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Best Amusement Park in parts of the world








Amusement parks provide a good family outing and good for relaxation from small children to older people. Amusement park has been a favourite holiday destination and also one of the top family destinations. Do book your hotel deals or discount hotel beforehand to get best hotel deals. And phone card/calling card to call back home as well. Below are the popular amusement park in the world:
Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World
Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA







Everybody loves Disney. It is a blessing that there is Disney amusement in this world. The most famous Disney Theme/amusement park is Magic Kingdom Park in Florida, USA. There is something for every children, whether its boy or girl. Cinderella Castle, Space mountain rides,pixie dust everywhere in the amusement park, enchanting and magical tales. Magic Kingdom is when the enchanting tales becomes a reality. Reserve your cheap hotel fast, in addition when you travel to florida, do travel to one of the top city in the world and book for new york hotel

Tivoli Gardens
Copenhagen, Denmark


















Admission fee to this Tivoli garden is not expensive, start at $7 per day. Not only it is an amusement park, but this 1843 built Tivoli Garden is widely use for concert venue. The Copenhagen Jazz festival was held in Tivoli Garden.

Tivoli garden is both amusement park and beautiful garden. The most enthralling ride is The Demon (60 feet roller coaster with a lot of loops). Nevertheless, there are a lot of other famous ride as well; “Space car”, ‘break dance’, “ Ghsot train”,’Boomerang’. Do not worry, those who bring small children, Tivoli Garden provide attraction too, such as fun house, small rollercoaster” caterpillar”, and fairy tale twined city park

In the park, you can enjoy eating sausage under the shade of the sun under the tree, drink beer in the garden, watch free pantomime theatre, enjoying the flowery scenery and many more

Tokyo Disneyland










Tokyo Disneyland is the 1st Disneyland theme park to be opened outside United State and it is one of the most successful  and most visited theme park in the world. To make visitor to be convenient, nearby Tokyo Disneyland, there are also Disney sea and many hotels is also build in the complex
The famous ride is : “ Big Thunder Mountain” and “ Haunted mine”

7 themed area in Tokyo Disneyland is unique; Westernland, Tomorrowland, The World Bazaar, Adventure land, Fantasy Land, Critter Country, Mickey Toontown.

Ocean Park
Hong Kong








Said to be one of the biggest marine parks in the world, something for everyone. There are more than 30 attractions and more than 15 rides in “Kids World”, “Marine world” etc. You can even have a view over the surrounding city and South China Sea using the cable car ride when going from the lowland to the headland.  In Ocean Park, you can also witness the worls’d 2nd longest outdoor escalator. Of course, there are also roller coasters inside the marine park. And also there are aquarium inside the Ocean Park to provide education and fun for both adult and children.

Hong Kong is not an expensive city for holiday if you get hotel deals or cheap hotel

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool, England








Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a combination of amusement park and beach. The main target is adult, but nevertheless, there is also entertainment for children as well(rides, live entertainment etc).  There is thrill-seeker “ Pepsi Max Big One” and “ Valhalla”(pitch black and high speeds) and also you can also find in Blackpool the 1st commercial monorail in the world. This park is the combination of new and old; modern roller coster, traditional wooden rides, old rides, high technology thrill rides, and also there is small family rides.

To enhance the pleasure, there will also be new shows, rides and a casino. Visit England and search for your discount hotel and phone card/calling card




Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a sprawling metropolis that is both the capital and the largest city in Denmark with nearly two million people calling it home. This bustling burg wasn’t always a world-famous cultural epicenter, though. This futuristic and advanced super-city was once a quaint, quiet fishing village that struggled from time to time with Viking invaders. Copenhagen outlasted the Viking onslaught, though, and through the ages it withstood attacks from the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and many more countries. Sometimes it was occupied, sometimes it was fully taken over, but this glimmering diamond of the Scandinavian world never ceased to maintain its own cultural identity.

These days, Copenhagen continues its reign as the capital of Denmark but it does seem to have changed a bit from its fishing roots. Like many cities in Denmark, Copenhagen can now be seen as something of a “wonderland”. While it has all the necessary business and financial districts, the city is definitely a lot “cooler” than it was in centuries past and the once-humble burg is now a major tourist attraction with millions of people visiting each year to bear witness to the many wonderful sights to behold in this fascinating land. What makes Copenhagen so appealing is its vast amount of variety contained within. There are beautiful, temperate beaches on the coastline near the island of Zealand but Copenhagen isn’t just a resort town. There are countless parks thanks to efforts by the city council to create one of the greenest cities on Earth but Copenhagen is by no means a forest-filled city.

Many of the people who visit Copenhagen don’t go there for the natural beauty, though. Thanks to Copenhagen’s old age, there is a treasure trove of architecture to peruse for the history buff, the architecture fan, and even the casual observer. Christianburg Palace, for instance, is well known for its amazing spire system and thousands come each year to walk up and down these amazing creations. The later Danish architecture of the city, like the City Hall and Stock Exchange, has won countless European awards for design in the RIBA European Awards and the World Architecture Festival, among others, and has earned the city the title of the “World’s best design city”.

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