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Beneath The Waves, A Different Worldview

When you’re under the waves, the world can seem a very different place. Excepting the possibility of catchy, irritating songs orchestrated by cartoon crabs, life under the sea is a remarkable experience, especially as it so ably inverts everything we know about a place when we’re above the waves. Take the Maldives, a holiday destination that thrives on the image of the ‘desert island’. Ignoring the tourist interest, this is a place that can only boast somewhere between three hundred thousand and four hundred thousand human residents. Even the capital, Male, seems precariously balanced on a tiny island poking out of the sea. Submerge yourself in the sea however, and Maldives diving and you’ll see a submerged mountain range filled with life of all shapes and sizes. Countless species call the Maldivian reefs home, with some alluding scientific description even today.

Scuba Diving holidays are the gateway to another world for many, and the tourism industry recognises the increasing demand for these kinds of excursions. The Maldives are an all encompassing resort that can cater for scuba divers of skills. The tiny, unspoilt islands allow access to a host of diving spots each more fantastically unique than the last. There are fabulous diving spots all around the world: from the famous Great Barrier Reef to reefs in Grenada, Mozambique and Bali.

It’s not all about the dramatic tropics though. For a spot with something different, try Red Sea Diving on the South coast of Egypt (Sinai). Aside from the usual corals, the area boasts a large population of (not usually aggressive!) sharks. But the number one reason for diving in the Red Sea is the opportunity to explore the wrecks of countless ships in a curious, altered world. Many ships have run into trouble in the Red Sea, which long had strategic significance before Tourism bought yet more ships to the region. One popular reef for scuba divers is infamous among sailors: The Sha’b Abu Nuhas has claimed 7 ships (maybe even more), first by sinking them and later by incorporating their hulls into its habitat.

Redang Island – Wonderland Under The Sea

Located 45 kilometers off from Kuala Terengganu’s coast, Redang Island (Pulau Redang) is a beautiful island that has becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. Not only is the island the largest belonging to Terengganu, its contrasting white sands, green jungles, and blue waters creates a paradise that few visitors ever forget.

Because Pulau Redang is an island, one of its biggest draws is definitely the beaches. The island boasts two amazing beaches: the Pasir Panjang (known to tourists as the Long Beach) and Teluk Dalam Kecil. The former can be found on the eastern coast of the island; the latter is around a cove in the northeastern portion of Redang near the Berjaya Redang Beach Resort. This resort is a five-star hotel and is one of the most popular accommodations for travelers. Shuttles from the resort to the airport are available. Other than that resort, you can also choose Laguna Redang Island Resort to stay when in your vacation here. The Long Beach earns its name honestly thanks to its 800 meter length. Many resorts can also be found along these white sands and offer a beautiful view of the water: Redang Pelangi Resort & Redang Reef Resort.

Berjaya Redang Beach Resort Kuala Terengganu Malaysia (

Redang Pelangi Resort (

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Don’t Settle for an Ordinary Vacation — Go for Extraordinary

You work hard all year long, and look forward to your vacation. So why settle for ordinary, when you could do something different this year and create memories that really will last a lifetime?


Today there are so many more choices than just taking a regular cruise or guided tour. If you’re willing to think outside the box, and put a little effort into planning it, your vacation can be extraordinary.

First of all, think about your interests or passions. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do like learn to paint, try skydiving, or scuba diving?


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Scuba Diving in Kenting

As I entered the still, cold water, my mind focused on the sudden freezing sensation that ran through my body. My waist was now underwater, then my shoulders, finally my head. I sunk deeper and deeper, yet I was still breathing. The flaming sun high above was shining at its most, and I could see clearly beyond my mask. My teeth were biting on the breathing apparatus and with the marine pressure, breathing seemed too easy. As I went further below, I discovered one by one the splendors of the ocean. Never had I seen such stunning beauty.


The crystal azure water reflected perfectly the sun light during sun holidays I could see the white beams slithering on the sand which then seemed alive. The dark seaweeds and the twisted rocks covered with the most wonderful varieties of coral made this moment almost magical. And then, in this amazing stage, the show had just begun, as a mass of diverse colorful fishes paraded not too far away from me. I had never see so many different species of fish at the same time in the ocean.

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