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Downeast Maine: Acadia National Park And Bar Harbor

Coastal Maine is breathtaking from the second you pass the state line in New Hampshire, all the way to Canada.

Bar Harbor Bed and Breakfast stays are popular among travelers seeking a romantic getaway.

Bar Harbor Bed and Breakfast vacations offer visitors the chance to indulge in some of Maine’s most dramatic getaway areas. North of the shopping outlets in Freeport, past the quaint village of Boothbay Harbor, you travel along the famous Maine Coastline known as Downeast Maine.

Bar Harbor sits just outside Acadia National Park where you can bicycle the carriage roads with breathtaking views, walk through majestic forests, climb to mountain summits, or drive on scenic roads.
Deer Isle sits on Penobscot Bay which is home to the historic villages of Castine and Stonington; all just a short distance from your choice of Bar Harbor Bed and Breakfasts.

A trip along the Schoodic Peninsular will bring you to the fishing villages that dot Route 1. Explore the many quiet harbors the Maine Coastline is famous for.

Bed and Breakfast opportunities are many in the Bar Harbor region. Each has its own quaint style and grace. Most have un-paralleled dining that rivals any restaurant in the metropolitan areas.

Acadia National Park is a beautiful coastal area with rocky beaches. It’s a a favorite place to go to for people from Bar Harbor. Acadia National Park is open year round and each season has something different to recommend it. Summer offers the greatest number of activities and park programs, which may be especially important to families with children.

Acadia National Park is without comparison as the mountains truly meet the sea here and offer one of the most spectacular settings on the entire East Coast (if not the most spectacular).

Acadia National Park in Maine typically starts its parade of fall foliage in late September, but the peak of color is anywhere from the first to the third week of October. Once covered primarily in spruce-fir forests, more than 17,000 acres of Mount Desert Island burned in the fire of 1947.

Acadia National Park offers a variety of climbs on small cliffs created during the last continental glaciation. Most of these cliffs are composed of solid coarse-grained pink granite.

Acadia National Park’s carriage roads, and over 27 miles of paved motor roads, are suitable for bicycle riding. The carriage roads have crushed rock surfaces and wind through the heart of the park. Acadia National Park is comprised of more than 40,000 acres with the majority of the park located on Mount Desert Island.

Other park lands are located at Schoodic Point on the mainland and on the islands of Isle au Haut and Baker Island. Acadia National Park is easily accessible by car or bus. Inquire about our special vacation packages.

In addition to Acadia National Park and the Bar Harbor Region, The 3500 miles of Coastal Maine is packed with beautiful fishing villages and quaint little towns that offer plenty to see and do. The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic getaway or a family exploration. Wonderful food and
outdoor activities await.

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How to Travel with an Infant

Flying with an infant can be challenging especially when you are the only caregiver aboard, but it doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. When my daughter was under one year old, we traveled from Oregon to Maine with nary a problem. I will admit we lucked out with an exceptional flight crew who all happened to love babies so they were begging to take turns holding her in their downtime. However, even if you aren’t as fortunate as I was, there are steps that you can take to get your trip off to a good start, as well as improving the travel experience of the other passengers.

The first thing you need to do is pack for the baby. In your diaper bag, be sure to include plenty of wipes and spit up clothes. Babies may experience a bit of nausea on the flight and you will not want to be stuck with nothing to clean him or her up with. There is also the chance that you will be cleaning yourself. A spare change of clothes, cleaning cloths and a few spare diapers will be essential to everyone’s comfort in the case of stomach upset.

Packing several toys will help in keeping your little one occupied and amused throughout your travels. Choose toys that are soft, as baby may have a penchant for tossing them about. The last thing you want is an angry person across the aisle because your baby has hit them in the head with their hard plastic toy. Another rule for airplane toys is to keep them quiet. Nobody wants to listen to rattles and bells in the close quarters of the plane. Stuffed animals, teething rings, soft books, etc. make great friends for baby on the plane.

If your infant will take a pacifier, toss more than one in the bag. Babies are especially prone to getting earaches during take-off and descent. These can be very painful and provide a good reason for tearful shrieks. Chewing on a pacifier or the teething ring will aid in the avoidance of this problem. In case your baby does not have the good fortune to avoid the earaches, pack along a couple of styrofoam cups and cotton balls. On the take-off and descent, request that the flight attendant dip the cotton in some boiling water. Place the cotton balls in the bottom of the cups and hold gently over the child’s ears. This will help to alleviate the pressure and thus, the pain.

If the baby is old enough for snacks, be prepared to purchase them in the airport after you have made it through the security checkpoint. You will not be allowed through security with them already packed as no food products are permitted on flights other than those which are purchased from an airport vendor.

Other than packing these essential items for the baby’s trip, you can do several other things to make the trip more pleasant. Because turbulence is felt more obviously and abruptly in the back of the plane over the tail, request seating towards the front. Babies do not usually do well in these shaky situations.

Choose your flight strategically! Red eye flights may be the best bet for your trip with baby. It is possible that they may just sleep through the trip since it is during their normal sleep hours. Encourage this time of rest with a nice comfy car seat and a cozy blanket and PJs for him or her. When you are making your travel arrangements, ask which cheap flights are typically less booked than others and try your best to get on one of these. A packed plane with people practically sitting atop one another is terrible with a baby. You want to be able to get up and take your darling for a walk as necessary and this is very difficult on full flights.

Naturally, just prior to flight, it is important to change your baby and give him or her a good, hearty feeding. A relaxed beginning of the trip will make a pleasant impression on your traveling companions and most likely, encourage them to show some mercy if there is a bit of fussing later on. In making the holidays as comfortable as possible for your baby and yourself, you will be sharing that courtesy with the rest of the plane’s passengers as well. Your fellow travelers will thank you!

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