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Man Stows Away in Landing Gear of UAE Sheiks Plane

Surviving the long flight, a 20-year old Romanian managed to sneak into the landing gear of a private plane owned by a Sheikh of the United Arab Emirates only to be caught by officials at the Heathrow Airport. The message was wired by Austrian police to the British officers who caught the stow away in London, shortly after landing.

While surviving the flight is pretty impressive, people need to hear about how he got into the sheiks plane in the first place. According to the stow away, he was able to crawl under a wide at the Vienna Airport. After that, he managed to climb aboard the undercarriage of the Jumbo airplane belonging to the sheikh. The man said he was only looking for work, thats why he smuggled himself out of Austria to Britain.

Man Stows Away in Landing Gear of UAE Sheiks Plane

The plan didnt quite work out, however, because he was caught by authorities as the plane landed. Naturally, he fell out of the planes cavity when the luggage was being unloaded, and he was then caught by the expectant security personnel.

According to an interview with the spokesperson of the Metropolitan Police, notice of a suspected stowaway in a private plane was released at 7:37 PM last Sunday. The 20-year-old Romanian is now facing charges of going against Article 241 and 143, Part B, Schedule 13 of the Navigation Order of 2009.

He is currently under the custody of the police station in Heathrow. The allegations state that he hid himself in the compartment at the rear wheel of the aircraft. The officials of the Heathrow Airport refused to give their comments.

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Emirates Prepares 90 A380 Airbuses-But Where Are they Off to?

Emirates Prepares 90 A380 Airbuses-But Where Are they Off to?A lot of people are still ruminating about the Emirates recent, extremely optimistic business move. The UAE Airline just spend $11 billion to have 32 A380 airbuses made. According to reports, their latest plane order should amount to a total of 90 brand new planes in their fleet. But where exactly are they off to? This is an extremely unusual business move, especially considering the economic downturn in most countries around the globe.

The most popular guesses include the possibility the Emirates owners might have won the lottery, accounting for their suddenly inflated capital. Another presumption is that the airline sees a possible improvement in the economy, making this huge investment worth it in the long run. When interviewed, Emirates said that its also looking forward to re-establishing their connections with the JFK airport, using the new planes, of course.

Currently, though, the UAE airline connects with Bangkok, Toronto, Seoul, London, Auckland, and Sidney. It is assumed that Los Angeles is also in their short list of future expansions. Wherever the expansions will be,the in-house showers in the new A380 airbuses are certainly worth looking forward to.

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Palestines record growth in incoming tourism

Palestines record growth in incoming tourismAccording to data reported by the Civil Administration in the West Bank, about 1,123,000 travelers have visited Bethlehem and Jericho for the duration of the first nine months of 2008, these are record numbers since the time previous to the intifada. This signifies a 96.5% raise in the numbers of travelers visiting Bethlehem and 42.3% raise in the numbers that were visiting Jericho, compared to the similar period in 2007.

The Tourism Ministry and the Civil Administration point out this significant raise to the noteworthy development in the security state of affairs in the West Bank on the whole and the Palestinian Authority areas especially for the duration of the last two years and to the easing of progress restrictions for residents and travelers trip between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

Tourism Minister Ruhama Avraham-Balila tourism contributes to the economic growth and thus stands for a challenge and a mutual attention to the two nations. They also pointed out that they have succeeded in restoring a sense of safety to travelers in Israel and now they should work jointly to market the visitor destinations in Israel and the Palestinian Authority as beautiful and charming, for the sake of both our states.

Palestines record growth in incoming tourismHead of the Civil Administration in the West Bank, Brigadier-General Yoav Mordechai, noted that the dramatic increase in travelers visiting Bethlehem and Jericho has offered a raise to the Palestinian economy. They are waiting even greater numbers in advance of the forthcoming Christmas time and they expect that an innovative record will be accomplished, since the period preceding the aggression of the year 2000.

According to the data by the Tourism Ministry, two million Christians will visit Israel in 2008, of which 1 million are pilgrims. Most pilgrims enter throughout the Bethlehem crossing and visit the town.

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Top 3 Cities that are Every Collectors Haven

Some people travel for the landscape, others for the night scene. If youre the type of traveler though who cant go home empty-handed because you simply must add something to your collection, whatever it may be, then you shouldnt miss out on these collectors havens. These cities will certainly satisfy all of your cravings.

Photography and San Francisco

Top 3 Cities that are Every Collectors Haven

Without a doubt, San Francisco is home to the most valuable collections of photography. The galleries here are neither overpriced nor intimidating, so even if youre just starting a small collection at home, youll surely cozy up to the idea of scouring the collections here.
If youre a newcomer in SF trying to take the unbeaten path, you should go straight to Gallery 291. Interesting printing techniques using gums, gelatin and platinum are showcased in this joint. You can even take a look at the gallery owners office to see works by Jock Sturges and Ansel Adams.

Down Geary Street, on the other hand, youll see Torogons which showcases the chromogenics (water color-like photography technique) of Jessica Skloven and the “fragmented landscapes” of Hiroyo Kaneco from Japan. Both galleries are pay homage to some of the most innovative photography works in this era.

While youre there, dont hesitate to ask the gallery owners about the photographers career, background, and technique. While they may seem high strung from a distance, theyre actually quite friendly, and theyll accommodate your queries even if youre not a sure buyer. Also, if a particular photograph catches your attention, dont be afraid to ask the gallery owner if there are more photographs which arent on display.

Most of the collections in San Francisco are also published online. You might want to get a head start on your window shopping. When it comes to asking for discounts, there are always a proper way of doing it. Make sure that you ask politely. Most galleries take 10% off of the price tag simply because these prints arent taxed.

Paris for the Bauble

Top 3 Cities that are Every Collectors Haven

Need we explain? For the fashion crazy, Paris is short for paradise, and youll certainly never be short on any accessory while youre here. You can find anything here, from the costume jewelry of the 20th century to the most avant-garde designs in the todays runways.

If youve booked a trip to the City of Lights on a weekend, you should explore the Puces de St.-Ouen (St. Ouens flea market) which welcomes customers from Saturdays through Mondays. It sits at the northern portion of the Peripherique Ring Road and the Porte de Clignancourt Metro Station comprising of thousands of stalls selling chic fashion accessories at bargain prices.

On the other hand, you may also want to take a look at the Au Grenier de Lucie market which is located at the Marche Vernaison. This is a pretty eclectic and doubtlessly oldest flea market in Paris, selling interesting fashion items including Yves Laurent earring sets and necklaces. Sparking collections made by the American designer Miriam Haskell can also be found here.

For vintage couture, dont forget to visit the boutique of Didier Ludot. The main boutique, just under the Palais Royal arcades, is almost a fashion museum. Designer labeled dresses from the 1930s through the 1970s are displayed (and sold) here. While the collection is quite impeccable, you wont see any price tags on the items themselves. Just be prepared to spend quite a lot of money if you wish to take home anything.

Shoe Collecting in Buenos Aires

Top 3 Cities that are Every Collectors Haven

There are a lot of footwear fanatics around the globe, and if you share the same passion, you should definitely visit the city of Buenos Aires. Whether your budget is for the likes of Pierre Hardy or Gap, youll definitely enjoy the vast collection of footwear in this district. Designers even say that Buenos Aires is such a shoe-lovers city that the next years trend is born here. If you like being the trendsetter, this is the right fashion stop for you.

From the border, the first shop you should visit is the Lucila Iotti which is in Palermo. The flamingo displayed on the shops wall says everything-the designs here are nothing short of exhibitionist. Lucila knows her fashion, and shes definitely royalty when it comes to Buenos Aires long line of footwear designers. This fashion season, shes using bright, clashing colors on her shoe designs, oddly reminiscent of graffiti.

In this current collection, the Diana is a standout, which has a shocking pink heel. However, if youre feeling modest, Iotti also has these designs in more muted cream, forest green, navy and black.

Another unusual designer you should see in Buenos Aires is Josefina Ferroni. Her luxe footwear also has a very limited production of 15 pairs, so once theyre sold, theyll never be available again. Now, if youre all for being unique, this is probably the best boutique to go to.

A few blocks away, youll also find Mishka whose collection is for the modern day princesses. Prepare to see the most graceful and colorful looking flats youll ever lay your eyes on. High heels in buttery leather are also sold here.

For the more conservative footwear aficionado, you may want to visit the La Casa de las Botas in Paraguay. They sell elegant and understated flats which are perfect for riding, and playing polo. You can also find dress boots here. The house of boots prides itself for making comfortable but graceful footwear. Just have your feet measured and choose among mahogany, oak, or black leather.

If youre looking for dance shoes, a cab ride to Recoleta is worth your dime. Look for the Comme Il Faut which sits on the second floor of a small apartment building. They have quite a collection of dancing shoes with interesting ankle straps designed by the dancer Alicia Muniz herself. ‘

Just perch yourself in one of the boutiques velvet benches and tell them your shoe size. Despite the crude $200 price tag, the shoes here will have you feeling like Cinderella on her glass slippers. Only thirty pairs per design are produced, so if you fall in love with one, go ahead and grab it.

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Why are UKs tourists staying at home?

Why are UKs tourists staying at home?The number of overseas visitors in Great Britain had fallen stridently, as tourists stay behind suspicious of additional spending for the duration of the continuing recession.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has reported that the predictable seasonally adjusted number of abroad tourists cut down by 6 per cent in the three months to December last year; with British visitors taking an average of 13.9 million trips out of the country.

As more time passes away, as more the trend is more prominent. After they compared some data from 2008, experts found out that to the same period of 2008, the number of foreign tourists taken by British holidaymakers is down by an average of 14 per cent.

Over the past year North American has seen the biggest drops – down 21 per cent to 3.6 million trips in 2009. The trend is likely to have been prompted by sterlings weakness against the American dollar.

Visits to Europe have also fallen by 15 per cent over the same period, while visits to the rest of the world are down 11 per cent.

Mike Saul, head of hospitality and leisure at Barclays remarked that it seems the staycation tendency has life in it since value-seeking Britons keep on to spend their vacations at home in enormous numbers, supporting in the improvement of associated warmth and leisure services.

According to business travel expert Hogg Robinson there are registered some near the beginning signals of a recovery. The corporation – which represents KPMG, HSBC and Volkswagen among others, declared that it had seen more standard trading over the four months since October 2009. Nonetheless, customer income for period was down by just about six per cent, which equates to a nine per cent turn down excluding positive currency progresses.

Leader executive David Radcliffe made clear that consumers keep on traveling and they are registering early signs of stabilization, although market conditions stay behind challenging with imperfect forward visibility.

According to the Office for National statistics, in extra cheering news, the seasonally adjusted expected number of travelers to the UK has remained somewhat stable. In the three months to December 2009 some 7.3 million visits were made to the UK, a drop of just one per cent when compared with the preceding three months.

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Skype: How the service fits my work and the fees dont hurt my pocket

Skype: How the service fits my work and the fees dont hurt my pocketSome may like Skype. Some may not. As a blogger and internet marketer, Skype and how it bridges people from one corner of the globe to another amazes me. It just fits the purpose I want it to serve, and I believe that factor makes you like a service more than anything else.

When you look at the top features of Skype, I can point to these three:

  • Cheap calls
  • Video call service for free
  • Free Skype calls to other Skype users

Love at first sight

Skype was introduced to me a few years back. I was having problems with my VOIP service when a friend mentioned that I should give it a try.

My work primarily involves maintaining my blogs and doing other stuff on the internet. This means that I am pretty much in front of the computer for long hours. I have to coordinate with my team which consists of writers, programmers, and web designers. In between work I also make sure that I have time to check with family and friends abroad.

Skype was perfect for my setup. A few clicks and I am able to get in touch with people I need to speak or see. The basic design of Skype allows me unlimited calls to other Skype users so I was able to integrate it with our work scheme and was able to cut the cost of my operations by a significant percentage.

With my computer and my fast internet, all I need is a headset and I am able to direct where my business should go.

The sound quality is also very good. CD-quality if I may describe it like that. Now, the VOIP customer service I had before should really understand why I dropped their service. I just forgot last time to ask them to call me via Skype to know the difference.

Ins and Outs of Skype

Aside from the free service of Skype, they also offer Paid Services where you can purchase some Skype Credits which you can use as you go or sign up for a plan just like your ordinary phone lines. One feature I love is SkypeOut which allows me to make calls to landlies and cellphones. I believe you can use the service to call about 170 countries and save about 60% when you avail of the plans.

Recently Skype rolled out more choices for consumers so we can opt for packages that give us 60 minutes through unlimited talk time. There are also calling packages from 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year.

They also have what you call SkypeIn. It pretty much explains its name actually. With SkypeIn you will be able to get a phone number online where people can call you. Anyone can call you from their regular phones or mobiles and you will be able to receive their calls via Skype. It is also pretty cheap. Right now I am just paying $60 for a year of SkypeIn.

Whenever I am out for a few hours or days, I also make use of their Skype To Go numbers. With this I just set up a list of speed dial on my account. I call my Skype to Go number and call my contacts abroad to fix something or to coordinate something. I do this to enjoy the rates of Skype for international calls. If ever you are abroad though, it will be best to check first about the rates if it will really be cheaper.

You can also download the application to your mobile number so you can also use the service like when you are in front of the computer while you are not home. I believe there are also special phones designed for Skype which you can use utilizing Wi-Fi signal.


Skype is perfect for my kind of work and lifestyle. I really will not compare it with other VOIP services as others will like to see it. Skype does the work for me since I work with people from other countries in Asia, the United States, and other countries in Europe. I also have loved ones in different corners of the globe that I need to check with from time to time.

Skype is a great way to bridge oceans and keep in touch, be it for work or just to catch up with things.

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Dubai Holding posts $6.4bn losses

Dubai Holding Commercial Operations Group (DCOG), the real domain and hospitality business, has posted a loss of $6.4bn last year against a net profit of $4.74bn the year before, due to impairments coupled with a slump in the local possessions market. Entirety revenues in 2009 fell 28 percent to $2.6bn compared with 2008.  DHCOG mentioned that the refuse in revenues and operating benefits replicate the low in land sales because of the important decrease in demand within the real estate market and the re-phased handovers of projects

However, a number of main projects were delivered by Dubai Properties Group in 2009, including the first phase of The Villa and Shorooq. Most of the residual projects will begin delivery during 2010 and this will reflect absolutely in the financials.

Dubai Holding posts $6.4bn lossesThe team lately merged its three struggling property companies – Tatwee Dubai, Sama Dubai and Dubai Properties – in an effort to mitigate a 50 per cent fall in prices in the past 18 months.

It said 6.1 billion dollars of the losses were injury charges, in agreement with global financial reporting standards.

The corporation added that it was considering a variety of measures to raise its operational capital, which could comprise selling some assets and rolling over maturing loans.

They have carried out sound strategic measures in 2009, in the form of commerce re-alignment and financial initiatives, which place them in a well-built place to capitalize on soccasion during the revival phase. There is no require to reform exceptional debt.

Dubai Holding posts $6.4bn lossesLast week the conglomerates asset arm, Dubai International Capital (DIC), which owns Travelodge, requested a three-month addition on debt repayments, raising new concerns about the financial solidity of the Gulf state.

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Top 5 Ultimate Luxury Trips

If you were one of the ten richest men in the world, below are the best ways to liquidate at least a fraction of your money. After all your hard work, youd want to lavish yourself with the worlds most extravagant tours. Below are the tours which made it to our big spenders list of favorites.

A Bourbons Experience of Paris

Top 5 Ultimate Luxury Trips

Paris is Paris: its the most celebrated City of Lights. Its the epitome of romance and class around the globe, but Paris is not just Paris if you have the money for it. For about $300,000 or $1800 an hour, you can spend a week in Paris like one of the royalties in the House of Bourbon. That includes private jets, a prime suit at the Ritz, a personal chauffer, special private tours, 24/7 concierge, and dinner reservations at Paris swankiest joints.

Of course, with this itinerary, you may have to break into your AmEx Black. Remember to bring extra cash because youll need it-the $300,000 package doesnt cover your dinner expenses. You will have to foot the bill when youre there. The tour wont leave you bored,though, because each day runs with the striking theme: Fashion Day, Fragrance Day, Jewels Day.

Youll be taken to the best sights of Paris, and while youre at it, you might want to hire a new accountant. With so much shopping during this tour, itll be hard to keep track of your expenses on your own.

Heli-skiing in the British Columbia

Top 5 Ultimate Luxury Trips

Those who belong to the white collar crowd generally love skiing, and why not? Its an exciting and challenging sport. The only downers are probably the chairlifts. If you want to take skiing to another level, you can try heli-skiing down the slopes of the British Columbia. That is, if you can afford it.

So how can you book yourself a topnotch skiing weekend just like the rest of the bourgeoisie?
You can contact the Canadian Mountain Holidays. They are the biggest company that offers heli-skiing tours. For a hefty $21,000, they can line up a skiing week youve probably never had before. The package includes trips to unpronounceable places in Canada including the Monashee, Selkirk, and Kootenay.

The deal isnt so bad considering how youll only be sharing the space with seven other clients who have privately booked the same package. Three guides will accompany all seven of you, and you will be taken by a private helicopter to the most inaccessible terrains in the British Columbia by land.

During the first half of the week, youll be booked at one of the swankiest lodges owned by the company. On day four, theyll transfer you to Halcyon Hot Springs Village and Spa so you can get rid of all your stress with steam baths and expert full-body massages.

Miamis Evian Bath

Top 5 Ultimate Luxury Trips

If you cant live without big brand names, even when it comes to water, and youre the type to scoff at tap water, then the Evian Bath in Miami should be a decent enough weekend treat for you. All you have to do it pay $11,000 and you can enjoy a Hotel Victor penthouse suite where a special team from the spa will bring you in-room treatments, including Evian water to bathe in.

Included in the package are in-room treatments, exotic treats, impressive dishes like smoked salmon and foie gras and mouth-watering dessert called the “Seven Sins Chocolate” . While youre having your Evian bath, your butler will also float daisies and candles in the water. Youd be the envy of Cleopatra herself because the Hotel swears this is the worlds most expensive bath.

Private Jet World Tour

Top 5 Ultimate Luxury Trips

They say it takes about 80 days to breeze by the whole world, but thats only when youre not filthy rich. If you are, itll take only 25, as long as you have a private Boeing 737 with 73 other passengers. The seat in this tour costs $59,950-certainly not a difficult amount to come by if you happen to be one of the richest people on Earth.

You wont be traversing the globe unguided, either. The package makes sure that youll be with a doctor, an expedition leader, two of his/her assistants, and experts in geology, history, and architecture to educate you in every stop. Prime passport stamps youll be proud to show off after the trip include Dubai, Serengeti, Cambodia, Morocco, Cuzco, Papua New Guinea, and Easter Island. You will also be with a private chef and another assistant.

The staff will also do everything they could possibly do for you. Theyll memorize your food allergies, your favorite cocktails, fill out your immigration cards and carry your luggage for you. If you want to be treated like royalty while touring the world, this is the only way to do it.

Enjoying the Wildlife of Antartica

Top 5 Ultimate Luxury Trips

If you think that a trip to the Safari of Africa is too commonplace, you might want to take it up a notch and explore the wildlife of Antartica. A prime tour you shouldnt miss out on is the White Desert. From Cape Town, youll be taken to the edge of Antartica by British Explorer Patrick Woodhead. The campsite is made up of nine colonial-style high-tech tents. These overlook the frozen sea, and resemble luxurious cabanas than actual tents.

Just in case youre filthy rich and you happen to care a lot about the environment, youll be happy to know that they run the campsite on solar and wind power. That means youre almost going on a green vacation if you just discount the expensive jet plane youll be using to reach your destination.

The tour lasts for ten days and costs $30,000 per person. While youre here, youll get to enjoy penguin-watching, ice climbing, kite skiing, and even writing your name in all that snow. Ten days should just about satiate your cravings for some winter wonderland fun. Although for most of you rich men and women out there, $30,000 is nothing, more than ten days here might actually make you snow-sick. That is, unless you adore penguins more than money itself.

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Americas Top 8 Pizzas

Americas Top 8 Pizzas

If you were anywhere else in the world, a pizza would just be a pizza. That is, of course, unless youre actually in Italy, which is the pizza capital of the world. Away from its motherland, though, the pizza has also gained quite a following in the United States. If you want more than just another slice of pizza, here is a list of the best pizza places you can find in America.

New York: Co.

Americas Top 8 Pizzas

If you want authentic pizza, you should visit Jim Laheys eatery in Chelsea. The restaurant itself if sparingly decorated, which would lead you to believe that its not much of a pizza parlor. That is, of course, you smell their dough. Lahey, who owns the Sullivan Street Bakery as well, cooks his pizza over EarthStone oven. A whole pie might cost a lot, but nothing beats the taste of the pizzas artisanal (if not scorched) dough.

Toppings for Laheys pizza range from zucchini blossoms to caramelized onions on béchamel sauce. The best pizza here, though, is the minimal and clean tasting Pizza Bianca. If youre in New York, right now, this is definitely a place worth touching base with.

Vermont: Piecasso Pizzeria & Lounge

Americas Top 8 Pizzas

The best pizzeria in Vermont is Piecasso Pizzeria and Lounge. The joint has a black diamond status for pizza lovers thanks to their unique and mouthwatering pies. The restaurant is owned by a Sicilian family and has a talented set of young pie artisans who can carve expert runs on Mt. Mansfield. Like Co. in New York, the pies here are cooked on the hearth retaining the homey, traditional taste of Italian pizzas.

If youre thinking of dining alone, you can do so without worrying about gargantuan servings which you cant possibly finish on your own. Piecasso also serves personal pizzas with four slices. Pair this with a tall glass of homebrewed ale and youre good to go.

For the best toppings, you should try the Tree Hugger. This has red onions, garlic, and fresh spinach. Youre healthy and gastronomically satisfied!

California: Antica Pizzeria

Americas Top 8 Pizzas

If you want the best pizzas in town, you should be adventurous enough to try parlors residing in low-rent areas. This statement was proven by Antica Pizzeria which sits in a discreet corner of Marina del Ray, California. Even carb-hating dieters from Hollywood cant resist the call of their pizzas. Youll see them coming out of the mall strip from fitness gyms, Gap, and Victorias secret. The smell is just that good.

Owner Peppe Miele just fixes the most perfect charred crust Neapolitan pizza which is cooked over wood fire to keep that distinct homemade taste intact. The shop in Marina del Ray is already Mieles second pizzeria. The original Antica branch is somewhere in L.A. and fetching just as many customers.

The joints specialty is its Pizza Siciliana. This has basil, smoked mozzarella,
eggplant and chopped tomato. You can taste Italy in every bite.

Virginia: The Liberty Tavern

Americas Top 8 Pizzas

Chef Liam LaCivita keeps loose-belted pizza lovers coming with Virginias favorite comfort food. The Liberty Taverns two wood-fired ovens are kept roaring by the crowd who loves their more adventurous take on pizza baking. While a few pizza conservatives may be horrified at the unique granny smith apple, pickled squash, white cheddar and fried egg renditions, the places thin crust pizzas draw curious ones and fans nonetheless.

If youre a traditional pizza lover, you can still enjoy the taverns thin crust by ordering the Classico. The best pizza here, though, is unquestionably the Four Chees rendition which binds fontina, Cabot white cheddar, provolone and mozzarella so well into that crunchy thin crust. These are belly busters done with flair.

New York: Di Fara

Americas Top 8 Pizzas

New York probably has the most top-of-the-notch pizza parlors in the country. Another one which made it to our list is Di Fara which is located in Brooklyn. The only downside here is that you have to wait before you can get served. The pizzeria which has been running its business since 1964, still makes only one pizza at a time. The best hours to order your favorite pizza is probably little before noon or a little before 6PM. Otherwise, youll be struggling with the acids in your stomach while waiting in line.

Make sure that you order the Margherita. This is your own slice of cheese paradise. The best toppings in the house are freshly-cut basil and some grated Grana Padano cheese.

Chicago: Great Lake

Americas Top 8 Pizzas

Aside from New York style pizzas, Chicago deep dishes have also made quite an impact to pizza lovers all over the world. In Chicago itself, though, some people still prefer thin crust pizzas over deep dishes. For the best ones, the place to be in is the Great Lake. This is a tiny, nondescript store in front of Andersonville. Owner Nick Lessins takes his time in the oven to serve you the best tasting mortadella in town.

Chicago dwellers dont mind waiting in line for Lessins pizza and watching him create these masterpieces. With that much skill in pizza-making who would have thought that hes Polish-Czech and not Italian?

Miami: Sosta

Americas Top 8 Pizzas

People at the South Beach may be watching their carb intake, but that doesnt keep Miami from having one of the best pizza places in the country. The Sosta draws even the most figure conscious of crowds and theres a reason why. The bella pies and biance variations are absolutely heavenly. Nothing less is expected from Chefs Fabrizio and Nicola Carro.

Pizzas here are topped with the best cheeses, including smoked scarmoza, stracchino, Gorgonzola, and Brie. If you want the best from the house, you should order the Capricciosa topped with mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, artichokes, black olives, wurtsel, and generous slices of spicy salami.

New York: Famous Joes

Americas Top 8 Pizzas

Weve covered Chelsea and Brooklyn. On New Yorks Manhattan side, youll also find a pizza place worth visiting. Famous Joes can give you the best “street” slice in a strip full of other pizza parlors. What more can you ask for with super thin, crispy crust, molten mozzarella and a turnover so fast no slice of pizza can have the chance to cool down on the shelf. If everyones buying it, it must be good, right?

The best flavor in this joint, though, is plain cheese. Extra toppings will just drown out the crusts authentic flavor.

Now this is making me crave for pizza! Americas Top 8 Pizzas

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Jamaicas tourism is unaffected by violence in capital

Jamaicas tourism is unaffected by violence in capitalJamaica Tourist Board has reassured the travel deal that the major tourism regions remain unaffected by the violent behavior in its capital, Kingston. The main executive of Tourism Lynch said to tourists that the regions including Montego Bay, Port Antonio, Negril and the South Coast are approximately four hours away from the places of apprehension. He also affirmed that tourist regions remain out of harm’s way and ordinary daily activities keep on in the resort areas, and cruise port conveniences.

A number of flights have been diverted to Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay to minimize any security risks. In the meantime, in the capital of Jamaica, Kingston and nearby Saint Andrew, police have stepped up their presence and the region has been remote in an attempt to hold the turbulence.

Jamaican police declare at least 73 people are now known to have been killed during four days of conflict as police sought after an alleged drug lord in Kingston. Most of the dead were young men, some of them were suspected of being armed, also, three policemen and soldiers died.

More than 500 people had been arrested approximately for four day. Reports suggest that the aggression has not ended- irregular gunfire was heard in the nearby slum of Denham Town.

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