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Easter 2012 in Sorrento

Easter in Sorrento is a very special moment.

To experience Easter as the town’s inhabitants do, means following ancient traditions, which are very commotional.

The Processions, which represent the moments of Christ’s passion, are infinite. Walking the streets of Sorrento throughout Thursday and Friday, these holy processions express pure magical scenes. Some of them even stroll the streets in the middle of the night.

Just like the others, the famous White procession presents faithful men fully covered in white hooded garments, that parade through the city with in hand objects which recall the Passion of Jesus Christ, such as the column, the bloodstained shroud, nails and obviously the crosses. It’s ancient rituals like this, who have for years now, made special, the day of Easter in Sorrento.

The religious rituals are not the only ones, however, to conquer Easter day in Sorrento. In fact, while the processions are a time of incredible importance, of great importance are also the culinary traditions of the Sorrentine peninsula. How can we, in fact, speaking of Easter in Sorrento, not mention the tasty delicacies the cuisine of Sorrento offers?

From Cheese, sausages, and eggs to the famous and inevitable ‘pastiera’ and ‘casatiello’! All accompanied by a good taste of local made liquors of Sorrento: such as the famous limoncello! In short, spending a few beautiful days in a charming hotel in Sorrento during Easter is a great delight in any point of view! From the historical-cultural side that hands down ancient tradition, to the more ‘mouthwatering’ days, choosing Sorrent and maybe one of its boutique hotel in Sorrento is undoubtedly a winning choice! Don’t hesitate any longer, get ready to spend Easter 2011 in Sorrento; you’ll definitely come back again!

Christmas and new year’s eve in Sorrento: the best way to begin 2012

You begin to feel Christmas atmosphere, with cold temperature, a strong will to spend some days with the people we love, totally immersed in relax.

And what about you? Where do you go for Christmas and for the last day of the year? Visiting south Italy and its characteristic places means to discover an high level of interiority, eating .

Christmas and new year’s eve in Sorrento is really what you need, this city is located on the Amalfi Coast, it is very close to wonderful towns like Positano and Amalfi.

Spending the Christmas holidays in Sorrento means to combine culture, art, fun and love for good food, without ever losing sight of everything that nature has given us.

Sorrento, in fact, is located overlooking the sea, its landscape is enchanting, with high cliffs and clear blue sea and the sea in winter is a beauty that comes close to poetry.

Sorrento offers a wide range of things to do during your stay.

The first step is a visit to Old Town, the Cathedral, then to the Church of St. Francis built in Romanesque style, sober and austere. The whole city is full of palaces and villas.

In the days of Christmas you can walk through the Christmas market, looking for the most particular object, go for walks in the alleys filled with decorations and lights.

The new year’s eve however is a must, a strong tradition we jealousy preserve, to make the big dinner, which is called “Cenone” in Italian, the tables must be laden with all the specialties of the place, after all you go to the principal square which is called Tasso Square, because this famous poet has born here, where the new year awaits us impatient, there you can find young and old musicians, group of actors of theatre, anything that can make you enjoy.

Look for Sorrento bed and breakfast and Sorrento cheap accommodation, in order to spend the best day of your life, without spending a fortune!

Your Primer On Villas Definitions

Do you know what is a villa? Well, often it is a small community-like structure of similar-looking residences, perhaps for retired folks or for vacationers to enjoy.

But most frequentlky these days, the word means a detached home that you can rent (a vacation rental) when on holidays.

What is the difference between a villa, a vacation rental, a holiday rental, a gite, a chalet, a cottage, a holiday cottage, a self-catering home, a vacation home and a holiday home?

In reality, no, the words mean almost the same thing. Of course, a cottage or chalet unquestionably implies a rustic lodging way out in the country, and maybe even up in the mountains, but not on a suburban street.

“Holiday” is the word British travellers refer to what American travellers refer to as “vacation”. A holiday home is really just a vacation home with tea and crumpets. And “self-catering” is how the British and Australians (g’day) refer to any vacation rental where you have to arrange your own nourishment, so that is true across villas, cottages, etc.

And if you go to France, you can call all of them “gites” – although more specifically, a gite is supposed to mean a rural cottage or a barn conversion, and the word is occasionally used in reference to youth hostels – just to confuse the unsuspecting traveler.

A villa, as used in current vacation rental marketplace, is typically a somewhat upscale suburban house. For example, a Costa Brava villa might be a sumptiously groomed house in Girona or Figueres, and it might be equipped with a pool or even a hot tub.

A villa in Costa Blanca might be a recently build brick bungalow, also equipped with a pool of course, in a modern neighborhood of Alicante.

Of course, the word “villa” could refer to any detached vacation rental home, so read the description carefully and review photos to make sure you know what “villa” means in this case.

Although most villas come equipped with a full kitchen, be alert for the word “kitchenette”. It is the “ette” that makes the difference, and it likely means a counter with a full or half-sized stove – perhaps just a microwave for heating up dinner and an undersized refrigerator (maybe even a bar-sized fridge). Don’t expect a full dining room if you see “kitchenette” in the description.

What do you make of “sleeps six”? Well, we own a five-person tent. One person fits in comfortably. Two people fit in easily. A third person can squeeze in. Persons four and five can lie across the first three bodies (careful to make sure not to get kicked in the face at night).

Same goes for villas. Find out how many bedrooms, how many beds and what else they are counting (Two people on a sofa bed? Two single-person folding cots?)

Often you might have read “just steps from the beach”. Some of them will be 22 steps from the beach. Other villas will be 2020 steps from the beach. Find out which one you are looking at, before you opt to rent it.

What is the difference between “private pool” and “pool access”. If you can’t guess the difference, you probably deserve “pool access”. Consider it a learning experience.

There are lots of other words related to villa rentals, but these will get you started and avoid the most common confusions that people often have.

Golden Triangle Travel Packages

The travel packages india are one of the best tours that could possibly be taken by any company absent to see the aspect of Indian ability and history in one go. The purpose of this bout india is the visits to the three acclaimed cities of India which are so carefully accompanying to the chat tourism. The cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are included in the aureate triangle bout bales in which the assorted monuments and actual structures can be seen. Assorted biking bales are on action to see altered locations of India in Smart Musafir. Among them, this bout is one of the best. Assorted structures of actual and crusade acceptation can be begin in the three cities. Offers of affluence aureate triangle bout are aswell showcased in the portal.

Delhi getting the basic city-limits of the endure Mughul reign, it has abounding monuments congenital by the abundant kings which advertise the ability of that period. Most of the this bales abide of visits to these actual sites. The maharajas of Rajasthan had congenital such architecturally ablaze palaces and monuments in Jaipur, that even today they allege volumes about the Indian tradition. Forth with visits to these actual important monuments beneath the aureate tour, the Taj Mahal in Agra is aswell included. Those tourists from alfresco the country, who appear to see the places of acceptation in India, should appointment these places and this appointment is fabricated decidedly simple with the this bales on offer and select golden triangle travel packages. A affluence aureate triangle bout can be taken up by the absorbed tourists in buses or trains which alone cover the this amalgamation through the breeding of these places.

Included in the aureate triangle bout festival travel packages India are the monuments in the blush city-limits of Jaipur that appear beneath the aureate triangle bout bales are the Birla Mandir, Jantar Mantar, Amber fort, Hawa Mahal and the assorted palaces. Humans again go on to the city-limits of Agra to appointment the Taj Mahal and Red acropolis and assuredly the assorted places in and about Delhi. This affluence aureate triangle bout not alone lets humans see the aspect of Indian ability and ancestry but aswell gives the adventitious to the tourists to adore the Indian hospitality.

It is an actual actuality that India is abounding of accustomed assets and to see the aspect of the adorableness of India, a aureate bout is the best way for any tourist. The celebrity of Indian attitude lies in biking altered places.It enables the tourist, from India and outside, to appearance the capacity that accomplish the life, history and acculturation of this admirable country.

Here at Smart Musafir, humans get to apperceive about the complete beat of the aureate bout and humans absorbed in allotment the this bout to book their bench also. Since humans are able to apperceive in detail about the places and monuments that they are traveling to appointment beneath the this packages, it becomes easier for them to plan their holidays in advance. There are options aswell to accept from added bales which aswell cover the affluence aureate triangle bout forth with visits to added places in India.

Facilities in Church Hotels

Hotels are establishment or infrastructure that provides paid lodging to people for short term. They are built to fulfill provision of accommodation in new cities that you visit. These are made for tourists who visit for their vacation. There are different rooms in hotel with all basic amenities and modern facilities. The rooms are designed with cupboards, bathrooms, windows and other services. There are many hotels that provide all facilities to their customers.

Airport Technology Center Hotels Hojo are located near Hojo airport. These hotels are very nice hotels that provide accommodation to tourist who visit this city for their vacation or business meetings. Airport Technology Center Hotels have swimming pools, community center, and conference hall for business meetings. These hotels are designed to cater need of tourist and to help them to get best service. They provide delicious food; air conditioned rooms, television in rooms, and other facilities. india travel packages

Church Hotels are located in famous old quarters. It is between Hoan Kiem Lake and Cathedral. It is closed to Ba Da Pagoda. It is a brand new hotel and is finest two star hotels in Hanoi. The location is very ideal and they will provide you best service with famous and major attraction places of the city. Every prominent place of city is very near from this hotel. There are sport bars, beer house, coffee shops, and restaurants in hotel. You will get all modern facilities in this hotel. They provide accommodation to tourist and business class people. There are conference halls and other facilities available for business class people. Church Hotels are very famous hotels and they provide accommodation for very affordable tariff. You can book rooms in this hotel online or by contacting to their representative. They provide satellite TV, air conditioner, hair drier, mini bar, IDD telephone in their rooms. goa holidays india

Orpheum Theater Hotels are in Minneapolis Minnesota. There are number of hotels near Orpheum Theater. These hotels are five star hotels with all amenities for their customers. Le- Meridian Hotel, Residence Inn are some of the beats hotel in city. All these hotels are rated as five star hotels. You can book rooms in these hotels near Orpheum Theater. Tariff of different hotel rooms are different there are different types of suite in these hotels. There are honeymoon suites, business class suits and other luxurious suits in hotels. Book your rooms and talk to their representative on phone and collect all information about different suits and their tariff.

You can also book rooms in Orpheum Theater Hotels online hotel booking by paying tariff in advance for your booking by your credit cards or debit cards. You can search for these hotels and accommodation in hotels on their website and if there is availability than you can book your room. They provide transportation facility to their customer from airport; you will get their transportation from airport at the time of your arrival. Their representative will help to keep your luggage in car and they will take you to their hotel. Get your keys and check in to your room and avail their world class facilities.


How to Select Hotels?

Selecting and booking a cheap hotel can be tough and time consuming and frustrating, especially if you’re going book a hotel for the place you are going to visit a place for the first time. There are so many cheap online hotels to choose from so you can have a hard time solving problems that will meet your needs and give you the most value for your hard-earned money.

The key factor in hunting for the right hotel is to be able to find the right a balance between quality and price. You want service quality and offers excellent facilities and is centrally located all in your allocated budget, you might have a bit of problem. Remember that a good hotel not only provides you with a cozy place to stay, but it must also improve and complement the purpose of your make my trip. It is therefore extremely important to do your homework and do some research so that you can come up with an informed choice when you finally make a online reservation.

One of the vital factors when choosing a cheap hotel is its location. It’s always better to choose one that is centrally located to all major places and nearer to shopping centers and famous stores. Although the hotels in the city center or those near major attractions, you can find them more comfortable as you can save time and money to take public transport to many other places. It is also advisable to choose a hotel which is located near the airport and railway station. If you favor a more relaxed ambiance or just looking for a good night sleep, try to stay away from areas with major traffic and night life activities.

Finally, before choosing a right hotel, try and go online and view the reviews of the property and place and the offer they give and the location of where the place is etc… Number of travel sites to make objective reviews of various hotels. Views from previous guests accommodation in a hotel always gives a full picture of what the hotel really has to offer. A few more important tips that are needed to be considered.

Your Budget:
Sketch a Budget graph with possible estimations on how high and low would u be spending for your accommodation, and think of the services that you want and how much you are going to spend on them. book my trip

Research –
RESEARCH! Every one dose a research on the web, to gather information for the destination that they are going to travel. There are plenty of forums out there to know about the destination that we going to travel. While reading and researching you should slowly form a good picture of the accommodation that you have decided upon. Also look into furnished apartments.

10 Tips to Enjoy Holidays in Nepal

Going to the land of Lord Buddha, the Himalayas and Dahl Baht? Get the tips and enjoy your trip to this amazing country.

1. Carry toilet paper everywhere, and if you can’t handle squat toilets, rethink your travel plans.

2. Traffic in Kathmandu is chaos – motorbikes, push bikes, cars, buses and rickshaws – sometimes livestock too – will go any which way at any time. Just be careful, but keep walking. Cars and buses will also use their horns for any or no reason, even at four in the morning.

3. Nepali people are very touchy-feely. Get used to it. Men will hold each other very openly in public but there are no homosexual connotations associated with this. Also – Nepali people have no qualms about invading your personal space – they will happily walk into your room, start looking through your photos, or want to go through your camera, computer or phone to see some snaps as well. But – never touch anyone with your feet, or step over someone’s legs, or something important like a religious item. If you touch someone, or something important, with your foot, you must touch your hand to your head and then touch them/it. Also don’t use your foot to point at anything, or touch people’s feet.

4. Don’t drink the water, or even brush your teeth with it. You can buy cheap chlorine drops at any pharmacy/drug store in Kathmandu which will do the trick and save the money and waste on bottled water.

5. When around the tourist district – you should barter down prices as they will start at around double the local’s price. Bartering is fun to Nepali people, so just enjoy it! The seller will say a price, you say “Oh that’s a bit expensive…” and they will say another and then you have a go etc, until you’re happy. You will also get harassed in the Thamel area for taxis, rickshaws, beggars and store owners. However, the people are friendly but persistent, so just decline and keep walking. Best to assume everyone is trying to get money out of you, especially ‘porters’ at airports and people posing as friendly locals who offer to show you around or direct you to where you are going, and will most likely ask for money at the end. Another important thing to note – there seems to be a national change shortage in Nepal, so keep hold of your small notes, or you might be stuck giving a very big tip!

6. Kathmandu is a dust bowl. There is rubbish everywhere – in the river, on the streets, and people go to the toilet and litter anywhere convenient with no thought about the environment or sanitation. Bring a face mask if you will be traveling around the city streets, and just be ready to see people throwing rubbish out car windows. This is just due to ignorance, poverty and a lack of infrastructure and awareness, but be prepared for this, especially if you are environmentally minded.

7. Nepal is a very religious country. Hindu and Tibetan Buddhists live, work and worship very harmoniously, and you will be confronted with all things religious everywhere you go, so embrace and enjoy. There are regular religious festivals and events to experience, so check out what will be occurring while you are in the country.

8. Get out of the city and do a trek. The Himalayas are an amazingly beautiful place to explore, but do some research to be prepared for the trek, the cold, and the altitude.

9. Kathmandu suffers from electricity shortages, especially when the seasons mean that hydroelectic power is at a low. You will only be able to charge your various gadgets at a certain time of day, or night, depending on your accommodation establishment. You may also have no running water, or no hot water at least.

10. Food in Nepal is wonderful. The common fare is Dahl Baht, lentil soup and rice, and you should try it, or if you are living in a host family, get used to it real quick. Your hosts will also try to feed you a massive plate that might be too much, so be stern, or allow your stomach to expand! In the city restaurants, there are Western options around, and various different cuisines to try. There are always vegetarian options, and you may decide to stick to the meatless option after you see the animals being slaughtered in the street and the carcasses sitting out in the sun and the dust.

Important note: Nepali people have something called ‘jutoh’, which is food that has touched someone else’s lips or mouth – you cannot give ‘jutoh’ to someone higher than yourself, e.g. a wife can never give ‘jutoh’ to her husband. You will see people drinking straight from pitchers of water, but they will never let it touch their lips. So, when sharing food, use the communal spoon or ladle to dish up – never use the spoon or fork that you are using to eat with.

Nepal is a beautiful, wonderful country, filled with amazingly friendly and happy people. Enjoy your time there, and whilst the above seems to be only about the more difficult sides to the country, the smiles and genuineness of the people you meet will make any negative points seem trivial. Enjoy! For more details check india trips online and india travel packages also India Tourism

Tips for Travel Refunds

If you’ve had your flight either severely delayed or even cancelled due to the snow then here’s a guide to what you may or may not be covered for in terms of refunds and compensation.


Flight Cost Refunds
In the worst case scenario, if your flight was cancelled then the airline should allow you to rebook your trip on a later flight, on another day. Or, if you cannot take a later flight then airlines should allow passengers to get a refund.

Refund Time Scales
In terms of actually receiving the money for your refund, well that is different per airline. BA for example is currently saying they will try and reimburse refunded tickets as soon as they can but have not stipulated any time line. Ryanair have said around five days.

Transportation Cost Refunds
If you have arrived at the airport only to find your flight is cancelled and you incur costs to get home again these costs will not be refunded. It maybe that if you have adequate travel insurance any transportation costs will be refunded via your insurance policy so it’s worth asking as soon as you get home. If these costs are reimbursed then it is highly likely that you will need to have valid receipts or proof of travel so hold on to these. However, if you have a low grade travel insurance policy it’s unlikely that transportation costs will be covered.

Inconvenience Compensation
Do be aware though, however much you have been inconvenienced and however awful it was being stuck at the airport as a result of your flight being cancelled you will not get compensation for inconvenience. Airlines simply do not, never have done and never will compensate for this so don’t waste your time or energy on even trying!


Flight Cost Refunds
If your international flight or a simple flight has been delayed by such an amount of time that you consider it pointless going, a short city break for example, and you have booked your flight and accommodation independently i.e. not through a tour operator, then the airline should refund you the cost of the flight ticket only.

Hotel Cost Refunds
However, any other such costs associated with your trip will not be, for example hotel costs and car hire – this is something that the airline won’t budge on either, however hard you try to get refunds or reimbursement – the EU regulations clearly state the airline is not duty bound to compensate the traveller other than the flight. In this instance, check with your travel insurance policy under its ‘cancellation and curtailment’ section.

Package Holiday Cost Refunds
If you’ve booked your trip through an ABTA or ATOL tour operator, as a complete package, then you will have the entire trip compensated, or you will be offered a rebooking, whichever you prefer. This is the same whether your flight has been severely delayed or cancelled.

Citizens Advice
If you are having a lot of trouble getting applicable costs reimbursed from your airline or tour operator then it is worth contacting the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for help and advice. However, do be aware that claims may not be settled between you and the airline as quickly as usual. Hundreds and thousands of passengers were affected by the snow so an airline’s Customer Services Department is going to be extremely busy!

Lombok Island Vacations in Bali

Lombok is perceptibly contrary than its adjacent island of, Bali. The northern part of the island is mountainous and rich with tall tress and shrubs. The south, on the opposite handdeal is dry and covered by savannas. Large Asian mammals are gone and substitued instead by marsupials, lizards, cockatoos and parrots. The differenc becomes more pronounced as one moves more east, where dry seasons are more elongated and corn and sago are the basic food, besides of rice.

Lombok is the most fashionable and visited holidaymaker spot in the entirely of Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara province, the island of Lombok stands beside Bali and the Gili Islands. Fairly normal in shape and the size approximately 80 km / 43 miles in length and width, the island of Lombok proposes areas of lush equatorial jungles and rice paddies, different greatly with the dry landscapes on the south-east.

The beautiful island of Lombok has become favorites location of infinite diversities and enchantment. Lombok attracts tourists from far and wide, with trekkers coming here to reach the summits of Mount Rinjani (Gunung Rinjani) and surf boarders heading for the intense waves on the south part coast. It’s is a incomparable location and entirely different to Bali, which is only a short flight or ferry trip, outside, but alike something to accommodate all visitors no matter of what they wish.

Lombok is nowadays on the path to becoming a vacation hot destinations. With the commercialization of Bali over the past few years, and with it the accompanying congestion and decrease in open, green spot, many tourists are distinguishing the charm of ‘Undiscovered’ Lombok. If you are planning on visiting around the island and traveling small villages it is more considerable to wear slacks or knee length shorts, a shirt with sleeves or a sarong.

With the new interest arrives the construction of a number of posh boutique resorts on the island giving superior food and drinks, but only a stones throw away from rustic, unspoiled country side – much as Bali was decades ago.

Referable to Lombok’s relative reclusiveness, a villa vacation feel on the island ascertains highest privacy and a relaxed pace of life for guests to unwind and recharge. Holiday villas occupy an increasingly significant corner in Lombok’s growing tourists industry. They offer a degree of spaciousness and privacy which is not often found elsewhere. As opposed to a hotel room that caters for mass tourism, a fully serviced villa in Lombok comes complete with a swimming pool, ample space, as well as modern home comforts and conveniences.

Architectural styles frequently emphasize traditional themes and harmonise with the natural environment to create a park like setting. Guests have the freedom to come and go as they please, entertain friends and spend quality time soaking up the tropical ambience. Choosing villa accommodation on the enchanting island of Lombok is definitely a passport to tropical luxury. Uniquely, large groups can book an entire self – contained property for themselves, while couples can revel in the privacy they provide. So come to Lombok island and enjoy the true meaning of luxury and privacy. online trip deals

Solo Travel Guide

As times are changing, the travelling style of people is also changing. People now a day prefers solo holiday as compared to family or group holiday. Over the last few years solo travellers have become a new trend amongst people of different age groups. This not only applies to singles in their 20’s or 30’s but also to older married couples wanting a break from their every life. Solo holiday is the ideal way to explore the exotic locations of the world.

There are many travel planners and agencies on the internet that have exclusive packages for solo travellers to places of their choice be it Paris, Las Vegas, Mexico, thialand or new Zealand. Solo travellers can also go for custom made packages where in they get decide their itinerary. With these custom-made deals the solo travellers can also decide where they would like to stay, places they want to see, and so on.

The basic problem that many solo travellers tend to face is cost of travelling. Solo travellers tend to become a victim of single supplement in the hands of many hotels who over charge them. In single supplement the solo traveller is charged for occupying a twin room. It is like being punished for having some quality time by your self away from the world.

There are many ways in which a solo traveller can enjoy a no single supplement holiday. Firstly, you can share your room with other solo travellers. You can travel in a solo group holiday, a great way to not only get to know new people but also saving your hard earned money. But for those do not like sharing room with strangers due to privacy reasons should travel during the off peak seasons. During this time period the hotels want to increase their occupancy rate and thus waive the single supplement or bargain with them for some good discounts.

Another way is to take up a holiday package deal from a reputed travel agency or planner rather than planning your holiday on your own. These agencies have the important knowledge to help you in your quest for cost reducing accommodation options. They also have tie up with many hotels and bed and breakfast, and thus they tend to let go of single supplement.

There are also bargain online trip deals available to solo travellers who can afford to take unplanned breaks or holidays. No single supplement holiday can also be availed by booking a cruise. A single traveller can have the times of their lives abroad some ship travelling to some captivating locales.

So with so many options to reduce your travelling expenses especially single supplement, it is hard to resists solo travelling.

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