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Special rate on Air Frances new cabin class from L.A. to Tahiti

Special rate on Air Frances new cabin class from L.A. to Tahiti

If youre heading (or even thinking of heading) to any of the 118 islands that make up Tahiti, you might as well go in comfort. Air France is offering premium economy seats for economy-class prices on nonstop flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Tahiti’s capital, Papeete, during selected dates that start in spring and last through November.

The centerpiece of the new cabin class, launched last year as Premium Voyageur, is a “fixed-shell seat,” which allows you to recline your seat without affecting the passenger behind you (the seat actually moves within the shell). The seat is roomier (19 inches wide), adds wide armrests and has a 38-inch seat pitch (a measure of legroom), compared with 31 inches in regular economy, known as Voyageur on Air France. Other extras: a larger seat tray, a 10.4-inch video screen, priority check-in, increased baggage allowance, noise-canceling headphones and more.

The deal: You can get a premium economy seat from Los Angeles to Papeete on select dates for a fare of $798 one way for spring and fall and $894 one way for summer – about half the price usually charged for these seats, Air France spokeswoman Karen Gillo said. These fares are based on buying a round-trip ticket. They include a $120 fuel surcharge each way but not taxes, which add about $90. 

Special rate on Air Frances new cabin class from L.A. to Tahiti
















When: The spring rate applies to travel May 7 to 31, and the fall rate is good Nov. 1 to 30. The summer rate applies to travel June 1 to Oct. 30. Tickets must be purchased by 8:39 p.m. PDT  May 22. Nonstop flights from LAX to Papeete run Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; return flights run Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Flight time is about 8½ hours.

Tested: I found the deal to be widely available when I went online. While I didn’t find it on all dates, I found it on many dates.

Contact: Air France, (800) 237-2747

– Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger

Photo: (top) Air France has nonstop flights to Papeete, Tahiti, the jumping off point for places such as Bora-Bora, 160 miles northwest of the main island of Tahiti. Credit: Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times

Photo (bottom) Air France “fixed-shell seat” is the centerpiece of its new premium economy section. Credit: Air France

By LA Times

9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

Tired of the usual tours offered by groups? Try a different kind of tour this time-factory tours.

If you are someone who likes to take a peek behind the production lines, then this tour would be perfect for you. A huge fan of motorcycling or motorcycles themselves? Give yourself the chance to see how they are made.

Visiting the factory of the famous sauce Tabasco is a must for fans of the hot sauce. The best part? Have a taste of Tabasco-flavored ice cream, a treat only served in their factory. Even if its not as strange as this, getting a taste of your favorite beer for example can only get as fresh as this.

From free tastes to souvenirs, visiting these factories will give you a different look at your favorite products. Here are some interesting factories you can visit from around the world:

Anchor Brewing in San Francisco

9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

From brewing to fermenting, cellaring to bottling, you will be taken to a tour of the brewery, down to the packaging operations. The tour is completely free, and you can go every day of the week, when there are two tours a day. Added bonuses are a beautiful view of San Francisco outside, and the free taste at the end of the tour.
Fragonard in Grasse, France

9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

In France, perfume-making is a noble profession. With perfumes known all over the world, it would be interesting to see what goes in the product you daily use on yourself. In this place, you get to learn about the flowers, trees, and plants which are used in the perfumes, and how they are turned into essential oils. From the very beginning—distillation-to the last part of the process-bottling, visitors will see the transformation from plants to perfume. Free of charge, tours happen daily.

Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations in York, PA

9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

Fans of this motorcycle brand would go crazy inside their huge production facility. Get to see how they are created and assembled. Fans will be treated especially during the roller test, when the motorcycles are placed and ridden on rollers to be tested. Visitors can also pose and sit on motorcycles that are currently being produced in the tour area. Tours are available all year round during weekdays, and Saturdays are free during summer.

Louisville Slugger in Louisville, KY

9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

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