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Choosing The Right Sleeping Bag

There are many different types of sleeping bags available. When you are searching for the perfect sleeping bag, you should take shape, roominess, insulation, weight and fabric into consideration. If you choose a poor one then you will pay the price in lost sleep. It not just the quality of the sleeping bag ton consider though, as weather conditions are important too. If you are planning a trip to where the weather is relatively warm and dry, you might be able to do with a light-weight “bed roll” or a simple fleece bag. If you are traveling to a cooler area you will need to pack a sleeping bag that is functional for lower temperatures.

There are generally two different shapes to choose from, and each comes with different styles and features. The most popular bag, and also the one that has been used for several years, is rectangular. Due to its shape and the way is made, it can also be used as a comforter. As a sleeping bag it provides a roomy and comfortable space to rest in. And you can sometimes put two of these types of sleeping bags together and make a larger bag that can be comfortable and used by more than one person.

The mummy sleeping bag functions much like it sounds. It is a more of a recent design that encompasses the sleeper much tighter than the rectangular bag. The premise is to use much less fabric and material to produce a greater amount of heat. The lack of material (and weight) comes in handy if backpacking for long distances. A mummy bag is best suited for colder climates. If you will be camping in temperatures below 40 degrees, this bag is the best choice.

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