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The Ugliest Airports Around the Globe

Airports in the movies are always portrayed as squeaky clean places with fancy walkalators and big, panoramic windows. Or, if the movie is about a small island in the middle of nowhere, the airport can look like a scene from a war movie. They look pretty much like the airports were previewing here.

If youre ever passing through these airports, dont bother getting your camera out of the bag. The views not really something youd want to remember.

The Ugliest Airports Around the Globe

John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York

Surprisingly enough, the first airport to make this list is the JFK International Airport in New York. Once upon a time, the airport was a pretty sight, but that was when JKF was still young, and the airport was still called Idlewind. It showcased the best assembly of modern architecture and made New York proud to be New York. Fifty years later, though, we have what modest tourists would describe as hell.

Upon arrival, passengers are greeted by endless corridors and hallways with blank walls. MOMA curator Paola Antonelli even described the place as dysfunctional. When you reach the Delta terminals, youll see an unwelcoming sight of dilapidation and filth. And if youre not a frequent flyer to and from New York, youre bound to get yourself lost here, too.

The Ugliest Airports Around the Globe

Charles de Gaulle in Paris

Because its Paris, and innovative art (even in architecture) is celebrated, the long, column-less structure of Charles de Gaulle Airport was once deemed “graceful” . Of course, that was until 2004, when a portion of the airport collapsed and killed four people. While tragic, the news was pretty unsurprising. People who didnt live in Paris saw the structure as a fiendish symbol of the technocratic country.
Translation: nothing here will work and nobody cares if they dont. Aside from the less-than-friendly architecture, science fiction writer Bruce Sterling also reported bad experiences with the airports signage. British designer John Thackara, who actually lives in South France, also shared his two-cents about the airport. According to the British guru, everyone who works in the airport had been turned into sociopaths.

This is probably largely because of the environment theyre in. For some reason, the staff cannot see how dreadful they treat their passengers.

The Ugliest Airports Around the Globe

Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow

What word event inspired more bad architecture for years to come? Answer: the 1980 Summer Olympics which was held in Moscow. That same, fateful year, Moscows Sheremetyevo Terminal 2 was also completed. According to New York-based and Moscow-born architect Constantin Boym, the airport is built under a 70s “heroic” style on an oddly hexagonal grid.

If youre inside the building, youll have a hellish time finding your way because the walls are all 60º adjacent to one another. According to reports, the airport underwent renovation two years ago, and the dusty ceiling of the entire grid was substituted with a smoother one. For some reason, this facelift only made the place look uglier.

The Ugliest Airports Around the Globe

Heathrow Airport in London

How can we possibly describe Heathrow International Airport? The average traveler would say that the airport makes the JKF landing pad in New York look good. Miami Art Museum Terry Riley gets more specific, though. He describes the airport as four shopping centers accidentally smashed together. Probably the worst portion of the airport is Terminal 3.

This one was built in 1961 and has been described, since then, as a strange low ceilinged area where passengers are held like hostages until the time of their planes departure. A Malaysian architecture, Azmi Merican, gets creative and socio-critical, saying that the airport is a reflection of “lost empire” which no longer knows what role it plays in the world.

The only upside is that Terminal 5, which took 20 years to construct, finally opened in 2008. This was certainly an improvement. The baggage system of the airport is also working just fine, now.

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Weirdest and Most Unique Vending Machines in the World

Young and old alike have been fascinated with vending machines. Like mini convenience stores, these are great when youre feeling quite hungry, and theres no store nearby. Just feed the machine a bill or some coins, press a button, and out comes your chosen snack.

You might find I interesting to know that the first vending machine actually dispensed holy water, of all things. Hero of Alexandria devised this coin-operated machine in the first century, and it was only followed during the nineteenth century, when postcards and gums were sold.

A snack isnt all there is nowadays, as more and more people are beginning to realize the convenience and advantages that this machine has to offer. If vending machines used to offer sodas and little packets of biscuits and chips, today, you might be a little surprised at whats being offered in these incredible machines. Japan tops the quirkiness factor when it comes to vending machines, dispensing underwear to noodles. The ever-famous Lobster Game, similar to those machines where you try to catch a stuffed toy through a crane, gives you fifteen seconds to catch a lobster. The US has copied it by creating their own Maine Lobster Game.

Gold Bars in Abu Dhabi, Bergamo, Frankfurt, and Moscow Airports

Weirdest and Most Unique Vending Machines in the World

Stuck in the airport with nothing to do? Try the Gold to Go vending machines. Whoever thought that buying a special gift for that special someone in your life is actually easy, dispensed from a vending machine? Think gold is too common? You can also buy South African Krugerrands, Canadian maple-leaf coins, and that one-hundred dollar, one-ounce Australian kangaroo coin. Naturally, the prices change, depending on real-time prices. A gram of gold bar wrapped in a beautiful gift box costs around fifty dollars.

Fresh Pizza in Italy

When in Italy, it is but natural to eat pizza. Lets Pizza machines make it easier for you to get this national specialty. It is actually quite natural that the country where pizza originated from would actually come up with vending machines of pizzas! (Or perhaps theyre just tired of serving too many pizzas to hungry tourists.) Found in some malls and airports, these machines can make a pizza from scratch in less than three minutes. You can choose your toppings by pressing a button, then peek into the window to see the mixing and kneading of dough, the adding of the toppings and finally, baking.

Live Lobsters in US

Fun and quirky, everyone wants to try this game-catch a lobster in less than fifteen seconds and its yours to bring home or have the restaurant prepare for you so you can eat it fresh. For only three dollars, you get to play (and possibly) eat! Scattered from Maine to California, many of these machines are located in Florida, at restaurants like Bubbas Roadhouse and Saloon, and Arizona Pizza Company.

Raw Eggs in Japan and California

Weirdest and Most Unique Vending Machines in the World

At Glaum Egg Ranch, for only three dollars you can get 24 free-range chickens, with a complimentary show performed by stuffed chickens (as in stuffed toys, not the real ones). Forget the supermarket; eggs dont come any fresher than this! First introduced in Japan, Glaum Egg Ranch just outside Santa Clara followed suit.

Gold Handcuffs in Mondrian South Beach Hotel, Miami

Weirdest and Most Unique Vending Machines in the World

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