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Madrid City Breaks

One of the largest cities in Spain and Madrid is its capital city. It is thus the center of all the political and cultural activities of Spain as well as the residency of the monarchy. Located on the river Manzanares Madrid is also one of the populous cities of the European Union.

The Golden Triangle is an essential district to visit on any city breaks in Madrid. Holiday makers with an interest in art and culture will want to tackle the major museums here – the Prado, the Thyssen and the Reina Sofia.

One of the chief attractions on a Spanish holiday, the Prado is best known for its religious paintings and regal portraits by Goya, El Greco and Velázquez, as well as works by Hieronymus Bosch, Titian and Rubens.

To make the most of your weekend in Madrid, here’s a must do:

* Plaza Mayor – enjoy the carnivals, festivals and concerts here
* Puerta del Sol – the geographical center of not only Madrid but also Spain
* A walk in the tree-lined Pasaeo Del Prado
* A bike tour around the Old City
* The Egyptian Temple

Places to See in Madrid

There are several places of interest that can be seen and enjoyed while sightseeing as part of the rich heritage of Spain. The following are just a few names of the wonderful architecture that you will see in Madrid.

* Royal Palace of Madrid
* Prado Museum
* National Library
* Teatro Real ( Royal Theater)

This city also has everything for the adventurous sports lover. Madrid has something for everyone. Therefore, people of all age can find something to do in their weekend breaks.

Madrid, the City That Never Sleeps

Madrid nightlife is a world reference. It is one of the world’s liveliest cities, a city that never sleeps. Madrid nightlife is known because of its wide choice and its extensive schedule, unique throughout the world: it goes on all night until the sun rises! Madrid clubs and pubs are open all year, all week around. While in most European countries the party finishes around 3 am, in Madrid it extends until the small hours. Madrid’s nightlife has something for everybody, whatever your preferences, age or nationality.

Spanish nightlife starts very late, no matter if you are going out for dinner or to party. Restaurants start serving dinner at 20.00 pm until 23.30 pm, and pubs don’t get busy until 24.00. In fact, if you go at 24:00 to a club, you will find it empty. Madrileños like to be on the street all the time, going from bar to bar, from bar to nightclub, and from nightclub to after-hours.

After the fall of Franco’s dictatorship, in the mid-eighties, Spain experienced a visceral change, going from a strong repression to a complete freedom. Currently it is raising the popular term “movida madrileña”, which is related to a change in Madrid’s nightlife.

Nightlife is so plentiful in Madrid that the city can be divided into night districts. Each one carries a special style, music or people.

Chueca (metro Chueca)

Chueca is the gay neighbourhood of Madrid, where gay and straight people can freely mix. It has the most diverse atmosphere of the city. Chueca nightlife is sleek and refined. The most fashionable restaurants in Madrid are located in this area.

Huertas (metro Sol)

Huertas is the Madrid tourist centre. This is the land of Irish pubs, pop music and foreigners and the perfect area to go and party from Monday to Thursday. There are some authentic tapas bars around.

La Latina (Metro La Latina)

La Latina is in fashion. It is the oldest part of the city and the perfect neighbourhood to have a quiet drink. La Latina is a Sunday afternoon favourite. You will find madrileños packed into the bars, drinking beer in the squares or chilling out at sought-after terrace spots. It is also a great area to try tapas, and have some drinks on any night of the week. It has a laid-back vibe.

Malasaña o zona de Fuencarral (metro Bilbao o Tribunal)

In Malasaña you’ll find young, alternative, rocker and punk people. This is the most alternative area of the capital. Many people compare Malasaña with Camden Town in London or the East Village of New York. Malasaña may not be the counterculture hotbed it was during “La Movida”, but it still packs a punch all around Plaza Dos de Mayo and its surroundings.

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Beautiful Madrid

Madrid is a place with a lot of natural beauty, rich in history, and has a beautiful environment it is also the capital city of Spain. Madrid is considered as the largest city of Spain, according to European Union statistics it is the third most populated city in Europe. Although Madrid is important because it is the capital of the country to Spanish people “Madrid” is also very important because apart from being the capital, it is considered as the political centre of the country.

The city of Madrid is enriched with green trees which cover most of the area. These trees are like everywhere, in houses, on roads, and in parks, and these natural phenomena makes the environment of Madrid very pleasant and healthy.

Geographically Madrid’s total covered area is approximately (234 sq mile) and this total area is home to about 6 million. The people living in Madrid know the importance of their city as the city is enriched with natural beauty and landmarks of the history. Modern “Madrid” is designed and established in such a way that the things look new but on the other hand all Madrid’s constructions have a touch of their history inside them.

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The Best Wine Bars in Europe

To many, their notion of a wine bar is a dimly-lit area where they can hang out with several friends late at night and sip good wine. Across Europe, more and more wine bars are coming out-but with a different, improved concept and design. Accentuating the place with whimsical art, classical design, and complementing the wine with fine cuisine, these different wine bars are setting a new trend.

All the way back in ancient Rome, wine bars from back then are depicted today by the mosaics that remain standing in Pompeii. And it is no wonder why wine bars have changed across time; experimentations in design and style have made wine bars last through time. In fact, according to Jennifer Simonetti Bryan, holding a Master of Wine, what wine bars have in common is “variety.” Having a good variety of wines in the menu is essential, as well as the ambience. To many, having food on the side is also a must.

Today, wine bars are once again changing; the latest trend is vending machines where you can get any wine you like. These wine bars have spread across and beyond Europe, as they have also become famous in the United States. But should you decide to visit Europe and sample their wine, here are some of the best wine bars they have:

Garrafeira in Lisbon

The Best Wine Bars in Europe

In Lisbon, there is a quaint wine bar situated in Bairro Alto, a historical neighborhood. With its warm and cozy interiors, its a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Settle into one of the eighteen wooden stools and sip the wine of the region (Chardonnay). Its name, “Garrafeira,” refers to a Portuguese term of quality, and it doesnt fail to live up to it. With a variety of wines, plus the constantly changing menu, its patrons always expect something different. With its superb meals, $47 for two doesnt seem too steep a price.

Los Asturianos in Madrid

The Best Wine Bars in Europe

A popular place where artists and foodies gather, Los Asturianos is a small, family-run place that specializes in sherry. Their food is also delicious; from tapas to chorizos, these are cooked by the owners mother herself. For $90, you can enjoy a dinner for two.

Le Bar a Vin du CIVB in Bordeaux

The Best Wine Bars in Europe

Many people think that wines are expensive, especially in France. But for only $3, you can get a glass of wine in a gorgeous wine bar thats right in the center of wine production in France: Bordeaux. Created by Francoise Bousquet to have neo-classical stained-glass windows matched by funky chairs that look like pebbles, Le Bar a Vin du CIVB is a place to be seen. Artworks also help give the place an intimate feel.

Racines in Paris

The Best Wine Bars in Europe

If you are a fan of organic wines and foos, Paris should be on top of your list. Chic boutiques and trendy stores arent all that Paris offers. In Racines, all you get are all-natural wines. Said to be the hottest wine bar in Paris, their wines pays homage to Pierre Overnoy, an anti-sulfur crusader, and Philippe Jambon, a Beaujolais renegade. Since wines are natural, so is the food they serve there. From extraordinary roasted chicken to exquisite salads, this place serves them using all-natural ingredients. A good dinner for two would cost around $110.

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