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Climate of Rome

ome’s coast, which has the true Mediterranean climate, doesn’t experience as large temperature swings as what Rome city does. In winter, temperatures along the coast are warmer (due to the immediate influence of the sea) than inland and in Summer, temperatures along the coast are cooler than inland.The closer one gets to the Apennines the larger still can be the temperature swing in winter.

Summer is the season of more festivals and parties in Rome. You will find Romans eating, drinking and socializing in the Piazzas and cobbled alleyways of Rome. Life is bright, vibrant and exciting, how can one not enjoy oneself in Rome in Summer?! Everything culminates at “Ferragosto” (15th August) the main holiday for Italy.Spring, starting in March when the daytime temperatures are starting to rise (and nights are chilly) is a fine time to visit. March through May will bring you decent temperatures and enough sunshine to make most folks happy.

Autumn in Rome can be quite mild. It’s usually only around the beginning to middle of November that we’ll start digging through our winter clothes. Until the middle of October it’s usually still “dry” while the end of October and November sees the beginning of winter rains and chillier temperatures. Sunny cloudless skies are still common and the fresh clean air is glorious.Don’t think you’re going to be alone touring Rome in Autumn. Until the end of November it’s still tourist season.

Rome in January and February can chill the bones but temperatures will rarely be sub-zero. Snow is extremely rare but rain is common and weather forecasts unpredictable at best. But many a tourist has left very happy as there always seems to be a respite where you can engage and complete your tourism duties.

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<< Why Rome is first choice of Travelers in entire Europe

Why Rome is first choice of Travelers in entire Europe

It’s hard to describe Rome in a few words; a city so vast and rich in art, monuments and exquisite views, a historic city, which has preserved its charm and independence throughout the centuries. Rome has its own special charm and ambience and with its wonderful climates the city shows itself from its best side almost all year round.

There’s much to do and even more to see, and most are the historical places and historic sites are within walking distance of one another.

Once the seat of the mightiest empire in existence, the culture of Rome has shaped the face of art, architecture, law, warfare, warfare, literature and language in the Western world today. In fact, some refer to Rome as the ‘cradle of Western civilization’.

Here some most attracting places of Rome like-

  • Colosseum
  • Trastevere
  • Pantheon
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Palatine Hill

You will find that the restaurants, holidays in Rome are amazing and the cuisine is incredible. You can also enjoy some of the nighttime activities as well. There are many clubs and pubs for enjoying a drink and some dancing. You can take

The live entertainment is something you must see. Rome is a spectacular place to visit and spend some time. Between the tours and other attractions, you will find something new and exciting to do every day that you are in the exciting city of Rome.

A holiday to Rome and the city of Rome will be a special vacation for the entire family. The tours available are something everyone can enjoy. You need to take some time for your holidays in Rome to include a few of the museums and other historical sites.

It may sound like a city of contrasts, but Rome’s timeless magic lies in its ability to blend the old with the new. Empires have risen and fallen, old gods have been replaced with new ones, but Rome remains. Rome is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and if you have not visited Italy, the capital is a great place to start your holiday.

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New high-speed trains coming to Italy

New high-speed trains coming to Italy

A heads-up for train travelers: In summer 2011, a private high-speed railway in Italy is scheduled to make its debut, traveling between Salerno and Turin via Naples, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Milan and Venice.

Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori, or NTV, the brainchild of Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, will use the same recently upgraded tracks as the fast trains operated by state-owned Trenitalia. But NTVs trains will be sleek, new Alstom AGVs, made by the same company that gave France the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse), capable of traveling 357 miles per hour.

Even so, the new train service, dubbed Italo, will have to abide by the Italian railway speed limit of 186 miles per hours, meaning that travel times won‘t be vastly different from those of Trenitalia: Rome-Milan in under three hours, Milan-Turin in 50 minutes, Bologna-Florence in 37 minutes and Rome-Naples in an hour.


What will set NTV apart from Trenitalia are style and service. Plush coach interiors are being designed by Italian automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. There will also be satellite access, Wi-Fi, a cinema car, chef-made cuisine, Internet ticketing and a broader range of prices and classes than Trenitalia offers.

The project, initiated prior to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s administration, is one of Italys first privately owned and operated mass-transportation ventures.

All aboard!

– Susan Spano, Special to the Los Angeles Times

Photo: A prototype of a new Italian high-speed train, scheduled to start operations in summer 2011, is undergoing tests in Italy. Credit: Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori

By LA Times

The Best Wine Bars in Europe

To many, their notion of a wine bar is a dimly-lit area where they can hang out with several friends late at night and sip good wine. Across Europe, more and more wine bars are coming out-but with a different, improved concept and design. Accentuating the place with whimsical art, classical design, and complementing the wine with fine cuisine, these different wine bars are setting a new trend.

All the way back in ancient Rome, wine bars from back then are depicted today by the mosaics that remain standing in Pompeii. And it is no wonder why wine bars have changed across time; experimentations in design and style have made wine bars last through time. In fact, according to Jennifer Simonetti Bryan, holding a Master of Wine, what wine bars have in common is “variety.” Having a good variety of wines in the menu is essential, as well as the ambience. To many, having food on the side is also a must.

Today, wine bars are once again changing; the latest trend is vending machines where you can get any wine you like. These wine bars have spread across and beyond Europe, as they have also become famous in the United States. But should you decide to visit Europe and sample their wine, here are some of the best wine bars they have:

Garrafeira in Lisbon

The Best Wine Bars in Europe

In Lisbon, there is a quaint wine bar situated in Bairro Alto, a historical neighborhood. With its warm and cozy interiors, its a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Settle into one of the eighteen wooden stools and sip the wine of the region (Chardonnay). Its name, “Garrafeira,” refers to a Portuguese term of quality, and it doesnt fail to live up to it. With a variety of wines, plus the constantly changing menu, its patrons always expect something different. With its superb meals, $47 for two doesnt seem too steep a price.

Los Asturianos in Madrid

The Best Wine Bars in Europe

A popular place where artists and foodies gather, Los Asturianos is a small, family-run place that specializes in sherry. Their food is also delicious; from tapas to chorizos, these are cooked by the owners mother herself. For $90, you can enjoy a dinner for two.

Le Bar a Vin du CIVB in Bordeaux

The Best Wine Bars in Europe

Many people think that wines are expensive, especially in France. But for only $3, you can get a glass of wine in a gorgeous wine bar thats right in the center of wine production in France: Bordeaux. Created by Francoise Bousquet to have neo-classical stained-glass windows matched by funky chairs that look like pebbles, Le Bar a Vin du CIVB is a place to be seen. Artworks also help give the place an intimate feel.

Racines in Paris

The Best Wine Bars in Europe

If you are a fan of organic wines and foos, Paris should be on top of your list. Chic boutiques and trendy stores arent all that Paris offers. In Racines, all you get are all-natural wines. Said to be the hottest wine bar in Paris, their wines pays homage to Pierre Overnoy, an anti-sulfur crusader, and Philippe Jambon, a Beaujolais renegade. Since wines are natural, so is the food they serve there. From extraordinary roasted chicken to exquisite salads, this place serves them using all-natural ingredients. A good dinner for two would cost around $110.

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Where to Go on Easter Holiday

The Easter holiday is a splendid holiday time! You can enjoy any sort of holiday at Easter; from adventure holiday, beach holidays to cultural Easter holiday. You can choose to fly a couple hours away from the city that you are staying to another city or just drive away from your city or even spent your Easter holiday just stay in town.


Big Easter egg in Canada (

Big Easter egg in Canada (

There are a lot of activities can be done in Easter holiday. Easter breaks are also a good time for family time, and have some fun! On a good sunny temperature, you can go on swimming, hiking. Not only can you spend time together, but also being healthy. It will also be fun to plan your activities together.

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The Hotel King, Rome

The Hotel King, Rome







The Hotel King offers affordable accommodation in the heart of Rome’s ‘Spanish Steps’ areas, within walking distance of many of the city’s greatest attractions including the shopping, dining and historical features of Via Veneto, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza di Spagna and the Pantheon. This hotel first opened its doors in 1953, and has been providing comfortable 3 star accommodation for many years now, and one of the highlights is the excellent roof top terrace, where you can experience amazing panoramic views out over the beautiful city of Rome.

The Hotel King Rome offers 72 comfortable rooms, all with air conditioning, private bathrooms, satellite television, Internet access, premium beds (linens changed daily) and inclusive continental breakfast, and facilities include concierge services, meeting rooms and a laid back cocktail bar, where you can relax with friends over a quiet drink and take the weight off your feet after a long day exploring the city.

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