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Don’t Miss Out On A Trip To Tunisia

Tunisia, the northeastern most country in Africa for the past 3000 years, is a colorful and exciting holiday destination. It is a land of spice, flowers, ancient history, and modern hospitality. You will arrive at first class airports, eat in intriguing restaurants and stay at picture perfect hotels.

Tunisia is blessed with a wonderful climate and a scenic coastline. It is bordered by the Mediterranean on the north and east and Libya, to the southeast and Algeria to the west. Many civilizations and empires have passed through Tunisia, leaving their footprint along the way. Tunisia has been home to the Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Turks, Spanish and French. Today’s Tunisians live in a culture that reflects the passage of all of these people through their country.

The finest collection of mosaics in the world is housed at the tremendous National Museum of Bardo near Tunis. This museum was built as a 13th century palace and then expanded in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is a fine example of Arab and Muslim architecture and décor. Besides its mosaics collection, the National Museum at Bardo is known for its galleries, vaulted ceilings and cupolas. he Carthage Museum is known for its extensive collection of Punic and Roman everyday artifacts. However, it would be a shame to miss its large jewelry collection and its very unusual collection of Punic masks that were fabricated of a paste made of colored glass.

Visit the Dar Ben Abdallah Museum of Traditional Arts and Customs, in Tunis, to see exhibits of traditional Tunisian arts and learn about the customs of the city of Tunis. It is housed on the bottom floor of the 18th century Dar Ben Abdallah Palace in the medina, or the heart of old Tunis. Most museums in Tunisia are not open on Mondays. Tunisia is known for its festivals. You may plan your holiday around a Tunisian festival during most times of the year. Every small village sets aside time for at least one festival. Visitors are welcome. If you are fascinated by the Sahara desert, the Saharian Festival is for you. You will find it in Douz, the “gateway to the Sahara.” The Saharian Festival occurs in the second week of November. The International Music Festival at the El Jem Coliseum offers the music of world renowned orchestras and artists. It is an evening festival set in a Roman coliseum. It takes place from mid-July to mid-August.

What is the food in Tunisia like? Bread is the specialty of Tunisia. In the country you will find unleavened bread baked in special clay ovens called tabounas. Tunisians eat bread at every meal and every part of Tunisia has its own special bread. Other than bread, lamb is the meat that is often most eaten at family meals. Tunisians eat a lot of seafood, olive oil and salads and flavor them with all manner of herbs and spices including cumin, coriander, garlic, parsley, dried peppers and other savory delights! Tunisians are fans of hot and spicy food and often harissa, a hot condiment, is served “on the side” in consideration of visitor’s tastes. And for dessert – Turkish baklava, layers of crispy pastry nuts and cinnamon, all soaked in honey syrup, is a treat not to be missed.

Tunisia is a world-class destination for your world-class holiday!

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Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

For most travelers, its not really about the destination. Its about the journey. This is never truer for anyone else than for those who love to drive. Some people find that driving actually relaxes them. If youre planning to fly out of the U.S. and rent a car to explore the landscape, these are the best driving routes to take.

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

While this driving route is not ideal for those who are only used to casual driving, people who love challenges will find this interesting. Filled with narrow, two-lane highways, adventurous drivers will be kept on the edge of their seats while traversing this path. The best road to take is Highway 1. However, word has it that it has plenty of potholes. Youll need a pretty sturdy vehicle for this drive.

Despite the challenges, youll be rewarded with great sights and weather. Even if youre an excellent driver, though, you shouldnt try to take this route at night. Staying well below 50mph will also keep you away from accidents.

Northern Tunisia

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

Its no Nurbrugring circuit, but Northern Tunisia certainly has entertaining roads by the mountain that are worth driving through. Avoid this route if youre driving a fragile, exotic looking sports car, though, because youre most likely going to encounter extreme roads. While sometimes they come with warning signs, most of the curbs dont, so caution is necessary.

P15 and P17 of this route are always good places to be in, although sometimes, the road quality here changes too. The only downside here is that locals tend to drive slow-and thats an understatement. You can probably entertain yourself with the unique scenery while waiting for the car in front of you to move faster.
There are a lot of Roman villages along the road, too, so you can consider the trip an educational one. Who knows, you might just find something interesting enough to take a picture of along the way.

Western Cape, South Africa

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

If you think that the only way to traverse the Safari is through a Land Rover, think again. Despite the commercialized image, thanks to Hollywood movies, African roads are actually pretty well-maintained. The N1, N7 and N2 (Western Cape) are exceptionally impressive, although top speeds are kept at 75mph. Just watch out for animals that may be crossing the roads.

Taking this route can be therapeutic especially along the Cape of Good Hope and the South Atlantic. It may even remind you of the Mediterranean. The climate is also quite similar.

M8, Scotland

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

If youre a driving enthusiast, its most likely that youve explored almost all if the UKs challenging roads. However, have you tried driving in Scotland? If you havent, youre missing out on a lot. Scotland has a pretty diverse landscape, and between the Highlands, the Southern Uplands, and the Central Lowlands, youre sure to have a generous share of challenging roads.

A mountain pass tagged by the locals as Rest and Be Thankful is even notorious for making vehicles overheat at least once while their ascending. While the M8 is the main highway, youd probably want to explore its secondary arteries more. Youll be surprised at what youll find-from an old Scot castle to mind blowing twists on the road. Just make sure you come with a trusty map on your dashboard.

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