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Flights to Guangzhou

In case you are planning your next holidays, flights to Beijing are worth being booked. The capital of the People’s Republic of China has persistently been the cultural, political and educational pride of the entire country for a long period. In fact, each and every edifice here reflects some historical facts of the nation. The successful host of the 2008 Olympics Games has won the hearts of the world with it veritable charisma.

Those who book flights to Beijing are never disappointed with the plethora of jewels the city owns. Firstly, the Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the world and even declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is seen even from the space. Exquisitely built during the Ming Dynasty, this unique historical structure, primarily constituted with the aim of restricting the intrusion of foreign enemies, is a great masterwork of a series of stones.

It is a fact that people get their flights to Beijing booked well in advance with the inquisitiveness of witnessing the Forbidden City. A home to the Palace Museum, this embellished site has also been considered as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The other most popular sightseeing places in the city is the Temple of Heaven which is considered as a unique Taoist shrine, visited mostly by the Chinese emperors of the past praying for good harvest.

The best part of this destination is that, people get to enjoy the blend of the past and the present, the tradition as well as the modern. This is one of the major reasons why the Beijing flights have so much on demand throughout the year. On one side where the travellers get the chance to cherish the ancient ethnic places like the Temple of Heaven and the Imperial Gardens and Mausoleums, on the other hand, the guests enjoy the opportunity of unlimited fun by shopping at the Tiananmen Square and the Yansha Shopping Mall, dining at the Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant and the Afunti Restaurant and dancing at the Club Banana and the Kiss Superclub. No wonder why thousands of individuals from all round the globe get their tickets made well in advance to get cheap flights to Beijing.

6 new fascinating architectures around the world

Today, architecture has changed significantly; no longer is a building a simple structure on the urban landscape; it now has something that makes it stand out: texture. Gone are the days when people only waited for the tallest building. Architecture continues to challenge its boundaries, giving us new types of structures that are appealing inside and out. Here are some of the most interesting structures-or wonders-of the world.

Guangzhou TV Tower in Guangzhou, China

6 new fascinating architectures around the world

What makes this structure most interesting is that unlike many other wonderful structures in the world, this has the features of a woman. This makes it known as the twisted lady, or the supermodel. Two thousand feet high, it is certainly an imposing structure. At the “waist” part (560 feet off the ground), a staircase replaces floors and walls, so that visitors can see the texture of the structure. Inside it are also a couple of rotating restaurants where you can dine with a view, several shops, as well as a movie theatre. If you plan to visit and stay nearby, the Grand Hyatt in Guangzhou is a 23-story hotel in the central business district. It costs around $175 to $230 for a stay for two.

Soccer City in Johannesburg, South Africa

6 new fascinating architectures around the world

In a city where soccer is sacred, it is but natural to expect a stadium that reflects the citys sport. 2010 is the year that an African nation will host the tourney, so Architect Bob van Bebber thought it only right to create a huge, ninety-four-thousand-seater stadium where fans from all over the world can come together. Its interesting design is actually based on a calabash-something that has been turned into a beer stein, a musical instrument, and even a motorcycle helmet. This gourd can be found all over the continent, and its versatility in use speaks much of the unity-amidst-diversity theme. Outside, its earth colors are set into fire by lights. This makes for an amazing place where people off all ages and cultures can come together, relax and share their stories with each other. But it is not just meant for this particular event, as the stadium serves as a symbol, and hope, for the future.
For a brief stay, Athol Place is a quaint ten-room hotel whose gardens are blooming beautifully with purple jacarandas in spring. A suite costs around $320 to $450. Wandies serves a buffet of salads, muttons and dumplings, and their entrees cost $6 to $11.

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