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Best Budget Hotel around the World

For every holiday, you sure would want to have the most fun without emptying your pocket. Good deals air ticket, cheap hotel,hotel deals are a good way to start with. On top of that, share to the world your travel experience by using good web hosting Confuse on which budget hotel that is good to stay? Below is some of the good budget hotel in the world to choose for your favourite holiday destination.


One of the favourite destinations in the world is Bali. The beach, the food, the spa, the environment is just marvellous. Blue moon Villas might be a perfect stylish budget hotel for your holiday in Bali. Blue moon villas has big balconies in every room so that their guest can sit on the balcony and watch the sun set in the morning and beautiful night sky at night. Blue moon villa also has pools overlooking the water, so that you can enjoy the water plus the views.

Mecure Francis, Bath ,UK
Nice Hotel, good location for sightseeing and shopping.tasty, good breakfast.

Located in Bath’s largest Georgian square, Mecure Francis is an elegant 3 star hotel that has location proximity to local sightseeing and shopping. Nice hotel will not be good without the friendly staff and good food. Well, Mecure Francis hotel serves tasty, good breakfast to start your day with.

LAS VEGAS:The West Tower at Circus Circus

If you ever visit Las Vegas and looking for a cheaper hotel, look for the room at West tower at Circus Circus. The room is new and has flatscreen tv and other amenities. Staying at the West tower also allows you to be close to shopping Promenade, which links to the Theme Park and casino.

Find bargain rate for West Tower at Circus Circus online. There are many good travel website which use reliable web hosting online. On top of your bargain, when you travel to Las Vegas, do remember to make calls using cheap phone card

Hotel 81 Dickson,Singapore

Clean room with nice interior modern decoration and located in good location(little India), not to mention the cheap price, is the highlight of Hotel 81 Dickson. Staying in this hotel is also very convenient to get around Singapore as it is located within 5 minutes walk to the popular means of transportation in Singapore; MRT. 

PATONG :Deevana Patong

For a nice quiet getaway place in Thailand, and still under budget, go to Deevana Patong Resort and spa in one of the most popular holiday beach destination in Thailand, Patong.
Not only the resort, the spa, the relaxation and the beach that you can enjoy in Deevana Patong, if you feel like having fun, within walking distance is interesting night entertainment.

BANGKOK: Lub d Bangkok Silom Hostel

“Fun” is one of the words to describe Bangkok; a fun place to travel. Staying in Lub d Hotel , you can have it all in budget price; fun, large bed, clean bathroom, free internet, friendly staff, entertaining bar & lobby, there is even a room which is only for ladies and nice home theatre.

Explore Bangkok in Lub d Hotel and record your experience on your travel blog , using a reliable web hosting

Amsterdam: Pax

For this nice interior budget Hotel in Amsterdam, the location of the Hotel is a bit hidden. It is located in Raadhuisstraat building in Amsterdam, very convenient location and withink walking distance to train station. Good location, good bed, good rates, nice staff, you can find it in Pax Hotel, Amsterdam

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New York , New York, New York!!

Saint Augustine said “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” And I totally agree with him; what’s the use of life lived without seeing the world and not exploring colors of nature extended in every corner of earth. Well my personal opinion is that life lived without travelling is a life lived half. Then why not reach out and explore the world whenever you got time to and if you don’t get the time just make it. Take your family to some place where you can have memorable moments and unforgettable time. Such is the new york city where you can have your summer holidays turned into the beautiful period of life. This article will give you some details on hotel deals , new york city hotel discount and travel blog to make this journey of you remarkable for you.

During your holiday journey you certainly want to enjoy it to the fullest. No one wants the good mood made after day’s enjoyment only because you don’t have a comfortable room to wipe off the lassitude of the day. But why not avail the best hotel deals available in New York City. You can find every sort of hotel deals just by doing little search. No doubt rates are very high in a New York City but hotel deals that provide with hotel discounts can be of a great help.

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Visit the ‘End of the Earth with Antarctic explorers

Visit the ‘End of the Earth with Antarctic explorers

Chill out this summer with a museum exhibit that will take you to one of the coldest places on Earth, the Antarctic.

The “Race to the End of the Earth” exhibit, which will open Saturday at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City,  recounts the 1911-12 contest to be the first to reach the South Pole.

Norwegian Roald Amundsen and Britain’s Royal Navy Capt. Robert Falcon Scott undertook 1,800-mile journeys from the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf to the Pole and back. Their choices when preparing their teams for the contest spelled the difference between triumph and tragedy.

Hands-on activities will help visitors understand what it would have been like to travel to the Antarctic a century ago, as well as what it is like to conduct research there today.

Photographs, paintings, and historical artifacts from the Amundsen and Scott expeditions will place visitors in the midst of Antarctic exploration and research. There will be life-sized models of portions of Amundsen’s and Scott’s base camps; a landscape that transports visitors to the frigid, windswept South Pole; and a diorama featuring the largest penguin species that survives today, the emperor penguin.

Three of Scott’s team members took a dangerous five-week expedition, called “the worst journey in the world” by expedition member Apsley Cherry-Garrard, to recover eggs from the emperor penguin for scientific study.

Among the interactive portions of the exhibit will be a personality test that visitors can take to see how they might fare in an extreme environment during long periods of isolation.

Info: Museum admission plus a ticket to the exhibit total $24 for adults; $18 for students and seniors; and $14 for children. The museum is at Central Park West at 79th St., New York City; (212) 769-5250. The “Race to the Ends of the Earth” exhibit runs through Jan. 2, 2011.

– Rosemary McClure, Special to the  Los Angeles Times

Photo: Explorer Robert Falcon Scott in his quarters at Cape Evans, Antarctica, during the British expedition in the winter of 1911. Credit: American Museum of Natural History

By LA Times

Luna Park reveals rides for new Coney Island amusement park

Luna Park reveals rides for new Coney Island amusement park

Luna Park opens Memorial Day weekend with new rides and renewed promise that New York City officials hope signals the return of Coney Island to its glory days.

With 23 rides on six acres of city-owned land at the former Astroland site, Luna Park joins the legendary Cyclone wooden roller coaster, the iconic Wonder Wheel and Nathan’s famous hot dog stand in the latest effort to revitalize and reinvigorate New York City’s best known playground.

The city plans to invest $150 million on infrastructure improvements at Luna Park, which takes its name from the original amusement park that operated at Coney Island from 1903 to 1946.

Italian ride manufacturer Zamperla, which supplies theme park giants such as Disney, Universal Studios and Six Flags, promises to use Luna Park as a testing ground for its newest cutting-edge attractions.


The first phase of the project is to open on Saturday, May 29, with 19 rides, mostly of the whirl-n-hurl carnival variety.

A second phase, scheduled for 2011, will add four thrill rides, including a human slingshot and two roller coasters (a suspended flyer and a motorcycle-themed ride), according to Screamscape.

The 19 opening-day rides:

Thrill rides
* Air Race: Simulates the experience of fighter pilots, sending riders flipping upside-down and generating up to 4 Gs of force.

* Electro Spin – A rocking, spinning Disk’O ride that travels up and down a half-pipe.

* Brooklyn Flyer – A 100-foot-tall tower swing ride.

* Eclipse – A spinning pendulum swing that sends riders 50 feet up in the air.

Roller coasters
* The Tickler – Spinning coaster cars travel along a classic Wild Mouse track.

* Lunar Express – A family coaster with traditional mine car trains.

Family rides
* Beach Shack – A dipping and tilting hurricane-style spinning ride with a seaside theme.

* Coney Tower – Bounce up and down from heights of 40 feet.

* Coney Island Sound – Another tower bounce ride.

* Kite Glider – Lay down in a gondola and fly like a hang glider on a double-oscillating wave-like spinning ride.

* Lynn’s Trapeze – A classic flying carousel swing ride featuring images of historic Coney Island.

* Surf’s Up – Riders stand up on a giant spinning surfboard on an undulating half-pipe track.

* Wild River – A 40-foot-tall log flume water ride.

* Balloon Expedition – Soar up to 40 feet high in a hot air balloon gondola.

Kiddie rides
* Mermaid Parade – A pint-sized log flume with a theme based on the annual Coney Island parade.

* Circus Train – A train ride for the little ones.

* Happy Swing – A giant swing that looks like an oversized swing set.

* Tea Party – Kids control the spinning speed of their own teacup.

* Speed Boat – A themed spinning ride with boats that leap over waves.

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Luna Park reveals rides for new Coney Island amusement parkFind the latest amusement and theme park news at the Los Angeles Times Funland blog: Follow Funland on Twitter and Facebook.

– Brady MacDonald, Los Angeles Times staff writer

Image: Luna Park Logo. Video: Luna Park flyover. Credits: Luna Park, YouTube and the Marino Organization.

By LA Times

The Best Pancakes in America

As a child, we become huge fans of those fluffy, soft, golden-brown pancakes served during breakfast. What joy it is to lather the thick, gleaming syrup, watching it cascade over stacks of pancakes. And who has not tried making one? Misshapen pancakes forced to other family members, we have great memories of our first tries in making these delicious cakes. And if youve managed to let a pancake fly as you tried flipping it over in the pan, then welcome to the happy and huge club of pancake aficionados. Dont worry though, as there are lots of places to try them.

Chosen for their creativity, toppings and filling, here are some of the best places in America where you can satisfy your cravings for this simple yet delightful cake which, though it has been enhanced, flavored, and changed in countless ways, remains everybodys favorite.

The Farmers Diner in Quechee, Vermont

The Best Pancakes in America

Founder Ted Murphys mantra is “food for here,” so they only get the best-and freshest-ingredients from local farms. Organic lovers will surely delight in this place and their organic, wheat flour buttermilk pancakes, served with Vermont maple syrup and Cabot butter. Its a quaint, retro-style diner which will appeal to many. And if you think thats not enough, you can also order Vermont Liberty Tea Companys fruit-lavender brew. When its harvest season, Champlain Orchards cold apple cider will surely quench your thirst. Nothings as fresh and clean as this. For sides, you can try Vermont Smoke and Cure ham steak, or maple sausages.

Stanley in New Orleans

The Best Pancakes in America

Along Jackson Square in the French Quarter is a new eatery. You will surely be charmed by the soda fountain counter, where you can swing your legs while sitting on the swivel stool, waiting for your stack of pancakes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and Steens cane syrup-the local sweetener that has that molasses kick. And since youre in New Orleans, if you can, order the Eggs Stella-soft shell crabs on top of poached eggs with Creole hollandaise. The best sides are Bloody Mary and that spicy bowl of P&Js oyster, shrimp, and andouille sausage gumbo.

Hawaiian Style Café in Big Island, Hawaii

The Best Pancakes in America

Want the biggest pancakes? This place will give it to you. In the town of Waimea, locals love this place for their Loco Moco-hamburger patties over rice, with grilled onions, fried egg and gravy. Naturally, the serving is huge as well. All items on the menu can be lathered with gravy or paired with a fried egg, including the Pancake Sandwich which is the size of a platter-two-stack pancakes with whipped butter and coconut syrup. For other must-tries, go for the fried rice, Spam and Portuguese sausages.

The Original Pancake House in Portland, Oregon

The Best Pancakes in America

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10 best hot tubs in hotels around the world

There is more to hot tubs that just warm water in your cozy hotel. The views are excellent and incomparable. The view is just one part of the criteria among other things. Each hot tub on our list provides a unique experience which understandably does not come cheap.

Hotel on Rivington (New York City)

Paul Stallings who is responsible for the revitalization of New York Citys downtown is also the one who designed the cedar hot tub way up the busy streets of the Lower East Side. You can cool down under the outdoor shower during summer or you might want to warm up by the outdoor fireplace during winter. You can enjoy the hot tub with nine of your friends.

Do not forget to call for a Pearadise champagned prepared by the bartender of the hotel. The tag price to enjoy all these things is $5,000.

10 best hot tubs in hotels around the world










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