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Tour in Universal Studios Orlando

This is because the word cheap brings to mind images of dingy surroundings and bad service. However, this need not be true any longer. Most Orlando hotels near Universal Studios are renovated regularly to keep up with the increased competition annually as a result of increase in the number or tourists to Walt Disney theme parks.

For your best western vacation, you can select from among the many hotels located near Universal Studios safely which include Days Inn, Quality Inns and Suites, La Quinta Inn Orlando, and Holiday Inn Universal Studios. You can look forward to enjoying best western universal hotel offers of great discounts and freebies like coupons to Universal studios Orlando.

Check out the hotel lobbies to get coupons you need for your entertainment. The hotels have them printed in the magazines or keep them in the reception area. Not all hotels are generous enough to make them available to all customers. You may have to make a special request if you want to get some coupons. The best thing is to inquire about them at the reception desks and persist till you get definite answers.

However, getting back to the topic of savings on your stay in Orlando, it is wise to know that getting discounts to the cheap hotel universal Orlando around Universal Studios Orlando is a vastly different from getting discounts for the theme parks. If you have recently started searching for your vacation flights, you may have noticed that different travel agencies offer you discounts on the hotels too as an attractive combination. This is because they are authorized to offer discounts as a result of their affiliation with the hotels.

You can now book your special vacation tickets with discounts know well in advance that you have a good and affordable place near universal studios to save time. You can use the saved time and money for extra relaxing entertainment in the evenings with fun and frolic or quiet solitude after a hectic day at the theme parks.

While planning your best western vacation, you will come across different tour packages. These packages list out the things that are covered by the package price. These include the facilities you can use without paying extra for them. With this knowledge you are better armed to inquire for affordable, elegant and memorable living accommodations near Universal Studios Orlando.

Good Idea About 10 Amazing Orlando Hotels

Themes from the Italian Rivera and savannas and the legendary place where the conditions of children, Orlando has everything you could want in a resort hotel and much more! May are10 of the most unique and spectacular hotels & Resorts Orlando are listed in random order.

Florida Hotel Orlando Florida (

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, this lodge-style hotel is Africa with 33 acres of wildlife preserve where more than 30 species of animals roam freely. It also offers an authentic African-inspired architecture, thatched ceilings, huge beams, ceiling textured, hand-carved gold-tone software, authentic African art, a large mud fireplace in the main hall, two African-restaurant theme and a narrative field of fire by night.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Lake Buena Vista Florida (

Disney’s Polynesian Resort Escape to a tropical paradise with lush plants, straw, koi ponds, white sand beaches and culture of the South Pacific. And all the Disney World property, so you can spend the day having fun and some of the best attractions in the world. Resort features two 11-storey and three storey longhouse village and ceremonial Great House, built to resemble the Royal Tahitian hearing tests. At night you can do the traditional fire knife dancing, accompanied by real drums, singing and Luau.

Disney's Polynesian Resort Lake Buena Vista Florida (

Disney's Polynesian Resort Lake Buena Vista Florida (

Gaylord Palms Resort Hotel was built out to copy the style and grandeur of the building turn-of-the-century Florida, and inside you’ll find modern rooms and fine dining, shopping, spa Relache fantastic amount of space in the contract. The signature three glass Atrium Gaylord is tropical, lush and three new themed environment Florida Everglades, Key West and S. Augustine.

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Book A Vacation Rental Home And Save On Your Next Family Vacation

Deciding on whether to book a vacation home or a hotel room is a rather straight forward process. Booking a Orlando villa is something that is catching travelers’ attention more these days.

Do you sometimes wish that you could take the vacations like you used to before you had such a large family? Everybody needs to get away sometimes, but it can be extremely difficult finding a place that can accommodate many persons for a vacation. Multiple hotel rooms, suites, and big condominiums can be very pricey when you are trying to house a large number of persons . This is where vacation rental come in. Lets see how they can help you enjoy a getaway in comfort again. With large families , it can be more frustrating and stressful going on a trip than it would be to stay at home. This is not the case when you find condo rentals when you are vacationing. Pull right up in the family car (or cars) and unload right up front. Play in the backyard, barbecue, and then walk to the beach or pool.

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AirTrans one-day sale to 50 destinations from Los Angeles

AirTran Airways is having a one-day sale with one-way fares as low as $44 (plus taxes and fees). You have to book Friday for travel by June 16.

Deal: The super-low fares on this deal feature East Coast destinations: Boston to Baltimore ($49) and Nassau, Bahamas to Orlando ($44). From Los Angeles, one-way sale fares for 50 destinations are in the $104-to-$179 range, including $104 for Washington, New York and Boston; $166 for San Juan, Puerto Rico; and $124 for Atlanta. You have to travel Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays to get the lowest prices.

When: Purchase tickets by 8:59 PDT May 7 and complete your travel by June 16. Tickets must be bought seven days in advance of travel; blackout days are May 28 and 31 (Memorial Day weekend).

Tested: I tried various date combinations from Los Angeles to New York but couldn’t always get the $104 rate both ways. For example, leaving Wednesday, June 2, the lowest fare I could find was $129, though I could get the $104 rate to return on Saturday, June 5. As I tested various dates between L.A. and New York, the $129 rate showed wider availability than the rock-bottom $104, but that may be because seats are going fast.

Contact: Air Tran, (800) 247-8726

– Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger

Image: Air Tran logo

By LA Times

Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

During the Global Pet Expo which was held in Orlando, Florida, ingenious entrepreneurs launched a line of products that can actually make traveling more enjoyable for you and your pets. Whether youre driving the furkids to your hometown or taking the plane for a much-needed summer vacation off a distant pet-friendly island, these pet goodies will surely make the trip easier.

Below is a list of pet travel gadgets you would want to get your hands on.

SnoOzzy Orthoair

Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

If youre worried about your pets joints, the perfect solution is the SnOzzy Orthoair. This therapeutic airbed is inflatable, and you can use it for both outdoor and indoor activities. Some pet owners even use this bed as a lilo for the pool for their small dogs. You dont have to worry about water accidents. Aside from the fact that dogs can swim, this bed is also made from marine-grade PVC. Its scratch-resistant.

Out of the pool, you can adjust the air chambers firmness so you can have a comfortable bed which provides maximum comfort for your pets joints. The Orthoair bed is also sold with a washable fleece cover so your pet wont even know its the same lilo used in the pool. Aside from circular mattresses, a variety of other shapes and sizes are also available.


Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

If youre tired of picking up loose dog kibble from your trunk, its probably high time that you get yourself a Traveltainer. This product is basically a feeding system thats especially designed for mobile pets and pet owners. The feeding system is comprised of an airtight plastic container for the food and 2 food and water dishes which slip on both ends of the container. It also has a carry handle which makes it easy for you to lug everything together.

Come chow time, all you have to do is twist the travel bowls off the container and serve your pet some kibble. The gadget is perfect if you love taking spontaneous picnics or weekend getaways with your pet.

The P@W

Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

The P@W is basically a travel system which spells “pet at work” . This was designed by Emanuele Bianchi for pet owners who are mobile but couldnt leave their furkids behind. With this travel system, you can keep both your pet and your laptop in one pack. The carrier can be expanded to a portable kennel with a comfortable mat (double size) lining inside the bag. Of course, this is only ideal for small breeds.

Your laptop is just as safe as your pet because the compartment is fully padded and fits any medium-sized laptop.

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The Most Expensive Cities in America

The Most Expensive Cities in America

When you live in a city with topnotch hotels and malls where luxury shopping is the main event, its easy to drain out your bank account. For example, Mojitos in Miami can cost as much as $15, and if youre a Mojito-lover, youll know how fast you can blow off your salary. There are ways for you to dodge the spenders traps, though. For example, if you must have a Mojito after work, you can stick to places with Happy Hour specials.

Even if youre just traveling to these cities, you should take the time to do the math. It might take some of the fun out of traveling, but itll keep your budget (and sanity) intact. Below are the most expensive cities in America to watch out for and what you should expect from them before you purchase your plane ticket.

New York

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Youre at the center of the center if you live in New York. Unfortunately, that also means paying a pretty big bill just to live in a world class city. What do you expect, though? The Big Apple has the biggest luxury stores, the most famous restaurants in the world, and the richest hotpot of culture. Yes, culture.

It is, as Alicia Keys song said, a “concrete jungle” with a demographic that can represent almost all races around the world. Of course, most of them are called Americans, now, but you can be sure that they have a lot of history to talk about, especially if they werent homegrown.

Youll have to be a pretty tough cookie to survive here, though. While it rated #1 in the AFC richest city survey, it also places last in the “friendliness” category.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

The principle is simple: the more tourists a city can attract, the more expensive all of its amenities get. Its the simple law of demand and supply, and this simple economic principle applies to Honolulu as well. The Hawaiian city ranked number two in AFCs survey simply because it topped the categories “romance” and “relaxation” . Money talks even in paradise, but dont spend all your cash on culture hopping, though.

Or maybe a hula lesson wont hurt. The hotel ratings arent bad. Its the fourth out of thirty cities to have topnotch hotels. It places last for classical music and theater, though, so keep your dough for the beach. Theres no use spending on something thats not worth seeing. Every cent counts in this expensive summer getaway.

Los Angeles

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Certainly, the City of Angels cant be an affordable city to live in. Not with the long stretches of beaches and almost a year-long access to all that sun. However, the survey shows that much of the money youll be spending in L.A. wont really be allotted to hotels and drinks. Theyll be spent on your clothes. This is one of the USAs fashion capitals, and it wont do for you to be seen in rags.

The city has the third most expensive luxury stores and the fourth most expensive boutiques. Why? People here put a prime on their appearances. While they havent quite reached New Yorks rank, yet, the locals here are the fourth most stylish and attractive people in the USA.

San Francisco

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Even if youre not living in San Francisco, you should prepare for quite a big amount of money just to rent out one of the rooms. The citys luxury hotels rank fourth most expensive in the country. The boutique hotels are even more expensive, ranking third in the survey.

If youre writing a novel or a travelogue, though, this is a pretty good city to visit. The demographic diversity ranked number two, here, and theyre not hard to look at, either. The people in San Francisco ranked third in stylishness, and the city is the fourth best city for people watching.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

If you ever find yourself in the South Beach, you know that most of your money will be spent on cocktails. Miami is the second most expensive city when it comes to the bar scene. The only plus side in this city is the majestic sunset and views of the ocean. People-watching is also fair game here. The city ranks first in terms of having the most attractive locals.

San Diego

The Most Expensive Cities in America

While pretty much everything is expensive in this city in equal proportions, youll certainly enjoy an entire year with clear, sunny skies and a comfortable (not scorching) 70ºF temperature. If San Diego topped anything in the survey, its the weather category. Youll also probably love the more mellow beaches in this vicinity. While Miamis are crowded with bikini bums, San Diegos beaches are less populated and peaceful.

San Diego also ranked fifth best as a relaxing retreat. Meanwhile, the city got sixth place in romance and sixth in cleanliness as well. While its not the most popular honeymoon destination, its certainly one of the places youd want to go to if youre planning to escape the hassles of the work place. Just save up enough money, look for a decent lodging which wont drain your account, and have as much fun without blowing the budget.

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Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

A lot of people thought that visiting Aspen, Paris, New York, Napa, and Hawaii meant that youd have to bring a lot of money. Most of them spend their whole lives saving up for that one trip. Spending too much on a single trip, though, isnt very practical. Neither is it a smart choice, because you can save as much as half of the peak season cost if you only know when to book your trip.

Sometimes, you dont even have to time it during the off-season. A lot of people wait for the rates to take a dip during the high season (airplane companies do hold promos) before they purchase their tickets. These discounts range from 20% to a spectacular 50%, so you should definitely keep your eyes peeled.

Maybe theyre not as cheap as your less-than-stellar summer destinations. However, they are at least more affordable during these times. Below are the most desired travel destinations and the best times to book your flight.

London on spare change

Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

London can be a pretty pricey destination especially if youre coming from miles and miles away. However, if you book your flights from November through March, youll find the hotel rates lower than usual. This is probably due to the fact that these are the colder months, and most people in Europe travel to other parts of the world to enjoy warmer climates.

If youre from Los Angeles, though, a bit of the cold biting your knickers wont do you harm. You might just find the old country charm of London an experience worth investing in, at least for a week or so. Good news, too, because during these cold months, the British Airways and Virgin Atlantic dish out their cheapest airfares. This will give you more money to spend on exquisite London cuisine and much-needed culture.
With the holidays just around the corner, London is also teeming with plays and dances to go to. If youre a party animal, you might just find pubs in London which give you a little bit of Ireland without actually going to Ireland. Whichever way you choose to spend your time here, you can immerse yourself in the English folks elusive Rs without putting a dent on your wallet.

Zooming to Hawaii

Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

For years, now, this honeymoon destination remained a permanently expensive summer spot, thanks to its pristine beaches and untouchable Hawaiian charm. However, if theres anything good about the recession, its the fact that it made a lot of expensive vacation spots slightly more affordable for ordinary people like you and me. Most of the hoteliers in Hawaii now offer the lowest room rates its ever offered in years.

The airfares to Hawaii also dropped to at least 1/3 of its usual rate. The deals even sweeter if you travel during the low-peak season which is between September and early December. Of course, low seasons in a summer get away means a few rain clouds and showers here and there. If occasional showers wont dampen your mood, though, you should go ahead and book your flight during this time.

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Where to Go on Easter Holiday

The Easter holiday is a splendid holiday time! You can enjoy any sort of holiday at Easter; from adventure holiday, beach holidays to cultural Easter holiday. You can choose to fly a couple hours away from the city that you are staying to another city or just drive away from your city or even spent your Easter holiday just stay in town.


Big Easter egg in Canada (

Big Easter egg in Canada (

There are a lot of activities can be done in Easter holiday. Easter breaks are also a good time for family time, and have some fun! On a good sunny temperature, you can go on swimming, hiking. Not only can you spend time together, but also being healthy. It will also be fun to plan your activities together.

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Roller coaster group to honor Giant Dipper in San Diego

Roller coaster group to honor Giant Dipper in San Diego

After surviving several fires, becoming a home to vagrants and dodging the wrecking ball, the nearly 85-year-old Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster at Belmont Park in San Diego will be honored as an endearing and enduring classic.

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Body dryers take the wet out of theme-park water rides

By design, theme park water rides leave you soaking wet: clothes clinging, shoes squishing, body shivering.

Personally, I never ride them. To tell you the truth, I hate them. If I want to get wet, I’ll go to a water park.

But I’ve seen the future, and it’s warm and dry.

Walk-in full body dryers have been popular in Europe for more than a decade and will start arriving at Southern California theme parks in 2010.

The new dryers are being rolled out at various times this year at these locations:

 * Universal Studios Hollywood near the Curious George water play area

* SeaWorld San Diego near the Shipwreck Rapids river-raft ride (2 dryers)

* Legoland California near the Soak-N-Sail water playground

* Knott’s Berry Farm near the Bigfoot Rapids river-raft ride and Perilous Plunge flume ride

Body dryers take the wet out of theme-park water rides












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