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San Francisco: Free breakfast and 50% off 2nd room at Hyatt at Fishermans Wharf

San Francisco: Free breakfast and 50% off 2nd room at Hyatt at Fishermans Wharf

What kid can resist sleeping just a few blocks from chocolate heaven – Ghirardelli Square – and the ferry to Alcatraz Island? This deal lands you in the tourist action of San Francisco’s Fishermans Wharf area, at a hotel equipped with an outdoor swimming pool.

Deal: The Hyatt at Fisherman’s Wharf is one of a number of Hyatt Hotels & Resorts offering the Classic Family Vacation deal. The package includes full breakfast for all registered guests; 50% off a second room, including free breakfast for children; and an in-room snack for kids. At hotels with a spa – the one at Fisherman’s Wharf is not among them – you also get a 15% discount on spa services.

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San Francisco: Impressionists arrive from Paris for two special shows

San Francisco: Impressionists arrive from Paris for two special shows

Does San Francisco ever feel like Paris? It will starting this month when the first of two shows featuring masterpieces from the famed Musee dOrsay opens at the De Young Museum. Buy a ticket to either show, and you receive Le Passeport, a discount card good at restaurants and other venues around the city.

The first show: “Birth of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Mussee dOrsay” presents 100 works including such iconic pieces as “The Fifer” (1866), by Edouard Manet (above), “The Cradle” (1872), by Berthe Morisot, and “Saint-Lazare Station” (1877), by Claude Monet. The show opens Saturday, May 22, and runs through Monday, Sept. 6.

Tickets are sold by date and time in half-hour increments; the price includes admission to the museum. It costs $25 for adults and $15 for children 6 to 17. If you buy at least 24 hours in advance, the price drops to $20 and $10, respectively. Children younger than  5 are admitted free. (Note theres a $1 handling fee per ticket if you buy online.)

The second show: “Van Gogh, Gaugin, Cezanne and Beyond: Post-Impressionist Masterpieces From the Musee dOrsay” continues the artistic arc with 120 pieces in the later Impressionist era, such as “Self Portrait (1887), by Van Gogh, and “Tahitian Women, On the Beach” (1891), by Paul Gaugin. The show runs Saturday, Sept. 25, through Tuesday, Jan. 18.

The deal: A discount card called Le Passeport comes with the purchase of a ticket to either show. The card works at a variety of places around the city; some discounts are small – such as 15% off purchases at Le Boulange Café & Bakery locations around the city or a free dessert at the Bistro at Nordstrom – and others are bigger, such as discounted rooms $89 to $99 per night at the King George Hotel on Mason and Geary streets (date restrictions apply). Note that once you buy a ticket, you can pick up the card and use it regardless of when you visit the museum. Click here for a list of Le Passeport discounts.

Concurrent show: The Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park will open a special exhibition that lends context to the De Young exhibitions called “Impressionist Paris: City of Light” starting Saturday, June 5, through Sunday, Sept. 26. The show boasts 150 pieces, including photos, prints and paintings. Tickets from the De Young shows get you into the Legion of Honor show on the same day for free.

Contact: De Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, San Francisco; (415) 750-3600.

– Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger

Photo: “The Fifer” Credit: Herve Lewandowski / Musee d’Orsay

By LA Times

San Francisco hotels offer special rates for ‘Peter Pans arrival

San Francisco hotels offer special rates for ‘Peter Pans arrival

Time for a Peter Pan flight check: Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys have landed in San Francisco’s Ferry Park in Embarcadero Plaza. The U.S. premiere of the highly techno “Peter Pan” in the threesixty Theater has prompted hotels in the City by the Bay to offer specials for the run of the show.

The new telling of J.M. Barrie’s fantasy uses a 360-degree pavilion that aims to make audience members feel as if they’re soaring above Edwardian London. Yes, actors still fly across the stage in theatrical harnesses, but viewers get a lift from the “Avatar”-like computer-generated images projected onto mammoth pavilion walls designed to create the effect of flying. Preview tickets cost $50 per person for shows through May 7. Starting May 8, tickets will range from $30 to $125. For more info or to book tickets, go to the website or call (888) 772-6849.

The two hotel offers I found, sadly, don’t include tickets, but one offers a discount, and they both offer extras. I expect more “Peter Pan” deals to emerge as this show takes off. It drew packed houses when it opened in England’s Kensington Gardens and the O2 last year.

Deal: The Hyatt Regency San Francisco, across the street from the “Peter Pan” pavilion at 5 Embarcadero Center, is offering a 30% discount on standard daily room rates as part of its “Experience Peter Pan Like Never Before” package, which includes a souvenir when you go to the show. The rate, which can’t be combined with any other promotion, is good daily through Oct. 31 while the deal lasts (blackout dates are July 23-24 and Sept. 19-23).


Tested: I  tested this online with a random date (May 14) and found a room for $188 per night plus tax, with two double beds, that would ordinarily cost $269.

Tip: The hotel’s website says you must purchase tickets before receiving the special rate, but I used the PPAN code and was allowed to start booking at the discounted rate . A reservation agent confirmed that the discount is good for all who request the Peter Pan rate but you won’t get the souvenir unless you attend the show.

Contact: Hyatt Regency San Francisco, (415) 788-1234

Package: Two boutique hotels not far from the Embarcadero are offering a “Never Grow Up“  package that includes a souvenir of the show and express breakfast. The Orchard Hotel at 665 Bush St. has rooms starting at $129 per night plus tax, and the nearby Orchard Garden Hotel at 466 Bush has rooms at $149 per night. These rates with the souvenir last about 10 weeks, roughly the run of the show.

Tested: The package is listed on the hotels websites, although I didnt see a booking link for it there. So use the standard booking widget but put “NEVERLAND” in the promotion code. I tested a random date (June 5) and found availability. You may also call the hotels to book it, but when I did on the first day of the promotion, the reservation agent wasn’t aware of the package. So be persistent!

Tip: As a fun add-on, these two hotels’ restaurants, called Roots and Daffodil,  offer a three-course dinner before the show for $29.95 per person  (not including beverages or taxes) with items such as Hook’s Hearty Stew, Tick-Tock’s Chopped Spinach Salad and Nana’s Warm Apple Galette. Warning: Eating too much may affect your ability to fly.

Contact: Orchard Hotels, (888) 717-2881.

-Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger

Photo: The Orchard Hotel in San Francisco, which offers the “Never Grow Up” package. Credit: Orchard Hotel

By LA Times

The Most Expensive Cities in America

The Most Expensive Cities in America

When you live in a city with topnotch hotels and malls where luxury shopping is the main event, its easy to drain out your bank account. For example, Mojitos in Miami can cost as much as $15, and if youre a Mojito-lover, youll know how fast you can blow off your salary. There are ways for you to dodge the spenders traps, though. For example, if you must have a Mojito after work, you can stick to places with Happy Hour specials.

Even if youre just traveling to these cities, you should take the time to do the math. It might take some of the fun out of traveling, but itll keep your budget (and sanity) intact. Below are the most expensive cities in America to watch out for and what you should expect from them before you purchase your plane ticket.

New York

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Youre at the center of the center if you live in New York. Unfortunately, that also means paying a pretty big bill just to live in a world class city. What do you expect, though? The Big Apple has the biggest luxury stores, the most famous restaurants in the world, and the richest hotpot of culture. Yes, culture.

It is, as Alicia Keys song said, a “concrete jungle” with a demographic that can represent almost all races around the world. Of course, most of them are called Americans, now, but you can be sure that they have a lot of history to talk about, especially if they werent homegrown.

Youll have to be a pretty tough cookie to survive here, though. While it rated #1 in the AFC richest city survey, it also places last in the “friendliness” category.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

The principle is simple: the more tourists a city can attract, the more expensive all of its amenities get. Its the simple law of demand and supply, and this simple economic principle applies to Honolulu as well. The Hawaiian city ranked number two in AFCs survey simply because it topped the categories “romance” and “relaxation” . Money talks even in paradise, but dont spend all your cash on culture hopping, though.

Or maybe a hula lesson wont hurt. The hotel ratings arent bad. Its the fourth out of thirty cities to have topnotch hotels. It places last for classical music and theater, though, so keep your dough for the beach. Theres no use spending on something thats not worth seeing. Every cent counts in this expensive summer getaway.

Los Angeles

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Certainly, the City of Angels cant be an affordable city to live in. Not with the long stretches of beaches and almost a year-long access to all that sun. However, the survey shows that much of the money youll be spending in L.A. wont really be allotted to hotels and drinks. Theyll be spent on your clothes. This is one of the USAs fashion capitals, and it wont do for you to be seen in rags.

The city has the third most expensive luxury stores and the fourth most expensive boutiques. Why? People here put a prime on their appearances. While they havent quite reached New Yorks rank, yet, the locals here are the fourth most stylish and attractive people in the USA.

San Francisco

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Even if youre not living in San Francisco, you should prepare for quite a big amount of money just to rent out one of the rooms. The citys luxury hotels rank fourth most expensive in the country. The boutique hotels are even more expensive, ranking third in the survey.

If youre writing a novel or a travelogue, though, this is a pretty good city to visit. The demographic diversity ranked number two, here, and theyre not hard to look at, either. The people in San Francisco ranked third in stylishness, and the city is the fourth best city for people watching.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

If you ever find yourself in the South Beach, you know that most of your money will be spent on cocktails. Miami is the second most expensive city when it comes to the bar scene. The only plus side in this city is the majestic sunset and views of the ocean. People-watching is also fair game here. The city ranks first in terms of having the most attractive locals.

San Diego

The Most Expensive Cities in America

While pretty much everything is expensive in this city in equal proportions, youll certainly enjoy an entire year with clear, sunny skies and a comfortable (not scorching) 70ºF temperature. If San Diego topped anything in the survey, its the weather category. Youll also probably love the more mellow beaches in this vicinity. While Miamis are crowded with bikini bums, San Diegos beaches are less populated and peaceful.

San Diego also ranked fifth best as a relaxing retreat. Meanwhile, the city got sixth place in romance and sixth in cleanliness as well. While its not the most popular honeymoon destination, its certainly one of the places youd want to go to if youre planning to escape the hassles of the work place. Just save up enough money, look for a decent lodging which wont drain your account, and have as much fun without blowing the budget.

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Best and Worst Airports Where You Can Find a Date

Thinking of finding that special someone but tired of going to regular places where you can meet people? Perhaps you can start trying at airports. For a place that supposedly connects one place to another, airports can also bring two people together. Instead of boring yourself waiting in that lounge for your plane, why not strike a conversation with that interesting-looking traveler? Maybe you are bound for the same direction, perhaps even sharing the same flight. All the better-you can continue your friendship in that foreign country the two of you will be visiting. And what better way to get to know someone that by being strangers in a foreign country?

A study was done to determine what city-or airport-is best for meeting and hitting it off with someone. The statistics of delayed flights, the amenities and weather are, apparently, all play important roles. San Francisco International for example, ranks high in visitor satisfaction, because of the many shops, bookstores, restaurants, bars, and even museum exhibits. So even if you get stuck inside the airport because of a delayed flight, aimless strolling might lead you to someone interesting.

And as for the airports with the fewest delayed flights, great weather, and few shops, well, the only time you may have to spend inside the airport is to pick up your luggage.

The following are considered as the best airports for picking up a date:

Liberty in New Ark

Best and Worst Airports Where You Can Find a Date

Delays in flights are almost always expected here, but dont worry, because the airports fifty two restaurants and bars will keep you occupied-and even have you chatting with someone. If you really meet someone and your flights cancelled, head on to Manhattan for a real date.

John F. Kennedy in New York

Best and Worst Airports Where You Can Find a Date

Considered by many to be one of the worlds ugliest airports, and delays in flights for over an hour is expected, JFK will treat you to a beer garden, a wine bar and, for the weary travelers, four spas. But the JetBlues T5 terminal is a great hangout, with its dimly-lit interiors.


Best and Worst Airports Where You Can Find a Date

Philadelphias airport has over a hundred and sixty shops and restaurants, which is good because for 247 days a year, visibility outside is obscured, and there are a lot of waiting. Spend time walking around the place to do a little shopping-both for items and for prospective dates.

Dallas/Fort Worth

Best and Worst Airports Where You Can Find a Date

The five terminals inside Dallas/Fort Worth have fourteen airline clubs where you can meet strangers and fellow passengers. These are relaxed places where you can hangout and strike a conversation with others. You need to be a member to get in, but nearly all of the clubs have day passes which will give you access to snacks, the bar, and business centers.

Minneapolis/St. Paul

Best and Worst Airports Where You Can Find a Date

With 85 days of snow, 38 days of thunderstorms, and 96 with fog, the amount of delays and cancelations of flight are almost always unavoidable. But there are four gaming arcades for the young ones, and sixteen bars or breweries all over, so youll never be bored inside this airport.

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