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Holiday to Venice

Venice – One of the most romantic and enchanting places in the world and also in Italy. You can’t find city like venice in any city in the world; romantic, mysterious, and beautiful . For those who is seeking to experience the romance combine with cultural experience, you should travel to venice. Venice has always been city of inspiration that attract film maker, artist, musician.

The old authentic building, the canals, palaces, squares, churches and the bridge add to the romantic Venice atmosphere. It is unforgettable experience for honeymooner or even for romantic getaway. Some said that in Venice, you can feel the revival of bonding with your loves one. Thats why Venice is voted to be one of the best travel destination for honeymooners.

You can travel all year round to Venice. The best time to travel is the summer time (May to June), however even though travelling in fall and winter season, you can also enjoy the beauty of Venice. The cheapest season to travel to Venice is September to April, there is a lot of hotel deals, cheap hotel and hotel offering various offers.

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If you are not on tight budget , travelling to Venice in the season of Venice’s annual Carnival celebration(celebration that takes place over 10 days) is quite authentic.  The Cities come alive during festival, with people wearing exquisite mask and costume. If you do visit the annual Carnival celebration, do share your experience on travel blog online which use good web hosting provider

Walking in Venice, one can easily get lost, but that’s the fun of it! Wandering the city, you might be surprised on what you might discover in the city.

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Weekend for Christmas Getaways

With just a week to go before the ‘big day’ the UK’s airports have geared up for what is the busiest few days in the Christmas getaway rush!

Millions of UK Passengers Passing Through UK Airports This Week
The next two weeks are one of the busiest fortnights in an airport’s year, this week especially Saturday 18th through until Christmas Day, with Heathrow expecting half a million passengers, whilst Gatwick Airport set to see a phenomenal 700,000 passengers pass through its terminals from this weekend.

20% More Winter Sun Getaways Booked
The popularity in Winter sun holidays over the last few weeks has seen a huge increase, as much as 20% reported by some tour operators, as UK residents escape the extreme weather conditions.

Be Prepared For Long Airport Queues
So if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of Britons heading to an airport over the next week or so then be prepared for long queues.

Long Haul and Short Haul Check-In Times
That means be sure to get to the airport on time – for short haul flights it is recommended that you check-in two hours before your flight time, and if long haul then three hours before you fly.

Stock Up On Refreshments For the Airport
Also be aware that with so many people in the airport the likely hood is that the queues, not only for check-in, but for refreshments will be long too. It’s worth while taking with you a few snacks, especially if you are travelling with small children. If you are concerned about passing through security with food products for children then don’t be. You’ll simply be asked to taste a small piece of the food. It’s definitely worth taking your child’s food, and not risk the queues! Another little tip is the newsagents in the airports, like WH Smiths for example, will also sell a selection of refreshments so it’s worth getting a drink and a packet of crisps from these types of shops instead of one from the Food Hall.

Airport Snow Cancellations & Delays
However, the weather that many of us are trying to escape may actually keep us in the country. Yet again the UK is being hit by major snow storms and Heathrow and Gatwick have already closed runways and cancelled flights this weekend.

Rail Closure Risks – Book Your Airport Parking
When the snow falls, even the smallest amounts, rail routes can grind to a halt. Therefore, if you are travelling to the airport via train, or other such public transport that could risk being delayed or diverted, it’s worth considering, if the roads aren’t too treacherous, driving yourself to the airport and booking airport parking. This way you can get yourself to the airport, leaving home in good time, and also you can get yourself back home again too.

Call The Airport Before Travel
With snow closures a real threat, and delays a given, do call before you travel – phone the airport on the day of travel to be advised of the very latest information on delays and cancellations, along with any revised check-in times.

According to the latest weather reports we haven’t seen the last of the snow – the whole country is expected to be hit by further snow storms over the next few days, so fingers crossed for those of us who are trying to get away do get away!

Merry Christmas!

What To See And Do This Christmas In London

There’s no doubt about it – the UK capital London is a magical place at Christmas time, with endless opportunities to enjoy the festive season whatever your age and interests. It’s packing it all in before the festive season is over that is more of a problem! Shopping, concerts, pantos, markets, ice-skating and carol services to name just a few – there is something for everyone to enjoy.

One un-missable part of Christmas in London and also free of charge is to simply go and view the giant Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. The tree has a long history; it is given each year as a gift by the people of Norway, in a tradition that started in 1947 as a way of showing gratitude for Britain’s support of Norway during World War 2. The tree is always beautifully decorated in lights and will help to stir up all those wonderful Christmassy feelings.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without the shopping and whether you love it or hate it there is no getting away from it. Bustling and busy, London’s main shopping areas are beautifully lit-up and adorned with festive decorations for the Christmas season. So even if you hate the dreaded Christmas shopping it’s hard not to get into the festive spirit when you see the city all lit-up. It is possible to book guided Christmas Light tours that take you on a walk around the city to admire some of London’s famous architecture that has been specially lit up for the Christmas season.

For a truly magical shopping experience a visit to Hamleys, London’s most famous toyshop, is a must. This enormous toy store is literally a children’s paradise at this time of you and you should not be short on ideas for what to buy any little ones after a visit here. Then there is the Christmas Shop, which is located at London’s Hays Galleria. This wonderful place is devoted to all things Christmas, all year round!

London’s Southbank Centre houses the very popular Cologne Christmas market throughout December and is well worth a visit. With German Christmas Markets increasing in popularity in recent years the Cologne market is a fine example of this wonderful Christmas tradition. You will find traditional German wooden crafts here and all kinds of foods from Bratwurst to gingerbreads and deliciously warming mulled wine.

Of course Christmas would not be complete without listening to some traditional Christmas Carols. There are various Carol Concerts held all over the capital with the Royal Albert Hall’s Candlelight concert being one of the most famous. There are usually around five Carol Concerts held at the Royal Albert Hall in the run up to Christmas Eve.

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winter vacation packages

More and more people are choosing to celebrate their Xmas holidays at tourist spot.So if you are planing to be able to relax this Christmas then it is suggested to go for a winter vacation with your family. These days there are good number of places where one can enjoy the Christmas holidays at ease.

India has always been the on of the top vacation destination for tourists from all over the world.India has mind-bending diversity in the form of various attractions makes it a big hit with travelers. And winter is the right time to experience and explore the diversity of this incredible land. It is during this time when the real natural beauty of this land increases manifold, ready to capture the hearts of travellers. From enchanting valleys to dense forests snow capped mountains, natural wildlife and long desert,lovely cool beaches, the country has a lot to make your holidays memorable and pleasurable.

Some of the famous winter destinations of India are:

Goa is a land of palms, coconuts, splendid beaches and warm hospitable Goan people, that is bordered by the majestic blue seas. The Christmas and New Year eve is celebrated with much fun and frolic in Goa. Also known as the “The Rome of the East”, this small Indian state was ruled by a great number of Indian kingdoms and dynasties from the 4th century onwards. The name “Goa” is derived from Konkani, the Goan Language, which means a patch of tall grass.The Christmas and New Year eve is celebrated with much fun and frolic in Goa. Also known as the “The Rome of the East”, this small Indian state was ruled by a great number of Indian kingdoms and dynasties from the 4th century onwards. The name “Goa” is derived from Konkani, the Goan Language, which means a patch of tall grass.

For an unforgettable experience, be sure to visit Kollam, a vibrant market town, from which a boat trip can be taken along the south end of Kerala’s backwaters. Sailing along the canal on a beautifully sculpted boat made of hard wood, palm trees swaying lazily back and forth and the sun beaming down, travellers will be hard pushed to match such perfect tranquillity. For a chance to observe the local fishermen in action, it is advisable to stop off at one of the remoter beaches on the edge of the canal. Here, travellers may catch a glimpse of the authentic Keralan fishing ritual – a memorable spectacle involving reams of locals tugging at huge ropes while their families huddle close by.

Kashmir is a land where myriad holiday ideas are realised. In winter, when snow carpets the mountains, there is skiing, tobogganing, sledge-riding, etc. along the gentle slopes. In spring and summer, the honey-dewed orchards, rippling lakes and blue skies beckon every soul to sample the many delights the mountains and valleys have to offer. Golfing at 2,700 m above the sea, water-skiing in the lakes and angling for prized rainbow trout, or simply drifting down the willow fringed alleys of lakes in shikaras and living in gorgeous houseboats are some of the most favoured ones.

Rajasthan is the other name of royal luxury and it is needless to say that the most popular luxury train is the Palace on Wheels, which wheels the sands of Rajasthan. Luxurious cabins, wall to wall carpeting, a rich bar, two dining cars and a very personalized service all are characteristic to the Palace on Wheels. The overall ambience is so authentic that it transforms one to the bygone era of the majestic kings and their beautiful queens as the train traverses through the heritage cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Chittorgarh in Rajasthan.While rich history and royal luxury touch is common to all the destinations still they are all unique in their own way.On the one hand they have distinct historical importance and on the other they are all different and very interesting culture. But they are all conservative of the rich heritage of India.

Affectionately dubbed as the Queen of Hill Stations, Shimla is a beautiful destination in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Snowfall pampers this town during the months of December and January. Scenic beauty and wonderful trekking trails are its main attractions.

It is another wonderful hill station of Himachal Pradesh. The snow-capped mountains, beautiful valleys and winter sports of Manali make the holidays of tourists pleasurable.

Holidays Time

I haven’t always hated the Holidays. when I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas…..any excuse to have a few days off from school…the anticipation of new toys…..snow!!! It was all great fun, as it should be for any kid.

No. It wasn’t until I got older that I grew to dread the entire last 2 months of the year. I can’t pinpoint exactly when the change occurred, and it wasn’t just ONE event that changed my outlook on what should be a joyous occasion. It happened gradually, over many, many years. But-if I had to pick 10 reasons why I hate theholidays-they would be as follows:

1.Too Much Food:
Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Yams, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Bread Pudding, Homemade Noodles, Giblet Gravy— A heart attack begging to happen. We don’t need all that food-but we eat it!!! Every last bite. And don’t forget the cranberry sauce, and eggnog!! It doesn’t matter where you go…’s always the same……too much food.

2. Christmas: Have Your Gifts Become a Measure of Your Love & a Tool to Manipulate Your Perceived Status and Worth?
Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. Each and every dysfunctional one of them. I love seeing them and spending time with them. But….my family is huge!!! There are over 50 of us when we all get together….and, who has a place big enough to sit 50 people down to eat a meal??? Nobody in MY family, that’s for sure. We rented out the Lion’s Den one year….but it was cold and uncomfortable. So now we all crowd into my sister’s house…..because she’s the only one of us with a big enough open space for all of us…..though most of us are left standing all night or sitting on the floor. But hey….it’s all about family…right??? Yeah, well…..all I can say is….Thank God it only comes once a year!!!

3. Too Commercial
What the hell is the deal with Walmart putting out Christmas decorations before we’ve even dealt with Halloween!!! I’ve heard so many Christmas Carols before November 1st, that by Christmas, they make me want to puke!!! And ….I love Christmas Carols!!! Well, used to, anyway.

4. Something Always Happens to Ruin It
The turkey gets burnt… someone doesn’t show… somebody gets hurt…someone says something to piss off somebody else Never fails. You just know… even if you do muster up some vacation spirit… it’s not going to last… because Something always happens.

5. Someone Always Ruins It
Yep, if not something, then someonecan always be counted on to screw things up for everyone else. The kids getting yelled at by Dad for being too noisy…’s Christmas for Pete’s sake-kids are supposed to be loud….they’re excited!!! Shut the hell up and let them have some fun! Or else, they’ll end up like me…..hating the luxury vacations !!!

6. Lonely
This is a new one. How can you feel lonely surrounded by all that family? Well…..get a divorce. You don’t know lonely until you wake up on Christmas morning, alone, with nothing under the tree for you….except the gifts you bought for yourself, from Santa… the kids don’t ask why Santa didn’t bring Mommy anything? Yeah… sucks!

7. Nephew died
On New Year’s Day, 1988. We were all gathered at Mom’s for Spare Ribs and Black Eyed Peas… a family tradition….when my brother showed up and gave us the news. My nephew was dead. We don’t get together at Mom’s on New Year’s anymore.

8. Brother Died
1:45 am New Year’s Day, 2006. Same brother… he’d been in failing health for years….really, since his son died….and it’s like he picked that day to give up. We were all called to the hospital… I was the only one who didn’t get the call that he had died before anyone got there…so I was the only one who saw him after he died. And I’m the only one who has to remember him the way he looked then… SO not fair. Try getting that image out of your head!!

9. Another Birthday is Coming Up
My birthday is in February….and I’m not getting any younger… so the holidays are just a reminder that I’ll be OLDER soon. I keep thinking I’ll quit having birthdays….but then, I guess they ARE better than the alternative!! But it really sucks being 40 something and single. Never thought I’d be in this situation. I thought I’d be married for 50 years…at least. Well… fat chance of that now. I don’t think I’ll live to be 90 something. That is, if I were to get married again….and even fatter chance of that! Been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt. No thanks!

10. People Have Forgotten Why We Celebrate
Schools don’t call it Christmas break anymore… it’s winter break. They shortened Christmas to “Xmas”. The most important thing to just about everyone is getting to the stores the day after early enough so you don’t have to wait in line forever to exchange that ugly sweater Aunt Norma gave you. Might as well erase John 3:16 from the Bible….”For God so loved the world that He gave his only Begotten Son…..” Come ON people…..Christ was born……the savior of the world….the messiah… The reason we have Christmas!!! The tradition of gift giving dates from the time of Christ’s birth and the Wise Men giving him gifts of gold, frankincense and mir… duh!!! Whatever happened to “It’s better to give than to receive”? That is the number one reason why I hate the holidays!!! You spend half the year trying to find that perfect gift…just to find out it’s not what he wanted….or it doesn’t fit….or it doesn’t work….or it’s the wrong color… Argh! I want so badly to go back to the times when gifts were homemade…and you only got a few… if that many….and they were made with love….and you knew you were going to love it….whatever it was….because it was made just for you. Maybe we should pass a law……no gift shall be bought….or bigger than a bread box.

I don’t know……maybe when I have grandkids, the joy will come back into the holidays for me……but I doubt it. I think I’m doomed to be a Scrooge forever. Makes me want to just crawl under the covers and not wake up until Spring!

Winter Holidays All Inclusive

Those looking for unusual destinations for the winter, climb volcanoes, explore deserted beaches or enjoy the holiday all the romance of winter.Christmas Holidays in winter is highly popular. When the days get shorter and the gray day, it attracts many in southern climes. In addition to popular destinations like the Dominican Republic or the Maldives, there are a number of other countries that are particularly in the winter months a visit. These do not always lie at the equator.

Holiday in the Canary Islands in winter

The Canary Islands are also in winter, a climate very pleasant destination. In general, the temperatures are during the day around 25 degrees Celsius. At night it can be cooler and require less than 20 degrees a sweater. Also, the micro-climate on the islands should be noted. Thus, the north of Tenerife sometimes be relatively cool and windy, the South, however, very hot. In November and December, the water is still warm, in January and February it can be for one or the other to cool. Around Christmas and New Year prices rise and we should act on time for a hotel. A special tip far from the tourist developments on Gran Canaria and Tenerife is the small island of El Hierro. Here you can leave the everyday life very well walk, hike or dive.

Winter holidays in Denmark the fireplace

A winter trip to Denmark it is not necessarily denote a holiday in the sun. But can a quiet cottage with sauna and fireplace are very relaxing for the soul in the middle of the dunes. The opportunity to do as the North Sea island of Romo, which is connected by a causeway to the mainland, Jutland and the Danish Baltic Sea islands with a large selection of holiday homes. Depending on your budget, the houses with sauna, Jacuzzi and a fireplace, and offer pleasant warm up after a walk on the beach. The prices are very moderate in the winter and are particularly suitable for a family holiday.

In winter in the sun to Nicaragua

Central America is a great destination for Christmas and the winter months. If rule in Europe rain, snow and cold, is in the equatorial region dry season. Countless great beaches, stunning nature and fascinating culture, visitors welcome. Costa Rica is now the most visited country in Central America, where tourists can escape in many national parks and wide beaches from the European winter. But who wants to go with more time or less-trodden paths should one deal with Costa Rica’s northern neighbor, Nicaragua. Although Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the region, it is regarded as the first country Central America. The horrors of the Contra revolution in the 80s will make for a long time to create man, but the Nicas, as they call themselves, a proud and friendly people. Of natural beauty is its neighbor, Nicaragua Costa Rica in every way. Vast rain forests, volcanoes, perfect, endless beaches and enchanting lakes dominate the landscape. Particularly impressive goals are the beaches of the Pacific side, the paradise Islas del Maiz in the Caribbean and the Isla de Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua, Central America’s largest lake.

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Holiday Attraction Destinations

If you are planning a trip to a world destination, you will have many places from which to choose. The trip you take will depend on what you are looking for and the money you have to spend. Consider the following destinations.

Paris is an amazing city and a very popular tourist destination. You can go to the top of the Eiffel tower and see amazing views from high above the land. You can dine on some of the best food in the world. You can visit museums like the Louvre, which houses the amazing Mona Lisa. There are many hotels and restaurants in this fascinating city.

A lot of people like to travel to where they can still speak to the people. You can consider London, England, for your vacation trip. You can visit beautiful gardens and see sights such as Big Ben. There are a variety of museums there, as well, and you can learn about the city so much like – and different – than America.

Venice is an amazing tourist destination. This beautiful city built on a variety of canals is charming. You can buy glass pieces from master artisans. You can ride on a Gondola in this romantic city. You can learn about the art of glass making and dine at some authentic Italian restaurants.

In addition to Venice, there are many other great Italian destinations. You can see the leaning tower in Pisa. If you like fashion, then Milan might be your destination. You can see the amazing historical features of Rome like the Coliseum. There are many museums and beautiful cathedrals to visit as well.

Barcelona is a beautiful place to visit. You can dine on paella in a little street restaurant. You can enjoy the beautiful water and shopping. There are many other wonderful cities in Spain to explore such as Madrid.

If you want an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience, then you could consider a trip to Africa for a safari. You can see animals that you have only read about in textbooks. You could see life in its natural environment. There are many different tours you can take.

There are many great destinations for the world traveler. You can take a tour somewhere or just do it on your own. Another great option is to go on a cruise that allows you to visit a variety of ports and go on different excursions . Consider the above destinations when planning your trip.

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