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Jodhpur Holidays in Rajasthan


Jodhpur, Rajasthan’s second largest city, has long been a popular destination with international tourists. Few, though, know the origins of it’s tag, “the blue city”.

The city is a wonderful example of vivid colours providing a photogenic backdrop to everyday life. One colour, above all others, impresses visitors to Jodhpur Holidays; blue. The colour is closely associated with the city’s identity and Jodhpur carries the well-known sobriquet of “the blue city”.

Jodhpur – A City of Bustling Bazaars

But upon arrival in Jodhpur visitors may well be tempted to ask why the bustling city has that tag. So many other colours can also be seen on the busy streets and in the bazaars. The majority of Rajasthani women wear long, colourful skirts as they visit the shops of the Nai Sadak and while examining wares on the stalls of the Sardar Market. Eye-catching, bright oranges and yellows are popular colours for their fabrics. And the Rajasthan tourism tradition for women to cover their heads with scarves – in materials of complementary hues – adds to the impression that life takes place among a vivid swirl of colour.

That’s exacerbated by the men wearing sizable turbans. The yellows and reds of their traditional tribal headgear is as much a draw to the eye as the women’s garments.

The Blue City – Jodhpur’s Old Town

Yet to gain an understanding as to why Jodhpur is known as “the blue city” one has to push on from the market places and away from the new town, and head into the older quarters of Jodhpur. Here, under the centuries old protection of Meherangarh Fort, whose foundations were laid on the orders of the city’s founder, Rao Jodha, in 1459, many of the houses are blue in colour.

The walls of the old town’s buildings explain why Jodhpur is tagged as “the blue city” but even experienced tour guides cannot agree on the underlying reason as to why that colour was chosen. Agra Holidays

Some say that blue is associated closely with Brahmins, India’s priestly caste, and that the blue houses of the old city belong to families of that caste. As a consequence, they are frequently called “Brahmin Houses”.

Did the Blue Repel Termites?

Dissenters argue that termites are the real reason. Proponents of this argument believe that, historically, termites caused significant structural damage to a large number of the buildings of Jodhpur. The termites are said to have munched their way into the walls of dwellings and businesses. The residents repelled them and discouraged further damage by adding chemicals, such as copper sulphate, to their standard whitewash.

Those who believe in the termite theory say that it is mere coincidence that many of the blue houses are owned by Brahmins, and that there are numerous families from other castes who also live in blue-painted homes. They even rubbish the theory that chemical compounds are added to the whitewash, swearing that Jodhpur is a fine example of an environmentally-friendly city. Nothing but indigo, a natural dye, is the cause of the blue tint, they say. Jaipur City Guide

So while there may be no way of establishing the root cause as to why the houses are blue, strolling through the streets of the old city enables visitors to peek into the homes. Many of the doorways remain open, allowing an insight into moments of everyday Rajasthani family life.

Viewing the Blue City From Meherangarh Fort

But for an overview of Jodhpur, and the blue houses of the old town, nothing beats the view from Meherangarh Fort. A winding lane leads up the 125 metre high hill, upon which the ancient fortress is built. The walls are 36 metre high in places, providing additional elevation to appreciate just how many of the houses in Jodhpur are blue.

Not all cities deserve their sobriquets, but anyone looking out over the flat roofs of Jodhpur, from the perspective of the Meherangarh will realise that the term “the blue city” is indeed apt, whatever the true reason behind the prevalence of that colour.

East India Travel Destinations

It’s all about the East India Tourism !

Looking like resplendent bride, India welcomes everyone at this time of the year with all the fervour and charm it has ever known..India is beautiful in all the seasons, but the most comfortable at this time of the year. The eastern part of the country consists of the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Chattisgarh. These states are yet in the nascent stages of total urban development, yet the natural and rustic beauty is something to look forward to..

West Bengal as a state is rich in literature and arts. The capital of West Bengal is known as Kolkata. famous by the name of ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata has tourists’ delights galore. With many architectural delights like the Howrah bridge, Victoria memorial, Birla temple and many more. Park street is one of the most famous places. Apart from being a famous shopping destination, it is one of the most hang out for youngsters and adults alike. Indian classical music patrons have a special affection for this place as all the musical geniuses known have their abodes here.

The merto rail is a famous and convenient way of commuting. Known for its sweets, West Bengal not only has Kolkata but also other places based in the outskirts of the city. ‘Chau’ is a very famous form of dance which can be found in a place called Purulia. It’s a small town that also has a big crafts markets. The Indian Institute of Technology is in Kharagpur that is known to have the longest platform in the whole of Asia.

We now move to Bihar. Bihar is one of the lesser explored states of India. Rich in minerals and other raw materials, Bihar is a major industial hub. Its capital, Patna, is located on the southern bank of Ganga. It has one of the longest bridges of the world called as mahatma gandhi Setu. Earlier known as Patliputra, it has a lot of historical remnants. Patna museum is a must visit. The famous place called Nalanda is only at a short distance from Patna.

Jharkhand was a state within Bihar but was divided later. It is enshrined amidst beautiful and wide landscape consisting of lush green fields and hills. A photographer delight, Jharkhand is as rustic as it can get. The capital of this state is Ranchi. One of the famous temples of ranchi is Chinnamasta temple where the deity, Goddess kali, is without her head. There are sacrifices made here. It could be a little gory but definitely worth a visit.

Ranchi is also known to have pleasant weather throughout the year. Netarhat is a famous hill station. Famous tourist places are barhi, Dhanbad, Deogarh and Mahuban. Tatanagar, the first industrial city of India is one of the cleanest places in the world. Known for an extremely secular cosmopolitan crowd, tatanagar is a must visit for the sheer greenery that the town has.

Chattisgarh is a state that is mostly covered by Jungles and forests. This place is known to be rich in minerals and the basic source of income here are the art facts that sell in large number. So the entire eastern part of the country will acquaint you with the essential charm of trip to India.. Rustic, traditional and shy, yet economically independent. But then east or west, India is the best!

Vacations in Ranikhet the Himalayan City

Explore the Himalayan city of Ranikhet, a charming location for mountain climbing and relaxation.

The town of Ranikhet can be considered more like a village. Although this location is situated near the Himalayan Mountains, it can be visited throughout the year. It offers the best view over the Nanda Devi Mountain, as it is also used as a starting place for passionate alpinists.


Ranikhet means the Queen’s Meadow in Hindi language. It is believed that the queen Rani Padmini lived here for a while, although there sin no evidence about a palace or royal house here. In 1869, the Kumaon regiment established a base here. During the British Raj, Ranikhet was used as the summer headquarters of the Indian Government.

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India Touring Guide of Culture and Places

Touring India With the Knowledge of its place and proper planning will make it more enjoyable and hassel free.

Whenever we plan for a trip, we have our specific needs or goals in our minds, like excursion, beaches, historical, mountains, river rafting, etc., but India is a place where one can find everything. Here it is a wholesome package with once in a lifetime experience. Here modernity envelops the prehistorical era. Still one can find nomad people with booming IT sector. Here one can dare oneself to climb the highest mountain peak, i.e., Moutain Everest in the world along with beautiful beaches at different locals marine life to long for.

India has vast and varied places to visit and experience for but with limited time and budget people can select a few to add up to their experience and enjoy utmost. Giving below a summary of those place where one can have a nice experience.

In this first episode I am going to cover Delhi, the capital of India. This is the most visited place in India by foreign tourists.

Arrive at Delhi, this is a place which is situated centrally almost to every place which I am going to describe for the below mentioned tour plan. Also, being capital of India the connectivity is great with the world and to all other places.

After arriving at Delhi, there are scores of hotels from five stars to the budgeted ones one can choose from. The hotels are situated all around the city, i.e., near airport, along railway station, along bus station, all around the city. One can book hotel booking delhi via Internet from their respective places only and can save themselves from the network of touts.

Once you moved into your hotel, relax and take rest. Delhi in itself is a historical place. It has seen different eras with its own share of kings and queens. Also, it was hotbed for freedom fighters and seen its first independence flag after gaining freedom.

Start touring the city in the morning as early as possible as by the late evening around 6 pm most of the monuments get closed. So, the early you are, the more number of monuments you can visit in the same day or else you will need to visit them the next day once they are close by the evenings. While touring, you need to carry only your phot or video equipment if you are going to take snaps or make video. Everything else from packaged mineral water to potato chips and Indian and international brand restaurant are here where one can savor one’s lunch and dinner.

For touring the city, one can arrange a India travel agent who can arrange you a shared air-conditioned bus or one can hire a personal taxi. Also, they will provide you the guide who will make you understand more about the eternal aspects of the monument and the place more.


The first place to visit in the morning is the old Delhi (the Delhi is kings and queens). There are no more kings and queens but their strongly built forts, minarets, mosques, and other monuments.

So, starting the day with the Red Fort known as “Lal Quila” in India. It is a place built in the 17th century by King Shah Jahan and was the capital of Mughals till last dynastic ruler of India, King Bahadur Shah Zafar who was dethroned by the British rulers. Here you will find some magnificent structures built in and around the fort. There are plenty of tourists one can find roaming around these places. This place is adjacent to the pious river Yamuna but could no more be seen along with it as with passing years it has changed its course. Inside the fort not only monuments but one can see a small market (market is called bazaar in India) where one can find interesting handicraft items, but beware tourists as they ask 10 to 20 times the original costs so be ready to bargain hard.

The next in your list is Jama Masjid “mosque built by emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century. It is nearby the “Lal Quila” at a stone’s throw. Anyone can go inside anyday and it can accommodate a huge crowd. One can have a overlook at the whole surrounding being it situated at the top of the hill.

The next one in our list is Humayun’s Tomb. This one is again built by the Mughal dynasty. Here one can find the widely used design by the mughals, i.e., the Persian-styled gardens. This architecture of the tomb and the design of the garden is part of almost every Mughal structure.

The next in our list is heading toward south side of Delhi where one can visit Qutub Minar. It is one of the tallest brick minaret of the world with a height of 72.5 meters. The construction was order was given by King Qutb-ud-din Aibak started in 1193 who was India’s first Muslim ruler. It is a symbol Indian-Islamic architecture. Also, there is one Iron Pillar which is one of the wonder in itself and it is standing tall since that era without getting rust and as strong as a new one and scientists still ponder on the composition or method through which it was made. People encircle this pillar with their back towards the pillar with the traditional belief that it will fulfill their wishes.

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Discover Jordan- An Amazing Journey

Do you know Jordan? This country of contrasts, this desert wedged between the two seas…. wonder which part to meet some of the most beautiful expressions of nature, caves, trails improvised mountain plateau …

Visiting Jordan, discover the many faces of this country crossroads between the Mediterranean and the east you will live a dream. Lawrence of Arabia said in the seven pillars of wisdom: “All men dream, but unequally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day and find that it was vanity: but the dreamer’s daytime are dangerous men, for they can play their dream with open eyes, to make it possible. That’s what I did. ”

Come dream through its scenery breathtaking. Browse through the Wadi Rum, the unassuming desert, garden and yellow ocher and reassemble its small faults, slide a tray in the back of another stack, find the hole in its vast systems of jumps and ledges where the kid dying of Lawrence of Arabia continues to soar. Come explore this geological curiosity that is the great arch.

Indeed, Jordan has a unique set of sites as gorgeous and fascinating. From the amazing archaeological wealth of Petra with its amphitheater and royal tombs, theaters fairytale of Gadara, a city of miracles through the mild Mediterranean Dana, this country is full of wonders literally equally splendid.

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Middle East, the treasures of history and nature. Amman, the capital of Jordan bewitching welcome you and offer you a unique blend of modern and breathe of ancient remains. This city has seen Roman, Byzantine and number of civilizations; you will tell his story carved in sandstone through its streets and its architectural wonders. But Amman, modern city full of life, you also carry with its shopping, chic restaurants and art galleries.

Your journey to kingdom Hashemite, you keep a lasting memory, hospitality and willingness to treat every visitor as an honored guest you will treasure forever. Bedouins will invite you to welcome move of formulas endlessly to taste their coffee with cardamom in their goat-hair tent. Total immersion in the traditions of the Arab world with hookah, tea tasting and camel rides.

On your trip to Jordan, you will return amazed. You’ll want one, go back and see other landscapes, enjoy other tastes and get drunk again and again, exhaling the perfumes of the streets.

Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010

The richness of tourism in Portugal attribute is not common place, but it’s a little surprising. Thus, the announcement of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, held in Portugal from 3 to October 14, 2010 has not written a clause, but happily attached to it. The clause is that the Commonwealth Games will provide an opportunity for the big holiday in India, besides all the attraction of the stadium. The place, time and opportunity, all are perfect to indulge themselves in Portugal Tours. So if someone has the will, there will be some opportunities to discover the magical place called India.

Considering the geographic location of the site for the Commonwealth Games, Delhi, the capital of India, needless to say that most visitors will take this opportunity and certainly will explore Delhi, which is a major tourist sites alone. In a nutshell, is one of the few cities that show the coexistence two different worlds. While Old Delhi has a fantastic number of forts, museums and monuments mainly belonging to the Mughal era, a New Delhi court more modern, but they are not deprived of grace and old world charm combined.

Journey to the common wealth games 2010 was not good, he obviously has its share of controversies brand for yourself. If it is the collapse of the Metro-rail bridges, or delays in the construction of Delhi, deaths of workers in local arenas and unprepared, all these things took CWG2010 preparations through a roller coaster. But now, finally, that fine tuning is underway, said local arrangements, security threats and cleared the final phase of ticket sales has already begun.

Commonwealth Games held every four years. The only rider is that countries that belong to the community can organize or participate in these games. Given that currently 52 member countries of the Commonwealth shall participate in these games, the full scope of participation, making them second only to the Olympics. Delhi Tourism, was selected to host the Commonwealth Games 2010. The commonwealth games schedule for 2010, distributed by MDC National Stadium Complex, Yamuna Sports Complex, Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, Jawaharlal Nehru Sports Complex, Siri Fort Sports Complex and Talkatora Garden Complex. The national capital is fast preparing for major events and accommodations for athletes and tourists.

The Commonwealth is here and New Delhi is all set to host this gala sporting spectacle. In fact, as from 03/10/2010 to 14/10/2010, a famous environmental be hung over the city. After all, the government had prepared for this event next year, and put billions of pounds to Delhi in top shape. With the Commonwealth Games to be a landmark sports, it is quite logical to believe that millions of fans who gather in New Delhi. The swanky Commonwealth Games Village on the banks of river Yamuna, was created in record time, speaks volumes about the enthusiasm of the support for this festival icons. Here are some tips that may be useful for travelers who visit during the Games.

Enjoy the Luxury of Hyderabad Hotels

vThe capital of state of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad has developed unbridled in recent years. Stunningly located on the coasts of Musi River, the city mirrors great history and glittering past at the same time. The city has received a multidimensional growth, making it emerge with better looks and opportunities. All sorts of guests like top heeled and business guests visit this city and enjoy quality hospitality of luxury hotels in Hyderabad.

This one of the largest metropolitans in South India has received a great population growth due to opening of various avenues for business and employment. This city of pearls is home to various institution of national and international repute. Besides, it is also a great shopping hub as outlets of all the major brands are present in the city. All these factors have turned the city into a shopper’s paradise multiplying the fun of visit to this city. Saluting the hospitable spirit of the city, there are several luxury hotels making guest’s stay in the city an ultimate indulgence.

In recent years, the city has emerged as one of the famous bases of information technology offering business solutions to various multi-national businesses. The city offers great experience to everyone who wants to visit this metropolis as it offers something to everyone. The people of Hyderabad are gentle, soft spoken and show great care and concern to the visitors visiting this city.

Hyderabad luxury hotels are well equipped with all the amenities to ensure maximum comforts to the guests. The visitors can choose accommodation as per their whim and fancy from the various options available. The hotel rooms are well furnished and tastefully adorned to offer one of the best experiences in life. All the facilities like attached bathroom with running hot and cold water, round the clock room services, same day laundry, and doctor on call and round the clock room services are available here. These hotels are even equipped with excellent dining facilities in its multi-cuisine restaurants.

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Incredible India Travel Destinations

India Tours is an exceptional experience for tourists because it is an attractive land which has been a prime voyage for those who would adore exploring more about India travel. Book My Trip presents special tours to India travel.

India is divided into several states and every state has its own wonderful features. Travel agents India has their reach to each and every place and are providing special packages to India travel. India is known as the land of golden bird as it has so many beautiful places to visit in India. Indian travel agency is providing special packages for all over India.

Indian Travel agency are providing tour packages to Pushkar, Jaipur, Agra, Udaipur, and places like golden temple in Amritsar and Bhagha border . Agra is main tourist magnetism for tourist who are scheduling their excursion to India. The momentous Taj Mahal-a representation of love built in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz.

Indian travel agency has special packages for such places People from all faces of the world visit Hawa Mahal, City Palace, along with the visit to palaces, tourist can also take pleasure in an evening on the desert land with a camel ride and also an evening spent in choki dhani where traditional people in dappled costumes serve you food in Rajasthani Jaisalmer style and ambience which will boost your trip to the pink city a memorable one.

Travel agents India provides exceptional tour packages to Jaipur a terrain of maharaja’s and epitome of Indian culture. Jodhpur Exploring Rajasthan would positively put in glance to your India travel as it has numerous forts and temples that are glorious examples of the history of the rulers .The state is also home to several wildlife sanctuaries, the most popular being bharatpur bird sanctuary, Ranthambore National Park, Sariska National Park.

Delhi Tour deceit in the northern part of India and Indian travel agents provide special one day or two day package to explore Delhi for their guest. The turbinate olden times and strategic location had left a affluent legacy in the city in form of massive architectural buildings including Parliament House, Humayun’s tomb, Jamia Mosque, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Birla Temple, India Gate, vijay ghat, Raj Ghat, the memorial of Mahatama Gandhi who is the ‘Father of India’, President’s House, giant and lean Government buildings and Indian travel agency provides its services to all the tourist according to their affordability and helps them in scheduling their India Tours.

During the India Tours, the travelers can ensure a pleasant opportunity to witness the natural treasures of India. So, give pleasure to visit the supernatural land of India, where you can access exotic places. Book My Trip an India travel agency will provide all its services to enhance your Tours to India.

Valley of Dream Vacations- Ooty, India

Ooty, India – the most spectacular Indian tourist destination. “The paradise on earth”, “the Queen of Nilgiri Hills” -The picturesque landscapes, The hair-raising curves and tunnels, The gurgling streams & tea gardens – This is Ooty – the Alluring mystical magic!

OOTY – Commonly known as Udhamandalam in Tamil language – “the Queen of Hill Stations” .

The most spectacular tourist destination in India. Lofty mountain & dense forest ranges, the sprawling grasslands embedded with tea gardens welcome the tourists.

This beautiful paradise was observed by John Sullivan, the then collector of Coimbatore district in 1819. OOTY is situated at an altitude of 2240 meters above sea-level. OOTY with its rich picturesque landscapes, hair-raising curves, tunnels along the deep ravines full of verdant vegetation, gurgling streams and tea gardens.

Reaching there:

By Air: The nearest airport is in Coimbatore, which is 100 Km away from OOTY. You can take a direct flight to Coimbatore from Chennai, kozhikode, Bengaluru, Mumbai. Indian Airlines files Delhi-Kochi via Mumbai & Coimbatore.

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Singapore Travel Experience

The taxi, bus and MRT are options to get to the city from the airport. However if you carry a lot of luggage it is not suggested to take the MRT from the airport to the city as there is no dedicated space for luggage and no reserved seating (unlike Hong Kong’s Airport Express or Tokyo’s Narita Express). Further the train stops a dozen times before reaching the downtown core. Taking a cab for parties with more than 3 members is the best option here.

My trip to the Strand Hotel (Rates from $160 nett including breakfast) in Bencoolen Street cost $20 on a busy friday afternoon, including ERP and airport charges. If you arrived late in the afternoon , it is suggested that you explore the surrounding area of the hotel first rather than venturing into areas such as HarbourFront or ClarkeQuay. The intersection adjacent of the hotel leads you to two shopping areas. If you head left, you’ll find the CityLink Mall, Suntec City, Raffles City and Marina Centre. If you head right, you’ll find yourself in Singapore’s famous Orchard Road Shopping Belt. I opted for the latter, and got there via the Bras Basah Station on the newly opened Circle Line. The cost of the trip was $2.10 per person before redeeming the $1 refundable deposit.

A transit to the North South Line in the busy Dhoby Ghaut station is required though to get to the middle of the shopping belt, but at a late friday afternoon, it was a better option than taking a taxi. Taking a taxi in Singapore can both be cheap or expensive. On a Sunday, as I will explain latter, it is a good value, but on rush hour (4-7 PM) it can get expensive. A trip from my hotel to ION Orchard cost $8 by taxi on rush hour, as there is the $3 CBD Pickup Charge, 30% Rush Hour Surcharge and ERP added to the base fare of the taxi ride.

Anyways, if you go by MRT there are three stations to stop to shop in Orchard Road. Dhoby Ghaut is right under the Plaza Singapura Shopping Centre, whileSomerset gets you to 313@Somerset, Orchard Central and The Centrepoint. Orchard Station is convenient for Ngee Ann City, Lucky Plaza, Paragon, Wisma Atria, ION Orchard, Shaw Place, Tangs, Wheelock Place and Far East Plaza as well as malls located on Tanglin Road. I suggest stopping at Orchard first, as you will spend plenty time strolling along the shopping malls there.

For cheap eats, especially if you’re looking for Halal Singaporean Food is Far East Plaza. The Upper Level provides a couple of eateries that are Halal and $5 will give you a full stomach. The winner though is Hainanese Delicacy , an outlet that only serves chicken rice. Just request the waiter your desired chicken part (e.g. Breast) and the serving style (Roasted or Steamed) and in 2 mins the meal is served. The place is always crowded and sometimes closes early.

A portion is only $4, but you’ll likely yearning for more. For shopping books, which are a good value in Singapore Tour from a Southeast Asian perspective, go to Borders in Wheelock Place or Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City. The later offers a huge selection of Japanese books and magazines. After exploring the many shops in ION Orchard, stroll your way to the other shopping complexes. 313@Somerset is a great place to spend your cash, especially with a HMV and Uniqlo outlet in the mall.

Hungry for dinner? Food Republic offers dining options that suit any hungry tastebuds at affordable prices. To get back to the hotel, I suggest taking a bus opposite 313@Somerset. Hop on any bus that lead to Bras Basah Road for $1 and get off at the Hotel Rendevouz stop, which is only 50 m from rest from shopping heaven.

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