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Enjoy the Picturesque Waterfalls in Jog India

Friends, you may have seen many waterfalls in India. But falls in Jog is different. It is unique. It is magnificent. It’s totally fantastic. It is a perfect place for tourists to enjoy their weekend getaways. It is untried, i.e. it drops directly and does not stream on to rocks. One should visit Jog falls in his/her lifetime. It is the highest waterfalls in India and is one of the major attractions in Karnataka Tours.

Last year, in the month of September along with my family members I have visited Jog and enjoyed the nature. We reach at around 8 am and strolled around for some time. It was raining on and off and many times the view of the fall would get completely blocked by fog. It was fun watching the fall in the rains.

Falls in Jog is a creation of gushing down of water from Sharavathi River from the height of 253 meters. It separates into four distinct waterfalls and is popularly named as Raja, Rani, Rocket, and Roarer.

Jog is 379 kms away from Bangalore, capital city of Karnataka, and is situated in a pristine and scenic location. During monsoons, the falls are hidden behind a thin veil of mist, surrounded by lush green vegetation, giving the place a mystical atmosphere. August-December is the season of best flow and the best time to visit. It comes down to trickle in the summers, primarily owing to the dams built for the power generation that redirect all the water.

If you prefer air route Hubli and Mangalore City are nearest, and from there you can take bus route to reach Jog. In Hubli some private tourist companies offered every day trip to Jog from Hubli. If you want to travel by train, you can take up train up to Shimoga, or Hubli, and from there you can get into buses to jog.

By road you can reach Jog directly by availing of buses to jog from Bangalore, Hubli, or Shimoga. It’s nearly 10 hours journey from Bangalore to Jog by road and could reach Jog by morning, if you catch up bus at night. From Shimoga it’s nearly 3 hours, and from Hubli it is 4-5 hours journey.

Take light cool dresses for summer. During the monsoon season the nights are cool. Warm clothes will be required for the winter season i.e. December to February. Kannada is the principal language of this region. Few people also understand English and Hindi. Enjoy a comfortable stay while on a India tour to jog at the hotels, offering a remarkable blend of tradition and modernity. The government owned Sharavathi Tourist Home is comfortable, clean and reasonable priced. It offers good view of the falls. SomeTourist Home is also cheap and comfortable place to stay. Inspection Bungalow is often heavily booked and its booking can be done at the District Commissioners at Shimoga.

Along with these some small hotels are also ready to serve you in and around Jog. You can spend an entire day around the waterfall. If you are fit, climb down to the base of the fall. It takes around 20-25 minutes to walk down, and may take an hour or two to come back depending on your fitness. You can take a dip in the water when you are in the gorge. Drive to the other side of the waterfall and you can get close to the falling water. It is a great experience. If you want to swim in the Sharavathi River, that also you can. But at the same time take utmost care for your safety.

Once again I come back to tell my experiences. Later we moved on to Sharavathi valley, a few kilometers down where river flows between the hills and offers amazing view from the top. I took a few photographs. Really it is a beautiful place and I don’t have word to express my feelings.

Further down, we encountered a stream by the road that tempted us to stop. We walked along the stream for a while and soon encountered a series of waterfalls. We took a dip there and it’s a great feeling to dip into a running stream and lie down against the running water. Even more fun is when you sit under a waterfall and feel the gush of the water.

We spent the entire day while walking, running, jumping, and driving around this road. There was less traffic on the road. Late in the evening, we saw some fishermen catching fishes along the bank of Sharavathi River. We stopped, had a chat with them and took some photographs around the place. We have enjoyed the nature a lot amid river, hills, and greenery.

One of my friend, who is working for Karnataka Power Corporation made an arrangement to get permission for us to visit the powerhouse. It is very nice. Our next destination was Dandeli, another hilly station in North Kanara district. It is nearly 30 kms distance from Jog. There is another small reservoir near Dandeli, called Supa. The road crawls right along the banks of Kali River and the river is surrounded by thick evergreen rain forests, typical of the sahyadri ranges. Sometimes people see leopards, black panthers and even tigers in the area. It was drizzling all along, which gave a poetic romance to the entire atmosphere. Really I liked that place, and even thought of spending rest of my life there. But unfortunately we had to return back, and on the next day we drove back to our native place.

Jog is really very nice place to visit and enjoy on weekends. If you have time you can visit nearby places like Honnemaradu, which is situated on the backwaters holidays of river Sharavathi, and is famous for water sports. It is an island formed with the backwater of Linganmakki dam. Lion-Tiger Reserve/Safari is located from Jog at a distance of about 90 kms towards Bangalore on the National Highway 206, and is a nice place for animal lovers.

Besides, you can visit Ikkeri and nearby Keladi, which is home to several ancient temples. Once it was a kingdom of Keladi empire. The other towns like Sagar, Sirsi, Siddapur lies in the Western Ghats, providing captivating views of the Sahyadri mountain ranges. These are all like hill-stations set amidst emerald green forests and several waterfalls.

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