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Unforgettable Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages with Unlimited Destinations

India is a land of rich cultural heritage and a long history. It has some of the most exotic locations to offer in the world. One of them is Kerala. Kerala is traditionally known as God’s own country. All over the country, it is also recognized as land of coconuts. Kerala tours offer tourists an experience to a destination that is one of the most famous destinations in the world.

The beautiful state of Kerala is in the southern part of the incredible India. Kerala tour packages offer tourists various exclusive and exotic locations. The weather in Kerala is pleasant and lovely all around the year. This makes it even more enjoyable for the tourists. Kerala is a site of great locations, pleasing weathers, attractive destinations which as a whole give a lifelong memorable experience to the tourist. It offers a wonderful experience to the tourists with its beautiful hill stations, splendid beaches, exotic and mesmerizing flora and fauna and its very fabulous backwaters. This shows Kerala’s diverse and beautiful culture to its tourists in Kerala tour packages.

The Kerala backwaters tour is so famous among the tourists that it has proven to be the most beautiful, exotic and popular location and for its journey to the backwaters on the comfortable and relaxing houseboats, tasty cuisine, magnificent temple and warm hearted people. Kerala offers mesmerizing destinations for sight-seeing to the tourists. With that it also gives opportunity to the tourists to taste the famous cuisine of Kerala that is mostly made of rice and different types of fish.

Ayurveda has a lot of influence in Kerala, so the tourist while on a trip to Kerala can get various ayurveda therapies. These ayurveda therapies revitalize and relax one’s body, mind and soul and give a totally different and new experience to the travelers to rejuvenate in God’s own country.

Taking a Kerala honeymoon tour is a great way of enjoying a honeymoon. Walking on the sun kissed beaches, looking at the sunset, sipping coconut water while holding hands is a lovely feeling. Some of the best hill stations of Kerala are Ramakalmedu, Munnar, and Rajamala, apart from these there are many national parks and sanctuaries also. Some of the famous national parks and sanctuaries are Idukki, Periyar, Silent valley, etc. There are many amazing temples in Kerala like Guruvayoor, Sabarimala, etc. beaches in Kerala include places like Kappad, Varkala, Kovalam, Alappuzzha, Cochin, etc.

Kerala has a wide range of luxurious tourist resorts and hotels that are of international standards, therefore making it more comfortable to stay. Kerala tours are among the most popular packages of various incredible India tours. The tourist can enjoy a holiday of their own. They can choose a tour package of their own. For example, the tourist can choose Kerala tour packages for adventure, pilgrimage sites, honeymoon, natural scenic beauty, etc. come, visit this gods own country and experience the charm of this exotic state’s grandeur that would never disappoint its tourists and lure them to take Kerala tour packages again and again.

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Kerala Tours for Long Lasting Holiday Experience

Kerala a beautiful state located along the azure shore of the Arabian Sea is visited by thousands and hundreds of tourists from across the corner of the globe. It is blessed with exciting and magnetizing natural beauty which has its own splendor and enigmatic charm that tempts the heart of tourists and visitors and offers them an experince that they will love to cherish for lifetime.

Some of the most exciting tourism attractions and destinations that is covered by most of the Kerala package tours as well as are worth to visit and explore are listed below:

Kumarakom Backwater

Kumarakom is a scenic village mostly known for its enchanting backwater beautifully dotted by the swaying coconut trees and lush green surrounding. It is amazingly beautiful and so due to is hard to believe charm, it magnet visitors and holiday seekers from across the planet. So if you want to explore the soul beauty of Kerala and its enchanting charm of scenic flavor in its blossoming magnificence come to Kumarakom and treasure for a lifetime experience.

Munnar Hill Station

One of the most featured attractions and destination of almost of the Kerala tour packages, Munnar beauty never fails to impress the heart of the visitors. You will surely be left mesmerized and spell bound by its enigmatic charm and attractions that are beyond visual and verbal descriptions. Here one can see and visit to some of the most enchanting tourism attractions that include the famous Mattupetty Lake and Dam, Eravikulam National Park, Echo Point, Nyayamakad, Attukal and many others. Apart from all these there are many other scintillating and well organized tea gardens and spice plantations that never fail to impress the heart of its magnetizing charm and attractions.

Some other beautiful attractions and places of tourist interest that one can see and visit are Kovalam (One of the Finest beach resorts in the world), Cochin (Queen of the Arabian Sea), Kuttanad (One among the few place where farming is done below sea level), Kannur, Thiruvallam, Alleppey, etc. So what are you waiting for? Plan for Kerala tour with your dear ones and explore the evergreen charm and beauty of this beautiful Kerala lovingly called God’s Own Country and treasure remarkable experince to relish in forever.

Viajes a la India: Everything There is to Show

There are many interesting and innovative ways that one can choose to explore a new country. To be able to soak in the comfort of India, Viajes a la India are the best solution you can find. They are comfortable, affordable and make for a leisurely way to tour the country.

The experiences in India can wear you down if you try and cover too much for yourself. Viajes a la India present to you numerous attractions which can be experienced without stress or strain. They showcase the best there is in India, from the most popular tourist destinations to offbeat locales, and even the best nightclubs and shopping alleys too!

When looking for the right package for yourself, keep in mind your own tastes. This will help you a great deal in deciding the kind of package you want to opt for. There is plenty in India, pilgrimage, relaxation, therapy and even adventure. Within these broad parameters are various locations which have differing climates and temperaments, and this enables you to narrow down your focus even further.

The best Viajes a la India include the heritage train journeys, Rajasthan Tours, backwater tours of Kerala and beach tours. The magic of these is that they have a unique component of India to showcase. Rajasthan is a glorious show of India on the whole, while the beaches exhibit the restraint and reticent shades of India mingled with hours of fun and revelry. The backwaters are an expanse which exhibits the different flavours of Kerala including its heritage, history and bounty.

The biggest attraction is the hospitality of India which is impossible to replicate in the most renowned five star hotels. Because of its sincerity and simplicity, Indian hospitality has earned a name for itself, one which brings tourists back year after year.

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India Luxury Vacations: It’s Time for Extreme Indulgence!

India Luxury Vacations have been hailed by the world-famous celebrities and the super-rich around the world for extreme indulgence. Take, for example, the sleek super-yacht of the mult-billionaire Vijay Mallya (the Chairman of the United Breweries Group and Kingfisher Airlines) known as the Indian Empress. Recently in news in India for being hired by the Hollywood superstar Heidi Klum to enjoy her Caribbean vacations with her family in real affluent style, the boat has 16 cabins at three levels. In desi waters, the passengers are ferried onshore on two high-speed motorboats. Adorned with paintings and objets d’art from the personal collection of Mr Mallya, the super yacht has an enigmatic use of colors and a look and feel that is very Indian. Each room in the boat offers panoramic sea views and the attached bathrooms dazzle with gold furnishings.

Named as the ‘Second Best Resort in India and the Indian Ocean’ by the Gallivanter’s Guide in 2008, and hailed as one of the ‘Top Ten Spas’ worldwide by Tatler, the Aman-i-Khás on the fringes of the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is a luxe wilderness camp that combines the raw appeal of Indian jungles with the beauty of rural Rajasthan. The rocky Aravalli Hills and the trees surrounding the camp make for some breathtaking views. The fireplace is the focal point of the camp where you can sit at night after dinner and gaze at the bright starts in the clear desert skies and assemble twice in the day to leave for the exciting jungle safaris that allow you to see some of the rarest terrestrial animals in the world such as tigers, leopards, and gazelles. The word ‘Khás’ means ‘Special’ in Urdu and the dining tent softly lit by lamps, the spa tent with traditional massages and scrubs, and the dips in ancient-style traditional step wells add real value to the name of this camp resort.

Another idea for unique India luxury vacations is to indulge in diving in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea. Home to one of the world’s richest coral reef ecosystems, the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago has coral species that are comparable to the famous triangle of Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea in richness and biodiversity. The steep and undulating hills of raven volcanic lava make diving at Andaman even more unusual. There are a number of shallow reefs for snorkelling too and the shark varieties such as Hammerheads, Greys, Whitetips, Nurse and Leopard sharks are quite an attraction here. If you are lucky, you may even see Silvertips and Ocean Whitetips here. If you are an experienced diver, you will love the deep diving at the Cinque Island near Port Blair, where you can see amazing marine life such as black corals and sharks too. The clear water here offers you visibility up to 80 feet. Corals, sponges, and fishes can also be seen at the Fish Rock near Passage Island. If you love underwater and are opting for an India luxury tour, ask your tour operator if you can accommodate Havelock Island and Pilot Reef in your itinerary to see some of the most beautiful hard corals.

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India Tours – Taking One Step Back

Many people underestimate India to be a backward, complacent land, which does nothing for itself. The truth is that India does not really need to – India has been blessed so abundantly that very little needs to be done to better the experience. What gives India a special quality is that every place, sight and event is natural and virgin. This gives India a genuine, endearing appeal, which is hard to find in any other place. India Tours need to little on their part – India does it for them entirely.

India Tours offer plenty of experiences, which can be close to nature, depict her cultures and tradition, or even allow a show of her varied lifestyle and cuisine. In every lane, house, and heart, you are sure to feel the most raw, heartfelt Indian hospitality and warmth. With so much to be felt, who needs lavish spreads, indulging resorts and opulent service? If you think that just being at home is not enough, and you want your holiday to dish out every serving king size, head straight for an India Tour. Tours of India help incorporate the most rustic elements of India with grandeur and limitless luxury.

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Tiger Woods in India – An India Tour Surprise!

We admit…out title IS misleading but it is not totally inappropriate. And you will thank us for it when you will enter the third best hotel and wildlife resort in the world – the Oberoi Vanya Vilas – at the Ranthambhore National Park, the finest of the tiger reserves in India. The tiger safaris with open army-green 4X4 Gypsy and burly driver seem pretty business-like but as your naturalist will tell you, you can only shoot the tigers in India with your camera. If they attack, you have little chance to escape but the tigers here are so used to the presence of humans around them, they ignore them at best.
An Wildlife India Tour to Ranthambhore gets even more adventurous and exciting, if you opt to ride an elephant to get into the deeper parts of the forest to see shy birds and animals that remain elusive to prying eyes of the tourists in jeeps. As your mahouts prod the gentle giants closer to a tiger lazing in the sun or a deer tending to its young one, you can use all your photography skills to capture some amazing jungle moments. Sandpipers, spoonbills, very rare blue-breasted quail, and very common bush jungle quail add to the delights of bird watching India tours at Ranthambhore.

The long blue pool, the palace-type architecture and the twenty-five tents at the resort – all define ultimate luxury. The tents are all surrounded by private gardens and a mud wall and have comfortable four-poster beds inside. The high-end waterproof canvas of the tents and tasteful decor with good enough space for bathing and wardrobe make them idyllic cocoons of comfort for those on India Tours.

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