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Take a Special Journey to Kerala

Are you burdened with a load of care? Are you on the edge of extinction because of work or simply tired of this world? Take a Special Journey to Kerala and get rejuvenated with its magical delights of cruise on the houseboats, refreshing breeze of mist-kissed hills, cascades of gorgeous waterfalls, musical flow of the brook, lovely sight of lush green mountains, dancing of coconut and palm trees on the fringe of beaches and backwaters, delicate fragrance and scenic carpets of spices and tea plants, rejuvenating ayurvedic treatment, yoga and more. The land of natural beauty welcomes you offering just a perfect destination to get yourself rejuvenated physically, emotionally as well as spiritually with its wealth of stunning natural beauties.

Kerala Tour Packages, The divine creation of Kerala is indeed wonderful. It truly resides on the safe lap of Mother Nature. From pristine waterfalls, cool flowing streams, picturesque mountains, startling hill stations, serene backwaters to graceful palm-fringed beaches, Kerala is abundantly blessed with extravagant natural attractions. For all its unparallel natural endowments, it is reason enough to be called God’s own country. Besides a land of natural beauty, Kerala is also home to some of the country’s most captivating tourist attractions such as wildlife, architectural monuments, cultures, traditions, cuisines, pilgrimage and ayurvedic treatment etc. It has in store some of the country’s best kerala wildlife parks and sanctuaries, architectural forts, palaces, kerala temples, mosques, churches, rejuvenating pilgrimage and ayurvedic centers. It seems Kerala have everything and can fulfill every traveler’s dream that they have been dreaming of.

Since abundantly endowed with immense natural beauties and having housed many brow-lifting places and attractions, Kerala tourism offers a wide range of opportunities to see and explore. An array of customized tour packages are made available at every tourist disposal with great variety of travel experiences. Travelers can enjoy a pool of options from vibrant culture and tradition to rejuvenating ayurveda and pilgrimage, stunning architectural monuments, captivating wildlife, verdant hill stations and tranquil backwaters to serene kerala beaches. Whether it is an adventure tours, honeymoon tours, rejuvenation tours, destination wedding or just a family or friend’s leisure get away tour, Kerala offers just a perfect destination. No matter what time of the year, every visitor is assured a great time with never before tours and travel experiences.

When on a special journey to Kerala, visitors will be taken aback not just by its wealth of attractions but more by the friendly and warm hospitality of the people of Kerala. The state is known for its friendly holiday destination with visitor-friendly services and conveniences. In fact, the immense beauty with tourist-friendly services and conveniences has made the state all the more sought after and an unparallel tourist destination in India.


Kerala Tours – Experience the Adventure and Fun at Same Time

India Holidays

Kerala is no doubt amazingly blessed by the natural wonderments that are beyond the scope of words to describe. But adventure is also the part of this state as tourists who are adventure enthusiast can enjoy memorable time with immense joy and pleasure.

Kerala tours offer tourists to see some of the best landscape on earth as well as amazing creation of the god that is beyond the imagination of the tourists. Come and soak in the splendor of the nature exploring the beauty of the hill stations, beaches, scenic sightseeing spots and tourism attractions and the options are endless.

Tourists from across the region come for Kerala holiday to bathe in the splendor of the nature and feast the eyes with the panoramic view of the greenery and the amazing combination of the nature. If you are retired from the city life and looking for a place to revive your tiring eyes, then Munnar hill station is the perfect gateway. Located at the confluence of the three mountain river, Munnar is amazingly gifted by the sheer beauty of the nature which is also a retreat for tourists and nature lovers.

Munnar is also the perfect place to soak in the splendor of the nature as well as it is the iconic tourism attractions of almost all the Kerala tour packages. Come and explore the beauty of some of the scenic sightseeing places that include Heart Lock Lake, Mattupetty Lake and Dam, Attukal, Devikulam and Eravikulam National Park.

Well apart from the leisure vacation and visit to the scintillating sightseeing spots, tourism in Kerala is beyond imagination. With fun and luxurious vacations, tourists with the help of Kerala holiday packages can experince the adventurous sides of Kerala tourism. Enjoy wildlife tours or plan for trekking, Kerala is also a paradise for adventure buffs and adorn the holidays with memorable memories.

Astonishing Holidays in Kerala

Kerala is the wonderful tourist place in south India. The place is popular amongst the tourists because of its unique culture and tradition. The natural beauty and scenery of Kerala grab the tourist’s attraction since long time. You can capture lots of new memories from the trip. Journey to the Kerala is just like dreams come true. It’s a fantastic place for the trip where you can feel different and enjoy a lot. Each and every thing of the place is unique and beautiful.

The beaches and backwaters of Kerala are best places for enjoyment. They take you in between the wonderful sceneries of the place. The popular beaches and backwaters are: Beaches at Kovalam, Fort Kochi, Alappuzha, Marari, Muzhappilangad, Cherai, Kappad and Backwaters at Alappuzha, Kottayam, Kochi, Kollam Thiruvallam, Kumarakom, Kozhikode, etc. Marine Drive is a famous walkway in Kochi. Marine drive is popular for Rainbow and Chinese fishing net bridge amongst the tourists. These places are like the heart because the beauty of the place is incomplete without these beautiful places.

The place is also have popular religious institutions which makes your Kerala Holidays Tours more exciting, some are: Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple, Veliancode Mosque, Mahadeva Temple, St. Andrew’s Florance Church, Cheraman Juma Masjid, Edappally church, Guruvayoor Temple, Sabarimala Temple, Sree Krishnaswamy temple, Beemapalli Mosque, St. Mary’s Florance Church, etc.

Apart from all above amazing places Kerala Tour Packages also offer you opportunity to explore the wildlife. For seeing the wild life you can visit: Kadalundi, Thattekad, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Muthanga, Peppara, Neyyar, Periyar, Aralam, Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary, Silent Valley, Eravikulam National Park, etc. You can have an opportunity to see: Lion, Tiger, Waterfowl, Cobra, Viper, Hornbill, Bonnet, Heron, Kingfishers, Cuckoo, Sambar, Flying Squirrel, Jungle Nightjars, Cane Turtle, Loris, Pangolins, Crocodiles, Laughing Thrushes, Malabar Trogons, etc.

After exploring wildlife, now its time to move your journey towards the marvelous hill stations of Kerala. You can visit the stunning hill stations of Munnar, Rajamala, Palakkad, Ponmudi, etc. All these hill station’s natural beauty attracts the tourist and also wins the heart of the tourists. You can also do the shopping from Kochi’s New Street, Shoppers at Jew Street, Government Handicraft Emporia, etc. While doing the shopping you can enjoy the delicious cuisine of the place i.e. Rasam, Appam, Puttu, Tapioca and Fish Curry, Payasam, etc.

India Travel Tourism offers you a wonderful and pleasant journey with your close ones. Kerala have its distinctive specially and richness in all walks of life. So, come and lost in the beauty of “Gods Own Country”.

Kerala Tours for Long Lasting Holiday Experience

Kerala a beautiful state located along the azure shore of the Arabian Sea is visited by thousands and hundreds of tourists from across the corner of the globe. It is blessed with exciting and magnetizing natural beauty which has its own splendor and enigmatic charm that tempts the heart of tourists and visitors and offers them an experince that they will love to cherish for lifetime.

Some of the most exciting tourism attractions and destinations that is covered by most of the Kerala package tours as well as are worth to visit and explore are listed below:

Kumarakom Backwater

Kumarakom is a scenic village mostly known for its enchanting backwater beautifully dotted by the swaying coconut trees and lush green surrounding. It is amazingly beautiful and so due to is hard to believe charm, it magnet visitors and holiday seekers from across the planet. So if you want to explore the soul beauty of Kerala and its enchanting charm of scenic flavor in its blossoming magnificence come to Kumarakom and treasure for a lifetime experience.

Munnar Hill Station

One of the most featured attractions and destination of almost of the Kerala tour packages, Munnar beauty never fails to impress the heart of the visitors. You will surely be left mesmerized and spell bound by its enigmatic charm and attractions that are beyond visual and verbal descriptions. Here one can see and visit to some of the most enchanting tourism attractions that include the famous Mattupetty Lake and Dam, Eravikulam National Park, Echo Point, Nyayamakad, Attukal and many others. Apart from all these there are many other scintillating and well organized tea gardens and spice plantations that never fail to impress the heart of its magnetizing charm and attractions.

Some other beautiful attractions and places of tourist interest that one can see and visit are Kovalam (One of the Finest beach resorts in the world), Cochin (Queen of the Arabian Sea), Kuttanad (One among the few place where farming is done below sea level), Kannur, Thiruvallam, Alleppey, etc. So what are you waiting for? Plan for Kerala tour with your dear ones and explore the evergreen charm and beauty of this beautiful Kerala lovingly called God’s Own Country and treasure remarkable experince to relish in forever.

India Luxury Vacations: It’s Time for Extreme Indulgence!

India Luxury Vacations have been hailed by the world-famous celebrities and the super-rich around the world for extreme indulgence. Take, for example, the sleek super-yacht of the mult-billionaire Vijay Mallya (the Chairman of the United Breweries Group and Kingfisher Airlines) known as the Indian Empress. Recently in news in India for being hired by the Hollywood superstar Heidi Klum to enjoy her Caribbean vacations with her family in real affluent style, the boat has 16 cabins at three levels. In desi waters, the passengers are ferried onshore on two high-speed motorboats. Adorned with paintings and objets d’art from the personal collection of Mr Mallya, the super yacht has an enigmatic use of colors and a look and feel that is very Indian. Each room in the boat offers panoramic sea views and the attached bathrooms dazzle with gold furnishings.

Named as the ‘Second Best Resort in India and the Indian Ocean’ by the Gallivanter’s Guide in 2008, and hailed as one of the ‘Top Ten Spas’ worldwide by Tatler, the Aman-i-Khás on the fringes of the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is a luxe wilderness camp that combines the raw appeal of Indian jungles with the beauty of rural Rajasthan. The rocky Aravalli Hills and the trees surrounding the camp make for some breathtaking views. The fireplace is the focal point of the camp where you can sit at night after dinner and gaze at the bright starts in the clear desert skies and assemble twice in the day to leave for the exciting jungle safaris that allow you to see some of the rarest terrestrial animals in the world such as tigers, leopards, and gazelles. The word ‘Khás’ means ‘Special’ in Urdu and the dining tent softly lit by lamps, the spa tent with traditional massages and scrubs, and the dips in ancient-style traditional step wells add real value to the name of this camp resort.

Another idea for unique India luxury vacations is to indulge in diving in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea. Home to one of the world’s richest coral reef ecosystems, the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago has coral species that are comparable to the famous triangle of Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea in richness and biodiversity. The steep and undulating hills of raven volcanic lava make diving at Andaman even more unusual. There are a number of shallow reefs for snorkelling too and the shark varieties such as Hammerheads, Greys, Whitetips, Nurse and Leopard sharks are quite an attraction here. If you are lucky, you may even see Silvertips and Ocean Whitetips here. If you are an experienced diver, you will love the deep diving at the Cinque Island near Port Blair, where you can see amazing marine life such as black corals and sharks too. The clear water here offers you visibility up to 80 feet. Corals, sponges, and fishes can also be seen at the Fish Rock near Passage Island. If you love underwater and are opting for an India luxury tour, ask your tour operator if you can accommodate Havelock Island and Pilot Reef in your itinerary to see some of the most beautiful hard corals.

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India Tours – Taking One Step Back

Many people underestimate India to be a backward, complacent land, which does nothing for itself. The truth is that India does not really need to – India has been blessed so abundantly that very little needs to be done to better the experience. What gives India a special quality is that every place, sight and event is natural and virgin. This gives India a genuine, endearing appeal, which is hard to find in any other place. India Tours need to little on their part – India does it for them entirely.

India Tours offer plenty of experiences, which can be close to nature, depict her cultures and tradition, or even allow a show of her varied lifestyle and cuisine. In every lane, house, and heart, you are sure to feel the most raw, heartfelt Indian hospitality and warmth. With so much to be felt, who needs lavish spreads, indulging resorts and opulent service? If you think that just being at home is not enough, and you want your holiday to dish out every serving king size, head straight for an India Tour. Tours of India help incorporate the most rustic elements of India with grandeur and limitless luxury.

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Kerala Tours – A Journey to the Back of Beyond

Travel to the south of India and you will find a narrow, long state that looks rather unassuming. It, however, houses explosive experiences that charge, fulfil and invigorate you. Kerala is a state which needs no intervention, no augmentation and no help to help enhance its appeal. It is a picture of perfection in itself. Kerala Tours have so many sights and experiences in its natural, ordinary way of life that it is hard to find another tour that can match or better it.

The most prominent feature of all Kerala Tours continues to remain the thrill of the backwaters. Unending stretches of beautiful waters that gently stroke the shores of several small towns make the perfect holiday to solitude. Moving motionlessly through the waters in an unhurried pace, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience some of the most inspiring sights of Kerala. Humble abodes that line the coasts are inviting, while the churches that can be seen through the parting of wavering palms beckon you. The sounds of waves undulating under you and the birds making their way through the winds sends shivers of pleasure.

A similar experience of water and pleasure awaits you in the exotic beaches of Kerala. Several of them lay waiting along the coast of the state, some of which enjoy more popularity. The beaches are picturesque – almost too good to be true. The blue blanket of sky that meets the sea flawlessly, shades of blues, greens and grey of the sea that changes with the moods of the heavens above, and whites, yellows and ochre of the sands that sift through your feet and tempt you with their welcoming warmth. This is just the beginning of the most sublime experience. Cherish it under your beach umbrella, soak in the sun, or just sit aimlessly and sip the nectarine freshness of coconut water. The sunset in Kerala is a must for everyone here, and along the beach the magic is augmented manifold. Watch the sun rush through the sky and disappear quickly to plunge the waters, skies and earth in darkness, and feel the cold of the night dawn on you.

A walk through the fishing village is a unique experience, which stimulates vision, smell, and feel. Rows of catch take their chance to find their way to the frying pan. The prize of the day assumes its regal position as enthused men chant in authority to obtain the highest price from obliging bidders. Along the waters, age old Chinese fishing nets are raised and lowered periodically to unearth an abundant variety of sea life.

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What’s Incredible About India – India Tours

‘Incredible India’ – this is the term that the Government has used to promote India on the global tourism platform. Just what is so incredible about India, you might wonder. If you have never been to India before, this thought is likely to cross you mind. If you have been on an India Tour before, you would only smile fondly every time you read this statement.

Every sight, sound and taste of India is incredible. This ideal may sound lofty, but to the avid traveller who seeks to be inspired by intriguing experiences, this is the ultimate solution. To begin with, let us take off at what can be termed as touristic delights. The backwaters of Kerala, the beaches of Goa and the exhaustive sojourn through Rajasthan begin your tryst with Incredible India. As you proceed, you head through to unchartered territory, and start to make your own epic on India with experiences which can be unique only to you. This is the first miracle of India. The same region can inspire different thoughts in each individual, which is what goes in to making the experiences personal and memorable.

Take a walk down the endless history. Include monuments like the Taj Mahal, Qutb Minar, ruins of Hampi, churches of Goa and grand French architecture of Pondicherry. The temples of India are humbling – the Tirupati Balaji temple, Madurai Meenakshi temple, Jagannath temple at Puri and also the Krishna Temple at Nathdwara in Rajasthan are only the most famous temples, while the smaller ones are in no way less appealing.

Several tours in India take shape very easily. Adventure tours have several locales with waterfalls, rivers, beaches and jungles. Pilgrimage tours are by far the most exhaustive, while history and culture tours span the entire length and breadth of the country. Medical tourism is also gaining popularity with alternative treatments like ayurveda finding increased appeal.

Talking about natural endowments, India needs to do very little to strike a chord with people. The hills and valleys in the north are refreshing and inviting, the plains of Punjab serve the most delectable fares made using rich ingredients. Endless fields that grow grains which feed the whole country and several parts of the world, this is home to the Golden Temple.

Getting about India is another incredible experience. Try your hand with the local buses which may be teeming with people, but this is among the best ways to take in the true Indian spirit. The railways offer supreme connectivity, and are highly functional. Although they may take you a little longer than the regular flight, this is one chance to understand the Indian lifestyle and thought.

Being in India is like being at home in heaven. There are foods for the Gods, sights that make paradise seem a reality, and people who are celestial. No matter where you are from, you are sure to fit in like you have always belonged here.

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Rajasthan Tour packages – Holidays like Never Before

Holiday to a different world

Rajasthan, a state located in the northern part of the country was rules by the royal Rajputs. The royal heritage of the land has earned it international renown. But its merits won’t stop here; nature has been really benevolent and blessed it with amazing variety. From simmering sands to deep jungle Rajasthan traps some of the most beautiful forms of nature. But a Rajasthan tour package is just incomplete without a broad introduction with the local culture and lifestyle of the original inhabitants of the land. This is mainly because the culture and tradition of the land is as colorful as the natural diversity. What attracts most is that zealous bonding with the traditions and culture that the local people so brilliantly exhibit in their own simple way. All this and many more have earned the distinctive identity that Rajasthan seem to have.

Rajasthan offers such a vast treasure for holiday makers that on order to experience the place in its totality, many different holiday packages have been designed by expert tour package makers.
Camel Safari in Rajasthan- As Venice can’t be thought without its gondolas, similarly, Rajasthan seems to loose its identity without its camel safari. The camel safari forms an intricate part of the desert expedition. It takes one to miles after into deep hot deserts. It covers all the major tourist destinations of the state. Some of the places that offer the delight of camel safari are Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Khinsar.

Palace tours in Rajasthan-

The magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan seem to have no peers in the rest of the world. Home to the royal families, the palaces seem to withstand the havocs of time and yet stay beautiful through eternal years. The palaces hotels offer some of best accommodation facilities that any one can ever expect on holiday. The royal treatment offered by the palace hotels seem to one feel like king or a queen. Optimum luxury and true heritage seem to create mind blowing ambience.

Heritage Tours-

the best of the land comes from its heritage. A heritage tour takes one to the best heritages places spread across the length and breathe of the entire state. It provides the opportunity to explore the splendid imprints of a royal past. Hawa Mahal in Jaipur to Mehrangarh Fort for Jodhpur, Jai Mahal, City Palace and many other such brilliant palaces are explored to the fullest. Tourist find it difficult to believe such opulence architectural splendor spread across the state. The lovers of heritage tourism would love to undertake it time gain only to discover the timelessness of the heritage structures of Rajasthan.

Wildlife Tourism-

Wildlife is another big attention of the Rajasthan Tourism. The very mention of tiger reserves where tourists can actually encounter tigers amidst deep jungle runs enthusiasm among lovers of wildlife tourism. Tourists can undertake elephant or jeep safari to places like Ranathambore national park, Sariska Wildlife sanctuary, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Kumbhalgarh. Any of these places can be a true treat to the senses.

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Rajasthan Tours – Timeless Tales Revisited

Where in the world would it be possible for you to arrive in the most stylish car which pulls up in the porch of a palace you are going to call your home? Where can you then get onto the back of the camel and undulate through capricious dunes like a commoner in the desert the very next instant? And where will you be able to dance to the beats of playful drums and swaying skirts in gay abandon the almost instantly? It’s all here – on Rajasthan Tours.

Rajasthan is the land of native pleasures. There are the palaces and forts that date back several centuries, there are temples of various faiths that co-exist in perfect harmony and complement one another, there is the expansive desert which challenges every traveller to test its might and ends up befriending them, and there are the hospitable people who never fail to charm with their innocence and simplicity.
Make sure you have a chance to experience every element of Rajasthan in your tour. Look to include some of everything – palaces, wildlife, desert safaris, cultural tours, heritage and also adventure. If you want something special, Rajasthan has it waiting in the wings.

Rajasthan Tours are ideal during the winters as they make travel more pleasant. There is much more to see, and numerous fairs, cultural events and festivals are held during this time. Plan your trip well in advance so that you have a chance to live Rajasthan in its true colour and spirit.

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