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Wine, Beers and Tea – Salterios Bohemian Barcelona Bliss

Wine, Beers and Tea – Salterios Bohemian Barcelona Bliss

Live Music in the Gothic Quarter of BCN

Do you like a little live acoustic guitar strumming in the background ask you sip heavy goblets of red Spanish wine? If your answer is, ‘Si!’, then pop into Salterio one Thursday or Friday evening for drinks and maybe a bite to eat.

Sadly, I know about this adorably bohemian bar because of an awful date I went on a year or so ago. Guys, do not take a woman to Salterio for a first date. This bar and tea-house is great for an evening drink with friends before going out for a night on the town, or even for a nightcap after dinner, but it does not impress nor does it have the criteria for a first date location.

Or maybe I am just bitter, because that date at Salterio was one of the worst of my adult life. I am not against bohemian bars, in fact, I like them, so that was not the problem. The food however, was an issue. Salterio is more of a bar than a restaurant, and their only menu item is a sort of stuffed quesadilla thing, which is tasty and makes a nice snack but does not make a dinner. Do not invite a woman to dinner and then take her to a cafe/bar…

When my date and I were at Salterio, we sat on cushions in the back, and i felt like I was in a magical cave. This was fun, but the guy playing the actustic guitar had a very robust voice, which reverberrated off of the cave walls, and made it impossible for me to understand anything my date was saying to me. I must have yelled, ‘What!?’ about 100 times that evening.

Despite the fact that I couldn’t catch a lick of what he was going on about, my date kept talking in a monologue, as he did, I looked around Salterio, and it seemed to me that other people were having lots of fun. Some girls chatted with the guitar player, others wrote in journals, and groups of friends laughed heartily at each other’s jokes. As the night wore slowly on I realized that Saltetio is a great place, that it was not the issue, but rather it was the man sitting across from me who was the problem. ‘It’s not me, it’s you,‘ I thought to myself.

Wine, Beers and Tea – Salterios Bohemian Barcelona Bliss

Make your date happy, have drinks and appetizers before dinner

As we left, I realized why he had chosen Salterio: it is so inexpensive! A bottle of wine and one of their cheesey, gooey quesadilla creations will cost you very little at this cozy spot. ‘It’s on me this time… , ‘ my date beamed, and handed the waitress 15 Euros.

Address : Calle Santo Domingo del Call 4, Barcelona, Spain, Gothic Quarter, near St Juame Plaza.

Photo Credit: The Spain Scoop

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