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Furstenberg Castle

Rhine River in Germany is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Daily cruises go on the river carrying dozens, even hundreds of tourists from around the world, lured by picturesque scenery, heritage and culture that you see on the palm of every corner of the river flow. Starting from Koblenz, along the Rhine opens in front of you eyes a beautiful castle, followed by another and seemingly so on to infinity. Castles on the Rhine are perched on the cliffs, surrounded by romantic hills of the valley, among vineyards, forests and fertile meadows.

One such boat from the German towns of Bingen and Rüdesheimer to Bacharach lasts shortly, but allows visitors to touch the old Germany, in the southwestern German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The ship passes through Lorchhausen, Lorch and the fortress Nollig, on the left bank of the Rhine, which is now buried in ruins. Most visitors take a climb called “Devil’s Ladder”, which takes them to the ruined castle.
Furstenberg Castle in Germany

Almost immediately after Noling, on the opposite bank of the river sees another half-destroyed castle, dominated by the rugged bastion – Castle Furstenberg , who is in the hills right on the beach. Further, Furstenberg is followed by the castle Heimburg, built after 1290 by the Archbishop of Mainz and a former Roman fort. Followed by Niederheimbach, surrounded by three castles in ruins – north of the fortress Furstenberg and south of Castle Sooneck.

Furstenberg Castle stands proudly on its hill, and at the foot of the town Rheindiebach. As the year of the rise of the medieval fortress is taken to be 1219. Furstenberg is built on the orders of the Archbishop of Cologne, who wanted to protect their property. Twice – in 1620 and in 1632, the castle Furstenberg is consistently fascinating to the Spaniards and Swedes.

End of the strongest years for the Furstenberg castle comes during the Palatine war, for the weight of the French army, under which it literally collapsed.

Among the interesting things that can be seen today in Furstenberg are the fortified wall, a round protection of the fort and the remains of a residential area. And still, it managed to retain part of the medieval colored plaster walls.

Among the interesting castles in the region along the Rhine and Moselle, the castles are Klopp Castle, Castle archbishops, Marksburg Castle, Drachenfels Castle, Maus Castle, Ehrenfels Castle, Reichenstein Castle, Ehrenbreitstein, Rheinfels Castle, Godesburg Castle, Gutenfels Castle, Stahleck Castle, the Stolzenfels Castle and many others.
This is one of Germany’s major historical monuments, and is filled with not only amazing sights, but incredible stories and memories. Do not miss a chance to see one of the incredible Castles on Rhine when visiting the amazing German Rhine River.

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Climate of Rome

ome’s coast, which has the true Mediterranean climate, doesn’t experience as large temperature swings as what Rome city does. In winter, temperatures along the coast are warmer (due to the immediate influence of the sea) than inland and in Summer, temperatures along the coast are cooler than inland.The closer one gets to the Apennines the larger still can be the temperature swing in winter.

Summer is the season of more festivals and parties in Rome. You will find Romans eating, drinking and socializing in the Piazzas and cobbled alleyways of Rome. Life is bright, vibrant and exciting, how can one not enjoy oneself in Rome in Summer?! Everything culminates at “Ferragosto” (15th August) the main holiday for Italy.Spring, starting in March when the daytime temperatures are starting to rise (and nights are chilly) is a fine time to visit. March through May will bring you decent temperatures and enough sunshine to make most folks happy.

Autumn in Rome can be quite mild. It’s usually only around the beginning to middle of November that we’ll start digging through our winter clothes. Until the middle of October it’s usually still “dry” while the end of October and November sees the beginning of winter rains and chillier temperatures. Sunny cloudless skies are still common and the fresh clean air is glorious.Don’t think you’re going to be alone touring Rome in Autumn. Until the end of November it’s still tourist season.

Rome in January and February can chill the bones but temperatures will rarely be sub-zero. Snow is extremely rare but rain is common and weather forecasts unpredictable at best. But many a tourist has left very happy as there always seems to be a respite where you can engage and complete your tourism duties.

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How to Save Money During Spain Tour?

Book your flights in advance: You can get budget airfare if you book cheap flights months in advance in the cheapest airlines. Predominantly, budget airlines only cater to UK, Ireland and Germany and it is beneficial to fly to any one of these countries and fly to your destination in Spain.

Transportation: If you prefer cheap method of travel, then go by bus instead of train because bus fares are cheaper than train here. If you can afford a car rental, better hire a share taxi, where the only disadvantage is that you will be sharing the space with others, but it is the best method to explore places in a comfortable way. If you are smart enough to tour on your own, then make use of rented cars which are available in plenty in all cities.

Accommodation: If you are traveling with family, then better go for a medium hotel which suits your budget and also which is near the place you are visiting. Always do some planning before visiting any place, compare the rates of different hotels on websites and book in advance. Many online hotels charge higher rates if you have come during festival season or any special event than in ordinary season. If you are single, then go for shared accommodation or youth hostels. Nowadays, Home exchange is also possible through Internet, where you with your family stay in somebody’s house and they in turn will stay at your house for the next vacation.

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7 Best Night Bars around the Globe

Whether youre a globetrotter by passion or profession, you know that the best thing you can expect from any city is its nightlife. This is why weve gathered the best night clubs around the globe. If you land in any of these countries, dont forget to give their prime bars a try.

Bar Isabel in Argentina

7 Best Night Bars around the Globe

The two most talked-about bars in Argentina is the Bar Isabel located in Buenos Aires, within easy reach of those who are already in the capital.

If youre all for the glitz and the glamour, you might want to drop by this watering hole. Just make sure that youre dressed to kill as well. Chic and smart is the way to go here. The interior of the bar closely resembles its next door neighbor, the Casa Cruz, probably because both were designed by fun loving Chilean Juan Santa Cruz.

Here, youll be greeted by a 70s-inspired interior. With disco as the bars running theme, the lights on the banks of the ceiling pulsate to the beat of house music. While youre here, you would want to try out the Bamboo, which is dry sherry mixed with orange bitters and vermouth.

The Emerald Peacock in Australia

7 Best Night Bars around the Globe

In Melbourne, youll find the Emerald Peacock luring droves of night life cravers. This is probably because the bar is fashionable enough without being too “suity” . The adage “birds of the same feather” is expressed in the bar as well, as an avian mural welcomes loyal patrons before they reach the lounging area.

The rest of the bar has, as the name suggests, a peacock-themed wall paper right above the booths. Guests can enjoy Merbournes spectacular skyline while theyre cozying up in bar. However, most patrons really prefer most patrons go to after a hard days work. When youre at the Emerald Peacock, the first thing you should check is the Big Cocks page in their menu. Here, youll find an interesting line of drinks, including the Taj Iced Tea which is Bombay Sapphire mixed with lemon juice, tea, sugar, and crème de peche.

Decollete in China

7 Best Night Bars around the Globe

Adding sophistication where its least expected is the Decollete in China. This bar sits in a building which was formerly used as an electric and machinery plant in Beijing. It is the first real champagne bar in the capital ever since China outlawed sleaze bars. Now, gentlemen can only enter the bar with a lady. The Decollete attracts hoards of urban Beijing locals.

The bar is pretty perfect for dates as well. With the intimate interior, complete with candle lights and fancy tables, the bar has a certain Belle Epoque vibe. The walls are also intricately hand-painted with floral patterns and the room lined with plush, velvet banquettes.

If youre wondering what to order from their menu, the patrons favorite is Potion#5. This is a delicate mixture of gin, violet liqueur, house champagne and lemon.

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The Most Unique Restaurants Around the World

Some people go to a restaurant because the food tastes terrific, but if youve been watching any of those design makeover reality shows on TV, youll know that its more than just the cuisine. You have to set up the mood too if you want your customers to keep on coming back. These restaurants take it to the extreme.

Most of them are so interesting, theyre bordering on strange. If youre a big fan of both good architecture and good food, these restaurants are definitely a must-see.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Maldives

The Most Unique Restaurants Around the World

Welcome to the first underwater restaurant in the world. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Islands aquarium-style restaurant sits 16 feet under the Indian Oceans surface just between a coral reef and a lagoon.

There are only about a dozen seats in the restaurants, and if youre lucky enough to get a reservation, youll be dining with the fishes. You can bask in all that blue as the tables are surrounded by an arched, clear, acrylic ceiling which can give you 180º view of the sea.

Diners can reach the restaurant through a wooden walkway from an over-the-water Sunset Grill. This restaurant cost $5 million to build and served its diners a four-course Maldivian fusion menu. The food is definitely worth the visit as those live sea creatures envy everything thats put on your plate.

Among the ones you should try are the crab tower served with thin ciabatta and a swirl of truffle mayonnaise. The Maldivian chili and banana mascarpone which is plated with cream and crushed basil is also worth trying.

Here is a nice video of Ithaa

The Clinic in Singapore

The Most Unique Restaurants Around the World

Unless youre actually afraid of hospitals, lunch or dinner at the clinic in Singapore should prove to be a very interesting eating experience. Here, the food takes the shape of science experiments. A food critic called it a “molecular gastronomy” as chefs and waiters dressed up as hospital attendants serve you food made from the restaurants open-demo kitchen. To top it all off, this demo is illuminated by operating lights.

The menu is interesting, to say the least. Among the yummiest concoctions in its 13-course list include the Dashi soup which with has soba noodles made from olive oil. The noodles are “self forming” produced by squirting olive oil on a bowl of hot liquid.

The food will be served to you on a surgical table, and youll be sitting on a gold-plated wheelchair while you dine here. If the experience isnt too bizarre for your taste, youll probably come back and bring friends just for the fun of it. The place probably has full bookings during Halloween.

‘s Baggers in Germany

The Most Unique Restaurants Around the World

That was not a typo, and what were going to feature is an actual restaurant as well. Here, were introducing the first ever automated restaurant in the world. Were talking about ‘s Baggers owned by Michael Mack. This restaurant owner probably got tired of hiring waiters, or he listened to his past customers and designed one which is free from surly waiters and waitresses.

This restaurant is located in the outskirts of Nuremberg, Bavaria, and while the food is still cooked by humans, orders are taken my touch screen monitors on the table and served by gravity. Yes, gravity. All over the restaurants are spiral conveyer belts which deliver the food to hungry customers once theyre done. Talk about efficient.

You wont get bored, either, because these touch screen menus are connected to the internet. The restaurant lets customers check their emails and SMS through the machine while theyre waiting for their food. Mack has already claimed the patent for this automated system. It wont come as a surprise if more and more restaurants use the same serving system.

The best dish in the house is Frankische Kanneloni. These are pancakes which are stuffed with kraut and mincemeat. This restaurant is not so odd as it is impressive.

Take a peek inside the resto through this video.

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10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

For many people, there is something fascinating about staircases. Whether its because of their shape, their architectural design, or the uniqueness of their construction, staircases prove to be a wonder for young and old alike. All over the world, designers, artists and engineers create staircases that either have elaborate or classic designs, placing them in different kinds of places-from bookstores to museums, these staircases uniqueness and grandness have held many people captivated. Here are some of the most beautiful staircases around the world:

Spiral Stair in Sydney, Australia

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

At the Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia, one can find a beautiful spiral staircase that spans five stories, and has 6.5 revolutions-enough to make you spinning with wonder and delight as you climb up this fascinating staircase. Classic in design, it serves as a beautiful centerpiece inside, drawing ones attention upon entering.

Spiral Staircase at the Vatican Museum, Italy

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

Ornate in its design, it is no wonder that this staircase is said to be one of the most photographed in the entire world. Created in 1932 by Giuseppe Momo, the wide steps, also called ramps, were used by all the visitors of the Vatican Museum. A glass ceiling tops the staircase, which has a balustrade made of bronze. The ramp is also a double helix-two intertwined spirals with one that leads up and the other, down. The shape of the staircase would prove to be momentous, as it preceded the discovery of something that shared its design: the double helix DNA strand.

Loretto Chapel Staircase in USA

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

In New Mexico there is a chapel that is known for its staircase. With no support in the middle, many consider the staircase miraculous. Twenty feet in height, with two complete revolutions, it heads up to the choir loft without nails or any other materials to support it. It is an astounding work of carpentry, as instead of nails, it used wooden pegs. It also has religious relevance; it has 33 steps which signify the age when Jesus Christ died. To further support the view of it being a miracle, no one can attest as to who the carpenter who created the staircase is; nor can people say where the lumber is from, as no one has seen any deliveries or carpenters when it was being constructed. Also, the wood is not particular in the region. Though most people who have studied the area say that the story is mythical, one cannot discredit the fact that the staircase proves to be one of the most beautiful in the world.

Tulip Staircase in Queens House

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

Self-supporting in its design, the tulip stairs is the first of its kind in Britain. Though its name suggests the flower as its design, many actually think that the flowers that accessorize its balustrade are fleurs-de-lis, as it was also the Bourbon familys emblem, which Queen Henrietta Maria is a part of. Aside from the sheer beauty of this staircase, it is also famous for another reason: it is the site of the ghostly photograph taken by Rev. R. W. Hardy, which showed several hooded figures bent over, climbing up.

Staircase at Lello Bookshop, Portugal

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

Built in 1906, the bookshop houses a grand staircase whose swirly design will leave you with a sinking feeling, as you climb up the stairs. Its grandness is complemented by the surrounding shelves filled with books, as well as the designs on the wooden panels. This makes for a perfect stay inside a bookstore.




San Franciscos Tiled Steps in USA

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

Also known as the worlds longest mosaic stair, it is a 163-step, 82-feet high stairs which was created by an Irish ceramicist named Aileen Barr, together with a San Franciscan mosaic artist named Colette Crutcher. A group of neighbors were responsible for raising funds, and they lobbied the local government to help make it a reality. Finally, in August of 2005, the stairs was completed. Over two thousand handmade tiles and over seventy-five thousand fragments of stained glass, mirror and tile were used in the making of the stairs.

Umschreibung at KPMG Building in Munich, Germany

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

A unique-looking staircase created by Olafur Eliasson, its name, “Umschreibung,” means “Rewriting.” Situated in front of the accounting firm KPMG, it is a marvel in architectural design. Nine meters in height, this steel spiral which reminds one of a dizzying roller coaster was completed in 2004.

Longchamp Store Stairs in New York, USA

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

Weighing fifty-five tones, the stairs has ribbon-like forms that break up and come together, to create an artistic landscape of steps, landings and walkways. The uniqueness of this staircase is that it looks fluid, as opposed to the traditional rigidity of stairs. Using aerospace windscreen technology, the balustrades are created to form panels that look like flowing fabric.

Vertigo Staircase in QVB Building, Australia

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

True to its name, “The Grand Staircase” inside the Grand Queen Victoria Building in Sydney was completed before the 20th century (1898). The staircase is unique as it was created by George McRae as a monument to the reigning monarch. Also making it a wonder is the fact that it was created during a time when Sydney was experiencing a severe economic recession. Part of the reason for its Romanesque design is for the government to be able to provide work for local craftsmen who were out of jobs; from stonemasons to stained-glass artists, they were all commissioned to be a part of this worthwhile project.

Bridge-stair at the Traversinertobel, Switzerland

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

In Via Malas side valley, one can find a fascinating structure made by an engineer named Jurg Conzett, together with associate Rolf Bachofner. Before, hikers used a rope bridge that connected two elevations of a gorge. However, a rock slide destroyed the said bridge, so the engineer came out with a solution to the problem by creating a different kind of bridge: a bridge that doubles as stairs, spanning a distance of fifty-six meters, differing twenty-two meters in height from one end to the other.

By Journey ETC

9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

Tired of the usual tours offered by groups? Try a different kind of tour this time-factory tours.

If you are someone who likes to take a peek behind the production lines, then this tour would be perfect for you. A huge fan of motorcycling or motorcycles themselves? Give yourself the chance to see how they are made.

Visiting the factory of the famous sauce Tabasco is a must for fans of the hot sauce. The best part? Have a taste of Tabasco-flavored ice cream, a treat only served in their factory. Even if its not as strange as this, getting a taste of your favorite beer for example can only get as fresh as this.

From free tastes to souvenirs, visiting these factories will give you a different look at your favorite products. Here are some interesting factories you can visit from around the world:

Anchor Brewing in San Francisco

9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

From brewing to fermenting, cellaring to bottling, you will be taken to a tour of the brewery, down to the packaging operations. The tour is completely free, and you can go every day of the week, when there are two tours a day. Added bonuses are a beautiful view of San Francisco outside, and the free taste at the end of the tour.
Fragonard in Grasse, France

9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

In France, perfume-making is a noble profession. With perfumes known all over the world, it would be interesting to see what goes in the product you daily use on yourself. In this place, you get to learn about the flowers, trees, and plants which are used in the perfumes, and how they are turned into essential oils. From the very beginning—distillation-to the last part of the process-bottling, visitors will see the transformation from plants to perfume. Free of charge, tours happen daily.

Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations in York, PA

9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

Fans of this motorcycle brand would go crazy inside their huge production facility. Get to see how they are created and assembled. Fans will be treated especially during the roller test, when the motorcycles are placed and ridden on rollers to be tested. Visitors can also pose and sit on motorcycles that are currently being produced in the tour area. Tours are available all year round during weekdays, and Saturdays are free during summer.

Louisville Slugger in Louisville, KY

9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

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Top 12 Weirdest Traffic Laws Across the Globe

The basic of traffic laws is to stop when you need to stop, and remember speed limits if you are stepping on it. They sound pretty simple until you learn of the strangest rules that are strictly followed on the road.

Doing the Hook Turn in Australia

Being on the wrong side of the road is already scary when you are driving in Australia but wait until you need to do a hook turn in Melbourne. That will be more difficult that usual for us travelers but it is pretty simple for the locals.
Normally, you will be on the right late if you want to make a right turn but if you have to do a hook turn, you have to go to the outer left lane then on green you have to make a hard right to go where you intend to go. The hook turn was designed so the traffic on the central business district of Melbourne will not block the lines of the tram.

There are quite a number of intersections in the CBD where hook turn is strictly required. Be ready for a steep penalty of $75 if you are on the wrong portion of the road.


Environmental stickers in Germany

As 2010 kicked off, Germany implemented a strict rule that every car entering Cologne, Munich, Berlin, and about a few dozen more cities in the country. The stickers are priced between $7.50 and $30.

If you rented a car from France or Belgium and you are heading to Germany, make sure that you get the environmental sticker or you will be pulled over by the traffic warden. Failing to do so might cost you $60.

Top 12 Weirdest Traffic Laws Across the Globe








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