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Safety Precautions And Security While Traveling

Maldives is well-known for its beach spots and private water bungalows. Again, scuba diving is the second biggest excitement during Maldives Holidays. If your honeymoon rocks in a water bungalow, so will all the other fun-filled water sports provided in Maldives resorts. Hundreds on kilometers far from the island, all the atolls are a group of coral reef islands. This means you will have access to excellent crystal clear lagoons with abundant underwater life.

Now imagine it, isn’t this the most amazing place on the world for photographers and travelers to visit? Spectacular photos can be captured during Maldives Vacations, all the nature’s wonders near by. So, this article is based on the safety and security of travelers and photographers in general. You can only have the time of your life, under the sun, diving or photographing, only if you are safe and secure. So read along.

Your safety and security comes first, before anything else, when traveling. So always be cautious to know the local religious customs and ways of life of anywhere you are visiting. And respect those beliefs in your photographic approach. Ask around, or verify with your hotel, about a good guide and pay him or her well. A good guide will be as useful in getting good pictures as your technique. Be generous when tipping, but don’t show a lot of bills around. It is important that you do not draw interest to yourself by carrying or wearing expensive things which may exhibit a level of wealth that would invite ill feelings or disapproval, or worse.

Individual Safety and Security:
Even if you are lost in natures wonders, your personal security should be the main concern. Simply being aware of your surroundings, and being a bit more careful of what you are doing, is the best and least expensive way to protect yourself and your gear. Also it is safer to place your equipment either in the provided hotel room safe when not in use, or locked up in your luggage while out of your hotel room. Be informed, prepared and do more to assure your safety than anything else.

Last but not least, don’t forget that you’re a tourist in their country. So be polite and courteous, which makes everyone more aware of how much we all have in common, rather than drawing attention to our differences. And be aware that the irritating vendors are really just trying to make a living. You can make a trip of a lifetime by keeping your eyes and ears open.

One final thing to remember is that you can’t go back in time. Taking photos is a wonderful way of capturing the memory, but don’t forget to enjoy the trip itself – this sounds like a simple advice, but many devoted photographers find that they get so caught up in taking all the ‘perfect shots’, that they end up missing the vacations itself, and they lose out on enjoying the trip (as well as missing the time spent with their families or travel companions). So don’t forget to put the camera down, smell the roses, and enjoy the trip – if you did not capture that perfect shot, you can always get a postcard!

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