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The Most Important Actions To Do When Owning A Hotel

If you are running a hotel you have to know that one of the most important concepts here is demand segmentation. You need to know that this is one of the most important concepts when it comes to running a hotel. Also, among other things, segmenting the market helps an establishment identify key areas to focus on. Moreover this method can help to reach the primary selected category of people that the business will be aimed at.

For sure, identifying key areas does not mean you just focus on one group. Indeed, demand segmentation helps identify all types of visitors that book a suite, reserve a function room, or eat at the hotel’s restaurant. What’s more market segmentation makes a wide range of information available to the people who manage hotels and make business decisions. With the help of this method people involved in marketing of hotels ( for example Portland hotels) receive a wide range of information including: numerous aspects of the clientele, such as range, social class, lifestyle, age group, and business type. Indeed the following information is important to find out which needs are associated to a particular group of guests. This gives the hotel a possibility to cater to more specific needs if they exist.

Then, this information is helpful when it comes to starting the usage of new marketing strategies. Alternatively speaking, the owner receives the information about the amenities most appealing for new clients. In such a way the manager can understand what would be the best feature to emphasize in order to attract more guests this or that segment. Besides, the manager of the one of Portland hotels (for example) can see what activities appeal most to this or that age group. Anyhow this is not the complete list the types of information that would become available if using the method of demand segmentation.

I want to tell that each segment hotel management identifies are connected to other segments. The correlation between these segments is important to making decisions on the marketing strategy of this or that hotel, it can be one of Portland hotels or another one, whatever. You shouldn’t forget that each segment on its own demands special attention to detail and care when it concerns new plans and services. Keeping this facts in mind, it is important for hotels to have dedicated analysts that can sort out the piles of information. It is as well very important to make the correct interpretation of a huge amount of information you would receive.

To make a conclusion, we can clearly see that the method of demand fragmentation can be really useful when it comes to optimization of the list of amenities and services given by a hotel. With the help of this method a manager of a hotel can receive a terrific amount of information, helpful for hotel’s marketing.

Things To Know About Hotel Meeting Spaces

These days big companies often prefer to book hotel meeting spaces rather than producing their own. The fact is that it’s much cheaper to pay a onetime rent to some hotel then pay monthly rent for not that often used spaces. Generally, companies book hotel meeting spaces for a variety of different purposes. In case you are one of that people who need meeting spaces from time to time but aren’t able to pay monthly rent, then you may find this text helpful. What’s more, here are some useful recommendations for what to look out for when you are booking space at hotels for your own meeting.

Hilton Nordica Hotel Reykjavik Iceland (

Actually, there are a couple of the key issues that hotels are going to look for an attrition clause. Frankly speaking, most hotels including Portland hotels are in the business of selling sleeping rooms. That is why while they do have meeting spaces at hotels, the only reason they have that meeting space is so that they have the ability to sell sleeping rooms for the people attending the meetings. And what should you do if you need to receive hotel meeting space and all the people who are gathering there are local?

Holiday inn potts point Sydney (

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Current Trends Of Hotels Market

Today most travelers and vacationers try to minimize the cost of accommodation. In fact this sounds quite understandable in this time of economic decline that we presently encounter. As a matter of fact most people question what are the trends of Hotel market? Are the prices going to fall or getting higher? What to expect for? In following text we are going to take a look at some of the trends for hotel preferences when in response of leisure travelers.

First of all, let’s look at the first main trend of this market. The thing is that people are likely to stay in independent hotels compared to the bigger branded hotels. The reason is that the stay at such hotels is for sure more expensive. Though these hotels have more in terms of accommodations and luxury, travelers often prefer to stay in independent Portland hotels. Probably this may happen because of the inherent character and unique flavor afforded by independent carriers, in comparison with the standard fare of their branded counterparts.

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Pros Of Luxury Hotel Accommodations

When, you have decided to spend a larger sum of money, you may take into consideration luxury hotel accommodations. Moreover, if you’re looking for great hotel accommodations, to begin from you have to decide whether you want to stay in a standard hotel or a luxury hotel (for example Portland hotels). You should understand that in case you would select the luxury hotel, you have to be prepared to pay more. Trust me, it can be quite an impressive sum. However, you can feel yourself a king or a queen for this money, as you’ll also get a lot of things that you wouldn’t receive at your more standard hotels. But you have to be really careful when choosing a luxury hotel for you to stay during your vacation. The reason is that some luxury hotels may include everything, and others require that you pay extra for certain services.

Rancho Valencia Resort Rancho Santa Fe California (

It is advisable to find out which of the hotels that you’re considering have any extra charges and for which services. Mostly, this should be done beforehand, as if you don’t do that, it can lead to a much higher hotel bill than you’ve expected. So, try to get the information concerning the services which are not included to the charge for your suite. You have to remember to take the time and ask any questions that you need answered. The next advice is to consider booking through a travel agent. The cause for this is that these kinds of people can get the answers that you’re looking for very easily. Actually it often happens that the already know them. I was working with one travel agent who new all Portland hotels perfectly well.

secrets silversands Riviera cancun hotel Playa del Carmen Mexico (

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Necessary Things You Would Need To Know If Staying At A Hotel

In case you are traveling for the first time, or even if you have simply forgotten what to do, you may need to get a few recommendations concerning your future stay at a hotel. On opposite if you regularly travel and stay in hotel rooms then you’ll maybe know what to wait for in a hotel. Certainly, it’s important to know what things you may need during your stay at a hotel, and besides what you should expect for. Nonetheless, if you haven’t stayed in a modern hotel room for a while, then perhaps you don’t know exactly what sort of thing you want and need. The same thing may happen if you are going to visit a more luxury hotel.

These are several things to consider when going to stay at a hotel

When you going to some luxury hotel, you may want to select a nice comfortable looking bed and extravagant linen. Pamper yourself and get the chance to have a good night’s sleep in a nice bed. Also you may want a satellite TV that you can see from anywhere in the room. In such a way, you can catch up with the news, or watch your favorite program.

Beijing Bohao Radegast Hotel China (

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A Number Of Of Things You Should Know About Hotel Overbook

When you are going to a trip and want to book a room at hotel beforehand (for example in one of Portland hotels), you have to know that there always exist the possibility of hotels being overbooked. Though hotels may offer excuses that they have to oversell to make up for the losses from the reservation that weren’t paid for. In addition, hotels may tell you that some guests did not check out as planned. Or even that certain rooms are in need of repairs or renovations. It’s good that now many states can impose fines against hotels that regularly overbook. As a matter of fact hotels have no right to confirm more rooms than they have available. In this post we are going to tell you what to do when you get into hotel that is overbooked.


In some cases it can happened that two hotels may work together in bait and switch tactics. This suggests that they accept your overbooking at one hotel so that you can be referred, at your expense, to a more expensive hotel nearby. Then they share profits. In case you have become the victim of such fraud, you should immediately file a complaint with the attorney general of the state in which the hotel is located. Luckily, I have never get into the situation like this at Portland hotels.

Then, if you have a confirmed or guaranteed reservation and you have stack to all the rules of the reservation ( for example arriving on time), the hotel should do everything possible to take care of you.

If the situation is that, despite all rules, you have find yourself in a situation when a hotel has overbooked, it’s recommended to follow these suggestions that may help you to get a room.

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Several Facts You Have To Know About Lodge Hotel Accommodations

As the time for summer trip is approaching, we should think about the accommodation we are going to stay at this period. For sure lots of people are eager to stay at some fancy 5-star hotel accommodation, but have to make a selection of something less expensive and more affordable. Moreover we want to spend our trip without sacrificing the comfort and safety of my family. In this text we are going to talk about several accommodation types, including Portland hotels that have a good combination of quality and price.

Normally a search for the best inns and travel lodge hotels generate a long list of affordable accommodations. On the sites that offer you information about hotel accommodations you can easily get a list of different accommodations and amenities. In this text there are some of the observations and considerations that may help you to chose the accommodation for your future travel.

To begin from we are going to consider travel lodge hotels. Actually because of economic slow-down that have recently happened, people have either put off taking vacations or have chosen closer destinations. Beyond doubt, they do this in order to save some money. Nowadays traveling and vacationing has become very affordable because of travel lodge hotels. In spite of the fact that the economic situation today is rather tough, still lots of tourists are seeking to discover new culture, new food to taste and new adventures. Travel lodge hotels is the find for these people as this kind of accommodation provides them a comfortable place to sleep in at night.

The next advantage of Travel Lodge Hotels is that they are budget friendly. Commonly prices in such hotel type are ranging from USD 35 to a high of USD 100 a night. The price depends on the location you are at. Really an affordable accommodations, isn?t it? Additionally this gives you more flexibility on your budget, and gives you more room for sight-seeing, dining out and yes, shopping. Also you can check out vacation packages these types of accommodation may offer you. It?s great that you can get family vacations for an affordable rate on family rooms and free breakfast packages. You can as well find some interesting vacation packages at Portland hotels

Additionally, Travel Lodge Hotels are safe and clean. Once traveling, I have found one clean and safe hotel, one of the best out of Portland hotels.In most spheres of life such hotel type is known for consistent clean and comfortable accommodations. Moreover, these travel lodge hotels are known to make the safety of their guests a top priority, and this is a great advantage.

That is why in case you are even pressed on money or just saving, you are able to spend a wonderful vacation in this inexpensive though comfortable hotels.

What You Need To Know About Airport Hotels

Now that lot?s of people all around the world travel very often, we simply can?t live without airplanes and airports. No matter whether for vacation or business, air travel has become a part of common life. Thanks to the simplicity of use and ease of access as well as the affordability airlines is one of the most widely used way of transport nowadays. Furthermore, airlines has become the mainstay of travel around the world.


Though airlines has a great demand nowadays still there are some problems that air travelers may encounter. In fact, one of the main problems associated with air travel is the fact that on occasion getting to the airport can have its problems as well as the unsociable timing of many flights. On the whole, there is a way out from this problem. Primarily, one of the solutions to this sort of problem is to utilize one of the variety of airport hotels, generally located in close proximity to major airports.

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