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Top Travel destination 2011










2010 and 2011 is not a very good financial year Get the best deal on limited/ tight budget. However, plan your holiday carefully, look for discount/special rate on airlines, discount hotel, hotel deals, cheap phone card or calling card. To accommodate with the not good financial year, many travel industry offer many cheap hotel and holiday package so that one can still spent their holiday in budget!
Below is the top 5 most visited destination in 2011
1. Spain
















Barcelona; the city of fashion, Valencia; the city of sport and Madrid; the city full of good restaurant & great nightlife, all you can see in Spain. That is why Spain has become one of the most visited countries in the world. In addition to the above, Spain is also famous for the beach in Canary Island, Catalonia, Balearic Islag of Mallorca, Ibiza etc and Spain in also reach of culture in Palma, Seville.








If you still have budget to spent, explore Spain by using luxury railway ; Transcantabrico, La Robla.

2. Turkey









As it is not included in Euro, Turkey has one of the cheapest destinations in travelling in Europe. The accommodation is ranging from 3 star to 5 star, look for the hotel deals or discount hotel to spent less. In Turkey, you can witness beautiful, unspoiled beach and nightlife too. If you have extra cash on hand, you can explore Turkey on a magical gullet cruise

3. South America








Tourist going to South America, especially Brazil will continue to grow, as it has been honoured to be the host for 2016 Olympic Games and 2014 FIFA World cup. Explore Brazil before the crowd; Rio de Janeiro for the sun, the famous beach, enjoying lots of famous Brazilian food and Brazilian night life

4. USA








Whether its for family holiday, honeymoon, shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, all you can find in USA. There are also a lot of budgets or cheap hotel in USA. Starting from family holiday in Disneyworld & Disneyland, sightseeing Niagara Waterfall, shopping for big brand such as Coach, Nike etc, honeymoon in Hawaii, nightlife in Las Vegas, all you can find in USA. From elegant holiday to cheap holiday, all in USA









5. France (Paris)










Said to be the most romantic city in the world, is the city of light, Paris. Paris has been a popular destination for travellers around the world, especially for honeymooner. With Disneyland now open in Paris, the popularity is rising for family holiday too. The city is full of good sightseeing, historical, and popular night clubs.


















However it is not easy to be on budget in Paris, but there is still a lot of cheap hotel and cheap & yet delicious Parisian dining. When you are in Paris, do not forget to enjoy the dining experience

Turkey : Tourist Information For Culture And History Lovers

It is hard to find an area of the world more steeped in history and culture than Turkey. In the last 20 years or so, Turkey has experienced a boom in tourism, and for good reason. As one of the beds of civilization and most ancient sources of lore, people flock there to see for themselves the sights offered to so many others before. Here is a look at Turkey’s best cultural tourist attractions.

No trip to Turkey would be complete without stopping by the Haghia Sophia Church Museum. At first, it served only as a church. In fact, it was the biggest church worldwide when it was built in the 6th Century. In 1453, it took on the role of a mosque and assumed its identity as a museum in 1936. A building that has been through the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire as well as many other historic events has much to display to its visitors. Another establishment that has ties to the Ottoman Empire and religion is Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmet Camii. Construction of the mosque was completed in 1616 and was recognized as the most prestigious Imperial Mosque in the Ottoman Empire. One of its most spectacular attributes is the possession of 260 windows that provide an unmatched lighted vista.

Turkey also has some interesting geography, exemplified by the Cappadocia region. Found in central Turkey, Cappadocia is a plateau brought about when the lava from two erupting volcanoes converged, cooled, and rose some 3270 feet into the sky. As wind and rain sculpted the structure, weird fissures and valleys formed, creating a landform unique to Turkey’s boundaries. The world renowned Aegean, Black, and Mediterranean Seas all border Turkey, making for some of the most exquisite beaches found on the face of the Earth. Butterfly Valley, Akkum, Alanya, and Olimpos Cove are just some of these spectacular seashores.

Ephesus is an unbelievably well preserved ancient city that dates back to the 12th Century BC. It was central to religion and trade in the region, and during the Roman period, more than 250,000 residents called it home. It is noteworthy that the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was found in Ephesus. Don’t forget to check out the Odeon and Celsus Library while there.

Turkey offers a great deal of cultural history as well as sightseeing opportunities. Its significance in world history cannot be overstated, as it was part of the cradle of civilization. Because of this, and its lovely beaches, museums, and mosques, tourism in Turkey continues to thrive.

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Turkey Holidays – Culture, Peace & Coastline

If culture is your thing, you will probably want to take a visit to the capital city and the hub of ancient civilisations as part of your holidays to Turkey. Istanbul is a magical place of where the history is embodied in the old stone walls, palaces, mosques, domes and minarets (the tall, thin spires used to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer).

Of the many attractions in Istanbul, you will definitely want to tour the Dolmabahçe Palace, a huge Ottoman imperial palace once occupied by the Sultans. There is enough to see here to take up the whole of your Turkey holidays; you can explore scores of ornately decorated chambers with high ceilings, chandeliers, tall pillars and grand cascading staircases. The palace has almost three hundred rooms, and looking out the giant windows on the shore-facing side, you may even see dolphins in the Bosporus River, which washes against the walls of the palace.

Closer to the heart of the city, you’ll find the Galata Tower, one of Istanbul’s most prominent landmarks. No withering spire, this is a sturdy stone cylinder rising over the city. At its top, you can look out over Istanbul from under its archways and take in one of the best viewpoints of the city; what’s more, you can take a meal near the top too. Although from the outside the Galata tower shows its age, having been built in the mid-1300s, the interior is surprising, with elevators, and floors dedicated to shops, a tavern, and a night club on the top floor. Here you can enrich your holidays in Turkey with the traditional Turkish music, costume and folk dance that makes up the ‘Turkey Show’. The programme of entertainment even includes a belly dancer and a harem show.

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Istanbul Hotels – Historical Vacation Plane

Established on two continents, the beautiful and historical city of Istanbul is located in Turkey. A commercial and political center for the middle eastern countries Istanbul attracts tourists from all over the globe. It is considered as the most crowded city of Europe especially after the conquest of the Ottomans.

A great romantic city, Istanbul will never stop amazing its tourists as there is lots to see and enjoy here. Getting to Istanbul is quite easy as there are flights that fly in and out of Istanbul carrying tourists. A very hospitable city the hotels in Istanbul offer a warm welcome to the guests coming in to stay here.

Istanbul, a hospitable city-this attribute of Istanbul can be experienced in the Istanbul hotels situated here. The tourists can choose between the budget hotels to the luxurious ones. There are hotels in Istanbul where you can stay amidst luxury and enjoy your vacation. These Istanbul hotels are well facilitated to cater to the needs of the guests staying there.

Considered as Turkey’s cultural capital-Istanbul has lots to offer to its visitors. There are lots of tourist attractions in Istanbul which pull tourists to this interesting city from all over the globe. There are Istanbul tours that one can plan out to visit all the exciting places here.

Here you get to visit the ‘Hagia Sophia’- a Roman engineering masterpiece which was a church converted into a mosque and then latter into a museum. There are lots of other museums in Istanbul like the Archaeological Museum, The Ataturk Museum and lots more which can be visited on the tour of Istanbul. The castles in Istanbul will definitely take your breath away. The Anatolian Fortress, Galata Tower, Egyptian Obelisk are just some of the castles in this interesting city.

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Holidays – Why Turkey Is Worth Visiting

Turkey is an intriguing place to spend your next holiday. Antiquity in Turkey exists right next to modern cities and sights. Natural sites vie with modern cities as the focus of a tourist’s attentions. Turkey is a country that is both part of Europe and Asia. It is the cradle of one of the world’s earliest civilizations. Any tourist will be thrilled with the fabulous restaurants and cuisine of this country as well as the night life in the larger cities. Outdoor activities include yachting, ballooning, paragliding and diving! Turkey is bordered by sea on three sides and the coastline is 6,500 km long!

Turkey is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and is a country of many cultural influences. It has been settled, since ancient times, by thirteen different civilizations. This makes for an interesting cultural mix and the contrast of modern life with all of the sites of antiquity. Turkey offers the world a unique mixture of Eastern and Western culture.

A holiday in Turkey is fun at any time of the year but peak months are April through October. The warm, sunny, sandy beaches are one of Turkey’s big draws. But the cuisine of Turkey is undeniably an excellent reason to visit this country as well. Would you like a meze style meal of small plates, accompanied by one of Turkey’s superb red or white wines and followed by a scrumptious dessert? The cuisine of Turkey is varied and exhibits the influence of all of the cultures that have lived in Turkey. One must visit Turkey to appreciate the distinctive tastes of Turkey!

Any tourist who thinks that they will only find Muslim archaeological sites will be surprised to discover that Turkey is also well known for its Christian history. Visitors can follow in the steps of St. Paul, the early saint who was born in Tarsus. While in Turkey spend some time at a few of its many museums and historical sites. When you are in the Aegean area you might wish to pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum near Konak Square. It is known for its statues of Poseidon and Demeter that once stood in the Agora. The Archaeology Museum in Gaziantep in southeastern Turkey is known for its artifacts from Neolithic, Hittite and Roman times.

A holiday in Turkey will never be forgotten. Feast on the sights, sounds and tastes of Turkey, a country that spans two continents and thousands of years of history!

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Alanya – History, Culture And Fun Capital Of Turkey

Alanya is located in the Gulf of Antalya towards 135 kilometers east of Antalya. It is believed that the town was built in 2nd century BC by Cilician pirates. Alanya was called Coracesium in the ancient times. Alanya is one of the Turkey’s crucial vacation resorts. Alanya Resorts are also the first choice of Turkish citizens for Summer Holidays.


Alanya may be simply divided into 2 zones. Old Alanya is on the sides of Alanya hill. One of the most remarkable part of Alanya is the Alanya Castle from where you can watch the remainder of the town. On the other hand, New Alanya lies on the west and east of Old Alanya. Lately, many motels, pensions and residences have been built just right behind the beach. Along with the constructions, banana farms have been replaced by touristic facilities.

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Rock the Boat: Top 10 best cruise group shore excursions

Passengers of a cruise ship might be happy with seeing the great views, playing at onboard casinos, or pigging out on the buffet but there is a growing trend today as cruise lines organize exciting, extreme, and even outrageous group shore excursions.
Shore excursions are where people can enjoy the wow factor of their cruise and connect with new friends. Below are some of the most adrenaline crazy group shore excursions that we know of.

Riding a Harley in Alaska and the Caribbean

Cruisers who want to feel the wind against their faces while sightseeing can zoom on the road riding cool Harleys in Ketchikan, Alaska and in the Caribbean. You will need a motorcycle permit but you can also go with a licensed rider if you want to watch the Cozumel sunsets or go to the lush Tongass forest. A gang leader in a black leather jacket with tattoos all over will lead your group. Okay, it will be a local tour guide. J
Holland America, Princess, and Carnival are some of the best cruise lines which can set you up with Harley shore excursions in Cozumel and Nassau all year round or in Ketchikan during summer. Fares may range from $190 to around $369.

Rock the Boat: Top 10 best cruise group shore excursions









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Top 12 Weirdest Traffic Laws Across the Globe

The basic of traffic laws is to stop when you need to stop, and remember speed limits if you are stepping on it. They sound pretty simple until you learn of the strangest rules that are strictly followed on the road.

Doing the Hook Turn in Australia

Being on the wrong side of the road is already scary when you are driving in Australia but wait until you need to do a hook turn in Melbourne. That will be more difficult that usual for us travelers but it is pretty simple for the locals.
Normally, you will be on the right late if you want to make a right turn but if you have to do a hook turn, you have to go to the outer left lane then on green you have to make a hard right to go where you intend to go. The hook turn was designed so the traffic on the central business district of Melbourne will not block the lines of the tram.

There are quite a number of intersections in the CBD where hook turn is strictly required. Be ready for a steep penalty of $75 if you are on the wrong portion of the road.


Environmental stickers in Germany

As 2010 kicked off, Germany implemented a strict rule that every car entering Cologne, Munich, Berlin, and about a few dozen more cities in the country. The stickers are priced between $7.50 and $30.

If you rented a car from France or Belgium and you are heading to Germany, make sure that you get the environmental sticker or you will be pulled over by the traffic warden. Failing to do so might cost you $60.

Top 12 Weirdest Traffic Laws Across the Globe








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