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How to Travel with an Infant

Flying with an infant can be challenging especially when you are the only caregiver aboard, but it doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. When my daughter was under one year old, we traveled from Oregon to Maine with nary a problem. I will admit we lucked out with an exceptional flight crew who all happened to love babies so they were begging to take turns holding her in their downtime. However, even if you aren’t as fortunate as I was, there are steps that you can take to get your trip off to a good start, as well as improving the travel experience of the other passengers.

The first thing you need to do is pack for the baby. In your diaper bag, be sure to include plenty of wipes and spit up clothes. Babies may experience a bit of nausea on the flight and you will not want to be stuck with nothing to clean him or her up with. There is also the chance that you will be cleaning yourself. A spare change of clothes, cleaning cloths and a few spare diapers will be essential to everyone’s comfort in the case of stomach upset.

Packing several toys will help in keeping your little one occupied and amused throughout your travels. Choose toys that are soft, as baby may have a penchant for tossing them about. The last thing you want is an angry person across the aisle because your baby has hit them in the head with their hard plastic toy. Another rule for airplane toys is to keep them quiet. Nobody wants to listen to rattles and bells in the close quarters of the plane. Stuffed animals, teething rings, soft books, etc. make great friends for baby on the plane.

If your infant will take a pacifier, toss more than one in the bag. Babies are especially prone to getting earaches during take-off and descent. These can be very painful and provide a good reason for tearful shrieks. Chewing on a pacifier or the teething ring will aid in the avoidance of this problem. In case your baby does not have the good fortune to avoid the earaches, pack along a couple of styrofoam cups and cotton balls. On the take-off and descent, request that the flight attendant dip the cotton in some boiling water. Place the cotton balls in the bottom of the cups and hold gently over the child’s ears. This will help to alleviate the pressure and thus, the pain.

If the baby is old enough for snacks, be prepared to purchase them in the airport after you have made it through the security checkpoint. You will not be allowed through security with them already packed as no food products are permitted on flights other than those which are purchased from an airport vendor.

Other than packing these essential items for the baby’s trip, you can do several other things to make the trip more pleasant. Because turbulence is felt more obviously and abruptly in the back of the plane over the tail, request seating towards the front. Babies do not usually do well in these shaky situations.

Choose your flight strategically! Red eye flights may be the best bet for your trip with baby. It is possible that they may just sleep through the trip since it is during their normal sleep hours. Encourage this time of rest with a nice comfy car seat and a cozy blanket and PJs for him or her. When you are making your travel arrangements, ask which cheap flights are typically less booked than others and try your best to get on one of these. A packed plane with people practically sitting atop one another is terrible with a baby. You want to be able to get up and take your darling for a walk as necessary and this is very difficult on full flights.

Naturally, just prior to flight, it is important to change your baby and give him or her a good, hearty feeding. A relaxed beginning of the trip will make a pleasant impression on your traveling companions and most likely, encourage them to show some mercy if there is a bit of fussing later on. In making the holidays as comfortable as possible for your baby and yourself, you will be sharing that courtesy with the rest of the plane’s passengers as well. Your fellow travelers will thank you!

Tips and Guide that you have to know in China

China is an amazing country, with the highest population in the world, has the most beautiful sceneries in the world and is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. With winning the bid for Beijing Olympic 2008, China has become more recognized in the world. And in 2010, Shanghai (China) held one of the biggest expo in the world. With many world events that China hosted and will be hosting, visitors and tourists from all over the world are increasing rapidly every year.

Below are important tips when holiday, vacation or visiting China for business or for leisure:

Shangri La Pudong Hotel Shanghai (

–         Choose the right hotel deals. As good hotel is a plus to get your good resting before continue on China discovery journey. Bringing phone card and calling card  to call back to your country

–         Chinese people known for the shyness and humble and does not show their feeling and emotion in public. So as a foreigner in China, it is good to respect the etiquette and learn not to speak and act bluntly

–         When you have gift for Chinese, below is the gift that is a taboo for Chinese:

Clocks, Straw sandals,crane, Handkerchief, Anything white, blue or black

–         Learn to eat by using chopstick; spoon and fork is rarely use in Chinese restaurant in China. Most of the food is share in China, it is a culture. When using chopsticks, do not stick the chopstick standing upright in rice bowl, as it will look like incense burned at chinese funeral.

–         When drinking alcohol with Chinese, always toast first before having a first sip ; it is Chinese etiquette

–         Eating in Chinese meal usually including more than 7 course foods. Chinese believe that it is better to serve more food than serving less, leaving the guest hungry.

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How To Avoid Casual Baggage Problems

Mishandled baggage is not an uncommon phenomenon in air travel. The US Department of Transportation recently reported that for every 200 passengers flying domestic on the ten largest US airlines, at least one files a mishandled baggage report.

Losing one’s luggage is a definite headache for travelers. To avoid such mishaps, the following pointers are recommended:

Travel with only carry-on luggage. You take your bags with you inside the cabin, so you do not have to worry about them being lost or stolen. Generally, a passenger is allowed two pieces of carry-on luggage, one for the overhead bin and the other for under the seat. Additional items such as umbrellas and baby strollers are also permitted.

Do not put heavy items in the overhead storage bin. Even lightweight items can cause serious injuries if they fall out of the overhead. The maximum weight for carry-on bags is 40 pounds. Put your contact information on every bag. Stick a label on the outside of all your luggage indicating your name and address. Put a duplicate along with your itinerary and travel guides book inside your bags. This will help the airline locate your bags in case they are misplaced. The measure should also be done on your carry-on bags, just in case you need to check them in at the last minute.

Customize the look of your bags. Many bags have similar designs. So, customize your checked bags to make them easier to spot on the baggage carousel and to prevent other passengers to grab them by mistake. Keep your valuables with you. Store your valuable items, such as money, jewelry, laptop computers, holiday travel guide and electronic files in your carry-on luggage so they would not get lost.

Verify the correctness of airline tags on your luggage. The three-letter identifier tagged on your checked baggage should match your destination airport. When in doubt, check with your ticket agent and discount travel guide. Keep the stub from your checked luggage. The stub is a very important key to identifying your bags in case it is lost or picked up by someone else by accident.

Immediately report lost checked luggage. If your bags have not turned up at your destination, tell the baggage agents on duty or any of your airline’s representatives available at once.

Anticipate the loss of a bag. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Pack your bags in a way that the loss of a bag will not hamper your trip. Distribute clothes and underwear among your bags. If you have a business meeting and are carrying presentation materials with you, either pack backup copies in another bag or have it sent ahead of you. Do not pack hazardous goods. Some items, while commonplace and essential at home or in the workplace, pose a safety threat to passengers and crew in the cabin. If your airline allows them in checked baggage, make sure they are packed properly.

As always, verify with your airline their policies and guidelines regarding baggage.

Plan Your Holidays with Google Maps

Planning a trip is, really is really easy if you’re using Google maps. All you like as in yourself need to do is, really is know your destination. With Google maps, not only you like as in yourself get to see directions of how to get there, the actual surrounding areas, but you like as in yourself can search for a hotel, or like something else anything else you like as in yourself would like to do on that, certainly that make my trip.

Open your browser and get to the actual Google maps website. Type in (now this really is helpful) your destination address and note that you like as in yourself get different options, you like as in yourself can see the actual satellite view, traffic, real, really real time views etc.

On the actual same screen you like as in yourself can search for businesses in (now this really is helpful) tat area; if you’re looking for hotels, or like something else museums, anything you like as in yourself could possibly want it’s going to be right at your finger tips. You can, certainly can book your room, get cheap flight tickets etc.

If you like as in yourself want to save the actual search log in (now this really is helpful) to your google account and save the actual search beneath a descriptive name, you like as in yourself can share it with, like together others/ once you like as in yourself save it you like as in yourself and that’s what you like as in yourself would send.

You can, certainly can add multiple destinations, see how long it’s going to take you like as in yourself and what is, really is in the actual area, in (now this really is helpful) chase you like as in yourself would like to check out the actual surroundings.

Ways to Save on Summer Holidays

You don’t have to toss aside your travel plans in favor of frugality this summer holidays. Whether you’re looking forward to a romantic retreat with your sweetheart or a much-needed family vacation, finding the best deals on travel is key. And we know every penny counts, too, so we’ve compiled five ways to help you book last-minute summer travel on the cheap.

1. Book via online travel comparison sites

Don’t forget. With the economy making a steady rebound, there are more deals out there than ever before — but you have to know where to look. There are lots of travel websites out there to help you do some comparison shopping, too. compiles all the current travel specials and other sites are best choice, so you can find whichever prices suit your budget when it comes to airfare, cruises, car rentals, vacation packages or hotels.

2. Purchase entertainment in advance

You’ll want to have a plan when you arrive at your destination, especially if you’ve got kids in tow. Can’t decide where to go? BudgetTravel is a great resource for trip ideas and adventure travel. Their site offers advice on trip planning, restaurant recommendations, city guides and other helpful info for traveling families. And make sure you secure a Go Card or Explorer Pass, for everybody online before you head out on vacation. Both get you into dozens of attractions in popular cities across the country for as much as 50% less than the usual cost of admission. Many attractions and tours discounts also let you skip those long lines – another huge perk.

3. Look for last-minute deals

Just because you want to get out of Dodge sooner than later doesn’t meant you have to take what you can get. And while it’s generally a good idea to book your trip early in general, you can still find a ton of good travel deals out there that are geared toward procrastinators like yourself. For example, even if you book as late as three weeks before your departure, you’ll notice that some sites like Book My Trip actually reward you for showing up late to the party with pretty good discounts on flights, hotels and rental cars.

4. Opt for a vacation package

When you book your flight and hotel together, (or hotel and car) you can save substantially on your trip compared to booking separately. You could actually save a few hundred dollars just by bundling the two together. Vacation packages are the best way to save on travel no matter where you decide to go. They allow you to stretch your travel dollar much further, and are also way more convenient than booking and keeping track of separate itineraries.

Tips to Book Cheapest and Best Cruise for Your Vacations

Inexpensive or Cheap cruises are, now stay with me here, not challenging to find. Take advantage of some of the actual great offers that are, now stay with me here, available, and enjoy time with, like together your family or by (now keep this in mind) yourself.

Don’t think you can’t do this, because you can, you deserve to have some (now this really is helpful) time to enjoy your live, without spending a fortune. These are, now stay with me here, some great, such as a lot or very good ways to take an inexpensive cruise fare.

Look at online cruise booking sites. There are, now stay with me here, a lot of these sites available, and they all, like whole offer different cruise deals. Compare some of these sites to find the actual most inexpensive cruise of your choice.

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How to Travel Smart?

Before going, certainly going on a trip it helps to know what make the run, stress-free experience. Learn how to avoid wasting precious vacation time and how to travel within your budget while and this certainly is while getting the actual most out of your vacation.

Join in travel or like something else an automobile club can, certainly can save you like as in yourself money on maps, hotels, car rentals, visits to museums, fairs,exhibits, galleries businesses, etc. Creating an itinerary will, like actually will save money, time and headaches.

Some people think that, certainly that planning ahead of time takes the actual fun out of travelling and makes it less adventurous. Nothing could be, and really be further from the actual truth. Take note of this part, it pays to be prepared. Make My Trip

Create Travel itinerary

Determine how many as in lot days you like as in yourself will travel. Mark List of the actual towns and places you like as in yourself plan to visit. Road map find how many as in lot miles you like as in yourself have to travel between towns, calculate how much time it will, like actually will take to travel. record on your itinerary.

On the actual internet find points of interest you like as in yourself want to visit along the actual way. Look for museums, historical monuments, national parks, state parks, fairs, exhibits, galleries, etc. Record on your itinerary. Decide which places you like as in yourself want to visit, how much time it will, like actually will take to visit and how much time it will, like actually will take to get there. Record on your itinerary.

Decide how far you like as in yourself want to travel every day. This determines where you like as in yourself will spend the actual night. Record towns on your itinerary.

Look for hotels at your destination on the actual internet. Wait to make reservations until your itinerary has been, actually been finalized. For each travel day record: where you like as in yourself will start the actual day how many as in lot miles you like as in yourself will travel which laces/events you like as in yourself will visit where you like as in yourself will spend the actual night? how much money you like as in yourself will spend that, certainly that day for food, lodging and events.

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Scuba Diving in Kenting

As I entered the still, cold water, my mind focused on the sudden freezing sensation that ran through my body. My waist was now underwater, then my shoulders, finally my head. I sunk deeper and deeper, yet I was still breathing. The flaming sun high above was shining at its most, and I could see clearly beyond my mask. My teeth were biting on the breathing apparatus and with the marine pressure, breathing seemed too easy. As I went further below, I discovered one by one the splendors of the ocean. Never had I seen such stunning beauty.


The crystal azure water reflected perfectly the sun light during sun holidays I could see the white beams slithering on the sand which then seemed alive. The dark seaweeds and the twisted rocks covered with the most wonderful varieties of coral made this moment almost magical. And then, in this amazing stage, the show had just begun, as a mass of diverse colorful fishes paraded not too far away from me. I had never see so many different species of fish at the same time in the ocean.

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Travel destination Dwarka

Dwarka is located in the Western India State of Gujarat. It has the famous Dwarkadhish
temple where Lord Sri Krishna once had his palace.

How to reach Dwarka

You can fly down through cheap flights india to Jamnagar and from there complete the rest of the rest of the journey by tourist cab. Jamnagar is about 145 Kms from Dwarka. Or you can go by train up to Dwarka itself which is on the network of the Indian Western Railway. If you are coming from outside Gujarat, you can travel to Ahmadabad, Jamnagar or Rajkot and from there take connecting trains to Dwarka.

The Gujarat State Transport also runs buses connecting Dwarka with Ahmadabad, Jamnagar, Rajkot and other important towns in Gujarat.

How to travel within Dwarka

Dwarka is a small town in itself, but the other tourist and pilgrimage attractions like Bet Dwarka are a few kms away. So hiring a tourist cab to take you around is a good idea for hassle free transportation.

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Agra Travel Guide

Agra is very spread out and its sights too widely separated to explore on foot, so wherever you’re staying you’ll end up spending a fair amount of time in rickshaws or taxis.

Agra tour is very spread out and its sights too widely separated to explore on foot, so wherever you’re staying you’ll end up spending a fair amount of time in rickshaws or taxis. Getting from one part Agra to another can prove surprisingly time-consuming thanks to the sheer volume of traffic and the poorness of the roads, and crossing from one side of the Yamuna river to the other is particularly tedious, given the condition of the city centre’s two massively over-used and under-maintained bridges.

Cycle rickshaws are good for short trips in Agra and provide a livelihood for some of the city’s poorest inhabitants, as well as being cleaner and greener than autos. On the downside, they can be unbearably slow for longer journeys unless you’ve got a lot of time and patience and don’t mind being sat amongst noisy and smelly traffic for extended periods. Unfortunately, the city’s thousands of cycle rickshaw drivers are probably the single biggest source of hassle in Agra – attempt to walk anywhere, and these persistent folk will be on your case, doggedly chasing you down the street and ringing their bell in your era.

There are also a fair number of tongas (horse-drawn carriages) around Taj Mahal tour Taj Ganj in Agra, but the sight of these skinny and near-lame horses tends to put most people off; if you do take a ride, expect to pay about the same as you would in a cycle rickshaw. Auto rickshaws are faster and fares, including waiting time, are very reasonable if you don’t mind bargaining fares from Taj Ganj to Sadar Bazar to Agra Cantt Station and to the Fort. Taxis are handy for longer trips to Sikandra or Fatehpur Sikri; agree a fare before you set off, since they’re unlikely to have operational meters (or, if they do, to be willing to use them).

Up market hotels in Agra have their own fleet or vehicles, and there are car ranks at the stations; alternatively, your guesthouse should be able to arrange a vehicle for you. There’s also a cheap and environmentally friendly electric bus which shuttles back and forth between the fort and the west gate of the Taj Mahal, though you could easily spend twenty or thirty minutes waiting for it to arrive.

Whichever form of transport you choose in Agra, expect to have haggle hard. Agra sees so many “fresh” tourists that drivers will always quote significantly inflated prices to start with (the best policy, if a rickshaw driver names a silly price, is simply to walk away – they’ll usually chase after you and offer a more realistic fare).Also, note that the main agenda for many rickshaw – and taxi drivers is to get you into the city’s jewelers, marble shops and other such places where they can earn commission, often a more important source of income for them than what they earn in actual fares.

Some will even quote you a lower fare if you agree to visit a couple of emporiums en route India Tours – though if you agree to this and then decide to buy anything, remember that the rickshaw driver’s commission will be added to your bill. Many locals in Agra get around the city by bicycle, although for foreigners unused to the anarchic traffic and treacherous and surfaces, India travel on two wheels can be stressful and potentially dangerous. You’re better off hiring a cycle rickshaw and getting someone else to do pedaling for you.

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