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Carnival Street Parties In Rio

If you think Rio de Janeiro carnival is only about the parades, you are completely wrong. There are much more into it. One of the most fun things to do during carnival is to go to the Carnival Street Parties If you are in Rio during the carnival, you have to participate in one of them. The only “problem” is that it takes very long to end. How come?

I will explain to you. Rio de Janeiro Carnival used to be the parades party during carnival. Even though the parades are fun, there are not enough to say I went to a Brazilian carnival. The northeast of Brazil know how to make you jump and pump during carnival, but they lack the nice parade that Rio does.

Rio de Janeiro, sometime in the last decade, noticed they were missing out on the street parties. I can not tell you who noticed and how, or even how it came about, but somehow it became very popular. Today, the party starts on the Friday before the carnival and ends sometime around the Sunday after the carnival. It is over a week. I am talking about the main part of the party because if I were to tell you when it really starts or ends; I would not know it.

The party is divided in blocks. You will usually see a big truck with a group band on top of it that plays and dances all types of Brazilian songs appropriate to that period. You will dance. Sometimes you will find very famous group band leading the songs, but most of the time, you will just find covers. It does not really matter.

Some other places, you may not find the big trucks, but you will find Cafes (Bares) where huge sound systems are placed outside of it, and songs are played.

You will find a lot of mad, drunk, happy, and funny people. You should take some precautions before going to those parties. You should use the least clothes possible. I do not mean naked. If you are a guy use short with flip-flops and a very fresh shirt. Be ready to have your toes stepped on a lot. If you are a girl, use shorts or skirt and whatever you want to use on the top. Since woman dress for another woman, choose nice shoes, but remember you will walk and dance a lot.

I hope you will have a pocket in whatever clothes you use for money and personal documents. I do not recommend you to bring wallets or purses to the party. You may lose it or be stolen. I also do not recommend you, be male or female, to go completely by yourself. The party is really fun, but depending on the time you are going home, it can be dangerous to go home alone.

If you ask me where I would go. I would without a doubt tell you to go to a place around Ipanema beach. Whenever it gets too hot, just go take a dive.

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