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Best Yoga retreat

Yoga, you don’t have to be a Yogi to practise yoga! Everybody can do yoga and go to yoga retreat. If you ever practise yoga before, an hour or 2 might lead to want more, a yoga retreat is a good choice.  Yoga retreat comes from the traditional yoga to luxury ecotourism yoga. Find a time in your busy daily schedule and plan your yoga trip. Search for your accommodation carefully.  And if you are lucky, you can find cheap hotel, discount hotel or hotel deals for your selected yoga retreat accommodation.  You will be surprised after your yoga retreat vacation that you will find the ultimate relaxation!

As Yoga has become more popular these days, the number of people who is practising yoga is also growing. Yoga not only can bring relaxation, awaken your energy that lies within and bring revitalization, but also is said to improve circulation, lower blood pressure and also decrease migraine or head tension.

At the same time, hotels or accommodations that also provide Yoga practise has been growing too!

Below are the best yoga retreat places in the world: 

Fairmont Orchid on Hawaii

Famous for its ‘Spa Without Walls’, now Fairmont Orchid is also add to its list “ Flo-yo” (Floating Yoga). Flo- yo connects body and mind while balancing above the Hawaii’s water. Its a fun workout too, incorporating both body and mind with beautiful and tranquil surrounding. Flo-yo is a new level of yoga!

Jangala Retreat, Iquitos, Peru

Imagine having your Yoga holiday in the middle of Amazon Rainforest! Not only the Yoga retreat is fantastic, the food is fresh and healthy too! Eating vegetable and fruits from locally grown produce and fresh fish from the river, its Heaven on earth
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Nassau, Bahamas

This is a right place for Yoga lover. Located in one of the most romantic place in the world, you will Wake up early in the morning, and meditate till dawn. In addition, you will also do chanting until tea time and have vegetarian meal. Spent your yoga away from the bustling city life in the place that is surrounded by clear blue water, white sand and charming palm trees; Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat


Jatoba Terra Prana Lar Yoga, Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos (Brazil)

Jatoba Terra Prana Lar Yoga in Brazil has many yoga activites; Partner yoga, Karma yoga, silent walks, scared dances, mantras, meditation, zen shiatsu and many more. Its truly a yoga holiday! The place also provides vegetarian meals with homemade bread, cheese and yogurt. The place also provide program to help its guest to connect to mother eart.

 For those who are with children, Jatoba Terra Prana Lar Yoga also offers program for children. 


Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Karnataka, Banglore(India)


Experience authentic traditional Yoga in exclusive hotel in Bangalore, India.In Shreyas, you will also be served organic food that is grown locally and freshly handpicked from the hotel’s 20 acres field. It is a small exclusive hotel with just 14 rooms and accommodate up to 25 people.

Other than the places above, there are still a lot of good Yoga retreat places for your holiday around the world such as Black Turtle Eco Lodge (Costa Rica), Yachana Eco Lodge (Ecuador), Ard Nahoo Health Farm(Ireland), The farm Sanctuary(New York), Willka T’ika Garden Guesthouse (Peru). Wuinta da Calma Holistic Retreat Centre (Portugal), The Ashtanga Yoga Retreat (Spain), Yoga on Skyros Island.

The first thing to do when selecting the Yoga retreat place to go is to know where is the Yoga location that you would like to go. After knowing the location, the next step is to select which yoga program that you would like to practise, the climate in which you would like to practice your yoga, and the food that you are comfortable with. You would want your yoga holiday to be as comfortable as possible! Enjoy your getaway, reviving and self-searching yoga!

Book your holiday hotel as soon as you find out where you are going, especially if you are staying in new york hotel, Sydney hotels,las vegas hotel, paris hotel etc.

The Wrong Advices For The Tourists

After arrival at once hand over things in a left-luggage office and number of the chamber and the code number write down on a piece of paper in large figures or loudly say aloud – if you suddenly forget them there is a chance that serving chambers or casual witnesses will remind all to you.

In another’s country use only private taxi drivers, and it is not necessary to study in advance a route or to watch whether the counter is included. Local driver so will take you the shortest route, won’t force to overpay and still delivery from a large denomination will hand over all to kopeck.
Walking on an unfamiliar city, completely disconnect vigilance and simply enjoy beauty of landscapes.

Going at excursion, always hire the car, safely get into the car, signal all successively, overtake and cut, and to features of link sided movement get used already in process. Let all on road understand that you are the foreigner, and reckon with that you not in a course of their local rules.
Don’t hammer to yourself in a head preventions of dangerous sea living creatures which lives in a surf strip. If you come on a resort at night – there and then run to bathe! Night swimming is so romantically. And all poisonous jellyfishes and prickly sea hedgehogs sleep at this time deeply in the sea.
Don’t bother the children with total shadowing. Give them more freedom – let feel pioneers on this unfamiliar earth. Independent walks on east markets, inspection of wild beaches, heats for anchor buoys – all it so is interesting and is instructive for your kid.

Don’t carp at local guides who will kindly invite you to fascinating sea walk on the comfortable yacht. Well it is not a problem that you float in a boat full of holes to the exotic island and instead of oars row with shovels. For you it is an entertainment, and children should work all the day on heat in such awful conditions. The economic situation of the exotic countries is very difficult, there is no work, children starve, and to you only can see “a boat full of holes”. Shame on you
It is not necessary to offend your instructor in diving by remarks that the diving suit here and there is torn, and from an aqualung regulator gives strange smelling air. Would it be pleasant to you if the foreigner would began to scoff at separate lacks of products of a domestic production? Here that. It is necessary to have patience and to be more tolerant. This diving suit has already served to thousand such as you tourists and if nothing happens with you it will serve to hundreds more people.

Despite of the world crisis tourism keeps being in demand. Those who are fond of traveling to Costa Rica might be interested in fashionable hotels there – all this is available on this costa rica hotel site – this is the right place to search for lodge and other related info.

And remember that we live in the world of high online technologies. It would be intelligent to make use of the online network to look for a hotel and anything else required to get prepared to a nice trip at the best prices available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums – all this will help you make a decision on many issues.

Bad Advices To Tourists: It Will Not Be Boring!

Everyone is ready to help the tourist with a good advice. Friends and acquaintances share with pleasure experience of travel, type headings “advices driving off” are in all tourist editions. All it isn’t so new. Another matter is the bad advice. Following them, you will add in the travel of thrills and deliver many efforts as to yourself and people surrounding you.

Always use the small travel agencies which office is in a tiny cellar of one of lanes. Never trust publications in the mass-media telling about the next deceived tourists and tourist agencies-swindlers are all “sneer company”.
If the travel agent is confused in names of resorts and hotels, and telling about the program of your round he can’t put two words together – don’t pay attention. Simply you were pleasant to him, and he is confused, speaking with you.
Railway tickets always buy privately – so you will spend less time for purchase and will save the time.
Gathering in a trip, don’t forget to combine all things in beautiful and expensive bags – so all associates will understand that you the provided person and you will respect.

Take in a trip more money, put all of them in one pocket, a purse or a bag. In the same place there should be the passport, rights, documents, etc. All should be always near at hand – and if to lose – so all at once.
To put on in road it is necessary with a glamour and comfort. In the winter for women the fur coat, in the summer – a decollete and a miniskirt will approach.
When you are on platform or in the airport, make so: all things combine in big and a long line and turn away – to whom superfluous suitcases here are necessary? At this time you can tell fortunes on clothes of the visitors.
As soon as will occupy the seat in a compartment or aboard, at once tell to fellow travelers where you go, where work, how many earn – you have nothing to hide from others – you after all is the fair person.

At all customs hide all money in underwear, and in the customs declaration write the small sum – after all anybody never begins to doubt your honesty and won’t risk to search you.
Even better – instead of money to take with yourself a plastic card. Be assured that even in the most wild and exotic corners of Globe always there will be cash dispenses in which are accepted Visa and MasterCard. And do not forget your PIN code, necessarily write down it, it is desirable directly on the back of a card.
Never take medicine in a trip – you after all are absolutely healthy, and the stomach, heart, a head never will bring yours.

Despite of the economic crisis tourism still is asked-for very much. Those who love going on travels to Costa Rica might be interested in fashionable hotels there – all this can be found on this costa rica hotel site – this is the very place to search for lodge and other related info.

And bear in mind that we live in the world of high online technologies. It wouldn’t be smart not to make use of the web network to look for a hotel and anything else required to get prepared to a nice trip at the best prices available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums – all this will help you solve many issues.

How To Make Ideal Holiday?

The tourist branch has taken the appropriate place in world business. For some countries and cities tourism is the basic income item.

On the one hand it has promoted that the quantity of entertainments for tourists has increased. On the other hand practically there are no places in the world where it would be possible to have a rest in silence and rest, without being all time in crowd of inquisitive travelers.

How to make the holiday full of pleasures and a minimum of disappointments?

The first variant is to leave somewhere far away from roads, hotels, sights, in deaf grandmother’s village. If it would be desirable more close to a civilization it is necessary to observe a corrected number in order the rest will not turn to a nightmare.

The most important thing is to choose correctly travel time. In any tourist directories, guidebooks always underline when peak comes of a tourist season in the country chosen by you. Therefore, if there is no desire to appear in crowd of individuals thirsting for joint rest choose other time.

For example, the greatest quantity of tourists comes to Greece in August, this month all Europe goes there. And in October in this country still there is a good weather, and here you will not find tourists in the afternoon.

The rule the second concerns, certainly, rest programs. It is possible to go without the preliminary plan, but it is much better all the same to be prepared a few in order any day won’t be spent in vain. The most ideal variant is to talk to the person who already made a trip on the route chosen by you. The same information can be found and in the Internet, especially in chats. On the second place – numerous tourist editions: magazines, guidebooks, directories.

Also we recommend to communicate to the tourist agent who is engaged in your trip. As a rule, it is very skilled people, their advices frequently appear invaluable.

Definitively having defined with the round program it is better to paint the trip on days, strictly having distributed. Certainly, on a travel course corrective amendments will be introduced – somewhere will stay longer, somewhere – less, but as a whole it is more convenient “to operate under the schedule”.

Having appeared in the unfamiliar country don’t become the alien, read local newspapers, and not only section about entertainments, but also the political information to be well informed about all events occurring in the state.

The important role is played by dialogue with the local population, many “natives” with pleasure will prompt the most interesting and unusual in their country.

There are some simple ways how to make so that holiday hasn’t managed expensive. For example, at excursion it is better to go not by the tourist bus but on usual trip, preliminary having learned the schedule. It will allow not only to save but also to fasten pleasant acquaintances to the people well knowing places.

Despite of the economic crisis tourism keeps being very popular. Those who like going on travels to Costa Rica might be interested in finding a hotel – all this is available on this costa rica hotel site – this is a proper place to look for lodge and other related info.

And keep in mind that our world is the world of modern Internet technologies. It would be intelligent to use the Internet network to search for a hotel and anything else required to get prepared to a nice trip on the best terms available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums – all this will assist you to solve many issues.

6 Romantic cities in the World

No matter what your status is – single, married, with children, all of you can spent your holiday and vacation into famous romantic location in the world.


For single, indulge and pamper yourself in the beautiful romantic cities in the world. For the married couple, enjoy your honeymoon destinations, whether it’s the 1st honeymoon or the repeated honeymoon, romantic cities sure will give more sparks for your love! And for those with children, do not be frustrated that you will not enjoy the beautiful cities, bring your kids with you as there are a lot of the romantic cities in the world offer good entertainment for children too.

There a lot of hotels in many famous romantic cities in the world. When you are travelling on budget, be sure to choose the good cheap hotel deals and do use good phone card and calling card. In addition to that do your own travel website with using good web hosting supplier and tell the world about your experience in the romantic location below:       

Paris – France

The well-known cities for Monalisa, Eiffel Tower, Notre dame, Arc de Trimphe, versailler, Le Lourve etc, also famous for the food, delicious desert, tasty wine, good bread, the high fashion, the history,Paris has it all. In fact, Paris has been the classic romantic city of all-time.
The perfect time to enjoy the beauty of Paris is the spring time. Spring and Paris is all about going out on a walk, enjoy the romantic atmosphere that you get in Paris or even just sitting in a sidewalk cafe on Paris’ street by yourself or with partner will be a nice way of spending your time in the most romantic city in the world. For you who were on honeymoon or romantic getaways with your partner, you ought to enjoy the candlelight dinner in front of Eiffel tower.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Hotel (

You will fall in love with the charm and romantic feeling that this city gives.

From romantic atmosphere, cultural historical site to culinary famous, Paris is not only well known for travellers who seek for romantic atmosphere, but also a good destination for Hollywood film maker, fashion,food and art lover.

 Venice – Italy

The city of canal is what people heard about Venice. Venice is surrounded by good architectural historical building, exceptional striking environment, the narrow little street, bridges, and the city itself surrounded by many little canals and gondolas which make the city to maintain its romantic affair and capture the heart of its visitors.

When you are in Venice, visit Ponte di Rialto, Ponte dei Sospiri, Canale Grande, have a cup of coffee or hot tea or hot chocolate at Piazza San Marco together with pigions, and have a good experience in romantic serenades gondola ride. Enhance your romantic feels by also visiting Bridge of Sighs and Rialto Bridge.

Enjoy Venice like Venetian inspired artists, poets, travellers , musicians such as Byron, Dickens,Rubinsteins and many more.

Feel the love in irresistible Venice.

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5 fascinating things about Costa Rica

I will present you a list of 5 fascinating things about Costa Rica and you will realize why spending your holiday in this magnificent country would absolutely be an unforgettable one.

 5 fascinating things about Costa Rica
1.If you drive to Costa Rica this is just like driving in a large urban area. Since this country is not so large as any others, it contains most of the beautiful beaches, resorts and hotels on the earth.  After visiting some of its developed cities, in particular San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, you will realize that it is quite similar to any other city in the United States.

2.This country has numerous beautiful beaches and it might be a little confusing to choose on which beach or resort to spend a remarkable holiday.  Some of the most well-known diving spots are the drake Bay in Cano Island, The Quepos in Manuel Antonio, The Playa Flamingo, The Playa del Coco and The Playa Ocotal. You will also have the opportunity to try canyoning which is scheduled twice or thrice a day particularly for travelers that want to experience a great adventure near the Arenal Volcano.

3.If you visit this country you will have the opportunity to taste traditional dishes that is offered by majority of the restaurants in Costa Rica. Some of their traditional dishes are: the arroz con polo, sopa negra, casados and many other foods. But also, there are still fast food chains that as well can be found in the United States.

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Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World

If youre environmentally conscious, you probably wont mind sacrificing a little luxury lodging for a run-of-the-mill mosquito ridden inn. After all, if you can help save mother earth, the sacrifice is all worth it. That was several years ago, though. Now, you dont have to camp out just to have a guilt-free summer getaway. A green vacation is possible while enjoying high-end facilities and first-class services as well.

Theres a new breed of hotels and theyre aptly tagged “eco-chic” . Now, you can enjoy the best amenities without harming the planet. Below is a list of the hottest eco-chic hotels and resorts around the world.

Costa Rica: Monte Azul Hotel and Center for Fine Arts

Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World

Costa Rica is already a known pioneer of eco-tourism, however, the set up as Monte Azul Hotel seems to beg for some redefinition. Here, the hotels friends and neighbors seem to give it what it needs. You can find anything just across the road: from organic vegetables to fresh milk to eggs and perfectly aged steak.

The people at the hotel grow these products themselves and can be sure that youre not supporting a capitalistic cause by using the hotels soap or enjoying its homegrown coffee and artisanal bread. Its been labeled “funky” and “charming” by a lot of reviewers, what with its earth-toned casitas. The eco-resort is just off the bank of the Chirripo hotel and even resembles the Palm Springs in the 1950s.

This is the best eco-hotel for you if you enjoy looking at the forest-laced mountains from the comfort of your own room. You can even take trips on foot to heart of the hotel, which is the Casa Palo Alto. This is a two-suite building made from local dark wood and overlooking the 125-acre private preserve which is in turn a short distance from the majestic river.

Pescadero, Baja, Mexico: Rancho Pescadero

Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World

Although its pretty challenging to get here (it sits at the end of twisting roads with steep drops), youll be pleasantly rewarded once you reach the 12-suite eco-hotel. Rancho Pescadero is six miles off Todos Santos, sitting on a prime piece of land at the Pacific coast. Youll get the best view of surfers, whales, and a whole lot of nature. Aside from lounging at its pool, you can also take part in yoga classes, ride bikes, and stargaze.

This is the best place to be in if you need to relax. The laidback atmosphere will make you think that time if going by pretty slowly. While partygoers might be bored, those who just want to rest will find the resort heavenly. The staff also knows how to take care of its guests. They take service very seriously and they try to meet all of the guests requests. You can ask for surfing lessons, or even for dishes that arent even on the menu.

The guest rooms are minimalist and Mexican in style. Reviewers find it sophisticated enough although everything is really kept very simple. The canopies, soft colors, and floor to ceiling terrace doors welcome you and let you enjoy the sprawling views of the ocean. You can sleep till noon if the surfers and the crows dont wake you up. While it may seem rustic, the hotel has wifi, a bar/lounge, and a spa. Youll be treated here like royalty.

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