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Activity Holiday Recommendations

Whenever vacation time rolls around, we always get excited. This is usually because of all the fun things we plan to do. Because people want to have fun on their vacation, they can often spend u to a month planning a week’s worth of fun. This is because our time free of work and obligation is often limited so it is important to know exactly how you will spend your time while on holiday. Here ways that some people spend their vacation.

There are a variety of different ski resorts if skiing is something that interests your family. This is probably one of the most popular activity holidays out there. This is because many people both young and old alike- enjoy skiing and snowboarding. You can get a breath of the fresh crisp mountain air as you hit the slopes. You will also be amazed by the various different landscapes and breathtaking views that you will see while you are out there.

Hiking is another great way to spend your vacation actively. There are many hiking trails, and best of all you will find that it does not cost a lot of money because there is not really any equipment that you will have to buy to do it. You can just get some hiking boots and get started. Depending on where you choose to hike, the whole family can take part in it. Just make sure that you choose your area wisely.

Finally, if nature isn’t your thing, maybe history is. A great way to spend your holiday is being visiting historical sites. You will be able to experience all the wonder of being in an area where something momentous happened. There is also the opportunity to learn more in detail about these events. Another benefit is that you will get to take a look into the past and see how life used to be. Sometimes imagining that you were back in those simpler times can be fun.

These are just a few of the activities people choose to do when they go on vacation. The possibilities are endless and there is no wonder people spend so much time deciding which ones to do. No matter what you choose to do when you go on holiday, be sure to pick activities that fit your wants and desires. After all, there is only a limited amount of time away from your hectic life so be sure to make it worthwhile.

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Lake District – A Look At The Outdoor Activities On Offer

The Lake District in England is a stunning area of natural beauty so it is no surprise it rates as one of the most visited places in the UK for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The scenery is breathtaking with magnificent mountains and deep lakes in abundance in this area. It is possible to enjoy a wide range of outdoor sporting activities in The Lake District and with planning and strict observation of any safety issues a wonderful time can be had in this beautiful part of England. It’s possible to find something for everyone and any level of fitness to enjoy, from the vigorous to the gentle – there is something for everyone.

Most people know of The Lake District because of its walking opportunities and with the five highest mountains in England located here it’s not surprising. There are walks that will sort all kinds of age and range of fitness with walks that are suitable for all the family and walks for older people. Many books have been written that map out the various walks whether they be the famous ridge walks along the mountaintops or walks around the lakes. These guides are an excellent source of information for walkers of all levels.

For people who love their mountain biking then The Lake District offers endless off-road routes; for other cyclists there are the more gentle trails and country lanes. With dramatic scenery as a backdrop and very little traffic, for those who prefer on-road cycling, the area is perfect for cyclists of all kinds who love the outdoor life.

Water sports are an obvious choice of outdoor pursuit with so many lakes in the area; there are lots of opportunities for canoeing, kayaking, sailing, waterskiing and windsurfing. For the very brave there are opportunities for open water swimming in the lakes but this is only advisable if you are experienced, are swimming with other people and understand the safety procedures thoroughly. The Great North Swim takes place at Lake Windermere every year and provides the perfect experience for the competitive open water swimmer. For the less active many of the lakes offer boat hire.

Often cited as the birthplace of rock climbing there are lots of places where you can enjoy rock climbing and abseiling in the Lake District. It is also possible to learn the sport here. If being underground is more your thing then caving and potholing is for you and there are many places to discover in this area if this is your sport of choice.

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Recommended Skiing Destinations

So many wonderful places to ski and so little time (and money). Most of the world class ski areas show up on every list but there are just so many to choose from. And the best places to ski promise an exciting nightlife and lots of other things to do when you’re not on the slopes.

Courchevel, France – is located within the Three Valleys and has three villages. Courcheval 1850 is at the highest altitude and offers four gourmet eateries, many shops, a ski-jumping area, ice climbing, an Olympic ice skating and night tobogganing. Courchevel calls itself the world’s largest ski resort but many others call it the world’s best ski resort.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France – was host to the first Winter Olympic games in 1924. It’s the second highest peak in Europe and the highest in the Alps. It is home to one of Europe’s longest ski trails, the Valle Blanche (22 km). It offers backcountry skiing, hang gliding, and ice climbing on glaciers. Chamonix is considered to be, by some, to be the World’s Best Ski Resort.

Cortina, Italy – is located in the eastern Dolomites and is one of Italy’s most popular and extreme resorts and hosted the 1956 Olympics. It offers 52 lifts and 132 km of groomed runs in the central village. Passes are also available to give access to 50 other resorts in the area. Cortina is one of Europe’s most extreme and popular resorts. Visit Cortina Adrenaline to take part in bobsledding, snow rafting, sledding, and tobogganing.

Whistler, Blackcomb, British Columbia – has been voted, by North Americans, “The Best North American Ski Resort” many times. It is most certainly one of the largest and finest ski resorts in North America. It has the largest vertical drop (1.6) in North America. There are expert terrains, helicopter skiing, glaciers and wide alpine bowls. In the evening, or on a day off from skiing, visit one of Whistlers cafes, shops or 100 restaurants.

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Choosing The Right Sleeping Bag

There are many different types of sleeping bags available. When you are searching for the perfect sleeping bag, you should take shape, roominess, insulation, weight and fabric into consideration. If you choose a poor one then you will pay the price in lost sleep. It not just the quality of the sleeping bag ton consider though, as weather conditions are important too. If you are planning a trip to where the weather is relatively warm and dry, you might be able to do with a light-weight “bed roll” or a simple fleece bag. If you are traveling to a cooler area you will need to pack a sleeping bag that is functional for lower temperatures.

There are generally two different shapes to choose from, and each comes with different styles and features. The most popular bag, and also the one that has been used for several years, is rectangular. Due to its shape and the way is made, it can also be used as a comforter. As a sleeping bag it provides a roomy and comfortable space to rest in. And you can sometimes put two of these types of sleeping bags together and make a larger bag that can be comfortable and used by more than one person.

The mummy sleeping bag functions much like it sounds. It is a more of a recent design that encompasses the sleeper much tighter than the rectangular bag. The premise is to use much less fabric and material to produce a greater amount of heat. The lack of material (and weight) comes in handy if backpacking for long distances. A mummy bag is best suited for colder climates. If you will be camping in temperatures below 40 degrees, this bag is the best choice.

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