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Enjoy Your Vacations in Taiwan

Taiwan , or officially The Republic of Taiwan, is also recognized historically as Formosa, through the Portuguese words “Ilha Formosa” – Enjoyable Tropical isle, the very first words that said to have come out from the otherwise speechless Portuguese navigators upon laying their thinking about sights about the tropical isle. And appropriately so, for the name stuck for centuries to come and hitherto, several sentimental souls still insist on addressing this pleasurable island as Formosa.

Which has a acreage of 35,980 sq. km., geographical eccentricities awash the terrain of this sweet potato-shaped tropical isle gem. From the lush and expanding verdant mountains of Wulai, the scenic ruggedness of Taroko Gorge, the dramatic basalt cliffs of Penghu, to the Taian Hot Springs, Taiwan is fast gaining a reputation as about the most diverse nature travelling destinations in Asia.

The Taiwanese culture is usually a sweet brew of Asian mainland and archipelagic ethnic mores and traditions, being at a strategic economic and cultural crossroads in between the two. It comprises the Chinese culture at its core, owing to the Taiwanese ethnical origins from your Chinese mainland, with a healthy spicing of Japanese, Malayan Austronesian and Western cultural influences.

It has been seen that the surging economic development of Taiwan for the last thirty years or so is nothing short of a miracle, and indeed it really is amicably dubbed as “The Taiwan Miracle”, an enduring testament of the Taiwanese patriotic resilience and tenacity. But seeing them up close, the Taiwanese people are affable, warm and cheerful. In point of fact, they’re a few of the nicest persons internationally.

They’re so packed with renqing wei, translated roughly as “personal affection,” that a first-time visitor would never think any bit someone you don’t know upon arrival, during his stay and definitely upon leaving this pleasurable isle state.

So feel free to visit Taiwan, and be among the sentimental ones who can’t turn down calling this isle Formosa – The Enjoyable Tropical isle. Travelling to Taiwan has become more accessible with many flights to Taipei.

Scuba Diving in Kenting

As I entered the still, cold water, my mind focused on the sudden freezing sensation that ran through my body. My waist was now underwater, then my shoulders, finally my head. I sunk deeper and deeper, yet I was still breathing. The flaming sun high above was shining at its most, and I could see clearly beyond my mask. My teeth were biting on the breathing apparatus and with the marine pressure, breathing seemed too easy. As I went further below, I discovered one by one the splendors of the ocean. Never had I seen such stunning beauty.


The crystal azure water reflected perfectly the sun light during sun holidays I could see the white beams slithering on the sand which then seemed alive. The dark seaweeds and the twisted rocks covered with the most wonderful varieties of coral made this moment almost magical. And then, in this amazing stage, the show had just begun, as a mass of diverse colorful fishes paraded not too far away from me. I had never see so many different species of fish at the same time in the ocean.

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37 new developments in Taiwan

Taiwan had a record number of tourists during 2009, so that Taiwan Tourism Bureau has permitted and approved investment projects for 37 new hotels on the island. 37 new developments in Taiwan

The construction of these new conveniences, including large global tourist hotels, commerce proprieties and boutique hotels, will boost and increase the guestrooms number in Taiwan by more than 10,000. Recent visitor statistics illustrate that a record of 4.4 million people had traveled to Taiwan during last year, 2009. These facts comprise a total of 44,815 tourists from the United Kingdom, many of whom cited “pleasure” as their motivation for visiting. This remarkable influx information comes at a time when Taiwan is spending a record sum on advertising and promotion in the United Kingdom and many other key destinations. Josephine Huang, marketing director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, affirmed that they are enchanted that more and more visitors are recognizing Taiwan as a wonderful and fantastic leisure time destination. They look forward to developing their tourism market even further and to welcome more visitors to their beautiful island. sursa

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