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Istanbul – Turkey

The city of Istanbul in turkey is sometimes also referred to “Constantinople”. The city is the largest city in Turkey both according to area and population. Istanbul has approximately 12.6 million residents in its boundaries. The city is considered as Turkey’s main platform and hub for culture, architecture, history and financial strategies. Istanbul totally includes 39 districts. Istanbul is the city which is located on two different continents. The covered area of Istanbul is approximately about 707 square miles which makes the city the fifth largest in the world according to population density liver per square miles. The location of Istanbul city is North West side of the Marmara region in turkey.

Turkey has very mild summers with high percentage of humidity but winters are very cold, windy and snow is very often in the city during winter season. Istanbul is slightly hot and humid in the months of May to September. The city has a humidity percentage of about 79%. Winters start from October and remain until April. The city mostly receives the rainfall and snow during the months of December, January, February and March. Maximum temperature during summers can be up to 25 degrees while in summers mostly in nights it can also fall below freezing point.

Economically Istanbul is a very strong city as it has a very high impact in the overall Turkish economy. Istanbul is the city which is very rich in producing cotton, tobacco, silk and many other products. Istanbul has also gained importance economically because it hosts all the sea ports of Turkey and also international airports. Istanbul has some of the major industries of Turkey which includes Rubber industry, metal ware, chemicals, leather, transport vehicles industries, glass and many others. The city also generates its revenue from the tourism department.

Istanbul also plays an important part in the field of education as the city has a number of private and public institutions having high reputation in world. The city has almost 20 universities which allows student to specialize in many different fields. Public sector institutions are preferred more in the city because of their good results and reputation. “Istanbul University” was established in 1453 and is regarded as the oldest ever university of Turkey. Since then it has provided quality education to the students of not only Turkey but also students from different areas of the worlds. Along with Istanbul University “Istanbul Technical University” is also of great importance as it is the world’s third oldest university in the field of technology established in 1773.

In the field of sports Istanbul and Turkey have started to dominate in sports like football, basketball and volleyball. Ataturk Stadium is the biggest stadium in Turkey. The stadium has the honor of hosting UEFA champions League Final of 2005 between Liverpool FC of England and Ac Milan of Italy. Istanbul is also very famous for hosting many types of motor sport races. Out of which “Formula One Turkish Grand Prix” is the most important one.

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Top Five Views in Istanbul

Istanbul has been a part of the history of Asia Minor since the time of the earliest settlements. Its position on the Bosphorus Strait ensured and still ensures the city’s huge importance in the region, and it’s easy to see why Istanbul has grown (and been at the centre of conflict) for centuries. The mix of cultures and peoples in the city has created multicultural society, as well as a melting pot of architecture that compliments the stunning geography of the area. Anyone on a Turkish holiday will want to make the most of the sights and sounds of the city, so we’ve decided to help out by listing the top five must see views in Istanbul.

5. The Arcadia Hotel

Hotel Arcadia Istanbul (

Along with the first class accommodation and cuisine you would expect with holidays in Turkey, this hotel offers some of the best views in the city. You can lose yourself in staring from your room’s windows across the Sea of Marmara or share a romantic moment looking out over the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque at night. The perfect view to start or end a day on, and you don’t even have to leave your hotel room.

4. The Hagia Sophia

No holiday to Turkey and Istanbul would be complete without a visit to the Hagia Sophia. There are many great views of building around the city, and as an imposing monument it is hard to miss, but one of the best views is actually inside the Museum. Originally a patriarchal basilica and then a mosque, the “Church of Holy Wisdom” (as Hagia Sophia translates) is huge and awe inspiring. It is the third church to be built on the site and has a chequered history involving Catholic, Christian Orthadox and Muslim ownership. The scale of the outside is nothing to the artistry of the inside of the building, and the best views of the structure are to be had from beneath the dome or from the upper galleries.

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Istanbul Hotels – Historical Vacation Plane

Established on two continents, the beautiful and historical city of Istanbul is located in Turkey. A commercial and political center for the middle eastern countries Istanbul attracts tourists from all over the globe. It is considered as the most crowded city of Europe especially after the conquest of the Ottomans.

A great romantic city, Istanbul will never stop amazing its tourists as there is lots to see and enjoy here. Getting to Istanbul is quite easy as there are flights that fly in and out of Istanbul carrying tourists. A very hospitable city the hotels in Istanbul offer a warm welcome to the guests coming in to stay here.

Istanbul, a hospitable city-this attribute of Istanbul can be experienced in the Istanbul hotels situated here. The tourists can choose between the budget hotels to the luxurious ones. There are hotels in Istanbul where you can stay amidst luxury and enjoy your vacation. These Istanbul hotels are well facilitated to cater to the needs of the guests staying there.

Considered as Turkey’s cultural capital-Istanbul has lots to offer to its visitors. There are lots of tourist attractions in Istanbul which pull tourists to this interesting city from all over the globe. There are Istanbul tours that one can plan out to visit all the exciting places here.

Here you get to visit the ‘Hagia Sophia’- a Roman engineering masterpiece which was a church converted into a mosque and then latter into a museum. There are lots of other museums in Istanbul like the Archaeological Museum, The Ataturk Museum and lots more which can be visited on the tour of Istanbul. The castles in Istanbul will definitely take your breath away. The Anatolian Fortress, Galata Tower, Egyptian Obelisk are just some of the castles in this interesting city.

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Etihad Airways advice to book tickets as soon as possible

Summer can be sometimes disappointed for those tourists who would like to travel somewhere, for this reason Etihad Airways advice passengers to book their summer flights as soon as it is possible to keep away from displeasure, since the peak summer time is forthcoming. This company nowadays proposes flights to about 63 worldwide destinations and also developed system that contains the lately opened Japanese destinations such as Nagoya and Tokyo, and also in Iraq, Bagdad and Erbil. But in other regions such as Dublin, Manila, Beirut and Kathmandu, the organization has amplified the frequency.
The Abu Dhabi-based airline has observed important raise in booking to some of the key destinations such as customers from Middle East book their summer travel.

Etihad Airways advice to book tickets as soon as possible

This summer, Etihad Airways schedules to operate a total of 1.032 flights per week. This number is with 16 per cents higher than in the last year. The Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Airways declared that they company supposes to register exceptionally high demand for the period of summer , particularly as residents across the Middle East areas travel to Europe for cooler climates. They recommend passengers to book quickly in order to make certain that their summer vacation will be a successful one.

 Eithad also give the chance for tourists to visit famous holiday regions as Athens, Paris, Istanbul, Cairo, New York, Singapore, Geneva, London, Munich and Kuala Lumpur. The company also recommends a variety of high quality vacation packages to these areas during the summer time.

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8 of the Sexiest Hotel Showers in the World

Usually people book hotel rooms for the comfort and luxury it offers. Today, not only do designers and hotel owners pay attention to the room. They have added something else which entices visitors even more: showers. If you think about this, it is but natural that a room has a wonderful shower waiting for its tired visitors.

However, dont think its just an ordinary shower-something similar to what you have at home. These are extraordinary bathrooms with high-tech features, glass mosaics and even a chandelier. Think the latter is only a posh way to light your path inside? Think again, as a switch turns this chandelier into an incredibly sexy shower.
Gone are the days when hotel rooms offered bathrooms that simply offer a place for you to freshen up from a days worth of tours. Today, they have all kinds of perks which include multiple showerheads to a grand view of the city.

If youre used to sprawling hotel rooms with nice, little bathrooms which offer the essentials, it is time to visit different hotels around the world, which offer the sexiest showers for you to enjoy, and even share with a partner. When checking into your room, dont just take a quick glance at the bed and the surroundings; go straight to the bathroom and check out their top-of-the-line offers.

Mondrian South Beach in Miami

8 of the Sexiest Hotel Showers in the World

The clear blue skies of Miami is depicted on the wall of the bathroom through mosaic glass tiles, and to complete an outdoor experience, the rain showerhead mounted on the ceiling trickles water, which is actually incorporated into a lighted crystal chandelier. And since one should never be satisfied by constructed elements alone, Marcel Wanders made sure that there is a grand view of the bay, ocean, and the city itself. Agua by Korres is the chosen brand for the bath products.

Viceroy in Anguilla

8 of the Sexiest Hotel Showers in the World

Want to feel like a celebrity? Head to Anguilla and immerse yourself in this resort that has 166 rooms-the best thing being their showers, which are outdoors. Not to worry though, as these outdoor wooden showers are connected to the main bathroom (in marble) through sliding doors. Still feeling cramped? Simply open the shutters to get a breathtaking view of the seascapes. Neil George of Beverly Hills provides the shampoos and conditioners.

Alila Cha-am in Thailand

8 of the Sexiest Hotel Showers in the World

If you are interested in an Asian getaway, this beautiful place is the best for you. Known for their spas, Alila Cha-ams very own spa products are all organic; made from Sensatia Botanicals-a local brand that uses raw materials. Pretend that you are in the wilds of Asia by taking a cool shower under the rain, right in your own bathroom: complete with a sound system, the 24-by-19-inch showerhead will give you the feeling of actually taking a shower in the rain. You can also control the showers strength by choosing between a soaking shower or one that swathes you into a curtain of water.

A lot of countries at the moment though have issued travel warnings to their citizens because of the political unrest in Thailand.

Park Hyatt Macka Palas in Istanbul

8 of the Sexiest Hotel Showers in the World

If you want a more complete spa experience, head over to Istanbul where they know their craft. Copying Turkish baths, they have steam rooms, heated floors and stone seats where you can sit and enjoy a spa treatment. To further relax visitors, Macka Palas has availed of an exclusive scent by Blaise Mautin, which smells of rose, with a hint of sandalwood and jasmine. Let your eyes feast on the gorgeous neoclassical design of the building, complete with Art Deco-designed rooms.

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