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Safety Precautions And Security While Traveling

Maldives is well-known for its beach spots and private water bungalows. Again, scuba diving is the second biggest excitement during Maldives Holidays. If your honeymoon rocks in a water bungalow, so will all the other fun-filled water sports provided in Maldives resorts. Hundreds on kilometers far from the island, all the atolls are a group of coral reef islands. This means you will have access to excellent crystal clear lagoons with abundant underwater life.

Now imagine it, isn’t this the most amazing place on the world for photographers and travelers to visit? Spectacular photos can be captured during Maldives Vacations, all the nature’s wonders near by. So, this article is based on the safety and security of travelers and photographers in general. You can only have the time of your life, under the sun, diving or photographing, only if you are safe and secure. So read along.

Your safety and security comes first, before anything else, when traveling. So always be cautious to know the local religious customs and ways of life of anywhere you are visiting. And respect those beliefs in your photographic approach. Ask around, or verify with your hotel, about a good guide and pay him or her well. A good guide will be as useful in getting good pictures as your technique. Be generous when tipping, but don’t show a lot of bills around. It is important that you do not draw interest to yourself by carrying or wearing expensive things which may exhibit a level of wealth that would invite ill feelings or disapproval, or worse.

Individual Safety and Security:
Even if you are lost in natures wonders, your personal security should be the main concern. Simply being aware of your surroundings, and being a bit more careful of what you are doing, is the best and least expensive way to protect yourself and your gear. Also it is safer to place your equipment either in the provided hotel room safe when not in use, or locked up in your luggage while out of your hotel room. Be informed, prepared and do more to assure your safety than anything else.

Last but not least, don’t forget that you’re a tourist in their country. So be polite and courteous, which makes everyone more aware of how much we all have in common, rather than drawing attention to our differences. And be aware that the irritating vendors are really just trying to make a living. You can make a trip of a lifetime by keeping your eyes and ears open.

One final thing to remember is that you can’t go back in time. Taking photos is a wonderful way of capturing the memory, but don’t forget to enjoy the trip itself – this sounds like a simple advice, but many devoted photographers find that they get so caught up in taking all the ‘perfect shots’, that they end up missing the vacations itself, and they lose out on enjoying the trip (as well as missing the time spent with their families or travel companions). So don’t forget to put the camera down, smell the roses, and enjoy the trip – if you did not capture that perfect shot, you can always get a postcard!

Vacation And Diving Experiences – Protect Maldives Lagoons

The Underwater-world:
The Maldives is a very unusual place on earth. During Holidays in Maldives, you may be staying on an island created by coral. There wouldn’t be any islands, id it wasn’t for the coral. That is why we have to protect the coral. You think you saw a stone in the water? No you did not! It is a living coral. What you see is a limestone product, which has been built over thousands of years by millions of polyps. These polyps are so tiny that you cannot see them. When you touch a coral, you destroy these polyps.

The most complex ecological system on earth, after the rainforest, is the coral reef. More than 100.000 species live here. Coral is the centre of this ecosystem. So: Do not touch the coral!

To enable easy access to the reef for diving and snorkeling, every island has especially created marked entrances. Please use these entrances, do not trample on the coral and bear the change of the tide in mind on your snorkeling trips. Seek more details at the dive base. If you swim over the reef at high tide, your way could be banned at low tide. So, never walk on the top of the reef!

The Maldives coral gardens are considered to be some of the most beautiful in the world. The complexity of this ecosystem can hardly be imagined. Every living creature has its place, apart from the human being. Therefore: please behave like a visitor in this striking underwater world. Do not touch anything! Admire the living space of the animals and enjoy as a guest the amazing variety of species. And do not upset any of them!

Here are some popular resorts for diving and snorkeling in the beautiful lagoons of the Maldives.

Divers and Snorkellers – Protect the Underwater World!
Divers and Snorkellers: The divers and snorkellers should always set an example. We have the highest interest in the conservation of the underwater world. We work accordingly: we only touch with our eyes. Even when we take videos or photographs we do not touch anything, nor do we bother any living creature. We always behave as guests when underwater.

We observe the movement of our flippers and we stabilize ourselves perfectly. Our equipment too, here in Kandooma Resort Maldives, is always tidy, so that small parts cannot cause accidental damage. Our code teaches us to protect this paradise and to tell others of our rules of conduct. So a diver or snorkeller should always be a model!

One Very Desired Divers Destination:
Summer Island Resort is named after the Kandoo tree which is found in abundance on the island. This tropical isle is preferred because of its close proximity to many excellent dive sites. The Kandooma Channel and Kandooma Caves and Kandooma “thila” (an undersea mount) all donate to making this area one of the Republic’s most sought after destinations for divers.

For the non-divers, the nearby clear water offers areas to swim and snorkel. Keen surfers will be delighted with the reef breaks on the north east side of the island from the swell that comes in off the ocean.

Everything you need for Diving and Snorkeling:
For diving and snorkeling adventures, the Rannalhi Dive Shop and Diving School offers everything you need. Plus, our Water Sports Centre offers you the chance to enjoy catamaran, canoe and banana-boat rides, windsurfing and water skiing. There is really no boundary to the water sports you can enjoy at Rannalhi Island Resort.

For the passionate diver, Rannalhi offers boat diving and house-reef diving courses leading to PADI certification in English, French, German, Italian and Russian.

Celebrate Maldives Holidays In Serenity

Memories that will last forever!
Kuredu Island Resort is situated in an area well-known for its rich fish life. It is a heavenly dream in actual life, with more than 3 km of sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons. Exotic, thatched bungalows and roomy villas accommodate our guests.

Our guests can decide from 2 resorts and 4 sorts of rooms. On the western end of the island the magnificent Sangu Resort with exclusive Bar, Restaurant and Reception offers the remarkable Sangu Sunset Water Villas. While Kuredu Resort presents the cozy and luxurious Beach Bungalows and the wonderful Beach Villas. For the convenience of our guests we have many restaurants, bars and shops in Kuredu; a well assorted souvenir.

Kuredu Weddings: Kuredu Island Resort welcomes newly-weds to rejoice their very special Honeymoon at one of the most amazing and romantic islands in the world. With sstunning white sand beaches, majestic palm trees and the warm, inviting, crystal clear waters of a turquoise blue lagoon surrounded by a rainbow colored coral reef teeming with incredible fish.

Enjoy the privacy and intimacy of a secluded, peaceful, natural setting and a casual atmosphere, where “no shoes, no news” is our assurance, and the sunsets are splendid! The food is wonderful, the staffs make you feel at home, and the star filled heaven is really out of this world.

Celebrate and capture the special moments of your life:
Tropical Emerald Island poised amidst shimmering pools of azure and sapphire. A vision of paradise – even before you set foot on the island. Vilu Reef Island never fails to make a remarkable first impression, rivaled only by the experience of embracing the island’s beauty up close. Blessed with sandy beaches and lush greenery, this pure island boasts a treasure trove of gems that await to be found by every guest.

Celebrations: Whether you have just vowed to love each other forever, mark a milestone in your wonderful journey together or wish to rejoice another year of life. Renew your wedding vows on the beach of the secluded island of Vilu Reef, just the two of you hand in hand against a golden sunset backdrop. As the Maldivian sunset transforms the sky into a kaleidoscope of romantic hues, seal your everlasting love. After the ceremony, sail away into the sunset in our love dhoni, your first voyage as man and wife. Afterwards, indulge in a romantic dinner under a canopy of thousand stars before retiring to your specially decorated villa.

Holiday in Harmony, With Nature:
A memorable glimpse of paradise in the center of the vast Indian Ocean awaits the guests as they disembark a journey of discovery, the discovery of Vilamendhoo island resort in the Maldives. Vilamendhoo Island Resort, with a stunning sandbank jutting out from its western tip, boasts with white beaches and blue lagoon enfolding the whole island.

Walk slowly through the glittering sand, the tropical greenery or get seduced by the hypnotic serenity of the ocean waves & the silent music that fills the air. Bind yourself harmoniously with nature and let the mesmerizing songs of the sea whisk you away. The Indian Ocean at your doorstep, wide open terraces of the deluxe rooms offer an endless view of the fabulous panorama surrounding the island.

A candlelit dinner for two, exotic cuisines, palm fronds dancing to the rhythm of the wind, gentle waves forming barely a ripple in the tropical landscape of blue-green hues. Discover the ultimate romantic dream here. Enjoy an array of Maldivian, Continental & Oriental cuisines at Vilamendhoo Maldives.

Relax Your Body In Heavenly Maldives Resort Spas

Harmoniously Designed Spas to Soothe your Body:
Meeru Island Resort, surrounded by a breathtaking lagoon and long stretches of sandy white beach, is the only resort on the island of Meerufenfushi. Your speedboat transfer from Male’ International Airport is a scenic, 55 minutes ride to this Eastern most resort island in the North Male’ Atoll. Seaplane transfers are also available.

Duniye Spa: Harmoniously designed in the dazzling lagoon, our Two Spa’s, one Over-Water-Spa and the other one on land offers the perfect environment to relax your body, stimulate your mind and strengthen your spirit.

With an innovative approach, uniting West with East, traditional rituals with modern modalities, high touch with high tech, we respect our guests’ totally and provide a most rewarding spa experience with a true sense of inner-self, well-being and beauty ensuring best results and benefits. Let our professional team guide you on your personal spa journey with signature treatments, romantic retreat for honeymooners and couples, facials, body care and rituals, beauty care and massages of the world.

Personal care concepts beyond compare:
“The last paradise on earth” that is how several guests refer to the small island in the Indian Ocean that belongs to the Republic of the Maldives. The 124 villas (including 16 over water villas) of Embudu are built in the common Maldivian style; a spectacular lagoon embraces Embudu Resort. Starting at the beach and in some places it’s over a 60 meters before you reach the reef. Especially at low tide you can walk at knee high to the reef. Try it and enjoy the sun on your back and the multicolored fishes will go with you.

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Helengeli Island Resort ? Discover The Extraordinary Beauty Of Maldives!

Helengeli resort (

Helengeli resort (

To experience the natural beauty of the Maldives at its best, take a maldives vacation in Helengeli. Abundant tropical vegetation, completely untouched beaches of the finest white sand surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and a fantastic house reef – the unique charm of this secluded Maldivian island will captivate you as soon as you step onto it.

The resort has been designed and developed with the preservation of the island’s fragile environment and your comfort in mind. The result is an unharmed island paradise with all the amenities that will make you feel completely at home.

helengeli resort (

helengeli resort (

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The Heavenly Island Retreats To Unwind And Regenerate

Ideal for everyone:

Beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters and white sand banks make Dhiggiri an pleasant destination for all. Fulidhu, the closest of the five fishing islands in the area, is just 30 minutes away by dhoni (the local boat) ? great for an exciting tour.

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Maldives Vacations ? Captivating And Celebrating Life

conrad hotels (

conrad hotels (

Did you ever wondered how it would be like to spend the most special day of your life on a sandu white beach under the gleamy sun? Make your dream come true ? meet a reincarnation of Maldives honeymoon resort wedding experiences. The Maldives Resorts presents a Maldives’ signature hospitality and gracious service in a pure tropical heaven.

Maldives is a paradise for divers ? the Maldives house reefs are home to live coral growing on ancient volcanic mountains and a thousand different variations of stunning fauna. The serenity of the resorts is perfectly matched by the uncompromising luxury of its bungalows and villas. Its lush gardens are lovingly raised over years.

A Captivating Atmosphere:
With naturally designed sandy walkways and coconut trees, the island is rich in vegetation, edged with dazzling white beaches, sparkling seas and secluded sand banks. The ambience of the island is captivating for even the most discerning of guests.

maldives (

maldives (

Villas and Suites: 100 designer villas and suites presents a new choice of unique and spacious accommodation in the Maldives, fusing contemporary and tropical influences.

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Luxury Holiday Accommodations In Maldives

Set in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a beautiful country with more than hundreds of luxury resorts. In any Maldives Resorts you will find paradise – catching the sea breeze as you open your eyes in the morning and gazing at the beautiful Maldives sunset and brilliant splash of stars in the night. Accommodation in the resorts, which is essential for all luxury vacations – are all serene, visionary and naturally modern.

Lavish Villas

Banyan Tree Maldives Vabbinfaru Resort Male(

Banyan Tree Maldives Vabbinfaru Resort Male(

You will discover a sense of magic & romance at the quintessential Maldives all-inclusive resort, maldives vabbinfaru. Here are the types of accommodations which you can choose from at Vabbinfaru Maldives.

Banyan Tree Maldives Vabbinfaru Resort Male(

Banyan Tree Maldives Vabbinfaru Resort Male(

International Cuisines For Dining At Irufushi

Irufushi Beach Spa Resort Noonu Atoll(

Irufushi Beach Spa Resort Noonu Atoll(

Dining in any of the Maldives Resorts is amazing and memorable. Hence, maldive directory offers a list of all the spectacular island resorts of the Maldives where you have a choice to dine according to your individual preferences while you stay in Maldives. All types of cuisines are offered from different resorts. Likewise, Irufushi Island Resort presents a wide selection of worldwide cuisines to the guests.

Irufushi Beach Spa Resort Noonu Atoll(

Irufushi Beach Spa Resort Noonu Atoll(

Surrounded by over 52 acres of powdery white beach and lush, tropical vegetation, the stunning and secluded Hilton Maldives/Iru Fushi Resort & Spa is set on the unspoiled Noonu Atoll and is reachable by a scenic 45 minute seaplane ride from Male. This is the best place to stay and dine during maldives vacation.

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Privacy, Space And Harmony At Maldives Spas

Taj Exotica Resort And Spa Male (

Taj Exotica Resort And Spa Male (

During some moments in life, the self needs solitude, space and tranquility to recharge its batteries. Spa treatments give you the privacy and tranquility that allows you to set aside the cares of the world while skilled staffs pamper your body, as well as your mind, with invigorating treatments. So it is worth finding out about this beautiful country through maldives news updates, for a fully prepared vacation. Allow yourself to pamper in that special spa treatment as well as an amazing vacation of a lifetime. Check out these two wonderful spa?s among many, available in Maldives Resorts.

Angsana Spa And Resort Hotel Male(

Angsana Spa And Resort Hotel Male(

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