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Best Budget Hotel around the World

For every holiday, you sure would want to have the most fun without emptying your pocket. Good deals air ticket, cheap hotel,hotel deals are a good way to start with. On top of that, share to the world your travel experience by using good web hosting Confuse on which budget hotel that is good to stay? Below is some of the good budget hotel in the world to choose for your favourite holiday destination.


One of the favourite destinations in the world is Bali. The beach, the food, the spa, the environment is just marvellous. Blue moon Villas might be a perfect stylish budget hotel for your holiday in Bali. Blue moon villas has big balconies in every room so that their guest can sit on the balcony and watch the sun set in the morning and beautiful night sky at night. Blue moon villa also has pools overlooking the water, so that you can enjoy the water plus the views.

Mecure Francis, Bath ,UK
Nice Hotel, good location for sightseeing and shopping.tasty, good breakfast.

Located in Bath’s largest Georgian square, Mecure Francis is an elegant 3 star hotel that has location proximity to local sightseeing and shopping. Nice hotel will not be good without the friendly staff and good food. Well, Mecure Francis hotel serves tasty, good breakfast to start your day with.

LAS VEGAS:The West Tower at Circus Circus

If you ever visit Las Vegas and looking for a cheaper hotel, look for the room at West tower at Circus Circus. The room is new and has flatscreen tv and other amenities. Staying at the West tower also allows you to be close to shopping Promenade, which links to the Theme Park and casino.

Find bargain rate for West Tower at Circus Circus online. There are many good travel website which use reliable web hosting online. On top of your bargain, when you travel to Las Vegas, do remember to make calls using cheap phone card

Hotel 81 Dickson,Singapore

Clean room with nice interior modern decoration and located in good location(little India), not to mention the cheap price, is the highlight of Hotel 81 Dickson. Staying in this hotel is also very convenient to get around Singapore as it is located within 5 minutes walk to the popular means of transportation in Singapore; MRT. 

PATONG :Deevana Patong

For a nice quiet getaway place in Thailand, and still under budget, go to Deevana Patong Resort and spa in one of the most popular holiday beach destination in Thailand, Patong.
Not only the resort, the spa, the relaxation and the beach that you can enjoy in Deevana Patong, if you feel like having fun, within walking distance is interesting night entertainment.

BANGKOK: Lub d Bangkok Silom Hostel

“Fun” is one of the words to describe Bangkok; a fun place to travel. Staying in Lub d Hotel , you can have it all in budget price; fun, large bed, clean bathroom, free internet, friendly staff, entertaining bar & lobby, there is even a room which is only for ladies and nice home theatre.

Explore Bangkok in Lub d Hotel and record your experience on your travel blog , using a reliable web hosting

Amsterdam: Pax

For this nice interior budget Hotel in Amsterdam, the location of the Hotel is a bit hidden. It is located in Raadhuisstraat building in Amsterdam, very convenient location and withink walking distance to train station. Good location, good bed, good rates, nice staff, you can find it in Pax Hotel, Amsterdam

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UK Accommodation – Where To Stay Whilst On Vacation

Is a visit to the UK on your travel agenda this year? The UK is a rich source of history and culture and offer all sorts of attractions. There are also many accommodation options to choose from:

Hilton Green Park Hotel London (

Marriott Hotel Marble Arch London (

Chain Hotels – Most big hotel chains offer accommodation in the UK including Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn and many others. Many of these types of hotels can be found in major cities. London actually has multiple hotels from each chain. Chain hotels are the most expensive type of accommodation in the UK. However, you do get what you pay for. You will have to pay at least $100.00 a night if you stay at a chain hotel.

Coulsdon Manor Hotel London (

Independent Hotels – Are sometimes less expensive and sometimes not, as they range from luxurious getaway resorts to the cheapest places with the least amenities. They can be found all over the UK, even in small towns that are normally not considered to offer tourist attractions. You can really get a good deal staying in an independent hotel, but you need to take care that you choose one that is clean and has good service. This can be a gamble as it is all up to the individual proprietor. Most of these accommodation range from $40 to $100+.

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London : Ideas For Things To See And Do There

New York City has been described as the city that never sleeps, but you could easily apply the moniker to London as well. Since London was first a city, it has been teeming with life and anything you could possibly want to do can be done in the city’s center. A city so rich in tradition, activities, and history needs more than a cursory glance of course, but much of what the city has to offer can be experienced in a few day’s time. London is rife with history, and anyone who visits must drink in the past. Appreciate London’s shadowy, medieval past alongside the majesty of the crown jewels. With so much history to offer, everyone from a history buff to a novice is sure to find something that makes them take pause and appreciate its richness. Say hello to the lifelike wax statues in Madame Tussauds museum on your way to the London Dungeon. Here, you can become acquainted with some of Britain’s most infamous past criminals while you experience the horrors of medieval London.

Inside the Tower of London, you will discover the crown jewels and hear tales of prisons made especially for only the most important prisoners. The National Portrait Gallery brings history and art together with exhibits of portraits depicting Britain’s most famous historical figures. Plenty of small museums and art galleries are found in London’s city center that are worth a stop, so make sure to leave time in your schedule to peek your head inside.

Oxford Street is the ideal place for the experienced shopper. If shopping is too strenuous, Hyde Park is found nearby to bring the peace and quiet of the country right into the city. Portobello Market is one of many outdoor markets and is located northeast of the park. Nestled inside all of the hustle and bustle are quiet, charming side streets full of London’s past. Here you can find gems such as Covent Gardens. For a bird’s eye view of all that the city center has to offer, you can head over to the London eye. From above, you can see an overview of the wonders of the city.

As for the evening, you should start your night at one of London’s thousands of pubs, enjoying the local beers on tap with a group of friends. As midnight approaches, things really start to getting going in London’s countless dance clubs. Whatever your musical preferences, you will not be disappointed, as London provides it all – techno, trance, hip-hop and Latin to name just a few. Of course, if it is a football or rugby night, you have a great opportunity to watch a game before starting your festivities, as London is home to lots of teams.

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London – The Most Popular Places To Visit

London is a large city, so you will be able to find many great activities to do based on where you are visiting. It is effectively lots of towns directly joined onto one another, with these being some of the highlights:

Camden Town – Attracts a huge amount of visitors even though it is not very visually appealing. People like to go there to see its lively market and its large underground music scene. Each weekend, approximately 100,000 visitors go to the market to find objects that they would not otherwise be able to purchase in one shopping trip.

Camden Town @

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Train travel



Train travel is an ideal means of transport in the UK and the rest of Europe. Rail travel is fast, practical and convenient in both urban and more rural areas. Railway stations often allow for car hire services if you need access to a car or perhaps need to venture to an area not accessible by train.

Rail travel is often convenient even if you have flown partway to your destination. Train travel works well for personal or corporate travel, and can be an economical way to transport staff to a conference, event venue, or meetings. It can also be a luxurious and comfortable way to transport clients quickly and efficiently. Train travel is a viable option for conferences, annual meetings and other events throughout Europe. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can easily opt for rail travel to or from the UK and mainland Europe.

Booking rail travel is easy thanks to online interfaces that offer planning, scheduling and trip organisation services. Both personal and corporate travel arrangements can be made easily and practically online. Whether you need to simply book a rail ticket or opt for a full package, both can be done with little effort. Corporate travel to events including annual meetings, conferences, and other events can be planned quickly and easily. Many online trip organisers even allow you to book airline tickets, car hires, rail travel and accommodations in one step. A well planned trip can be especially important for group travel, or for corporate travel arrangements. Discount on rail fares are even available for groups of more than ten.

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In 2012 is going to open Aloft Hotel in London

  In 2012 is going to open Aloft Hotel in London

It is planned to be open Aloft Hotels in advance of the London Olympics in 2012.This hotel will include 252 rooms and located at ExCeL London, the worldwide exhibition & convention centre in the Docklands region of the city. It was built to shake up the staid, customary select service segment of the hotel industry, Aloft delivers urban-influenced, open and vivacious design and a social visitor experience, and all this is at an reasonably priced.

Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, ADNECs Chairman had mentioned that ADNEC is dedicated to modernization as evidenced by their choice to partner with Starwood Hotels & Resorts to bring in an original welcome brand to the UK. Aloft London ExCeL will hold up ExCeLs rising events calendar and the London Olympics by providing excellence, stylish and affordable accommodation.

Alofts signing is the element of a planned global development of the Aloft brand.  After opening its initial hotel in June 2008 in Canada, Aloft has since developed to almost 50 hotels strong in four countries such as the United States, China, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. In 2010 Aloft will keep on its international increase with slated debut openings in Belgium, India and Thailand followed by the second Aloft for the Middle East, the Aloft Riyadh, which is planned to open in 201The debut of Aloft in key European hubs such as London underscores the power of the Aloft brand and the potency of Starwoods worldwide relationships with experienced hotel developers. They have as well a strong partnership with ADNEC through the Aloft Abu Dhabi. Furthermore to the signing of Aloft London ExCeL, 2010 Starwood will start on the W brand in the UK with the opening of W London-Leicester Square. These developments supplementary highlight Starwoods assurance to expansion in the UK marketplace.

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British Airways Can Give You Very Bad Baggage Problems

British Airways Can Give You Very Bad Baggage Problems

According to a survey, passengers from UK who are flying with British Airways are most likely to experience baggage problems with this major airline. An approximate one out of 3.8 British Airline passengers have experiences either lost or damage luggage as they were traveling with BA. At the very least, the packages were delayed. The survey covered passengers who have travelled with BA in the past five years.

When presented with the figure, the British Airways dismissed the claim, saying how it was “complete rubbish” . The AUC of Airport Users Care scored BA low on baggage handling, although this survey was conducted in 2007. BA scored second worst, next to TAP Portugal. Contrary to the recent survey, however, the figure was much lower, amounting only to 2.6 passengers out of every 100.

This survey, however, did not specifically state if the baggage was lost, damaged, or delayed. Its also necessary for us to note that in 2007, strict security rules were being imposed. This included the limiting of cabin bags to one which significantly strained a number of baggage systems, not just the BAs . According to AUC, they can no longer get sure figures today because the British Airways is not obligated to give them one.

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A Stroll By The Bonnie Banks Of Loch Lomand In Scotland.

Loch Lomond (

Loch Lomond (

Loch Lomond in the Trossachs National Park is Britain’s largest freshwater lake and celebrated in the famous song.

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Explore Alice in Wonderland destination



Alice in wonderland is one of the most wonderful stories written by Lewis Carol. It is a favourite for all time. In 2010 director Tim Burton brings Alice in Wonderland to live in movie, staring Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen and Anne Jacqueline Hathaway as the White Queen. You will be surprised on all the actress and actor appearance in the movie! It is totally different from their previous movie roles. Tim Burton brings Alice in Wonderland in 2010 to the world through Walt Disney Pictures in 3-D and IMAX 3-D and in regular theatre as well. In this article, I will be discussing about the location of the shooting of Alice in Wonderland. Are you curious about where the filming of Alice in Wonderland is taking place? Where did they create such marvellous scene?


Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland(

Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland(

Antony House at Torpoint, Cornwall, UK Cornwall is a famous location for movies filming. Many movies scenes were shot there; Johnny English, Wild West, Saving Grace, James Bond – Die another Day. The filming locations in Cornwall such as in St Austell, North coast around Port Isaac, Trebar with Srand, St Michael’s Mount. Most of the Victorian era’s scene in Alice, apart from the studio was filmed at Torpoint and Plymouth; mainly at Antony House in Torpoint, Cornwall.

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The City Of Liverpool, European Capital Of Culture – Apartments And Accommodation



The City of Liverpool is situated inside the North West of England and it is really a well-liked area to visit for business and pleasure because it is nicely connected towards rest of the country along with excellent transport links. The city itself is steeped in historical past and these days provides a high standard of entertainment and hospitality. It was awarded the standing of European Capital of Culture in 2008, a surely deserved title as it can be so culturally varied and it has additional museums and art galleries compared to any other English city outside London.


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