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Seattle: A room, cocktails and spa savings at Pan Pacific

Seattle: A room, cocktails and spa savings at Pan Pacific

A room with a view, cocktails and a massage. If that says “weekend escape” to you, head up to the Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle for pampering and savings.

Deal: The Westlake Weekend Package is advertised as starting at $189 per night pretax (although I found it for $183). It offers a city-view king room plus free overnight valet parking ($35 value); an appetizer at the hotel’s Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar ($15 value); specialty cocktails for two in the Lobby Bar ($20 value); and 15% off spa services at the hotel.

Along with views of Lake Union and the Space Needle, the hotel’s rooms are outfitted with plasma HDTVs, satellite radio, iHome docking stations, free wireless Internet access and oversized soaking tubs

Dates: Good for stays through Sept. 30, subject to availability, except for Fourth of July weekend. Generally, any stay that includes a weekend night (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) is eligible.

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The Most Expensive Cities in America

The Most Expensive Cities in America

When you live in a city with topnotch hotels and malls where luxury shopping is the main event, its easy to drain out your bank account. For example, Mojitos in Miami can cost as much as $15, and if youre a Mojito-lover, youll know how fast you can blow off your salary. There are ways for you to dodge the spenders traps, though. For example, if you must have a Mojito after work, you can stick to places with Happy Hour specials.

Even if youre just traveling to these cities, you should take the time to do the math. It might take some of the fun out of traveling, but itll keep your budget (and sanity) intact. Below are the most expensive cities in America to watch out for and what you should expect from them before you purchase your plane ticket.

New York

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Youre at the center of the center if you live in New York. Unfortunately, that also means paying a pretty big bill just to live in a world class city. What do you expect, though? The Big Apple has the biggest luxury stores, the most famous restaurants in the world, and the richest hotpot of culture. Yes, culture.

It is, as Alicia Keys song said, a “concrete jungle” with a demographic that can represent almost all races around the world. Of course, most of them are called Americans, now, but you can be sure that they have a lot of history to talk about, especially if they werent homegrown.

Youll have to be a pretty tough cookie to survive here, though. While it rated #1 in the AFC richest city survey, it also places last in the “friendliness” category.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

The principle is simple: the more tourists a city can attract, the more expensive all of its amenities get. Its the simple law of demand and supply, and this simple economic principle applies to Honolulu as well. The Hawaiian city ranked number two in AFCs survey simply because it topped the categories “romance” and “relaxation” . Money talks even in paradise, but dont spend all your cash on culture hopping, though.

Or maybe a hula lesson wont hurt. The hotel ratings arent bad. Its the fourth out of thirty cities to have topnotch hotels. It places last for classical music and theater, though, so keep your dough for the beach. Theres no use spending on something thats not worth seeing. Every cent counts in this expensive summer getaway.

Los Angeles

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Certainly, the City of Angels cant be an affordable city to live in. Not with the long stretches of beaches and almost a year-long access to all that sun. However, the survey shows that much of the money youll be spending in L.A. wont really be allotted to hotels and drinks. Theyll be spent on your clothes. This is one of the USAs fashion capitals, and it wont do for you to be seen in rags.

The city has the third most expensive luxury stores and the fourth most expensive boutiques. Why? People here put a prime on their appearances. While they havent quite reached New Yorks rank, yet, the locals here are the fourth most stylish and attractive people in the USA.

San Francisco

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Even if youre not living in San Francisco, you should prepare for quite a big amount of money just to rent out one of the rooms. The citys luxury hotels rank fourth most expensive in the country. The boutique hotels are even more expensive, ranking third in the survey.

If youre writing a novel or a travelogue, though, this is a pretty good city to visit. The demographic diversity ranked number two, here, and theyre not hard to look at, either. The people in San Francisco ranked third in stylishness, and the city is the fourth best city for people watching.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

If you ever find yourself in the South Beach, you know that most of your money will be spent on cocktails. Miami is the second most expensive city when it comes to the bar scene. The only plus side in this city is the majestic sunset and views of the ocean. People-watching is also fair game here. The city ranks first in terms of having the most attractive locals.

San Diego

The Most Expensive Cities in America

While pretty much everything is expensive in this city in equal proportions, youll certainly enjoy an entire year with clear, sunny skies and a comfortable (not scorching) 70ºF temperature. If San Diego topped anything in the survey, its the weather category. Youll also probably love the more mellow beaches in this vicinity. While Miamis are crowded with bikini bums, San Diegos beaches are less populated and peaceful.

San Diego also ranked fifth best as a relaxing retreat. Meanwhile, the city got sixth place in romance and sixth in cleanliness as well. While its not the most popular honeymoon destination, its certainly one of the places youd want to go to if youre planning to escape the hassles of the work place. Just save up enough money, look for a decent lodging which wont drain your account, and have as much fun without blowing the budget.

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Dance Holidays- Combining Enjoyment With The Exotic.

For those who desire for something more than the occasional dancing holiday, there are now dance holidays on offer where an individual or a couple can immerse themselves in a week or two of total dance experience.

Dance holidays have sprung up as a response to the increasing popularity of social dancing across the nation. There’s no doubt that popular TV programs have helped enormously in this respect. Millions tune in to watch the dancers in sequined gowns and elegant tails swish and sway to the easy beat of the ballroom dance.

Combining a love of social dancing with overseas travel has a strong appeal for many. There’s something eventually romantic about moving to the beat of a tango or a foxtrot within sight of sea side naturally growing palm trees. Dance holidays can provide that, and while the main focus is on dancing, there’s always plenty of time to take in the colorful splendor of the local tourist attractions and sounds.

Dance holidays have all the facilities and conveniences that an ordinary package holiday should have. Expect all of them, if they are professionally organized and run. Of course, it is always wise to obtain your own personal travel insurance as well.

What can you expect from dance holidays overseas? Well, just about everything you might expect from any other type of holiday. You might stay in a four star seafront hotel, complete with an remarkably large pool area, for example.

The hotel could have spa and health club facilities, and of course, all meals should be included in the price. The best ones will also provide day excursions of local sight seeing, and the evening should be spent dancing on a quality wooden floored ballroom. Does that seem interesting enough?

While traveling abroad is invigorating and exciting, staying closer to home can still offer you the chance of enjoying great dance holidays also. You can enjoy holidays with a dancing theme as the central adventure from Tacoma to Seattle.

Dance holidays are not simply for those in later years. Certainly, many older people enjoy ballroom dancing, but younger people too are being caught with the dance bug that’s sweeping the US. For some young people the rumba and foxtrot is as exciting as break dancing, the pasa doble and cha cha as charming as hip hop dancing.

That seems to be the secret of social dancing. When Fred Astaire sang about dancing cheek to cheek, he understood the appeal of actually being close and touching a partner whilst dancing. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why ballroom dancing and dance holidays are always so popular. You won’t find any Tacoma hotel, regardless of the price, lacking in service and hospitality. Attractive suburbs in central Tacoma region have many budget Tacoma hotel located in the surrounding area of museums and big stores. Transport links, sites of tourist interests and shopping centers where grand business exhibitions are held regularly, are also situated in the vicinity of the Tacoma hotel.

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