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Chicago – So Much To See, So Much To Do

This list is the personal favourites of a Chicago fence contractor who shares them with us today. With so much to do in Chicago, Illinois, it was hard for him to choose his top picks. But here they are. What do you think?

Chicago is a big city, not what you think of when it comes to getting close to animals. But “Surprise!” – Chicago has several wonderful attractions for the animal lover in you.

Chicago is one of the very few cities to sport two zoos, which is very impressive. The larger one, is just a little out of the way, but well worth the detour. The Brookfield Zoo stretches across 216 acres, including both interior and exterior exhibits. Since it first opened its doors in 1934, (when it rewrote the rules on keeping animals in cages by using moats and ditches) the Brookfield Zoo has grown to include over 450 species of animals. Some of the more intriguing exhibits now on display are Feathers and Scales, Tropic World (including animals from rainforests of three continents), The Swamp and The Living Coast. There are also two different African habitats.

The smaller zoo is in Lincoln Park, and well worth the visit if you don’t want to travel as far.

One of the most prestigious aquariums in the world is the John G. Shedd Aquarium, part of Chicago’s famous Museum Campus. In addition to the incredible displays of fish from around the world, you can watch jellyfish bob around and even sea dragons as their lacy parts drift and float. In all, there are 22,000 aquatic animals – fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertibrates, and even birds and mammals. This non-profit foundation, open since 1930, is dedicated to both public education and conservation, helping on a number of projects to protect endangered species and bringing people into contact with an undersea world that might just as well be another planet to most of us. It is impossible to spend an hour in the Shedd Aquarium without being filled with wonder and awe. It is just that spectacular.

Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins. Visitors to the Brookfield Zoo have the opportunity to view “The Seven Seas Dolphin Show”, a popular attraction where dolphins show off a series of tricks and jumps that always thrill the audience. Meanwhile at Shedd Aquarium, you can take in “Fantasea”, an amazing show with dolphins, belugas, and penguins. The Oceanarium’s amphitheater is home the coolest show ever that adults and kids will love. And the dolphin show is particularly geared to education about this most intelligent species.

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Plan Your Holidays with Google Maps

Planning a trip is, really is really easy if you’re using Google maps. All you like as in yourself need to do is, really is know your destination. With Google maps, not only you like as in yourself get to see directions of how to get there, the actual surrounding areas, but you like as in yourself can search for a hotel, or like something else anything else you like as in yourself would like to do on that, certainly that make my trip.

Open your browser and get to the actual Google maps website. Type in (now this really is helpful) your destination address and note that you like as in yourself get different options, you like as in yourself can see the actual satellite view, traffic, real, really real time views etc.

On the actual same screen you like as in yourself can search for businesses in (now this really is helpful) tat area; if you’re looking for hotels, or like something else museums, anything you like as in yourself could possibly want it’s going to be right at your finger tips. You can, certainly can book your room, get cheap flight tickets etc.

If you like as in yourself want to save the actual search log in (now this really is helpful) to your google account and save the actual search beneath a descriptive name, you like as in yourself can share it with, like together others/ once you like as in yourself save it you like as in yourself and that’s what you like as in yourself would send.

You can, certainly can add multiple destinations, see how long it’s going to take you like as in yourself and what is, really is in the actual area, in (now this really is helpful) chase you like as in yourself would like to check out the actual surroundings.

UK top attractions are quite optimistic

UK top attractions are quite optimistic

The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions declared in a report that the UKs top tourist attractions stay behind for the most part confident about the instantaneous future. They look forward to uphold or increase with 82 percent the number of tourists for the next year. This percentage is with 20 higher compared during last year. As the economics varies, the number of tourists was up by an average of 10.9 per cent greater part of UK attractions, such as: UKs most famous museums, galleries, heritage places, cathedrals, gardens, zoos. This country as well attracted an enormous number of tourists last year, with visitors drawn by the fragile pound.

The most famous tourist attraction in the United Kingdom remains to be British Museum. Other places like National Galley, Tate Modern and Natural History Museum are as well frequently visited. These all splendid attractions are free to enter.  

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