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Romantic Summer Vacation Destinations

If you want a summer filled with romance, you can take your loved one and dash off on a romantic holiday. A variety of destinations await at many different locations. The following are some of the best destinations for a romantic summer vacation.

South Florida

Imagine sitting with your loved one on the sandy shores of the beach holiday. The stars are twinkling above, and the waves are lapping gently at your feet. Romance is often in the air in the breathtaking beaches of South Florida. You will find many different beaches in this area, some of which are fairly quiet. You will find many restaurants where you can dine right next to the water. You will find all sorts of hotels where you can watch the sun rise from your very own private balcony next to your loved one. There is something for everyone in this beautiful palm-tree filled area.


If you want something very romantic honeymoon destinations, then you can go to the city that is seemingly made for romance. There are few things as sweet as riding on a gondola as you gaze at the beautiful world-famous architecture around you. You can dine at many beautiful restaurants with authentic Italian food. This is an extravagant vacation, to be sure, but one you are likely to remember forever.

Cruise to the Caribbean

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Top 5 Culinary Tours around the World

If youre idea of the perfect tour is tasting every dish in sight and packing your own eating utensils because they taste “more special” that way, then you certainly deserve to go on the best culinary tours in the world. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and eat to your hearts content with these unique food-centered trips around the globe.

Trufflepigs Tour around France

Top 5 Culinary Tours around the World

The Toronto-based travel company Trufflepig offers every foodies dream vacation to France. The tour includes dishes as classy and delicate as only royalty would have it, and food adventures that would fit rustic, simple taste buds of the village folk. This tour lasts for eight days, with Paris as its starting point, traversing the southeast regions of Alsace and Burgundy by train.

Those who will join this tour will set up camp at Le Relais St. Germain in Paris, which is no less a treat. This hotel is owned by the celebrated chef Yves Camdeborde, who is famous for cooking up gastronomic breakfasts. Youll also get to explore the urban side of France when you take strolls to local food stores guided by food writers who know whats best in the market. A history lesson about the restaurants of France as well as pastry classes at the Ritz are also in the itinerary.

When you reach the heart of Burgundy, youll be tasting Frances finest wines, and in Alsace, you can learn a generous 150 recipes for sauces. Wrapped up with a meal at the LAuberge de Lill bistro, the eight-day trip can cost as little as $5,500 per person.

Seven Days in Edgy Italy

Top 5 Culinary Tours around the World

If youre hoping for an immaculate Tuscan villa, dont get your hopes up. After all, if you want to taste the most authentic of Italian dishes, you need to go to Seliano, which sits 50 miles from Naples. The working farm is very near the Paestrum, and is run by the farming family of Baratta.

The farm has an inn which is also home to the cook of food writer Arthur Schwartz. Arthur Schwartz is also the author of a cookbook, Food Maven, and the more celebrated Naples at the Table. During the tour, youll get to enjoy cooking classes in the morning (for the first three days), and two days dedicated to excursions which will certainly make your knowledge of the Italian culture richer.

Schwartz also has a partner in this tour who happens to be an archeologist named Bob Harned. Harned will guide you through Stabia which is an old city already buried by Vesuvius ash, and the Greek ruins of the Paestrum which is exactly 2,600 years old. The tour lasts for seven days, and costs about $3,650 per head. Its usually scheduled between September and November.

Japan for the Foodies

Top 5 Culinary Tours around the World

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TOP 4 places to see before they disappear

First place: The pyramids of Giza
The pyramids of Giza are the most famous monuments from this world. A huge number of people have visited them during their history, and almost everyone has heard about their existence. There are many tourists and the increasing number of Cairos population lead to excessive pollution of the atmosphere, a lot of trash and many poor people who stole pieces of pyramid in order to sell them to visitors. All these particularities lead to catastrophically consequences, to degradation of Pyramids. Additionally, you should visit them now, because tomorrow can be late.

TOP 4 places to see before they disappear

Second place: Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal is one of the most significant views of India. This monument attracts yearly between 2 and 4 millions of tourists, and about 200 000 are overseas visitors. Nowadays, of pollutant cars are prohibited to access that zone, so that tourists should walk in order to reach the wished destination. Therefore, the enormous number of visitors that breathe, sweat and touch things that they should not to, affected negatively the building and it seems that the unique method to resolve this problem is to reduce considerably the number of sightseers.

Third place: Lord Howe Island, Australia

TOP 4 places to see before they disappear

The Lord Howe Island is situated in the Pacific Ocean, and it is located in 600 km from the est of Australia. This island was a zone with rich subtropical forests where used to live numerous species of animals and plants, especially birds that are now on the way of disappearing. After tourists exploitation, more than half of species have disappeared. The causes are: excessive hunting, introducing of new diseases and air pollution.

Fourth place: The reservation of butterflies, Mexico

The butterflies Monarh are very sensible to pollution, coldness and humidity. Thats why they need a stable place of relaxing in their migration from Canada to Mexico. Michocan is the favorite place of these butterflies, but this zone is destroyed by poor people who burn forests to obtain more cultivable areas.

By Journey ETC

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

For most travelers, its not really about the destination. Its about the journey. This is never truer for anyone else than for those who love to drive. Some people find that driving actually relaxes them. If youre planning to fly out of the U.S. and rent a car to explore the landscape, these are the best driving routes to take.

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

While this driving route is not ideal for those who are only used to casual driving, people who love challenges will find this interesting. Filled with narrow, two-lane highways, adventurous drivers will be kept on the edge of their seats while traversing this path. The best road to take is Highway 1. However, word has it that it has plenty of potholes. Youll need a pretty sturdy vehicle for this drive.

Despite the challenges, youll be rewarded with great sights and weather. Even if youre an excellent driver, though, you shouldnt try to take this route at night. Staying well below 50mph will also keep you away from accidents.

Northern Tunisia

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

Its no Nurbrugring circuit, but Northern Tunisia certainly has entertaining roads by the mountain that are worth driving through. Avoid this route if youre driving a fragile, exotic looking sports car, though, because youre most likely going to encounter extreme roads. While sometimes they come with warning signs, most of the curbs dont, so caution is necessary.

P15 and P17 of this route are always good places to be in, although sometimes, the road quality here changes too. The only downside here is that locals tend to drive slow-and thats an understatement. You can probably entertain yourself with the unique scenery while waiting for the car in front of you to move faster.
There are a lot of Roman villages along the road, too, so you can consider the trip an educational one. Who knows, you might just find something interesting enough to take a picture of along the way.

Western Cape, South Africa

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

If you think that the only way to traverse the Safari is through a Land Rover, think again. Despite the commercialized image, thanks to Hollywood movies, African roads are actually pretty well-maintained. The N1, N7 and N2 (Western Cape) are exceptionally impressive, although top speeds are kept at 75mph. Just watch out for animals that may be crossing the roads.

Taking this route can be therapeutic especially along the Cape of Good Hope and the South Atlantic. It may even remind you of the Mediterranean. The climate is also quite similar.

M8, Scotland

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

If youre a driving enthusiast, its most likely that youve explored almost all if the UKs challenging roads. However, have you tried driving in Scotland? If you havent, youre missing out on a lot. Scotland has a pretty diverse landscape, and between the Highlands, the Southern Uplands, and the Central Lowlands, youre sure to have a generous share of challenging roads.

A mountain pass tagged by the locals as Rest and Be Thankful is even notorious for making vehicles overheat at least once while their ascending. While the M8 is the main highway, youd probably want to explore its secondary arteries more. Youll be surprised at what youll find-from an old Scot castle to mind blowing twists on the road. Just make sure you come with a trusty map on your dashboard.

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Top 5 VIP Cruises around the Globe

Everything about taking a cruise is classy and romantic. That is, of course, until you leave the boat, and youre fighting for space in off-shore attractions along with your hundred or so companions. There are exceptions, though. Weve listed the best cruises to take if you want to step out of the usual tourist hellhole. You can call them VIP cruises because youll be served like royalty when you take these tours.

Seven Seas Navigators Cruise to Italy

Top 5 VIP Cruises around the Globe

When you join the Seven Seas Navigator on one of their cruises to Italy, you get to enjoy an all-suite cabin, which keeps most of the ships passengers inside their quarters and out of the corridors. The crew also offers 24-hours of room service, so you can actually enjoy the trip without leaving your room too frequently.

The cruise starts off at Western Mediterranean and passes through Monte Carlo and Rome. Youll also have a private access to Villa Olivia, whereas other cruise passengers only get to view the villas iconic cypress trees from a bus window. Youll get to experience Italy at its finest in the villas fountain- and statue-filled garden. The Genovese familys art collection, also in the villa, is also something you shouldnt miss out on.

The Mediterranean cruise lasts for seven nights, departing every September, October, and June. The price range starts from $4,796 per head.

Pacific Explorers Panama Cruise

Top 5 VIP Cruises around the Globe

Are you tired of the usual tourist itinerary every time you go to Panama? If you are, then its high time you join 99 other passengers on a cruise to Panama in the Pacific Explorer. The cruise starts at Colon, Panama, and on to Los Suenos, Costa Rica. While the cabins arent fancy, the boat has a sundeck thats good enough for your summer tan.

The trips focus is also on learning the culture of Panama, so be ready to mingle with locals who can give you the insiders view of the “lost world” . On the fourth day of your cruise, the ship will be traversing the historical Panama Canal. Passengers will be issued inflatable Zodiacs so they can explore the virgin Darian Jungle. Youll see macaws and monkeys overhead and your guides will be locals from the Embera Indian tribe, too.

Other cruises will probably take you to more accessible tribes like the Kuna in the San Blas islands. This cruise is the only one which takes its passengers to visit the Embera. Aside from the lessons on the tribes native language, youll also be entertained with dance in music. Take note, though, that these numbers are a far cry from the usual limbo dances you get in commercialized cruises.
The cruise between these two seas last for nine nights. They have scheduled tours between December and April, and rates start at $3,799 per head.

Silverseas Egypt Cruise on the Silver Shadow

Top 5 VIP Cruises around the Globe

If you want a cruise youre going to love for both its on-board and in-land activities, its time for you to board the Silver Shadow and go on the Silverseas cruise to Egypt. The cabins of the Silver Shadow are first class, giving you all the amenities a five-star hotel can offer. Imaging sparkling crystals, marble baths and fine linens. Carrying up to 382 passengers, the ship has cabins which are bigger than most Manhattan apartments.

The cruise starts from numerous cities around the world including Florida and New York. Once you reach Egypt, youll be taken not only to the Pyramids but the Valley of Nobles, the Ramoza Tomb, the Valley of the Kings, and the Valley of the Queens as well. These in-land tours are guided by famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, so youll also get the dirt about these ancient nobles.

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Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World

If youre environmentally conscious, you probably wont mind sacrificing a little luxury lodging for a run-of-the-mill mosquito ridden inn. After all, if you can help save mother earth, the sacrifice is all worth it. That was several years ago, though. Now, you dont have to camp out just to have a guilt-free summer getaway. A green vacation is possible while enjoying high-end facilities and first-class services as well.

Theres a new breed of hotels and theyre aptly tagged “eco-chic” . Now, you can enjoy the best amenities without harming the planet. Below is a list of the hottest eco-chic hotels and resorts around the world.

Costa Rica: Monte Azul Hotel and Center for Fine Arts

Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World

Costa Rica is already a known pioneer of eco-tourism, however, the set up as Monte Azul Hotel seems to beg for some redefinition. Here, the hotels friends and neighbors seem to give it what it needs. You can find anything just across the road: from organic vegetables to fresh milk to eggs and perfectly aged steak.

The people at the hotel grow these products themselves and can be sure that youre not supporting a capitalistic cause by using the hotels soap or enjoying its homegrown coffee and artisanal bread. Its been labeled “funky” and “charming” by a lot of reviewers, what with its earth-toned casitas. The eco-resort is just off the bank of the Chirripo hotel and even resembles the Palm Springs in the 1950s.

This is the best eco-hotel for you if you enjoy looking at the forest-laced mountains from the comfort of your own room. You can even take trips on foot to heart of the hotel, which is the Casa Palo Alto. This is a two-suite building made from local dark wood and overlooking the 125-acre private preserve which is in turn a short distance from the majestic river.

Pescadero, Baja, Mexico: Rancho Pescadero

Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World

Although its pretty challenging to get here (it sits at the end of twisting roads with steep drops), youll be pleasantly rewarded once you reach the 12-suite eco-hotel. Rancho Pescadero is six miles off Todos Santos, sitting on a prime piece of land at the Pacific coast. Youll get the best view of surfers, whales, and a whole lot of nature. Aside from lounging at its pool, you can also take part in yoga classes, ride bikes, and stargaze.

This is the best place to be in if you need to relax. The laidback atmosphere will make you think that time if going by pretty slowly. While partygoers might be bored, those who just want to rest will find the resort heavenly. The staff also knows how to take care of its guests. They take service very seriously and they try to meet all of the guests requests. You can ask for surfing lessons, or even for dishes that arent even on the menu.

The guest rooms are minimalist and Mexican in style. Reviewers find it sophisticated enough although everything is really kept very simple. The canopies, soft colors, and floor to ceiling terrace doors welcome you and let you enjoy the sprawling views of the ocean. You can sleep till noon if the surfers and the crows dont wake you up. While it may seem rustic, the hotel has wifi, a bar/lounge, and a spa. Youll be treated here like royalty.

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Top 7 Posh Hotels at Volcanic Sites

If youre tired of booking rooms at hotels near the beach, you might want to book somewhere near a rumbling mountain for a change. After all, aside from the Icelandic volcano which is wreaking quite a havoc in Europe, most volcanoes around the world are pretty enough for pictures and peaceful enough for a summers stay. Below are the most posh and stylish digs youll find near volcanic sites.

101 Hotel Reykjavik, Iceland

Top 7 Posh Hotels at Volcanic Sites

Once the ash settles down, you might want to book yourself a room in 101 Hotel Reykjavik. This hotel can give you a pretty unique volcanic sighting. Aside from the havoc thats already in the headlines, the landscape is unique for another thing: brining both fire and ice together. Besides, the destination is safe enough because the hotel sits on the harbor-side of the city. Its just 100 miles from the temperamental and beautiful Eyjafjallajokull volcano.
It fuses old Iceland with the new, more metropolitan cityscape as well. In this hotel, youll get to enjoy sleek guestrooms, freestanding baths, an art gallery, a basement sauna, and of course, the hotels popular Icelandic menu. Get to sample Icelands best traditional cuisines while viewing the volcano from your room.

Hacienda San Antonio, Colima, Mexico

Top 7 Posh Hotels at Volcanic Sites

Another volcano you wouldnt want to miss out on is the Colima in Mexico. The best vantage point and lodgings of this Mexican volcano is Hacienda San Antonio. You can wake up early in the morning, backstroke across the haciendas enormous pool, enjoy the façade of the coral-pink heritage hotel, and finally, get prime peeks at the majestic slopes of the Colima volcano.

This retreat is 120-years-old, seated strategically near West Mexicos Pacific Coast. The manor luxe with its lush gardens provides the perfect viewing point of the mountain. The best suite to take is the El Quetzal Junior Suite which has a privileged panoramic view of the haloed volcano from its terrace. Hacienda San Antonio also keeps its own organic farm so you can be sure to enjoy its delicious produce in your meals.

Later, you can order their refreshing margarita which is made from their homegrown mango grappa.

Mystique Resort in Santorini, Greece

Top 7 Posh Hotels at Volcanic Sites

Sitting on the Cycladic summit of the island, the vistas of Mystique is full of romance, nature, and relaxation. It offers a full view of the bay as well as the rocky heights of the Oia which sits at the northern tip of Santorini. The serene, whitewashed suites are both spacious and airy and they all come with their own private terraces providing a full view of the sea.

You can enjoy this Greek getaway the most if you book your stay in one of the hotels Spiritual Suites. This has their own exercise machine, Jacuzzi, and spa bed to keep you looking as good as a Greek god if you wish.
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Salute: The Strangest Liquors in the World

Handing out homemade beer at a liquor store, Tom and Athena Seefurth, chefs based in Illinois, surprised several people with the smell of their beers-from garlic to tomatoes. They are also the inventors of “pizza beer.” They thought of creating beer that will match their favorite dishes perfectly, and so came up with pizza beer.

Like these two, people all over the world have created different kinds of liquors, which have become worldwide traditions. Wines have been used during the ancient times as medicine, and though people now no longer use them as such, the recipes have survived, and people continue to enjoy them. When in a foreign country, knocking down that glass of strange liquor is also a great way for you to get to know the culture of the people.

Today, experimentation with liquor is done by enterprising people in order to compete with and add flavor to the bottles and bottles of liquor we have become used to. This is a list of some of the strangest liquors you can find in the world.

Pizza Beer in Illinois, USA

Salute: The Strangest Liquors in the World

Pizza being their favorite dish, Tom Seefurth and Athena Seefurth created pizza beer in 2006. Chopping pounds and pounds of wheat crust, tomato, oregano, garlic and basil for their beer, they have sold bottles to people who have made this their favorite. Dont think that there are actual chewable ingredients inside your drink, though, as the ingredients are well filtered, leaving just the essence of pizza. You can find this at Sams Wine and Spirits, or at Top Shelf Wine and Spirits. It is available from over 200 retailers and restaurants across Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Wine from Snake Bile in Vietnam

Salute: The Strangest Liquors in the World

Feeling gutsy? Try this fascinating drink served in specialty restaurants around Vietnam. The preparation itself is swoon-worthy, as a person to slice open a living cobra to get its gall bladder, and pours the bile to the rice wine. Locals swear by its health benefits, and that it makes men virile. Huang Rung Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh serves this, and so do others that specialize in exotic meats.

Chicha in Peru

Salute: The Strangest Liquors in the World

Chicha or corn beer was drunk during Incan ritual festivals and sacrifices. Today, though no longer used in rituals, Chicha still follows the traditional ways of preparation: women from villages in the Andean region chew the maize and then spit the pulp in earthenware jars filled with warm water, where it is left and stored to ferment. The result is a milky, yellowish liquid served in gourds that are hollowed out. Variations of this drink include pineapples, yucca, and plantains. You can find this drink in chicherias along Cuzco and Lima, mostly in central markets and rural Andean villages. To spot a freshly-made chicha for sale, a red or white flag hung above the doorway of a house will be your signal.

Lizard Wine in China

Salute: The Strangest Liquors in the World

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Strangest Spa Treatments in the World

Strangest Spa Treatments in the World

From nibbling fish to sake baths-the ways we treat ourselves have become stranger over the years. As more and more experiments are done, people have been discovering new and strange ways to make us become healthier, more beautiful human beings.

Spas are not exempt from these strange new discoveries. Today, more and more small-time shops, including that parlor just around the block, are offering spa treatments to just about anyone who comes in. Therefore, spas need to differentiate themselves from these by creating more innovative ways of offering treatments. Gone are those simple facials and massages. Now, you may have to choose from dozens and dozens of different kinds of treatments. Targeting specific parts or certain problems, treatments are now more tailored to an individuals specific needs. Yet what is interesting is that many of these bizarre treatments actually have their roots from traditional ways and cultures. Many people wonder whether these treatments really have health benefits or not. Still, they will be fascinating to anyone.

Gondola Massage in Venice

Strangest Spa Treatments in the World

Many people dream of riding those beautiful gondolas in Venice. After all, it is said to be the ultimate way to experience the beautiful city. But what if you could also get a massage while riding one? In modified gondolas, you will be treated to a 40-minute massage, as you pass through the Venetian Lagoon. You have your own gondolier who stirs the gondola, and if youre worried about privacy, the massage focuses on your face, feet, and upper body, ensuring that the lower part of your body is covered at all times. And to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, a special type of oil that has SPF protection is used. You can enjoy this at the Hotel Ciprianis The Cassanova Beauty and Wellness Center.

Alpha Oxy-LED Light Spa Capsule in England

Strangest Spa Treatments in the World

At Tunbridge Wells in England is the Med-Spa Clinic, offering a full body capsule strangely reminiscent of that tanning bed in the “Starship Enterprise.” Your body is blasted with LEDs or light-emitting diodes which give off deep heat. This will make you perspire a lot. Together with the mattress that vibrates-used to exercise your muscles, as well as super-oxygenated air-to speed your metabolism, it should help you lose weight. If youre claustrophobic, you might want to think this one over.

Reiki on Horseback in Wyoming

Strangest Spa Treatments in the World

Reiki is a Japanese practice which stems from the belief that healing energy that is passed from a practitioner to the client will promote a balanced spirit and body. The Japanese practitioner is a person, but Christina DiBartolo, owner of Rockin Heart Ranch, herself a certified Reiki Master, believes that it does not always have to be that way. For her, horses also carry an innate healing energy. In her ranch at Jackson, near Wyoming, you can experience this by riding a horse all by yourself or with the owner, guided by her to let you tap into that energy. The result is said to be a cure from emotional anxieties to physical aches.

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Top 8 Strangest Places in the World

Cities above the sea and floating mountains-can places get any stranger than these? All over the world, we are treated to several places which no one, in spite of hundreds of years worth of research, can ever explain. For the tourist that enjoys something different, these places are worthy of their time. From time to time, it is nice to have our reasons challenged, and just stare in wonder.

Sure, travel guidebooks abound, and every corner of the earth has been scoured, but these places somehow remain untouched because of their ability to defy reason. Furthermore, these places will challenge your perspectives, and change them. In a world thats becoming familiar too fast, a trip to these natural wonders-or enigmas-will prove that some things are just beyond our grasp, and will prove to be refreshing. So if youre a seasoned traveler who thinks youve seen them all, think again as you look at this list of the strangest places in the world.

Blood Falls in Antartica

Top 8 Strangest Places in the World

South of New Zealand is Victoria Land, where the 35-mile long Taylor Glaciers white face is marred with what looks like blood stains. Rest assured, however, that this is not actual blood but a result of a community of sulfur-eating bacteria, which stays underneath the glacier in underground lakes. Their iron-oxide excretions are the color of red, and these dye the ice, creating an illusion of a waterfall of blood. What seem to complete the sordid picture are the corpses of lost penguins and seals scattered in the area, which never decompose. To see this, get a cabin in the final voyage of Kapitan Khlebnikov, a Russian icebreaker which will spend ten days in that region, during October of next year.

Las Pozas in Mexico

Top 8 Strangest Places in the World

This surreal sculpture gardens was created by Edward James, a Scottish poet, trust-funder, and a great fan of the surrealist artist Salvador Dali. It is located in the rainforests of Xilitla-north of Mexico City. Building it in 1949, he kept adding to this wondrous architecture with staircases that lead nowhere, turrets that are off-kilter, and atriums with open sides, until he died in 1984. His own home was a mock Gothic castle that he shared with hundreds of birds, forty dogs, and a boa constrictor. You can visit Xilitla between April and July, for perfect warm weather. His home has also been turned into a budget hotel called La Posada el Castillo.

Eye of the Sahara in Mauritania

Top 8 Strangest Places in the World

In the town of Ouadane is a thirty-mile-wide series of concentric rings, which remind you of crop circles. Unlike their famous counterparts though, we know how these circles came about-the natural erosion of the upwelling of the sedimentary rock has created a rippled pond. Its not quite easy to travel to Mauritania, as the roads are bad and banditry abound. It is also not easy to see the shape at ground level, so in order to have a great view of the place, hop inside a charter flight from Morocco. The Eye of the
Sahara can be seen from space.

The Boneyard in Arizona

Top 8 Strangest Places in the World

When fighter jets die, where do they go? Where else but Boneyard, Arizona. Its a dirt lot near Tucson, around three thousand retired military aircrafts final resting place. These aircrafts range from really old (harvested for parts) to still working (a little polishing will make them fly again).

Aficionados will enjoy the one hour tour organized by Pima Air and Space Museum. Where else can you find B-52 bombers? Make sure to reserve weeks ahead, as plenty of people visit.

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