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Best Yoga retreat

Yoga, you don’t have to be a Yogi to practise yoga! Everybody can do yoga and go to yoga retreat. If you ever practise yoga before, an hour or 2 might lead to want more, a yoga retreat is a good choice.  Yoga retreat comes from the traditional yoga to luxury ecotourism yoga. Find a time in your busy daily schedule and plan your yoga trip. Search for your accommodation carefully.  And if you are lucky, you can find cheap hotel, discount hotel or hotel deals for your selected yoga retreat accommodation.  You will be surprised after your yoga retreat vacation that you will find the ultimate relaxation!

As Yoga has become more popular these days, the number of people who is practising yoga is also growing. Yoga not only can bring relaxation, awaken your energy that lies within and bring revitalization, but also is said to improve circulation, lower blood pressure and also decrease migraine or head tension.

At the same time, hotels or accommodations that also provide Yoga practise has been growing too!

Below are the best yoga retreat places in the world: 

Fairmont Orchid on Hawaii

Famous for its ‘Spa Without Walls’, now Fairmont Orchid is also add to its list “ Flo-yo” (Floating Yoga). Flo- yo connects body and mind while balancing above the Hawaii’s water. Its a fun workout too, incorporating both body and mind with beautiful and tranquil surrounding. Flo-yo is a new level of yoga!

Jangala Retreat, Iquitos, Peru

Imagine having your Yoga holiday in the middle of Amazon Rainforest! Not only the Yoga retreat is fantastic, the food is fresh and healthy too! Eating vegetable and fruits from locally grown produce and fresh fish from the river, its Heaven on earth
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Nassau, Bahamas

This is a right place for Yoga lover. Located in one of the most romantic place in the world, you will Wake up early in the morning, and meditate till dawn. In addition, you will also do chanting until tea time and have vegetarian meal. Spent your yoga away from the bustling city life in the place that is surrounded by clear blue water, white sand and charming palm trees; Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat


Jatoba Terra Prana Lar Yoga, Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos (Brazil)

Jatoba Terra Prana Lar Yoga in Brazil has many yoga activites; Partner yoga, Karma yoga, silent walks, scared dances, mantras, meditation, zen shiatsu and many more. Its truly a yoga holiday! The place also provides vegetarian meals with homemade bread, cheese and yogurt. The place also provide program to help its guest to connect to mother eart.

 For those who are with children, Jatoba Terra Prana Lar Yoga also offers program for children. 


Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Karnataka, Banglore(India)


Experience authentic traditional Yoga in exclusive hotel in Bangalore, India.In Shreyas, you will also be served organic food that is grown locally and freshly handpicked from the hotel’s 20 acres field. It is a small exclusive hotel with just 14 rooms and accommodate up to 25 people.

Other than the places above, there are still a lot of good Yoga retreat places for your holiday around the world such as Black Turtle Eco Lodge (Costa Rica), Yachana Eco Lodge (Ecuador), Ard Nahoo Health Farm(Ireland), The farm Sanctuary(New York), Willka T’ika Garden Guesthouse (Peru). Wuinta da Calma Holistic Retreat Centre (Portugal), The Ashtanga Yoga Retreat (Spain), Yoga on Skyros Island.

The first thing to do when selecting the Yoga retreat place to go is to know where is the Yoga location that you would like to go. After knowing the location, the next step is to select which yoga program that you would like to practise, the climate in which you would like to practice your yoga, and the food that you are comfortable with. You would want your yoga holiday to be as comfortable as possible! Enjoy your getaway, reviving and self-searching yoga!

Book your holiday hotel as soon as you find out where you are going, especially if you are staying in new york hotel, Sydney hotels,las vegas hotel, paris hotel etc.

A Break On The Silver Coast Has Plenty Of Nice Surprises.

Just imagine a place where there is good clean air and old fashioned morals, a place where you will feel safe and secure going out at night or during the day. A Silver Coast holiday would provide just that. Silver Coast holidays are the perfect way to relax and unwind in the comfort of a modern apartment, villa or bed and breakfast.

When you arrive in here and start to enjoy the Portugal Silver Coast holidays, they actually start to seem more like they did when you were a child. Loads more fun and your money goes a lot further than where you just came from!

If you are close to Caldas Da rainha then you can take advantage of the charming village of Foz Do Arelho, and you can also enjoy all that the beach has to offer. It is placed right at the entrance of the Obidos Lagoon as it spills into the Atlantic. The beach is open and unspoiled, you can watch fishermen trying to catch their lunch and then retire to a beach-side cafe to enjoy your own affordable lunch and refreshments.

The Lagoon is quite large and on the other side you will see Bom Sucesso, and the little fishermans village that appears to cling to the sand dunes. It is worth a trip over there to enjoy an easy stroll along the newly laid boardwalks that have been built beside the water. Walking a few kilometers with the lagoon on one side and trees on the other is a delightful experience.

If you enjoy golf then this is also a great place to come and stay. There are several high quality courses in the region of Caldas Da Rainha and they cater for all different budgets. There is a very well known golf course called Praia D’el Rey which is right beside the beach north of Peniche. Renting a villa there is not cheap and is quite remote but you can find cheaper accommodation elsewhere if you follow the links at the start of this article.

The road from Foz Do Arelho to Sao Martinho Do Porto is called the Atlantic Road and the views from there are beautiful. If you have a good day, you will see as you look along the coastline, just why it is called the Silver Coast. Something to do with the sunlight and the Atlantic spray mixing together to give a silver appearance to the vista.

Do not concern yourself to much with learning the language. English is spoken by many waiters and cashiers in the shops, so if you have any problems then you only have to ask someone and you will have help quickly.

Brazil FIFA World cup 2014

2010 World cup has just come to an end. Looking forward for the next world cup? Good for you as FIFA has already announced the next lucky country to hold the FIFA world cup 2014; Brazil. The next FIFA world cup will be held between June and July in cities in 13 cities in Brazil.

 Go to Brazil in 2014 and watch live your favourite team plays. There are a lot of hotel deals, phone card and calling card deals online to help you save during your travelling time in Brazil.


Below is the highlight of the 13 cities where FIFA world Cup is planned to take place:

Sao Paulo

There are a lot of things for whole family in Sao Paulo. There are popular Museum Pinacotea do estado which has collection over 4,000 works; go to 2 popular Sao Paulo theme park; play center and the parquet da Monica (theme park base on Brazil’s most popular cartoon character), explore Ibirapuera Park and discover zoo of 82 ha which has more than 2800 animals. You can even have your own safari by taking ride inside a car and seeing wild animals without cages. And if you were a soccer fan, ask your hotel reception for the local match. There are also more than 50 different cultural cuisine to choose from in Sao Paulo. And for you who love nightlife there are range of dance club, disco club, jazz club and comedy club to choose from.

Rio de Janeiro

There is one of the world’s largest sport stadium in Rio de Janeiro; Maracana stadium, where the 2014 world cup will be. Not only the home of one of the world largest stadium,  it is also well-known of the famous Tijuca National Park, Morro de carcovado where you can see the Rio Jesus (7 wonders of the world), and top Brazil landmark; Sugar loaf mountain, where you can have a view of famous Copacabana beach. Discover the beautiful Botanical garden, Amsterdam Sauer Museum and Carnival museum.

Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte “beautiful horizon” is the 3rd largest metropolitan city in Brazil. Belo Horizonte is famous for the Mineirao stadium (where the FIFA will take place). Tourist attraction includes Belo Horizonte, The Sao Francisco de Assis church, Neo-Gothic Boa Viagem Cathedral, Praca da Estacao, Liberty Plaza, Praca fo papa and Mangabeiras park

Porto Alegre

Port Alegre has it all, starting from the Sao Pedro theatre, the home of the best footballer, great restaurants and bars, fun night like in New York City to the city in Brazil which is known to has the most beautiful women.


Brasília tv tower by moises.on

In Brasilia you can visit the famed TV tower, Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial, City Park, Square of the three powers and beauty architecture of Cathedral Metropolitan. When visiting TV tower make sure that you visit the handicraft fair as well.

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Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

For most travelers, its not really about the destination. Its about the journey. This is never truer for anyone else than for those who love to drive. Some people find that driving actually relaxes them. If youre planning to fly out of the U.S. and rent a car to explore the landscape, these are the best driving routes to take.

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

While this driving route is not ideal for those who are only used to casual driving, people who love challenges will find this interesting. Filled with narrow, two-lane highways, adventurous drivers will be kept on the edge of their seats while traversing this path. The best road to take is Highway 1. However, word has it that it has plenty of potholes. Youll need a pretty sturdy vehicle for this drive.

Despite the challenges, youll be rewarded with great sights and weather. Even if youre an excellent driver, though, you shouldnt try to take this route at night. Staying well below 50mph will also keep you away from accidents.

Northern Tunisia

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

Its no Nurbrugring circuit, but Northern Tunisia certainly has entertaining roads by the mountain that are worth driving through. Avoid this route if youre driving a fragile, exotic looking sports car, though, because youre most likely going to encounter extreme roads. While sometimes they come with warning signs, most of the curbs dont, so caution is necessary.

P15 and P17 of this route are always good places to be in, although sometimes, the road quality here changes too. The only downside here is that locals tend to drive slow-and thats an understatement. You can probably entertain yourself with the unique scenery while waiting for the car in front of you to move faster.
There are a lot of Roman villages along the road, too, so you can consider the trip an educational one. Who knows, you might just find something interesting enough to take a picture of along the way.

Western Cape, South Africa

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

If you think that the only way to traverse the Safari is through a Land Rover, think again. Despite the commercialized image, thanks to Hollywood movies, African roads are actually pretty well-maintained. The N1, N7 and N2 (Western Cape) are exceptionally impressive, although top speeds are kept at 75mph. Just watch out for animals that may be crossing the roads.

Taking this route can be therapeutic especially along the Cape of Good Hope and the South Atlantic. It may even remind you of the Mediterranean. The climate is also quite similar.

M8, Scotland

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

If youre a driving enthusiast, its most likely that youve explored almost all if the UKs challenging roads. However, have you tried driving in Scotland? If you havent, youre missing out on a lot. Scotland has a pretty diverse landscape, and between the Highlands, the Southern Uplands, and the Central Lowlands, youre sure to have a generous share of challenging roads.

A mountain pass tagged by the locals as Rest and Be Thankful is even notorious for making vehicles overheat at least once while their ascending. While the M8 is the main highway, youd probably want to explore its secondary arteries more. Youll be surprised at what youll find-from an old Scot castle to mind blowing twists on the road. Just make sure you come with a trusty map on your dashboard.

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10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

For many people, there is something fascinating about staircases. Whether its because of their shape, their architectural design, or the uniqueness of their construction, staircases prove to be a wonder for young and old alike. All over the world, designers, artists and engineers create staircases that either have elaborate or classic designs, placing them in different kinds of places-from bookstores to museums, these staircases uniqueness and grandness have held many people captivated. Here are some of the most beautiful staircases around the world:

Spiral Stair in Sydney, Australia

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

At the Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia, one can find a beautiful spiral staircase that spans five stories, and has 6.5 revolutions-enough to make you spinning with wonder and delight as you climb up this fascinating staircase. Classic in design, it serves as a beautiful centerpiece inside, drawing ones attention upon entering.

Spiral Staircase at the Vatican Museum, Italy

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

Ornate in its design, it is no wonder that this staircase is said to be one of the most photographed in the entire world. Created in 1932 by Giuseppe Momo, the wide steps, also called ramps, were used by all the visitors of the Vatican Museum. A glass ceiling tops the staircase, which has a balustrade made of bronze. The ramp is also a double helix-two intertwined spirals with one that leads up and the other, down. The shape of the staircase would prove to be momentous, as it preceded the discovery of something that shared its design: the double helix DNA strand.

Loretto Chapel Staircase in USA

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

In New Mexico there is a chapel that is known for its staircase. With no support in the middle, many consider the staircase miraculous. Twenty feet in height, with two complete revolutions, it heads up to the choir loft without nails or any other materials to support it. It is an astounding work of carpentry, as instead of nails, it used wooden pegs. It also has religious relevance; it has 33 steps which signify the age when Jesus Christ died. To further support the view of it being a miracle, no one can attest as to who the carpenter who created the staircase is; nor can people say where the lumber is from, as no one has seen any deliveries or carpenters when it was being constructed. Also, the wood is not particular in the region. Though most people who have studied the area say that the story is mythical, one cannot discredit the fact that the staircase proves to be one of the most beautiful in the world.

Tulip Staircase in Queens House

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

Self-supporting in its design, the tulip stairs is the first of its kind in Britain. Though its name suggests the flower as its design, many actually think that the flowers that accessorize its balustrade are fleurs-de-lis, as it was also the Bourbon familys emblem, which Queen Henrietta Maria is a part of. Aside from the sheer beauty of this staircase, it is also famous for another reason: it is the site of the ghostly photograph taken by Rev. R. W. Hardy, which showed several hooded figures bent over, climbing up.

Staircase at Lello Bookshop, Portugal

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

Built in 1906, the bookshop houses a grand staircase whose swirly design will leave you with a sinking feeling, as you climb up the stairs. Its grandness is complemented by the surrounding shelves filled with books, as well as the designs on the wooden panels. This makes for a perfect stay inside a bookstore.




San Franciscos Tiled Steps in USA

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

Also known as the worlds longest mosaic stair, it is a 163-step, 82-feet high stairs which was created by an Irish ceramicist named Aileen Barr, together with a San Franciscan mosaic artist named Colette Crutcher. A group of neighbors were responsible for raising funds, and they lobbied the local government to help make it a reality. Finally, in August of 2005, the stairs was completed. Over two thousand handmade tiles and over seventy-five thousand fragments of stained glass, mirror and tile were used in the making of the stairs.

Umschreibung at KPMG Building in Munich, Germany

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

A unique-looking staircase created by Olafur Eliasson, its name, “Umschreibung,” means “Rewriting.” Situated in front of the accounting firm KPMG, it is a marvel in architectural design. Nine meters in height, this steel spiral which reminds one of a dizzying roller coaster was completed in 2004.

Longchamp Store Stairs in New York, USA

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

Weighing fifty-five tones, the stairs has ribbon-like forms that break up and come together, to create an artistic landscape of steps, landings and walkways. The uniqueness of this staircase is that it looks fluid, as opposed to the traditional rigidity of stairs. Using aerospace windscreen technology, the balustrades are created to form panels that look like flowing fabric.

Vertigo Staircase in QVB Building, Australia

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

True to its name, “The Grand Staircase” inside the Grand Queen Victoria Building in Sydney was completed before the 20th century (1898). The staircase is unique as it was created by George McRae as a monument to the reigning monarch. Also making it a wonder is the fact that it was created during a time when Sydney was experiencing a severe economic recession. Part of the reason for its Romanesque design is for the government to be able to provide work for local craftsmen who were out of jobs; from stonemasons to stained-glass artists, they were all commissioned to be a part of this worthwhile project.

Bridge-stair at the Traversinertobel, Switzerland

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

In Via Malas side valley, one can find a fascinating structure made by an engineer named Jurg Conzett, together with associate Rolf Bachofner. Before, hikers used a rope bridge that connected two elevations of a gorge. However, a rock slide destroyed the said bridge, so the engineer came out with a solution to the problem by creating a different kind of bridge: a bridge that doubles as stairs, spanning a distance of fifty-six meters, differing twenty-two meters in height from one end to the other.

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