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Top and Hidden Bar in Melbourne

Living in Melbourne is all about lifestyle. Not only lifestyle that shapes Melbourne, but also Melbourne is a city of fashion, artistic, full of funky, contemporary design to elegant café, the multinational cuisine, the beaches, the pubs, bars, world-class architecture and famous Melbourne Hotel and many more. Sport, Fashion and Festivities are also playing important parts of Melbourne city-life. There is no wonder that Melbourne is voted to be top 3 of the most liveable city in the world by the survey conducted by The Economist intelligent unit 2010.

There are many hotel deals in Melbourne, be sure to search for the hotel and phone card that meets your needs online before your travel to Melbourne.

Travelling to Melbourne, there is a lot to see but do not forget to visit the famous, popular and the hidden bars! The growth of bars in Melbourne has been rapid in these couple of years even many pubs became cool bar. You will be astonished and be in love with the bars in Melbourne! In this article, there are 10 bars in random order that you ought to visit when travelling in Melbourne.

The Croft Institute bar

The Croft institute bar Melbourne @ by twincatvintage

The Croft Institute bar is said to be the coolest bars, however is also the most bizarre bar in Melbourne. Starting with its location; Croft Institute located in passageway that is frequently littered with garbage. It is not easy to find. You might wonder if there is a bar in such passageway, when you walk and walk and you will be astonished that there is the coolest bar in Melbourne. Cool drinks are waiting for you!

The second bizarre about the Croft Institute is the interior. It is designed to look like the science lab of mad professor. The shelves are surrounded by not only the liquor but also the scientific tools such as beakers etc. On the upstairs there is also another theme; gymnasium.

The third bizarre about the bar is found in the female toilet. Go and find it out by yourself!

There is wide range of exotic drink, be sure to try Long Island Ice tea, vanilla, orange martini and so on or try something new.

Loop bar

Loop bar by Melbourne WSG

The most special thing of this bar is the screen, with NEC and LCD projector. Combine the screen with lighting and special sound effect brought the bar to live, the bar draw the crowd. The evening will just be perfect.

There is DJ too playing live music. The mouth-watering food, wine and cocktails are fantastic. Every night there is a new theme at the bar, which bring a new environment every day. The design of the bar is stylish, intimate and innovative. With the very design-looks bar, it draws mainly the crowds of architects, designers etc.

Cherry bar

entrance to Cherry Bar by pharaohchin

This is a totally different bar. It has become popular bar to be visited by touring bands and their crew after concert. When Oasis guitar Noel Gallagher visited Melbourne during the Australian tour 2002, he felt in love with the bar and made an offer to purchase it. The bar has different venue on different night; Deep funk, Rock and Roll, soul night, hip hop and many more.

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Feel the pleasure of Australian Holidays

Lately, Australia has emerged to be one of the best vacation spots in the world. However, this wasn’t the scenario twenty years ago. Very few visitors preferred Australian Holidays as their vacation. Tourism then was not so developed though.

However, things have changed now. Along with exquisite holidays, Australia also offers adventurous holidays, which is gaining lot of attention these days. The variety offered by this continent ranges from beaches to islands to nightlife, which is more than enough to define a complete holiday package. An Australian Holidays is a remarkable blend of nature and manmade experiences.

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If there is excitement associated with Australia, it has more to do with the crocs, snakes, and sharks, than it does with the hotel scene. That may be that the inhabitable percentage of total land mass is the equivalent of my entire family living in the Master Bath, while the living, dining, and bedrooms remain unused. Or it may be that Australia hasn’t been acknowledged in the world media since the 2000 Olympics.

Melbourne (

Melbourne (

Melbourne is a sweet town with a vibrant waterfront dining scene, a quaint, if not somewhat staid center, shopping that includes all of the world’s fashion dynasties, and a surrounding natural environment of beaches and islands, just minutes away from town, that offers a pleasing alternative to urban life.

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