Island is located in the south west of Indian Ocean with Mauritius as the closest neighbours (200 km) and Madagascar (800 km). This Reunion Island still has the presence of one of the critical stages of the Earth History, which are the Pitons, Cirque and Rempart of Reunion Island.

The Reunion is more than 3 millions years old, but currently occupy by human for just lesser than 4 centuries. Reunion is an island in France with mixed races; Africa, France and India. Reunion Island is an island not only full of richness of the remaining of Earth History, but also is a home of many species of threatened flora and fauna. 

Travelling in Reunion Island, you can view one of the most accessible active volcanoes in the world; Piton de la Fournaise, and the spectacular canyon of the Riviere des Remparts and the famous the Cirque de Salazie, the Cirque de Cilaos and the Cirque de Mafate.

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Tips and Guide that you have to know in China

China is an amazing country, with the highest population in the world, has the most beautiful sceneries in the world and is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. With winning the bid for Beijing Olympic 2008, China has become more recognized in the world. And in 2010, Shanghai (China) held one of the biggest expo in the world. With many world events that China hosted and will be hosting, visitors and tourists from all over the world are increasing rapidly every year.

Below are important tips when holiday, vacation or visiting China for business or for leisure:

Shangri La Pudong Hotel Shanghai (

–         Choose the right hotel deals. As good hotel is a plus to get your good resting before continue on China discovery journey. Bringing phone card and calling card  to call back to your country

–         Chinese people known for the shyness and humble and does not show their feeling and emotion in public. So as a foreigner in China, it is good to respect the etiquette and learn not to speak and act bluntly

–         When you have gift for Chinese, below is the gift that is a taboo for Chinese:

Clocks, Straw sandals,crane, Handkerchief, Anything white, blue or black

–         Learn to eat by using chopstick; spoon and fork is rarely use in Chinese restaurant in China. Most of the food is share in China, it is a culture. When using chopsticks, do not stick the chopstick standing upright in rice bowl, as it will look like incense burned at chinese funeral.

–         When drinking alcohol with Chinese, always toast first before having a first sip ; it is Chinese etiquette

–         Eating in Chinese meal usually including more than 7 course foods. Chinese believe that it is better to serve more food than serving less, leaving the guest hungry.

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Enjoy Your Vacations in Taiwan

Taiwan , or officially The Republic of Taiwan, is also recognized historically as Formosa, through the Portuguese words “Ilha Formosa” – Enjoyable Tropical isle, the very first words that said to have come out from the otherwise speechless Portuguese navigators upon laying their thinking about sights about the tropical isle. And appropriately so, for the name stuck for centuries to come and hitherto, several sentimental souls still insist on addressing this pleasurable island as Formosa.

Which has a acreage of 35,980 sq. km., geographical eccentricities awash the terrain of this sweet potato-shaped tropical isle gem. From the lush and expanding verdant mountains of Wulai, the scenic ruggedness of Taroko Gorge, the dramatic basalt cliffs of Penghu, to the Taian Hot Springs, Taiwan is fast gaining a reputation as about the most diverse nature travelling destinations in Asia.

The Taiwanese culture is usually a sweet brew of Asian mainland and archipelagic ethnic mores and traditions, being at a strategic economic and cultural crossroads in between the two. It comprises the Chinese culture at its core, owing to the Taiwanese ethnical origins from your Chinese mainland, with a healthy spicing of Japanese, Malayan Austronesian and Western cultural influences.

It has been seen that the surging economic development of Taiwan for the last thirty years or so is nothing short of a miracle, and indeed it really is amicably dubbed as “The Taiwan Miracle”, an enduring testament of the Taiwanese patriotic resilience and tenacity. But seeing them up close, the Taiwanese people are affable, warm and cheerful. In point of fact, they’re a few of the nicest persons internationally.

They’re so packed with renqing wei, translated roughly as “personal affection,” that a first-time visitor would never think any bit someone you don’t know upon arrival, during his stay and definitely upon leaving this pleasurable isle state.

So feel free to visit Taiwan, and be among the sentimental ones who can’t turn down calling this isle Formosa – The Enjoyable Tropical isle. Travelling to Taiwan has become more accessible with many flights to Taipei.


Nepal bordered to the north by the People’s Republic of China, and to the south, east, and west by the Republic of India.The area of Nepal 147,181 square kilometers and a population of approximately 30 million.It is the world’s 93rd largest country by Area and the 41st most populous country.

Kathmandu:Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, is the largest city in the country.Most of the trekking expeditions and tours start from Kathmandu.Several beautiful and interesting villages and towns surrounding the valley offer ideal destinations for mini treks.The best place to begin your sightseeing of Kathmandu valley is the Kathmandu Durbar. An entrance fee of Rs. 200 for foreign nationals and Rs. 25 for the SAARC countries is to be paid to get into Durbar Square.

Balaju Water Garden:Balaju Water Garden is a famous tourist destination.It is situated below the Nagarjun Hill. The water garden also consists of religious shrines, fishponds and a replica of the statue of Budhanilkantha.

Pashupatinath Temple:Pashupatinath Temple stands as a symbol of faith, religion, culture and tradition.Its most sacred temple of Hindu Lord Shiva in the world.that is also known as the temple of living beings

Kumari Ghar: The temple or the residence of Living Goddess, Kumari, is situated in the vicinity of Hanuman Dhoka Palace. The building has beautifully carved wooden balconies and window screens. The Kumari- the living Goddess acknowledges the greetings from her balcony window.

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Lhasa Travel Guide

Lhasa city is rightly one of the most featured and dreamt-about cities in China. This is not only because of its remoteness, its high altitude at 11,975 feet means limited accessibility, but also because of its impressive heritage of over a thousand years of cultural and spiritual history that has helped to create the mysterious and romantic Tibetan religion.


Differing from the inland cities and other places in Tibet, Lhasa is unique with an allure all of its own. In the Tibetan language, Lhasa means the Holy Land or the Buddha Land. It is the center of Tibet’s politics, economy and culture. The city has also been appointed as one of the 24 historical and cultural cities of China. The splendor and grandeur of the Potala Palace in Lhasa remains a world-famous symbol of the enigmatic power of politics and religion in this region.

As the beautiful capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), Lhasa city is situated in the South Central part of the region, on the North bank of the Kyichu River in a mountain-fringed valley. This ancient sprawling city, settled 1,300 years ago, covers 11,583 square miles, with a population of 400,000, of which 87 percent are Tibetans. The urban population is 180,000.

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China Ngari Tourist Attractions

Ngari or Ali, lying at the westernmost part of China Tibet, covers one fourth of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. With an average elevation of over 14,763 feet, Ngari is the highest part of the ‘Roof of the World’. And it’s also a popular destination in China tour packages. Someone says that the landscapes here are just like the extraterrestrial environment. Nevertheless, many attractions including the Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarova , the Ruins of the Guge Kingdom and the Tholing Monastery are worth traveling. Visitors always choose below 3 counties in their itineraries of Tibet tours.


Pulan County

Located in the Pulan County of Ngari, the Mount Kailash is one of the main peaks of the Gangdese Mountains. Having an elevation of 22,050 feet, the top of the mount has been covered with snow for years. There are 28 modern glaciers, mainly cirque glaciers and hanging glacierson running along the mountain. Considered as a holy mount, Mount Kailash has been worshipped by people from home and abroad since one thousand years ago.

Mount Kailash

The Lake Manasarova is just 18.6 miles away to the southeast of the Mount Kailash. Being 15,052 feet high above sea-level, it is one of the highest fresh water lakes of the world. Covering an area of over 154 square miles, the lake is about 266 feet deep at the deepest area. The legend says that there used to be numerous treasures lying on the lakebed.


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Yangtze River Cruise

The common Chinese saying, ‘If you haven’t travelled up the mighty Yangzte River, you haven’t been anywhere’. It well describes the river’s range of picturesque landscapes, since Yangzte winds through some of China’s most scenic country. Snaking its way 6,300 kilometres from western China’s Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the East China Sea, the Yangtze River stretches nine provinces and serves as a drain for 695,000 square miles of land. The most impressive section of the river is the three Yangtze River gorges: Qutang Gorge, Wuxia Gorge and Xiling Gorge, collectively known as Sanxia, or the Three Gorges.


Qutang Gorge

Being shortest among the Three Gorges, Qutang Gorge is the most spectacular. Immediately downstream of the ancient village Baidicheng, the Yangtze River passes between the Chijia Mountain on the north and the Baiyan Mountain on the south. The point where the river passes between these mountains is called the Kuimen Gate and it is the entrance to the Qutang Gorge – the first of the three Yangtze gorges.

The Qutang Gorge is only 8 kilometres (5 miles) long, but it is also the narrowest of the Three Gorges. The widest point measures only 150 metres (500 ft) wide. The mountains on either side reach as high as 1,200 metres (4,000 ft). This combination of narrow canyons among high mountains with several switchbacks in only 8 kilometres creates spectacular vistas, and the Qutang Gorge is often considered the most beautiful of all the Three Gorges.

Wuxia Gorge

When the river flows out of Qutang Gorge and passes the broad valley of the Daning River, it enters the scenic Wuxia Gorge, the middle Yangtze gorge which straddles Sichuan and Hubei Provinces. Wuxia Gorge is 45 kilometers long, noted for its deep and serene scenes. So sheer are the cliffs that it is said the sun rarely penetrates. The boat passes, on the south side, it is said, like an ancient warrior’s silver coat of arms crowned by a round golden helmet. Ahead are the l2 peaks of Wu Gorge, famed frothier dark and somber grace. Poets have attempted to evoke both their bleakness and beauty. Wuxia Gorge is full of zigzag, weird peaks, rising mists and beautiful sights. The famous Twelve Peaks on both banks of the river, in particular, are the most spectacular. These strange-looking peaks are like a fairy maid dancing.

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Affordable Hotels In Shanghai Rates Can Be Found

Shanghai, China has long been a place where corporate activities took priority over culture. People from all over China arrived in Shanghai to work centuries ago, in fact people from all over the globe meet at one of the most important commerce metropolitan areas in the world, be it decades in the past or at present.

In two short decades, Shanghai has advanced into a forward-looking business city. It is a city active with commerce activities; one will discover sizeable business complexes, huge structures, forward-looking lodgings, huge shopping complexes. It will be hosting the long awaited Shanghai Expo beginning May 2010. One can expect to see guests coming from all over the world for the enormous exhibition. Pavilions from several nations will be at this event. Participants arrive from United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, it is absolutely a exposition not to be missed.


If one are going to Shanghai for the Shanghai Expo, make sure you have made available sufficient time intended for this trip. You will be able to check the official Shanghai Exposition web site for facts of the trade fair before you visit. Have a thorough plan on which pavilions you be going to call on, on top of the projected time you would like to expend at each pavilion.

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