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Sol i Lluna – The Best Non-Smoking Wine Bar in Barcelona

Sol i Lluna – The Best Non-Smoking Wine Bar in Barcelona

Verdi Street in Gracia Barcelona

Last week a friend from the United States was visiting me here in Barcelona. As is the habit of my friends and I, we went out for drinks before dinner at an old Modernista bar in El Raval. Towards the end of the evening as my friend Bob was rolling another cigarette, the friend from the US asked him, ‘Are you going to smoke again?’ Clearly she had reached her smoke limit.

It was a wake up call to have her say this, because upon seeing her discomfort I looked around the bar and realized that just about everyone was chain smoking tobacco like there was not tomorrow (and let’s face it, if they keep it up at this rate there may not be a tomorrow for many of these smokers!). My friend was turning green with secondhand smoke poisoning for a reason, the bar was covered in a dense layer of nicotine fog.

People in Europe smoke, and people in southern Europe especially. They smoke a lot, and many times they then throw their cigarette butts on the ground. Culturally, there is nothing wrong with this. I guess they figure that if you want to smoke yourself to death, that is your problem. But what about the secondhand smoke? Herein lies the issue. In fact, this year a new non-smoking law is suppose to go in to effect in Spain, which will make smoking in public places (like bars and restaurants) illegal. So far, nothing has happened with this new regulation, and people are still puffing away.

There are some restaurants and cafes that have smoking and non-smoking sections and even a few that are entirely non-smoking. Sol i Lluna is one such non-smoking gem located in Barcelona’s artsy Gracia neighborhood. Sol i Lluna is an ideal place to go before seeing a movie at the independent Verdi Cinemas on the same street about a block down. Try the cheese cake at Sol i Lluna, and sample one or two (or three) of the wines on their wine list. Sol i Lluna also serves dinner and lunch, but I have only been there for drinks (and that cheesecake) so I can’t say much about the food.

Address: Calle Verdi 50, Barcelona, Spain (Gracia Neighborhood, Fontana Metro)

Photo Credit: Diluvi

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