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Brazil FIFA World cup 2014

2010 World cup has just come to an end. Looking forward for the next world cup? Good for you as FIFA has already announced the next lucky country to hold the FIFA world cup 2014; Brazil. The next FIFA world cup will be held between June and July in cities in 13 cities in Brazil.

 Go to Brazil in 2014 and watch live your favourite team plays. There are a lot of hotel deals, phone card and calling card deals online to help you save during your travelling time in Brazil.


Below is the highlight of the 13 cities where FIFA world Cup is planned to take place:

Sao Paulo

There are a lot of things for whole family in Sao Paulo. There are popular Museum Pinacotea do estado which has collection over 4,000 works; go to 2 popular Sao Paulo theme park; play center and the parquet da Monica (theme park base on Brazil’s most popular cartoon character), explore Ibirapuera Park and discover zoo of 82 ha which has more than 2800 animals. You can even have your own safari by taking ride inside a car and seeing wild animals without cages. And if you were a soccer fan, ask your hotel reception for the local match. There are also more than 50 different cultural cuisine to choose from in Sao Paulo. And for you who love nightlife there are range of dance club, disco club, jazz club and comedy club to choose from.

Rio de Janeiro

There is one of the world’s largest sport stadium in Rio de Janeiro; Maracana stadium, where the 2014 world cup will be. Not only the home of one of the world largest stadium,  it is also well-known of the famous Tijuca National Park, Morro de carcovado where you can see the Rio Jesus (7 wonders of the world), and top Brazil landmark; Sugar loaf mountain, where you can have a view of famous Copacabana beach. Discover the beautiful Botanical garden, Amsterdam Sauer Museum and Carnival museum.

Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte “beautiful horizon” is the 3rd largest metropolitan city in Brazil. Belo Horizonte is famous for the Mineirao stadium (where the FIFA will take place). Tourist attraction includes Belo Horizonte, The Sao Francisco de Assis church, Neo-Gothic Boa Viagem Cathedral, Praca da Estacao, Liberty Plaza, Praca fo papa and Mangabeiras park

Porto Alegre

Port Alegre has it all, starting from the Sao Pedro theatre, the home of the best footballer, great restaurants and bars, fun night like in New York City to the city in Brazil which is known to has the most beautiful women.


Brasília tv tower by moises.on

In Brasilia you can visit the famed TV tower, Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial, City Park, Square of the three powers and beauty architecture of Cathedral Metropolitan. When visiting TV tower make sure that you visit the handicraft fair as well.

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Nobodys Sleepin at the Blunkhouse

Nobodys Sleepin at the BlunkhouseIf you’re looking for a great local dive bar with live and loud music, head to downtown Las Vegas. Then scootch over a few blocks to 11th Street between Fremont (east of the Fremont Street Experience) and Carson to the Bunkhouse Saloon.

You’d think, given the name, you’d be walking into a country bar strains of with Conway Twitty squealing from a corner jukebox while some ranch hand named lefty sits in the corner, drowning his sorrows with his best friend, a bottle of Jack.

Leave your spurs at home, partner. But, rest assured, there’s plenty of Jack to be had along with a full complement of concoctions strong enough to please the most pickled of livers. Drinks are reasonably priced and the awesome music makes the cover charge a great bargain. If you’re into blues, come in on Tuesdays for the open blues jam session. The rest of their schedule switches up every week with indie rock, rockabilly bands, punk festivals, reggae after-parties and music that’s too good to classify.

You can hang out around the bar like a well-watered wallflower, or you can get into the action on the floor. There are couches surrounding it, but, unless it’s a quiet night, you’re not going to see much sitting behind 10 rows of dancing-swaying fans.

If you’re in the mood for live music in Vegas, the Bunkhouse is a must-visit. Once you’re there, you’ll be back and you won’t even care who’s on the bill. You may enter a newbie, but you’ll probably leave as a die-hard fan.

[Image courtesy of The Bunkhouse.]

By UpTake

The Grec Festival Comes to Barcelona: Theater, Music, Dance!

The Grec Festival Comes to Barcelona: Theater, Music, Dance!

Many musicians take the stage this summer at Festival Grec

Barcelona offers up quite a spread of music, theater and entertainment from May to September. The city is always bustling with artistic happenings, but the summertime is especially good. This summer some of the best dates and festivals to look forward to are: San Juan (23 June), Festival Grec (June to August) and the Feste Major de Gracia (August).


The Grec Festival Comes to Barcelona: Theater, Music, Dance!

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Budget Beer and Tapas by Barcelonas Port

Budget Beer and Tapas by Barcelonas Port

Can Ganassa is near the beach

Who doesn’t love a deal? Barcelona is one expensive city and a night out on the town can be spendy. If you are on a budget in Barcelona, you can still have a good time if you know where to take your Euros. One of the best ways to get an evening started in Barcelona is with some tapas and drinks. This is very common and many times people here go first for some tapas or appetizers, and few beers or glasses of wine, and then move on to dinner at 10 or 11pm (especially true on the weekend).

Budget Beer and Tapas by Barcelonas Port

It's So Good! (and cheap!)

Down by Barcelona’s port, Can Ganassa is a good place to have a beer and some seafood tapas. It is also a good place to see soccer matches, if you follow soccer (futbol). The first time my friend Bob suggested that we go to Can Ganassa for tapas and drinks, I hesitated. This place breaks my rule no.1 when it comes to restaurants: No pictures of the food. Can Ganassa not only has large glossy photos of the food on display, it has these photos nailed to the outside of the restaurant. ‘The food is good, and not too expensive, common!’, said Bob, and so I gave in and we drank and snacked for many hours at this somewhat cheesy spot.

Budget Beer and Tapas by Barcelonas Port

Tapas and drinks to start your evening off right

With Can Ganassa I learned once more that old lesson: you can’t judge a book by its cover, or a restaurant by its photos of fried fish. The waiters at Can Ganassa are very friendly and cheerful. The tapas are quality and reasonably priced, and the beer and wine is fair. Get a bottle of wine and an order of clams around 8pm on the outdoor terrace, which happens to be in one of Barceloneta’s prettiest plazas. After Can Ganassa, move on to El Born, or the Gothic Quarter for bars and clubs.


Price Range: 10 Euros and up for a drink and tapas

Pza Barceloneta, 6

08003, Barcelona, Spain

Tel: 93-221-75-86

Photo credit: The Spain Scoop

By UpTake

Cocktails on Pitin Bars Terrace in El Born

Cocktails on Pitin Bars Terrace in El Born

Barcelona's Born Neighborhood

El Born is one of the city’s more popular stomping grounds for restaurants, clubs and bar hopping. Part of Barcelona’s old quarter, this area used to be run-down and seedy, but in the last few years has gotten a face-lift that has made it the trendy barrio it is today. Truth be told, I sometimes dread going out in the Born on the weekend, because it can be so hard to find a free table or wedge of space at the bar. I prefer the Born on Thursdays for a pizza dinner and drinks at Pitin Bar.

Right on El Born’s main drag, Passeig del Born, Pitin Bar is a wee bar with a slim downstairs and a claustrophobic upstairs accessed by a iron spiral staircase. Those who fear small places should instead sit outside on the terrace, which is perfect on a spring or summer evening and provides great people watching (keep an eye on your purse).

Cocktails on Pitin Bars Terrace in El Born

Born Neighborhood and terraces

Pitin Bar does cocktails, wine and beer. What sets it apart from all the other bars on Passeig del Born is its waitstaff, especially the bartender, who are friendly and attentive. This winning combo is hard to find in Barcelona. Start or finish your night at Pitin Bar, it is open until 3am.

*Pitin Bar is also open in the morning for coffees on the terrace! Highly recommendable.

Price Range: about 3.oo Euros  for a beer-wine

More on Pitin:

Passeig del Born 34

Barcelona, Spain

Open for breakfast and into the night..

Photo Credit : The Spain Scoop

By UpTake

Calling All Musicians – El Nostre Raco in Barcelona, Spain

Calling All Musicians – El Nostre Raco in Barcelona, Spain

Get your groove on at El Nostre Raco

When I was 12 I thought by learning to play the guitar my cool-factor would increase. I loved music, but I am pretty sure that at that age my desire to strum rock and roll on the old acoustic guitar my aunt gave me was more about image than melody. I plucked away in my bedroom, and my fingers hurt. I learned a couple of Nirvana songs and some folk tunes that were in a faded, cover-less song book from the 1960’s (also from the aunt).

I gave up playing the guitar. I can’t even strum out Come As You Are anymore. It’s all vanished, and I am still not cool. Every once and a while I lament that I don’t play a musical instrument, and this sense of regret was especially acute the other night around 12am at, El Nostre Racó the guitar bar in Barcelona’s Born neighborhood.

Here guitars line the walls, and those who feel moved to perform are welcome to grab one and play their hearts out. This is not your usual jam bar though, because at El Nostre Racó there is no stage. Instead, you take a guitar and sit with your friends at a table and then play. Sometimes tables join together, and as was the case when I was there, the whole bar might start a huge sing-along if the mood is right.

This is a cozy and fun place to go on the weekends, popular with musicians, wannabe musicians and curious on-lookers like me. It is right down from the Juame I Metro stop and the Gothic Quarter of the city, meaning it is easy to get to. A bar, El Nostre Racó serves beer, wine and mixed drinks, but their specialty is Tisana de Cava, served in a pitcher.

More: Carrer Boria 22, Barcelona, Spain


Photo Credit : The Spain Scoop

By UpTake

Romantic Sipping at Les Gens Que lAime Pur

Romantic Sipping at Les Gens Que lAime Pur

Barcelona at Night

I am sure I have walked past Bar Les Gens a hundred times, and never noticed it. It is right in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood, in a posh business area that is not my favorite zone for going out. Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few fine bars in the Eixample off Passeig de Gracia, but most of them blend together, and could be labeled as ‘design bars’ with flashy furniture, confusing lighting schemes and expensive drinks. I tire of these sorts of places, which is why Les Gens is such a gem.

There is nothing ‘design’ about Les Gens. Instead, you descend a tiny stairway down into a nest of a bar, where old, faded photos of entertainers line the walls. Down in the best there is a wooden bar and a serious barman, plus a number of comfy chairs and sofas gathered around tables. Customers sit in close groups chatting, laughing, un-menacing music plays in the background, and it is not electronic, but something romantic, soothing and perhaps instrumental.

At Les Gens you get the impression that you have gone back in time, and this is a sensation I very much enjoyed. Having cocktails with me friends a month ago at Les Gens, I though to myself, Am I in Barcelona, or in some hip bar in Paris’ Montmartre in the 1920’s? It was hard to tell.

All the cool romance at Les Gens comes at a price. The drinks are not inexpensive, but I think it is worth it for the environment and experience provided. Also, those who hate smoke will feel like they are in a gas chamber in Les Gens (indeed in most of Barcelona’s bars). Smoking laws are set to change in Spain come 2011.

Price Range: 4 Euros a glass of wine, more for cocktails.

More on Les Gens:

Calle Valencia 286, bajos

Between Pau Claris and Paseo de Gracia.

Tel 93 215 68 79

Photo Credit: Oh- Barcelona

By UpTake

Andu in Barcelona, Spain: Wine, Tapas and a Cast of Characters

Andu in Barcelona, Spain: Wine, Tapas and a Cast of Characters

The last time I was at Andu, it was a friend’s birthday party. My friend is very creative, and decided to hold his party in not one, but 6 bars. He sent out an invitation, which also included a Google mapping of where all the different bars were. At 7pm the party began in El Raval, and every two hours he changed bars, bringing some guests with him, leaving others behind, and meeting still others at the next destination.

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Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings

Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings







There are times when we have this craving, this big appetite that nothing can satisfy but a great eat all you can buffet. The price may range from cheap to sky high, and the place could be just at the next block or at the other end of the world. We have listed the best all-you-can-eat buffets that we know of in different parts of the globe.

Copper Chimney (New York City)

Amid a neighborhood with a lot of good Indian restaurants, the discreet Copper Chimney in midtown Manhattan gets a bit crowded during lunch time. Upon entering the place, the banquet table will magnet you. Check out the specialty Indian cuisines like the chicken xacuti made from morsels of chicken in vinegar, chili, and a ton of other spices. There is also the Punjabi dish called chana pindi made from stewed chickpeas with tomato, onion, and sauce from the seeds of pomegranate.

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