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Amusement Parks- A Foody’s Guide Of The Best And Worst Parks For Foodies

In my short 23 years of life, I have been lucky enough to have the chance to travel to a large selection of theme parks around the world. Amusement parks draw thousands of visitors and sell millions of dollars worth of food and drinks year after year. But amusement parks and foodies many times don’t mix well.

While there certainly are plenty of theme parks with wonderful fine dining tastes, the pretty widely understood (and fairly realistic) expectation is that the majority of the food served up at amusement park establishments is both a culinary and caloric outrage. In my travels throughout many states, there is no doubt in my mind that some of the worst food I’ve ever consumed has been served at amusement parks.

So here is one “foodie’s” listing of the best and the worst amusement park eating establishments:

Hershey Park, Hershey Pennsylvania

Hershey Park is actually one of my preferred amusement parks to visit. It’s undoubtedly one of the parks I’ve visited the most- both as a youngster and an adult. And while all the chocolate there is delicious (not to mention indulgent) the “prepared” meals throughout the entire park totally suck. Establishments there serve lots of pizza, burgers, fried chicken and other common sickening fast food chow. Your best bet for a high quality food item at Hershey is Subway. My sister (in addition to several of her friends) also claims to have gotten sick to her stomach from a hot dog at Hershey Park. Hershey is definitely a fun place to visit- but it’s neither healthy nor pleasant for your tummy.

Pretty much every single Six Flags

Eating just about anything made at a Six Flags Amusement park is an experience that is very possibly more nauseating than a lot of the rides. This food is very disgusting and not the slightest bit tasty. By far one of the worst culinary debacles I’ve ever consumed came from Ellitch Gardens in Denver CO, (which technically isn’t a Six Flags, but used to be) in the form of something that was called “Tacos”. I spent the evening vomiting…

The only acceptable food item I’ve ever obtained at any Six Flags was a suitable Philly Cheese Steak Sandwhich from a shack Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. And with food prices that are higher than even Disney World’s? If I’m visiting a Six Flags I could very well opt to skip eating at the park all together…

Disney World Resorts (Florida, California, Tokyo, Paris, Others)

The House of Mouse may be pretty pricy- but there is at least some food there that is actually worth paying for. The Boardwalk Resort in Florida has a restaurant whose menu was formulated by Food Network personality and “Iron Chef” Cat Cora. There’s also the Downtown Disney part of the Florida and California resorts which has a variety of fine dining establishments and bars. But in my belief the best restaurants in all of Disney World- particularly in Florida- are the “County” pavilions in the “World Showcase” in EPCOT. Each country’s pavilion has a restaurant preparing internationally-themed dishes. A delicious and diverse cornucopia of cooking!

Universal Studios (Florida, California)

The Citywalk segment of both Universal Studios resorts in Florida and California boasts a wide array of chain and unique, fine dining experiences and shows. I’ve always wanted to eat at the Bob Marley-themed show and restaurant at Universal Citywalk in Florida. Overall though, Universal has lots of cool dining choices for foodies!

Busch Gardens (Williamsburg VA, Tampa FL)

Both Busch Gardens are cool parks. The one in Williamsburg is home to one of my favorite roller coasters (The Alpengeist). These parks are very satisfying, and have some very good food items. In Williamsburg, there is actually a Beer-brewing and tasting tent and an exhibition called “Beer School” which educates tourists about the brewing operation. In addition, several high quality establishments providing cultural and ethnic dishes serve as alternatives to the standard amusement park crap. Busch Gardens is definitely a fun destination for foodies and amusement park fans alike.

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Goa Carnivals is synonymous with fun music food entertainment

Start Date: Saturday, 5 March 2011
End Date: Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Goa Holidays is almost synonymous with fun, music, food, goa entertainment and merry making and without any real doubt the only place in India that breaks away from the general image of the country as a conservative nation. It can be attributed to the historical fact that Goa was under Portuguese rule in the past and is still in its hang over.

Whatever it is, the Goa Carnival was started by the Portuguese rulers and since then it it has become an integral part of Goa. During the Carnival days Goa enters into a different zone of its own. There is celebrations everywhere. Food and drinks are in plenty in accordance with live performances and multi coloured processions.

The scene of Goa Carnival resembles some fairy tale descriptions where people hop around in jovial mood with masks on, fireworks, Nightlife in Goa,fortune tellers, group of dancers and and above all happy people all around.

Music swings into Goa Carnival quite naturally. The myriad facets of the Goan music compels any onlooker to jig with it. The stylish Spanish guitar, the casual drum beats and the soulful voice are enough to make you move your feet.

Holidays Time

I haven’t always hated the Holidays. when I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas…..any excuse to have a few days off from school…the anticipation of new toys…..snow!!! It was all great fun, as it should be for any kid.

No. It wasn’t until I got older that I grew to dread the entire last 2 months of the year. I can’t pinpoint exactly when the change occurred, and it wasn’t just ONE event that changed my outlook on what should be a joyous occasion. It happened gradually, over many, many years. But-if I had to pick 10 reasons why I hate theholidays-they would be as follows:

1.Too Much Food:
Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Yams, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Bread Pudding, Homemade Noodles, Giblet Gravy— A heart attack begging to happen. We don’t need all that food-but we eat it!!! Every last bite. And don’t forget the cranberry sauce, and eggnog!! It doesn’t matter where you go…’s always the same……too much food.

2. Christmas: Have Your Gifts Become a Measure of Your Love & a Tool to Manipulate Your Perceived Status and Worth?
Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. Each and every dysfunctional one of them. I love seeing them and spending time with them. But….my family is huge!!! There are over 50 of us when we all get together….and, who has a place big enough to sit 50 people down to eat a meal??? Nobody in MY family, that’s for sure. We rented out the Lion’s Den one year….but it was cold and uncomfortable. So now we all crowd into my sister’s house…..because she’s the only one of us with a big enough open space for all of us…..though most of us are left standing all night or sitting on the floor. But hey….it’s all about family…right??? Yeah, well…..all I can say is….Thank God it only comes once a year!!!

3. Too Commercial
What the hell is the deal with Walmart putting out Christmas decorations before we’ve even dealt with Halloween!!! I’ve heard so many Christmas Carols before November 1st, that by Christmas, they make me want to puke!!! And ….I love Christmas Carols!!! Well, used to, anyway.

4. Something Always Happens to Ruin It
The turkey gets burnt… someone doesn’t show… somebody gets hurt…someone says something to piss off somebody else Never fails. You just know… even if you do muster up some vacation spirit… it’s not going to last… because Something always happens.

5. Someone Always Ruins It
Yep, if not something, then someonecan always be counted on to screw things up for everyone else. The kids getting yelled at by Dad for being too noisy…’s Christmas for Pete’s sake-kids are supposed to be loud….they’re excited!!! Shut the hell up and let them have some fun! Or else, they’ll end up like me…..hating the luxury vacations !!!

6. Lonely
This is a new one. How can you feel lonely surrounded by all that family? Well…..get a divorce. You don’t know lonely until you wake up on Christmas morning, alone, with nothing under the tree for you….except the gifts you bought for yourself, from Santa… the kids don’t ask why Santa didn’t bring Mommy anything? Yeah… sucks!

7. Nephew died
On New Year’s Day, 1988. We were all gathered at Mom’s for Spare Ribs and Black Eyed Peas… a family tradition….when my brother showed up and gave us the news. My nephew was dead. We don’t get together at Mom’s on New Year’s anymore.

8. Brother Died
1:45 am New Year’s Day, 2006. Same brother… he’d been in failing health for years….really, since his son died….and it’s like he picked that day to give up. We were all called to the hospital… I was the only one who didn’t get the call that he had died before anyone got there…so I was the only one who saw him after he died. And I’m the only one who has to remember him the way he looked then… SO not fair. Try getting that image out of your head!!

9. Another Birthday is Coming Up
My birthday is in February….and I’m not getting any younger… so the holidays are just a reminder that I’ll be OLDER soon. I keep thinking I’ll quit having birthdays….but then, I guess they ARE better than the alternative!! But it really sucks being 40 something and single. Never thought I’d be in this situation. I thought I’d be married for 50 years…at least. Well… fat chance of that now. I don’t think I’ll live to be 90 something. That is, if I were to get married again….and even fatter chance of that! Been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt. No thanks!

10. People Have Forgotten Why We Celebrate
Schools don’t call it Christmas break anymore… it’s winter break. They shortened Christmas to “Xmas”. The most important thing to just about everyone is getting to the stores the day after early enough so you don’t have to wait in line forever to exchange that ugly sweater Aunt Norma gave you. Might as well erase John 3:16 from the Bible….”For God so loved the world that He gave his only Begotten Son…..” Come ON people…..Christ was born……the savior of the world….the messiah… The reason we have Christmas!!! The tradition of gift giving dates from the time of Christ’s birth and the Wise Men giving him gifts of gold, frankincense and mir… duh!!! Whatever happened to “It’s better to give than to receive”? That is the number one reason why I hate the holidays!!! You spend half the year trying to find that perfect gift…just to find out it’s not what he wanted….or it doesn’t fit….or it doesn’t work….or it’s the wrong color… Argh! I want so badly to go back to the times when gifts were homemade…and you only got a few… if that many….and they were made with love….and you knew you were going to love it….whatever it was….because it was made just for you. Maybe we should pass a law……no gift shall be bought….or bigger than a bread box.

I don’t know……maybe when I have grandkids, the joy will come back into the holidays for me……but I doubt it. I think I’m doomed to be a Scrooge forever. Makes me want to just crawl under the covers and not wake up until Spring!

Singapore Travel Experience

The taxi, bus and MRT are options to get to the city from the airport. However if you carry a lot of luggage it is not suggested to take the MRT from the airport to the city as there is no dedicated space for luggage and no reserved seating (unlike Hong Kong’s Airport Express or Tokyo’s Narita Express). Further the train stops a dozen times before reaching the downtown core. Taking a cab for parties with more than 3 members is the best option here.

My trip to the Strand Hotel (Rates from $160 nett including breakfast) in Bencoolen Street cost $20 on a busy friday afternoon, including ERP and airport charges. If you arrived late in the afternoon , it is suggested that you explore the surrounding area of the hotel first rather than venturing into areas such as HarbourFront or ClarkeQuay. The intersection adjacent of the hotel leads you to two shopping areas. If you head left, you’ll find the CityLink Mall, Suntec City, Raffles City and Marina Centre. If you head right, you’ll find yourself in Singapore’s famous Orchard Road Shopping Belt. I opted for the latter, and got there via the Bras Basah Station on the newly opened Circle Line. The cost of the trip was $2.10 per person before redeeming the $1 refundable deposit.

A transit to the North South Line in the busy Dhoby Ghaut station is required though to get to the middle of the shopping belt, but at a late friday afternoon, it was a better option than taking a taxi. Taking a taxi in Singapore can both be cheap or expensive. On a Sunday, as I will explain latter, it is a good value, but on rush hour (4-7 PM) it can get expensive. A trip from my hotel to ION Orchard cost $8 by taxi on rush hour, as there is the $3 CBD Pickup Charge, 30% Rush Hour Surcharge and ERP added to the base fare of the taxi ride.

Anyways, if you go by MRT there are three stations to stop to shop in Orchard Road. Dhoby Ghaut is right under the Plaza Singapura Shopping Centre, whileSomerset gets you to 313@Somerset, Orchard Central and The Centrepoint. Orchard Station is convenient for Ngee Ann City, Lucky Plaza, Paragon, Wisma Atria, ION Orchard, Shaw Place, Tangs, Wheelock Place and Far East Plaza as well as malls located on Tanglin Road. I suggest stopping at Orchard first, as you will spend plenty time strolling along the shopping malls there.

For cheap eats, especially if you’re looking for Halal Singaporean Food is Far East Plaza. The Upper Level provides a couple of eateries that are Halal and $5 will give you a full stomach. The winner though is Hainanese Delicacy , an outlet that only serves chicken rice. Just request the waiter your desired chicken part (e.g. Breast) and the serving style (Roasted or Steamed) and in 2 mins the meal is served. The place is always crowded and sometimes closes early.

A portion is only $4, but you’ll likely yearning for more. For shopping books, which are a good value in Singapore Tour from a Southeast Asian perspective, go to Borders in Wheelock Place or Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City. The later offers a huge selection of Japanese books and magazines. After exploring the many shops in ION Orchard, stroll your way to the other shopping complexes. 313@Somerset is a great place to spend your cash, especially with a HMV and Uniqlo outlet in the mall.

Hungry for dinner? Food Republic offers dining options that suit any hungry tastebuds at affordable prices. To get back to the hotel, I suggest taking a bus opposite 313@Somerset. Hop on any bus that lead to Bras Basah Road for $1 and get off at the Hotel Rendevouz stop, which is only 50 m from rest from shopping heaven.

How to Travel Smart?

Before going, certainly going on a trip it helps to know what make the run, stress-free experience. Learn how to avoid wasting precious vacation time and how to travel within your budget while and this certainly is while getting the actual most out of your vacation.

Join in travel or like something else an automobile club can, certainly can save you like as in yourself money on maps, hotels, car rentals, visits to museums, fairs,exhibits, galleries businesses, etc. Creating an itinerary will, like actually will save money, time and headaches.

Some people think that, certainly that planning ahead of time takes the actual fun out of travelling and makes it less adventurous. Nothing could be, and really be further from the actual truth. Take note of this part, it pays to be prepared. Make My Trip

Create Travel itinerary

Determine how many as in lot days you like as in yourself will travel. Mark List of the actual towns and places you like as in yourself plan to visit. Road map find how many as in lot miles you like as in yourself have to travel between towns, calculate how much time it will, like actually will take to travel. record on your itinerary.

On the actual internet find points of interest you like as in yourself want to visit along the actual way. Look for museums, historical monuments, national parks, state parks, fairs, exhibits, galleries, etc. Record on your itinerary. Decide which places you like as in yourself want to visit, how much time it will, like actually will take to visit and how much time it will, like actually will take to get there. Record on your itinerary.

Decide how far you like as in yourself want to travel every day. This determines where you like as in yourself will spend the actual night. Record towns on your itinerary.

Look for hotels at your destination on the actual internet. Wait to make reservations until your itinerary has been, actually been finalized. For each travel day record: where you like as in yourself will start the actual day how many as in lot miles you like as in yourself will travel which laces/events you like as in yourself will visit where you like as in yourself will spend the actual night? how much money you like as in yourself will spend that, certainly that day for food, lodging and events.

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Explore Lopburi Destinations in Thailand

The ancient city of Lopburi in central Thailand has a pleasant mixture of interesting historical attractions and a feel of a genuine Thai town, which has not been dressed up for tourists.

Here are five suggestions for things to see in the city of Lopburi.

Lopburi is a typical Thai provincial capital city, just 1.5 to 2 hours drive from central Bangkok. Although it receives a trickle of foreign tourists, mainly backpackers, visitors will not run into crowds of people like they will at many of the more famous Thai tourist cities such as Ayuttaya, Sukothai or Chiang Mai. Additionally, vitiors to Lopburi will get a chance to see a “real” Thai town, one which does not have tourism as its main focus.

For those with time, a visit to Lopburi really is rewarding. Here are five suggestions of things to see in Lopburi.

1. The Monkeys: The monkeys of Lopburi are famous throughout Thailand Tours . Hoards of Long-tailed Macaques roam around the city feasting on fruit which is placed at various temples. They are funny to watch but it seems that some of the local people are not so amused.

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How To Plan A River Rafting Trip?

A river rafting trip is one of the most preferred adventure sports when you are on a family vacation. The pumping adrenaline rush and the leap and bounces rafting trips offer is once in a lifetime experience.

A river rafting trip comes in different tour packages, each with a different travel dimension. But, as a traveler you can expect certain things on almost all river rafting trips. Also, there are certain elements you should look out for on a rafting vacation. Here is a list on some of them.

Clothing: This is one of the key aspects of a river rafting trip. Inadequate clothing can hamper the enjoyment you expected of the rafting trip. As a traveler you should also be conscious about the variety of clothes you are carrying. Make sure you wear clothing that has already been pre-shrunk in the wash, because it is going to get a soaking. Fashion statement in terms of clothing does not matter much as you will be covered with safety equipment. They will be neon colored or brightly colored so that you are easier to spot if you fall into the water.

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Travelers Paradise Thailand

Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia. This thanks to the incomparable natural beauty, as its beautiful tropical islands to the south and the jungle in the north, but also historical and artistic wonders, Buddhist monastery and museums. All this accompanied by the possibility of creating very beautiful places for vacation without spending astronomical sums.

The excellent quality-price ratio is indeed one of the most obvious travel destinations. True shopper’s paradise, Thailand has earned over time a well-deserved fame as a natural and cultural heritage: a journey into the land of smiles means coming into contact with a place that likes to call itself a strong identity and distinguish itself as “thainess” food, massages and wellness, crafts, holidays, accommodation, everything falls into that particular principal character of being “Thai”.

The Food

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Tips For Fantastic Cruise Vacation

If you’re planning to set sail on the actual high seas for a cruise vacation, get ready, like actually prepared for the actual best time of your life. Cruises are, now stay with me here, one of a kind vacation experiences with, like together memories that are, now stay with me here, bound to last a lifetime. Read more to learn how to have a fantastic journey.

If you’re planning to set sail on the actual high seas for a cruise vacation, get ready, like actually prepared for the actual best time of your life. Cruises are, now stay with me here, one of a kind vacation experiences with, like together memories that are, now stay with me here, bound to last a lifetime.

Relax – you like as in yourself are on vacation! Lounge by 1 of the actual pools with, like together a refreshing cocktail from the actual bar, or like something else soak in the actual hot tub. Take note of this part, if you like as in yourself want to feel more, like not less but more like you like as in yourself are truly cruising, choose a lounge chair with, like together a view of the actual ocean. This is, really is an excellent way to spend a day at sea. Just don’t forget to frequently apply sunscreen. Make My Trip

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Travel destination Dwarka

Dwarka is located in the Western India State of Gujarat. It has the famous Dwarkadhish
temple where Lord Sri Krishna once had his palace.

How to reach Dwarka

You can fly down through cheap flights india to Jamnagar and from there complete the rest of the rest of the journey by tourist cab. Jamnagar is about 145 Kms from Dwarka. Or you can go by train up to Dwarka itself which is on the network of the Indian Western Railway. If you are coming from outside Gujarat, you can travel to Ahmadabad, Jamnagar or Rajkot and from there take connecting trains to Dwarka.

The Gujarat State Transport also runs buses connecting Dwarka with Ahmadabad, Jamnagar, Rajkot and other important towns in Gujarat.

How to travel within Dwarka

Dwarka is a small town in itself, but the other tourist and pilgrimage attractions like Bet Dwarka are a few kms away. So hiring a tourist cab to take you around is a good idea for hassle free transportation.

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