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Top Travel destination 2011










2010 and 2011 is not a very good financial year Get the best deal on limited/ tight budget. However, plan your holiday carefully, look for discount/special rate on airlines, discount hotel, hotel deals, cheap phone card or calling card. To accommodate with the not good financial year, many travel industry offer many cheap hotel and holiday package so that one can still spent their holiday in budget!
Below is the top 5 most visited destination in 2011
1. Spain
















Barcelona; the city of fashion, Valencia; the city of sport and Madrid; the city full of good restaurant & great nightlife, all you can see in Spain. That is why Spain has become one of the most visited countries in the world. In addition to the above, Spain is also famous for the beach in Canary Island, Catalonia, Balearic Islag of Mallorca, Ibiza etc and Spain in also reach of culture in Palma, Seville.








If you still have budget to spent, explore Spain by using luxury railway ; Transcantabrico, La Robla.

2. Turkey









As it is not included in Euro, Turkey has one of the cheapest destinations in travelling in Europe. The accommodation is ranging from 3 star to 5 star, look for the hotel deals or discount hotel to spent less. In Turkey, you can witness beautiful, unspoiled beach and nightlife too. If you have extra cash on hand, you can explore Turkey on a magical gullet cruise

3. South America








Tourist going to South America, especially Brazil will continue to grow, as it has been honoured to be the host for 2016 Olympic Games and 2014 FIFA World cup. Explore Brazil before the crowd; Rio de Janeiro for the sun, the famous beach, enjoying lots of famous Brazilian food and Brazilian night life

4. USA








Whether its for family holiday, honeymoon, shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, all you can find in USA. There are also a lot of budgets or cheap hotel in USA. Starting from family holiday in Disneyworld & Disneyland, sightseeing Niagara Waterfall, shopping for big brand such as Coach, Nike etc, honeymoon in Hawaii, nightlife in Las Vegas, all you can find in USA. From elegant holiday to cheap holiday, all in USA









5. France (Paris)










Said to be the most romantic city in the world, is the city of light, Paris. Paris has been a popular destination for travellers around the world, especially for honeymooner. With Disneyland now open in Paris, the popularity is rising for family holiday too. The city is full of good sightseeing, historical, and popular night clubs.


















However it is not easy to be on budget in Paris, but there is still a lot of cheap hotel and cheap & yet delicious Parisian dining. When you are in Paris, do not forget to enjoy the dining experience

Getting To France, And Also Disneyland Paris Can’t Be Less Complicated When Using Channel Tunnel Trains

Paris is considered the best enchanting city on the earth, plus it lures in countless visitors from all over the entire world annually. Additionally it is considered as the city of lights, due to the well lit displays and retailers, it is really the second largest city in Western Europe. There are numerous displays and gala’s also, plus its certainly not a boring destination to visit.

The center of attention obviously would be the Eiffel Tower. You’ll find three tiers to the Eiffel tower and the very first level gives vacationers a review of the tower’s background and design. The 2nd floor once more has got information about its historical past however has a glass floor to see through, not for the faint hearted! Ultimately the top floor helps you watch over Paris, additionally there is a restaurant to dine at. Some other destinations comprise of The Louvre which contains the Mona Lisa along with the Venus de Milo. The Notre Dame Cathedral is next, with its uniquely Gothic architectural mastery, stained glass windows and of course because of the story of the hunchback. The Arc De Triomphe leading to the Champs-Elysées is an additional great attraction, meant to represent and commemorate Napoleon’s army. These are simply the primary attractions and yet there are many more.

2 other factors why individuals pay a visit to the French capital has got to be the shopping and also Euro Disney. Shopping within Paris is a thing to be appreciated, with all different kinds of stores, boutiques and even large shopping complexes, there will be something for all and to match every single persons budget. Euro Disney draws in more families and was first established in 1992. It’s just outside of Paris and there is regular trains that go there and in less than 1 hour. Euro Disney has 2 full parks, shopping, inns as well as entertainment, and it’s easily appreciated for one or two days.

For folks in England getting to Paris could not be any simpler, because the Eurostar London to Paris train will take only a couple of hours. These train engines possess large air-conditioned carriages, and tend to be split into Standard, Standard Premiere and Business Premiere class. Even with standard class you will get a good amount of leg area, and you can pick your seating during the time of booking your Chunnel tickets. The actual seating is set up either in twos with pull down trays or perhaps a group of 4 facing each other, having a table in the middle, perfect for families. With one area chosen to selling cold and hot meals, and also refreshments, including alcohol. There is also a direct train from London to Euro Disney. Eurostar trains furthermore run to Brussels, with this and Paris being the key 2 stations, however with connecting train engines you can actually travel close to one hundred other vacation spots all over Europe.

Have a Memorable Honeymoon in Paris

Honeymoon is taken as the most awaited occasion in the life of every newly married couple. Every couple wants to make it such an enjoyable moment of their life that can delight them in the whole life. They wanted to use this time in a best way so that it remains fresh and young in their minds and soul. The most important thing that the couples should take in their mind while deciding about is, the honeymoon destination in a balanced budget. There are numbers of honeymoon destinations are available in the whole world so you can easily choose your destination that can best suits you. It is essential for the couples to get some information about the honeymoon place, its discount hotels, language and currency used over there, hotel deals and the amusement places over there.

Most of the countries have fantastic, attractive and exotic places where the couples can enjoy their honeymoon in the best possible way. The honeymoon provides them with the opportunity to enjoy some days of their life by forgetting all the tensions of life. Newly married couples can visit the most beautiful cities of the world to enjoy their honeymoons. The honeymoon gives them the chance of enjoyment and it also helps them in understanding each other in the best possible way. The cities that have romantic places are very famous for honeymoon. A lot of countries get huge profits in the form of honeymoon couples every year. Apart from this a lot of hotels especially offer honeymoon packages in the form of hotel deals and discount hotels, only for honeymoon couples.

There are lots of countries in the world in which you can enjoy your honeymoon like Argentina, USA, Bali, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, India, France and Australia, etc. But today we are going to introduce the most romantic place of the world and that is France. France is very famous for tourists and newly married couples. In France, the most attractive place where you can fully enjoy your honeymoon is Paris. Paris is known as a city of light and it attracts million people towards it every year. There are lots of places in Paris that can make your honeymoon a memorable event of your life. Some of the most stunning places are Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame at which your can enjoy your time fully.

In Paris you can get all kinds of hotels with multiple deals and packages. You can choose any discount hotel that offers the best hotel deal for your staying period. Hotel du Jeu de Paume is the best hotel in the entire Paris. It is located in the middle of city from where you can view the beauty of Paris easily. Its architecture is totally unique as it was once a royal tennis court. Hotel du Jeu de Paume provides the best hotel deals for the honeymoon couples and it is also known as discount hotel in this area. It offers the best services at the low prices so you can enjoy the honeymoon without crossing your budget. So, shortly there is no best place other than Paris and no best Hotel like Hotel du Jeu de Paume in the whole city, for your honeymoon trip.

If you are searching for other honeymoon destination, sydney and new york would be nice too. There are many deals and cheap hotel on  sydney hotel and new york hotel . To enjoy your honeymoon futher, do switch off your phone, and not even make calls using phone card or calling card

6 Romantic cities in the World

No matter what your status is – single, married, with children, all of you can spent your holiday and vacation into famous romantic location in the world.


For single, indulge and pamper yourself in the beautiful romantic cities in the world. For the married couple, enjoy your honeymoon destinations, whether it’s the 1st honeymoon or the repeated honeymoon, romantic cities sure will give more sparks for your love! And for those with children, do not be frustrated that you will not enjoy the beautiful cities, bring your kids with you as there are a lot of the romantic cities in the world offer good entertainment for children too.

There a lot of hotels in many famous romantic cities in the world. When you are travelling on budget, be sure to choose the good cheap hotel deals and do use good phone card and calling card. In addition to that do your own travel website with using good web hosting supplier and tell the world about your experience in the romantic location below:       

Paris – France

The well-known cities for Monalisa, Eiffel Tower, Notre dame, Arc de Trimphe, versailler, Le Lourve etc, also famous for the food, delicious desert, tasty wine, good bread, the high fashion, the history,Paris has it all. In fact, Paris has been the classic romantic city of all-time.
The perfect time to enjoy the beauty of Paris is the spring time. Spring and Paris is all about going out on a walk, enjoy the romantic atmosphere that you get in Paris or even just sitting in a sidewalk cafe on Paris’ street by yourself or with partner will be a nice way of spending your time in the most romantic city in the world. For you who were on honeymoon or romantic getaways with your partner, you ought to enjoy the candlelight dinner in front of Eiffel tower.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Hotel (

You will fall in love with the charm and romantic feeling that this city gives.

From romantic atmosphere, cultural historical site to culinary famous, Paris is not only well known for travellers who seek for romantic atmosphere, but also a good destination for Hollywood film maker, fashion,food and art lover.

 Venice – Italy

The city of canal is what people heard about Venice. Venice is surrounded by good architectural historical building, exceptional striking environment, the narrow little street, bridges, and the city itself surrounded by many little canals and gondolas which make the city to maintain its romantic affair and capture the heart of its visitors.

When you are in Venice, visit Ponte di Rialto, Ponte dei Sospiri, Canale Grande, have a cup of coffee or hot tea or hot chocolate at Piazza San Marco together with pigions, and have a good experience in romantic serenades gondola ride. Enhance your romantic feels by also visiting Bridge of Sighs and Rialto Bridge.

Enjoy Venice like Venetian inspired artists, poets, travellers , musicians such as Byron, Dickens,Rubinsteins and many more.

Feel the love in irresistible Venice.

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Eat Cheap in Paris

Holiday to Paris might be high expenses, especially if you live in a country like Australia or New Zealand. If you are on budget, travel on the day that is not holiday season; look for flight deals that many Airlines offers on off peak season, search for cheap hotel deals for hotel , travel deals online, and lastly, use phone card or calling card to make your international calls.

Tick done for flight deals, done for hotel deals, done for travel deals, done for calling card or phone card, the last thing that you might have to check out is the good places, tasty, delicious food yet cheap to have your mealand record your experience using good web hosting provider!

Below are the tips to save your money for food in Paris

  • Higher price food is normally mostly found in tourist area. Go further away from the tourist area or even follow the local France for food.

  • Go to The Marais, the Jewish quater in Paris. In Marais, there is a lot of cheap food in Marais, such as falafel,kebobs, not expensive light meal and snack. Take your time and walk around all the stands in Marais and find the best deal for your food or try L’As du Fallafel.

@ by paris by mouth

  • You simply have to eat crepe in Paris. It is popular for local too, as not only it cost less, but also it has the nicest crepe in the world. Paris crepe offer main meals (egg, cream, cheeses, vegies), as well as desert(fruit, chocolate, ice cream, jellies). Try crêpe au fromage et ouef (cheese+ egg) crepe for your meal and rich delicious Nuttella + banana crepe for desert will last you till lunch or dinner.And in many Crepe stand, there are also pre-made sandwiches available

  • Get your breakfast takeaway from train station. Usually there is breakfast special offered; a pastry, coffee and orange juice for less than €10.

  • For snack, try the famous street snack for winter; roasted chestnuts in a cart. It will livened up your day

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Bundle up for six winter nights in Paris and London from $1,107

Bundle up for six winter nights in Paris and London from $1,107

In winter, Paris and London are quietest – and coldest. You could spend a week exploring the great indoors without the summer crowds when visiting the British Museum and the Louvre or shopping at Harrods and Galleries Lafayette. A six-night hotel and airfare package that takes you to both capital cities in January and February starts at $1,107 per person, but act quickly because the deal ends June 8.

The deal: I found this Europe Vacations package on Travel Zoo. Based on double occupancy, prices start at $1,107 per person, including taxes and fuel surcharges. The trip includes round-trip airfare from Los Angeles to Paris, three nights at a hotel in Paris, a flight from Paris to London, three nights at a London hotel and continental breakfast daily. Use the promotion code “TZPAR3″ whether you are booking online or over the phone to get a $50 per person savings that’s part of this low rate.

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Yves Saint Laurent fashion is a hot ticket at Petit Palais in Paris

Yves Saint Laurent fashion is a hot ticket at Petit Palais in Paris

The hot ticket in Paris this season is an Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the Fine Arts Museum in the Petit Palais (through Aug. 29), the first full retrospective on the Algerian-born French fashion designer who died in 2008.

Using photos, sketches, fabric and above all some 300 original Saint Laurent designs, the show follows the gifted “bad boy” of haute couture through half a century of creativity. Saint Laurent famously put women in tuxedos, made outfits out of military-camouflage designs and started one of the first prêt-à-porter  (ready to wear) collections at a couture house.

Included in the show are sheaths inspired by the geometry of painter Piet Mondrian; actress Catherine Deneuves favorite little YSL black dress; and the patchwork evening gown that the designer made for the Duchess of Windsor in 1969. The show is set against the Belle Epoque beauty of the Petit Palais, built for the Universal Exhibition in 1900. For a walk-through and a review of the exhibit, written for the Los Angeles Times by Steffie Nelson, click here.


Info: The museum is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays; on Thursdays, it stays open until 8 p.m. Closed Mondays and public holidays. Admission to the permanent collections is free; entry to the Saint Laurent show costs $13 per person.

– Susan Spano, Special to the Los Angeles Times

Photo: Dress from Yves Saint Laurent’s haute-couture collection for fall-winter 1965. Credit: Alexandre Guirkinger

By LA Times

Don’t Settle for an Ordinary Vacation — Go for Extraordinary

You work hard all year long, and look forward to your vacation. So why settle for ordinary, when you could do something different this year and create memories that really will last a lifetime?


Today there are so many more choices than just taking a regular cruise or guided tour. If you’re willing to think outside the box, and put a little effort into planning it, your vacation can be extraordinary.

First of all, think about your interests or passions. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do like learn to paint, try skydiving, or scuba diving?


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San Francisco: Impressionists arrive from Paris for two special shows

San Francisco: Impressionists arrive from Paris for two special shows

Does San Francisco ever feel like Paris? It will starting this month when the first of two shows featuring masterpieces from the famed Musee dOrsay opens at the De Young Museum. Buy a ticket to either show, and you receive Le Passeport, a discount card good at restaurants and other venues around the city.

The first show: “Birth of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Mussee dOrsay” presents 100 works including such iconic pieces as “The Fifer” (1866), by Edouard Manet (above), “The Cradle” (1872), by Berthe Morisot, and “Saint-Lazare Station” (1877), by Claude Monet. The show opens Saturday, May 22, and runs through Monday, Sept. 6.

Tickets are sold by date and time in half-hour increments; the price includes admission to the museum. It costs $25 for adults and $15 for children 6 to 17. If you buy at least 24 hours in advance, the price drops to $20 and $10, respectively. Children younger than  5 are admitted free. (Note theres a $1 handling fee per ticket if you buy online.)

The second show: “Van Gogh, Gaugin, Cezanne and Beyond: Post-Impressionist Masterpieces From the Musee dOrsay” continues the artistic arc with 120 pieces in the later Impressionist era, such as “Self Portrait (1887), by Van Gogh, and “Tahitian Women, On the Beach” (1891), by Paul Gaugin. The show runs Saturday, Sept. 25, through Tuesday, Jan. 18.

The deal: A discount card called Le Passeport comes with the purchase of a ticket to either show. The card works at a variety of places around the city; some discounts are small – such as 15% off purchases at Le Boulange Café & Bakery locations around the city or a free dessert at the Bistro at Nordstrom – and others are bigger, such as discounted rooms $89 to $99 per night at the King George Hotel on Mason and Geary streets (date restrictions apply). Note that once you buy a ticket, you can pick up the card and use it regardless of when you visit the museum. Click here for a list of Le Passeport discounts.

Concurrent show: The Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park will open a special exhibition that lends context to the De Young exhibitions called “Impressionist Paris: City of Light” starting Saturday, June 5, through Sunday, Sept. 26. The show boasts 150 pieces, including photos, prints and paintings. Tickets from the De Young shows get you into the Legion of Honor show on the same day for free.

Contact: De Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, San Francisco; (415) 750-3600.

– Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger

Photo: “The Fifer” Credit: Herve Lewandowski / Musee d’Orsay

By LA Times

Amsterdam Top Of European Destinations For Stag And Hen Dos

Europe attracts visitors from all over the world for various purposes. Many European cities are thronged by “women only” groups to celebrate hen nights as well as lads out on stag weekends. New research conducted by British Airways has found that Amsterdam has continued to be the most popular choice for stag and hen weekends in Europe.


Because of its increase popularity Amsterdam has experience overwhelming amounts of people, this is sometime to its detriment as stag and hen parties have got out of control causing damage to hotels and on the street; this has caused some establishments to decline parties. These problems has meant that other cities such as Paris and Barcelona have seen increased bookings. This affect has still not discouraged most people and Amsterdam continues to hold the crown for number 1 stag and hen destination.

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