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Ways to Save on Summer Holidays

You don’t have to toss aside your travel plans in favor of frugality this summer holidays. Whether you’re looking forward to a romantic retreat with your sweetheart or a much-needed family vacation, finding the best deals on travel is key. And we know every penny counts, too, so we’ve compiled five ways to help you book last-minute summer travel on the cheap.

1. Book via online travel comparison sites

Don’t forget. With the economy making a steady rebound, there are more deals out there than ever before — but you have to know where to look. There are lots of travel websites out there to help you do some comparison shopping, too. compiles all the current travel specials and other sites are best choice, so you can find whichever prices suit your budget when it comes to airfare, cruises, car rentals, vacation packages or hotels.

2. Purchase entertainment in advance

You’ll want to have a plan when you arrive at your destination, especially if you’ve got kids in tow. Can’t decide where to go? BudgetTravel is a great resource for trip ideas and adventure travel. Their site offers advice on trip planning, restaurant recommendations, city guides and other helpful info for traveling families. And make sure you secure a Go Card or Explorer Pass, for everybody online before you head out on vacation. Both get you into dozens of attractions in popular cities across the country for as much as 50% less than the usual cost of admission. Many attractions and tours discounts also let you skip those long lines – another huge perk.

3. Look for last-minute deals

Just because you want to get out of Dodge sooner than later doesn’t meant you have to take what you can get. And while it’s generally a good idea to book your trip early in general, you can still find a ton of good travel deals out there that are geared toward procrastinators like yourself. For example, even if you book as late as three weeks before your departure, you’ll notice that some sites like Book My Trip actually reward you for showing up late to the party with pretty good discounts on flights, hotels and rental cars.

4. Opt for a vacation package

When you book your flight and hotel together, (or hotel and car) you can save substantially on your trip compared to booking separately. You could actually save a few hundred dollars just by bundling the two together. Vacation packages are the best way to save on travel no matter where you decide to go. They allow you to stretch your travel dollar much further, and are also way more convenient than booking and keeping track of separate itineraries.

Good News For Travelers, Holiday to India Prices Are Going Down

Finding the cheapest available India Flight can be a cakewalk if you select the right agent for your travel needs. With ticket prices going on downward spiral travellers never had it so good.

Home to one-sixth of mankind, India Tourism is an incredible land that offers its visitors an unmatched array of experiences. The country is ideal for those who have the patience and endurance to look beyond the filth, grime & pollution and discover the uniqueness which characterizes this ancient land.

Over the past few years, India has experienced a remarkable improvement in its urban infrastructure and this has translated into a record number of tourist inflows helping the country accumulate the much-needed foreign exchange. A direct consequence of this phenomenon is that inbound travel agents india are doing a roaring business and are competing aggressively with each other to offer tourists with deeply discounted holiday packages that not only include airfares but accommodation & car rentals as well. The increased competition has exerted a significant downward pressure on prices which spells good news for travellers planning their itinerary to India this year.

October to March is usually the peak time to visit India as the country experiences a pleasant climate and is enveloped in an air of festivity and good cheer. Cheap flights to India are much easier to find during the shoulder season from April to September as compared to the October-March period. However if you still want to find the cheapest available India flights during the peak season then log on to the website of reputed travel agents who are known to devise innovative and economical packages based on NRI preferences.

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Britain eases ash restrictions for flights; British Airways blocks planned cabin crew strike

Britain eases ash restrictions for flights; British Airways blocks planned cabin crew strike

The volcanic ash plume again briefly shut airports and snarled air traffic Monday in London and in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Amsterdam, but a bit of relief may be on the way. Britain’s top aviation authority on Monday eased restrictions on safe flying zones within the ash cloud.

British Airways, meanwhile, obtained a court order to block a 20-day cabin crew strike planned to start Tuesday.

Icelands Eyjafjallajokull volcano is still smoking, but Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority announced the creation of a new flying zone – the “Time Limited Zone” – that changes the level of volcanic ash concentrations considered safe and puts in play airspace that previously would have been off-limits to commercial airlines. Translation? More safe airspace means more flights and fewer delays.

The authority’s chief executive, Andrew Haines, credits the rule change to an international aviation conference May 13 with major airlines, a release said. Flybe, a British domestic carrier, apparently worked with plane engine and aircraft manufacturers to develop protocols that led to the revision of what’s considered a safe concentration of volcanic ash  for planes to fly through.

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Travel destination Dwarka

Dwarka is located in the Western India State of Gujarat. It has the famous Dwarkadhish
temple where Lord Sri Krishna once had his palace.

How to reach Dwarka

You can fly down through cheap flights india to Jamnagar and from there complete the rest of the rest of the journey by tourist cab. Jamnagar is about 145 Kms from Dwarka. Or you can go by train up to Dwarka itself which is on the network of the Indian Western Railway. If you are coming from outside Gujarat, you can travel to Ahmadabad, Jamnagar or Rajkot and from there take connecting trains to Dwarka.

The Gujarat State Transport also runs buses connecting Dwarka with Ahmadabad, Jamnagar, Rajkot and other important towns in Gujarat.

How to travel within Dwarka

Dwarka is a small town in itself, but the other tourist and pilgrimage attractions like Bet Dwarka are a few kms away. So hiring a tourist cab to take you around is a good idea for hassle free transportation.

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Europe travel update: Airlines advice to fliers; more delays expected from ash plume

Europe travel update: Airlines advice to fliers; more delays expected from ash plume

Shifting clouds of volcanic ash shut airports and disrupted flights in Spain, Portugal and Italy this weekend, but all airports were open Monday after the concentration of ash dissipated overnight, according to updates from the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation.

Travelers should remain on alert and check frequently with their travel agents and airlines because an ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano, lingering over the North Atlantic, may cause delays in transatlantic flights that must be rerouted to avoid the cloud, the agency said.

“There is an area of ash cloud in the middle of the North Atlantic, which is impacting transatlantic flights,” the statement said. “While most of these flights are operating, many are having to make significant reroutings to avoid the area of ash cloud coverage, resulting in delays.” The agency, known as Eurocontrol, said it expects about 28,500 flights to operate Monday over Europe – about 500 fewer than normal. Eruptions from the volcano last month forced a five-day suspension of air traffic over Europe.

On Sunday, Italy’s airports in Pisa, Milan and Florence were shut, as well as airports in Portugal and Spain. Airlines are struggling to keep fliers updated with the latest information through postings on websites, Twitter and text messages and e-mails.

Below is what some airlines are advising passengers to do if their flights have been affected by the volcano; if you booked your flight through a travel agent, contact him or her to rebook or file for a refund.

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Cant afford those summer flights? No wonder

Cant afford those summer flights? No wonder

t’s not your imagination: Flying is getting more expensive, and not just because airlines keep piling on fees for checked bags, popular seats and even carry-ons. Fares for summer travel are up, way up, according to Bing Travel, a website that, among other services, forecasts flight and hotel prices based on data trends.

In fact, says Joel Grus, the Bing “fareologist” who analyzes the data, “Fares are pretty close to where we were in 2008 before the stock market problems.”

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